Escape Your Dead End Job By Becoming Your Own Boss. 

Just Follow A Proven And Simple 4 Step Formula


  • Are you tired of getting up every morning and spending long hours commuting to a job you hate?
  • Do you always think that there must be more to life than spending one third of it at a “job”?
  • Are the measly yearly raises you receive not enough to keep up with your growing expenses?
  • Are the constant layoffs keeping you up at night worrying about how you will sustain your family?


Whether you need extra money, or whether you want to replace your current income you have come to the right place.


Before we proceed, I want to clear the air so that there is no confusion.




can you make money online



The answer is a very loud YES!


You can absolutely get paid to work online. Hundreds of thousands of people do it every single day. Many of them are millionaires many times over. The rest make a fantastic living that allows them the flexibility to work from wherever they want, and whenever they want.


They get to spend time with their families. They do not worry about office politics or when the next layoff is coming. They do not depend on the financial fate of a corporation or the whims of an A-hole boss.


They are their own bosses!




Here is the part that most people hate. In fact, I lose many readers right here…In this very section that you are reading right now. The reason most leave is because they don’t want to hear the truth of making money online.


If you expect a push button, miracle system that will make you a hundred dollars within a few minutes or days, you have come to the wrong place.


Such a thing simply does not exist. Unfortunately, people expect everything on the internet to be almost instantaneous. They want results now.


Many scammers will try to sell you some miracle program that will claim to make you $278 in the next 15 minutes with 4 clicks or some other such nonsense. In fact, I review these programs almost daily and expose them for what they are! Scams.


These shameless marketers are taking advantage of the deep-rooted needs and wants of people who are looking to obtain financial safety. They prey on folks that may have just lost a job and have very little money to spend in the first place. They pull at vulnerable folks’ heartstring to get them to open-up their purse strings.


I refuse to do that!


If you are expecting a secret formula that promises thousands of dollars without any work, then this site is not for you.


I am glad that we have that unpleasantness out of the way ?


No doubt, a few readers are gone by now. But you are still here! I am glad you are, because I believe that you will benefit from continuing to read.








why do people fail online



While there are hundreds of thousands of people that make a decent or fantastic living online, the vast majority fail. I know because I was one of those people.


I had the best of intentions. I was going to dedicate myself and learn the ins and outs of making money online.


The problem was that there were so many different programs out there that promised the moon (see the section above) that I went from method to method, losing money I did not have in the first place and making little to nothing in return.


This is called shiny-object syndrome, and I fell for it just like almost every newbie does.


If you have tried and failed before, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!


Eventually, people run out of money or patience and decide that getting paid to work online is a total farce, a pipe dream, or a scam. I know I did!


The other reason people quit is because they have unreasonable expectations.


They want money now! They do not invest in the time and the knowledge required to create a successful online business.


Just because you are working online does not mean that it is not a real business. To be successful, you need to invest the time and effort you would expect to invest on a brick and mortar business.


Online businesses are still businesses. Sure, they do not have hardly any overhead. That’s what makes the whole thing so appealing. You still have to work though!


If you want to be successful and get paid to work online you have to be ready to do 2 things:


– Work Hard
– Be Patient


It really is that simple! Those are the two things you need to succeed. Notice I said simple and not easy!




If you can bring hard work and patience to the table, I will bring the last ingredient needed for you to finally start making real money by working online, from the comfort of your own home.


This is the same exact proven 4 step formula that I use to generate income from my websites. It is extremely powerful information. It is simple (not easy) because all you have to do is follow it step by step! Rinse and repeat!


Here it is in a nutshell



4 steps of affiliate marketing



Let’s go through each one of these one by one!


STEP 1 – Choose an Interest


This is an extremely important step. You are basically going to pick who your audience will be. This is called picking a niche. The reason why this is important is because you will be getting to know your niche extremely well. You will be finding out what their likes and dislikes are and what their concerns are. What are their pain points?


The beauty here is that you will be helping your audience. You will help to educate them, and solve whatever issues they may have.


Let me give you a quick example. Your niche or audience may be something like puppy owners. Puppies are absolutely adorable, but they are also a handful. In this example you may help your audience with advice on how to stop puppies from chewing, or maybe how to potty train them. Anyways you get the idea


If this is not clear yet don’t be alarmed, the next page will give you more in-depth guidance.


STEP 2 – Build a Website


This is where a lot of people get hung up. The good news is that you don’t have to be technical to build a website. There are so many tools available today that it can be done with minimal effort.


Check out this video that shows you how to build a site in about 30 seconds:



build a website in 30 seconds


Why is a website important?


You need a medium to engage with your audience, or niche. Your website is the virtual real estate that enables you to interact with your customers. Much like a brick and mortar store, it is the place that they come to in order to get the what they are looking for. That could be information or services that you may be providing.


Without a website, you have no online business.


STEP 3 – Attract Visitors


Visitors are the life blood of your business! Without them you cannot be successful. So how do you attract visitors?


Remember that in step one I mentioned that you would be helping your audience? Well that is how you attract visitors. You attract visitors by providing them with helpful content. Give them actionable, honest and helpful information and they will come to your site over and over.


What exactly does content mean? It simply means information. What you are reading right now is content in the form of a blog post or article. There are many ways to provide your audience with content. You can give them written articles, videos, podcasts…..


You are not limited to one medium. Pick whichever you like (or a combination) and present it to your audience.
How-to articles, product reviews and other topics are all great content that your audience will want to see!


Give them good content and you will be successful!


STEP 4 – Earn Revenue


This is where the rubber meets the road. You can do all the things above to perfection. If you don’t know how to perform this step, you will find it hard to get paid to work online.


The final step in this proven formula relies on Affiliate Marketing to earn money online.


It is simple yet extremely powerful and effective. In a nutshell, you promote products that your audience needs and earn a commission when they purchase that product.


Because you are extremely knowledgeable of your niche, you know their pain points. You have provided them with actionable and honest information through your website. Your experience, knowledge and research have probably led you to discover products or services that could further help your niche. You promote those products and services because you honestly believe/know that they will help your niche.


If they agree (there are no aggressive sales techniques) and they purchase your suggestion, you get a small cut of the transaction.


Let me give you a quick example. Let’s say that your niche is fishing (one of my favorite things to do!). You know that people in your niche are looking for high quality but lightweight fishing rods. You know of 2 different rods that would work perfectly for them because you own those 2 rods. You could do a comprehensive review, going over the pro’s and cons of each one and present the information to your audience.


Armed with your review, they can make a decision to purchase, or not to purchase those rods. If they purchase through the link in your review, you get a commission!


The beauty of Affiliate marketing is that literally every single item or service offered on the internet has an affiliate program. Meaning that you can make a commission for just about anything that you promote to your niche.


The next awesome thing about Affiliate marketing is that you do not have to worry about inventory, shipping or customer service! The merchant (person or company that owns the product you are promoting) takes care of all that.


Believe me, that is a blessing!


Finally, the last benefit of affiliate marketing is that it allows you complete freedom to work whenever and wherever you want to. All you need is an internet connection!









what is next?



You could go it alone. I think that would be a mistake. The learning curve is steep and there are a lot of pitfalls.


I want  you to succeed!


I am going to introduce you to the same exact platform I use every single day to make money online through affiliate marketing.


In fact, if you liked the video on how to build a website in 30 seconds, I will give you access to that very same tool—–for free! (and a whole lot more)


Yup, It is completely free! You don’t even need a credit card to sign up.




You will get a ton of training and support.



free affiliate marketing training



1. You get access to 10 video courses. Here are the topics covered: each of the topics are covered in-depth with videos and step-by step directions


• “Getting Rolling”
• “Understanding how to make money online”
• “Choose a niche”
• “Building your own Niche Site”
• “Setting Up Your Website”
• “Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines”
• “Creating Your Initial Website Content”
• “Creating Custom Menus on Your Website”
• “Understanding Keywords”
• “Congrats and Next Steps”



2. Access to the website builder and 2 free sites so you can implement what you learn.  That is the same tool used in the video above to create a site from scratch in around 30 seconds! You get a choice from 12 available themes and a bunch of tools to help you grow your websites.



Site Builder Screenshot



3. Tons of training and help from the community. You get access to live help for 7 days but there are tons of other resources that you will have unlimited access to. The blog section alone will take your knowledge to next level



Live Chat Screenshot



All of this (and much more) is completely free.




To Your Success!


Mike A