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Hello and welcome to my site!


I started EscapeYourDeadEndJob.com to help people!  I know what it is to go to a job that you hate day after day.  I understand the soul sucking feeling you get when you wake up realizing you have to spend the next 8 to 10 hours doing something you hate!  And do it again tomorrow, and the next day, week, month and maybe years.


Does it really have to be this way?  In this amazing time we live in, is there not an alternative?  Something we can do that we enjoy?  Something that provides us the freedom and joy along with the financial security we need to provide for our families?


Before I get too far on my soap box let me introduce myself.






My name is Mike Aha.  I am just like you.  I have dedicated years of my life to working for companies in order to provide for my family.  40 to 60 hours a week.  Month after month.  Year after year.


Don’t get me wrong.  I am thankful for the jobs that I have had.  They have allowed me to provide for my family and to put a roof over our heads.   We go on vacations, eat out a couple times a month and so forth.  The job provides me with good health insurance and other benefits that are extremely important.


But you see, there was something missing.  I never felt in control of my future.  With layoffs around every corner and an erratic economy, I knew that people and circumstances outside of my control held control over my fate.  If the company made bad decisions and went belly up, I could be impacted.  If my supervisor decided that I no longer fit in with the direction of the team, I could be impacted.


As with many of you, getting laid off from my job would have devastating effects on my family.


The worry about this uncertainty was a driving force behind me looking for a way to correct this vulnerability.  What could I do to make sure I had income from another source?


This led me to try many different things, with different levels of success.  I started working as a carpenter and painter on the evenings and weekends.  I then became a real estate agent and later tried my hand at appraisals.


They all worked to a certain degree, but they were time consuming and took time away from my family.  Upon deeper reflection, I was still working for someone else.  But the experience exposed yet another thing I did not like.  I was still trading time for money.


I had to regroup.  I needed something passive.  Real estate investing took too much money to start.  Stock market investing was also cash intensive.  Options were too risky with a steep learning curve.


In 2006, I found an ad on the internet that claimed I could make $2000/week by creating ads for major companies like Coca Cola, Sears and others.  All I had to do was pay $27 and I would receive the course!  The ad was so promising and well written that I went ahead and paid the $27.  I dove right in and lost a couple hundred dollars in 2 days!  I had fallen for my first online get-rich-quick scam.


I say the first because unfortunately, I kept looking for that magic bullet.  I wanted financial freedom, but I wanted it now.  I fell for many scams over the years until I realized that there are no short cuts.  You have to put in the work.  There is no way around it.






Fortunately, I learned that following every shiny object that promised me thousands of dollars for 30 minutes of work was a waste of time and money.  I dove into learning what I needed to create a real income online.  Eventually I figured it out!


That is what this website is about.  I will share real life, actionable knowledge with you to help you escape your dead-end job if you want to.


If, like me, you want to make a second income passively, I will help you get there as well.  There truly is nothing more freeing and fulfilling than knowing you are making money while you sleep.  Once that happens, your perspective changes completely.  If you know you can leave your job at any time, going to work is no longer a drag.  Believe me because I know!






There are literally a million scams out there.  I will review as many make money online products as I can and let you know what they are about.  This way, you will be equipped to make better decisions.  I don’t want you to waste time and money like I did!


In addition to reviewing online make money programs, I will provide you with helpful information regarding other ways you can make money online.  Whether it is through freelancing, surveys, blogging, affiliate marketing (my favorite), I will try to give you helpful information that you can use to earn income online.


I will also review make money apps to let you know how they work; how much you can expect to earn and whether they are worth it or not.






I know that I have very lofty goals for this site.  I really hope that you find the information that I provide to be helpful to you.  Please make sure that you reach out to me with questions or comments.  Each post will have a comments section for you to use.


There is nothing worse that going to a job you hate.  The good news is that you have some level of control.  In fact, you have more control than you know.  If you start planning and implementing now, you can make money online.  With massive effort, you can have a sizeable income coming in from your online business.  In my opinion, this gives you true freedom.  Once you know how to generate money online, you will not worry about losing your job.  You will know that your family is taken care of regardless of your 9 to 5!  This is a worthy goal.


Let’s get you started!


Mike A