What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System? The Truth Revealed!

There are a variety of ways you can make money online today- you can do freelance work, answer surveys, watch videos, and test-drive apps, to mention a few. However, if you have ever tried your hand at making money online, then you are probably aware that affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning an income. It involves promoting a product online using a link that is specifically generated for you and consequently earning a commission. Despite sounding simple in theory, it can be quite difficult to pull off, which is why there are so many systems and tools out there offering to make things easier for you. Here is a look at one such system to help you determine if it is worth a try. So, what is the 12 minute affiliate system?




12 minute affiliate system hype

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a Clickbank product by Devon Brown that claims to be able to help you make anywhere from $78-$922 per day without requiring any effort on your part.


According to the sales video, once you set up the system and run it, you could potentially start earning online commissions within a week. The system works in three steps:


  • Personalize the system so that the commissions go to you
  • Order your website visitors
  • Let the system follow up with leads automatically and consequently earn commissions when visitors to your site buy products you are promoting.


The system is supposedly newbie-friendly as it does not require techie skills, prior experience, or having to create your products or websites.


According to Devon, to be successful at affiliate marketing, you need to ensure that when you order website visitors, you have numerous chances to sell them, instead of just one. As a result, the solution is to send your visitors to a system that will require them to enter their information and then sell them a variety of affiliate products automatically.


There are a couple of testimonials from users of the system who have all supposedly found success using the product.


To get started, sign up and pay the required trial fee of $9.95. The next step is to personalize the system and activate it so that all the affiliate commissions you earn are directed to your account. To set up the system, all you need to do is follow the quick-start checklist that is provided in the member’s area. Alternatively, you can simply sit back and relax and allow the 12 Minute Affiliate team to set up the system for you.


Once everything is set up, you can then bring in traffic to your site. You have the option to either order traffic within the system or use any of the other alternatives suggested if you have a tight budget. The system will then capture the information provided by visitors to your site and offer them a variety of affiliate products along with your link, allowing you to earn commissions once they make purchases.




12 minute affiliate system questions

Once you purchase the product, here is what you can expect to find in the members’ area:


Getting Started


You are provided with a quick start checklist that is meant to help you navigate through seven steps:


  1. If you are a basic member, you can select the niche that you want to promote

A basic member is only able to select one niche, with the choices provided including home business, personal development, or weight loss.


  1. Create a free affiliate account

You are required to sign up for a Clickbank account, which is free to do. Once you sign up, enter your ID in the system. You will also be directed on how to use other affiliate networks as well.


  1. Get your Autoresponder

12 Minute Affiliate System recommends that you use Aweber, MailChimp, or GetResponse. These are the autoresponders that have been integrated into the system. An autoresponder is an additional cost, and you will have to pay anywhere from $19 upwards.


  1. Set up your Auto-responder

You are provided with step by step instructions on how to integrate your API into the 12 Minute Affiliate system.


  1. Activate your 12 Minute Affiliate funnels

Click on the “Activate” button for the funnels that are in the niche that you select. You have the option to make changes later on.


  1. Done-for-you setup (optional)

If you don’t want to go through the whole process of setting up the system, you can opt to have it done for you for $67.


  1. Done-for-you traffic

After you make a selection of opt-in and bridge pages that you want for your niche, you can buy traffic. Choose the kind of traffic that you want, then provide your page link. Select the number of clicks that you want then provide your payment information.




Once you complete the quick start checklist, you are encouraged to order traffic as many times as possible. You are also provided with the link to the 12 Minute Affiliate Facebook group that you can opt to join. The next steps include taking part in all the opportunities for training, look into the Custom Funnel Builder, email your affiliate products list regularly, and finally get one-on-one coaching.


Get Coaching


You are encouraged to seek one-on-one coaching from Devon himself for an additional cost of $297.


Upgrade Account


You can choose to upgrade to the Gold Plan to gain access to more niches.


Account and Logout


Go to your account to edit your personal information or log out of the 12 Minute Affiliate System.


Done For You Traffic


Go to the “Done-for-you Traffic” tab to buy traffic. 12 Minute Affiliate provides a solo ad traffic service that is outsourced. As a result, it is not cheap as compared to some other similar solo ad vendors. However, it is all DFY, which means that once you pay, everything else will be taken care of for you. According to the system, the traffic is supposed to start within 7-14 days. But if the traffic suppliers are backed up, it might take longer than expected.


12 Minute Affiliate supposedly only works with high-quality traffic, which is a good thing. For the Home Business niche, the starting cost is $99, Personal Development costs anywhere from $159, and the starting cost of Weight Loss is $192. According to the system, you will receive anywhere between 90-100 visitors, and about 20-25% of them will opt in.


Other Traffic Methods


Although Devon highly recommends the use of paid traffic to ensure that you earn profits, you are provided with a set of e-books “16 No Cost Traffic Methods”. Covered traffic methods include YouTube, blogging, and forum marketing, among others.


Education Center


The education center is made up of team training sessions that are hosted live on the 12 Minute Affiliate Facebook group. The training sessions cover a variety of topics such as understanding your funnels and familiarizing yourself with broadcast messages.


Email Swipes


You can download all the email swipes provided for your niche (80 email swipes plus follow-up messages for all 3 niches for basic members, and 240 email swipes plus follow-up messages for Gold members). These are the email swipes that you are urged to use for a custom sales funnel, or when sending out emails for your follow-up sequence.


12 MA Integration Center


Here, you will find two-instruction documentation:


  • Guidelines for adding external tracking codes to your funnels. This is especially useful for those that use Clickmagick.
  • Setting up other autoresponders, like Mailchimp and GetResponse. This is great for people who use GetResponse. If you use MailChimp, it will be difficult to promote to your niche if your focus is on Home Business.


Personal Development Library


Here, you will find PDFs and MP3 audio fines that provide additional training. They are about 20 in total, and some even feature workbooks.


Recommended Affiliate Products


This section has all the recommended products as well as your unique affiliate link. If you are not sure of what to promote, you can pick a product from the provided options here.



12 minute affiliate system pricing

There are two membership plans:


Basic Membership Plan


If you are a basic member, you can choose from any of these three niches:


  • Home Business
  • Personal Development
  • Weight Loss


For the first two weeks, basic membership will cost you $9.95. You will then have to pay $47 per month for the training and web hosting fee. If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, you also have the option to pay a one-time fee of $397.


Gold Membership Plan


This membership plan allows you to access all the three aforementioned niches. For the first 14 days, it will cost you $9.95, then you will be charged $97 per month after this period elapses. Alternatively, you can make a one-off payment of $797.


If you are not happy with the results you are getting from using the 12 Minute Affiliate System, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows you to ask for a refund within the given period. After the 60 days, if you want your account canceled, you can send a support ticket to make a request.




  • Money-back guarantee

You can ask for a refund on your purchase of the product within 60 days of buying it if you do not get the expected results.


  • A Facebook community that you can interact with

There is a Facebook group wholly dedicated to the members of the 12 Minute Affiliate System. This allows for interactions and sharing of tips.


  • Useful and easy to follow the training

The training that is provided on how to integrate the system into your business is easy to follow, thorough, and provide a lot of useful information.




12 minute affiliate system cons

  • Exaggerated claims

The claims that are made by the product creator are quite misleading and unrealistic as they make it seem like you will start making an income using the system in as little as 12 minutes.


  • You need to buy traffic regularly, which is not cheap

You will need to keep buying traffic to maintain your profits. This is not too sustainable.


  • Expensive in general

After the 14 days, you are required to pay a monthly fee, whether you are a basic or gold member. This is very expensive. Even if you decide to go for the one-off payment option, it is still costly.


  • You only have three niche options

You are limited to promoting only three niches, which makes the system unsuitable especially if you are not interested in promoting home business, personal development, or weight loss.


  • There is the cost of an autoresponder service to consider

You will have to pay a monthly fee for an autoresponder service, which makes the cost of using this product even more expensive.


  • The done for you aspect of the system does not allow for independence

DFY systems such as the 12 Minute Affiliate may make it easy for you as a beginner, but in the end, you will not get to learn the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing on your own. Therefore, in case anything happens to this system, you won’t have the knowledge and necessary skills to re-establish yourself.


  • There is no guarantee that you will make profits using the system

There is no guarantee that you will make profits using the 12 Minute Affiliate System, according to the disclaimer. This is contrary to what you are led to believe by the sales video, which comes across as very hyped.




The 12 Minute Affiliate System is not a scam.  It offers a legitimate way of earning an income online, allowing you to set up your affiliate sales funnels with ease and consequently start earning an income online. However, making money using the system is not straightforward as the sales video suggests, and you will realize that there will be a learning curve especially if you are a newbie.  Beyond the fact that it is super pricey, solo ad traffic is not known to convert very well.   Done-for-you systems seem like a good deal but they are extremely restrictive. In the end, you don’t own anything because you are “renting” funnels, and sites from someone else.




what is better than 12 minute affiliate system

Affiliate marketing is my chosen online business model.  It is what I use in this very site that you are reading as well as other sites that I own.  The potential for earnings and financial freedom is limitless.  However, it does take a level of knowledge and dedication to be successful.  I cannot help you with the dedication part of the equation but I can certainly help you with the knowledge part 🙂







The link above will take you to the training program that I have, and still do use to build affiliate marketing websites.  You will find excellent training with video resources and over 1 million members waiting to help you!  I will be there as well to lend you a helping hand.


To your success,


Mike Aha

8 thoughts on “What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System? The Truth Revealed!”

  1. Another done for you system that promises riches only to entice people towards them in order for them to successfully exploit money form us. This 12minute affiliate program does have a very nice initiative and I must commend the efforts but the program is just too costly for me to get involved with as of now. Also, it has limitations in what can be promoted and also in niche selection. That’s not good enough to me. Thanks. I’d rather not join the program yet.

    • Hi Ramos,

      It is indeed costly.  My position is to learn this business fro the ground up! no shortcuts and no “easy buttons”.  Check out my link and you I am convinced that you will be pleasantly surprised as to the resources that Will be available to you.  

      I have been following the program since 2006 and I can;t say enough about how awesome the training is.  Check it out!

      To your success,

      Mike Aha

  2. Wow, good review. There are two things from this review I observe, first a platform that grants two membership options are not always really staright forward. 12 minute affiliate also have some claims that’s not true. Even the name is misleading. The gold membership is pricey and done for you systems are not always advisable especially for beginners. In the end, I like the fact that you say everything is not for you, it is like a “rent”. Awesome review. I enjoyed reading it!

    • Henderson,

      Done for you is a convenience that robs you from knowledge.  Kowledge is what you need to gain financial freedom.  I am glad you agree that in this case you are “renting” a process instaed of owning it.  

      My advice is to learn it the right way, put in the hard work and secure your future!

      To your success,

      Mike Aha

  3. Hi Mike! I initially found this idea cool of having a done for you system with which we can start our own business online. But after reading your review, I have changed my mind. You’re right, this would always keep us dependent to this system. And the limited quantity of niche options is also a con. I’ll check out your top recommendation. Thanks!

    • Hi Henry,

      There is always a balance between simplicity and knowledge.  You can get a tv dinner but that will not help you learn how to actually cook a healthy meal.  Yes I know my comparison is a stretch but that is all I can think of right now 🙂

      Learn how to run an online business so you don’t have to rely on anyone else.  You will depend on your effort and not the whims of some company.  

      Learn how to run a business the right way.  Something about teaching a man to fish ……..

      To your success,

      Mike Aha

  4. thank you for a great and truly comprehensive review. In this online money-making industry, there are lots of scams and even true scams, so it’s always good to have someone who this kind of honest and up to date reviews and info about money-make programs and platforms. I found a platform and community called Wealthy Affiliate to be really helpful and great. Going to take a further look at your website, there are some interesting articles I want to look further. 

    • Hi Jesse,

      My goal is to save my readers the aggravation of falling for shiny object syndrome.  We want so badly to make money and achieve financial freedom that we go against our better judgement and fall for scams.

      My advice is to learn how to make money online the right way!

      Wealthy affiliate is indeed the best way to learn how to create a lucrative online business to guarantee your financial success.  It is the platform I have used since 2006 to slowly grow my knowledge and create an online business that I can count on.

      To your success,

      Mike Aha

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