The Viral Cash App Review – What My Investigation Uncovered!


I found the Viral Cash App system by chance as I was looking through my emails some time back. I was curious because the “app” claimed to be able to help me make outrageous amounts of money on a daily basis without having to work for it in a conventional way. Of course, at the back of my mind I was pretty sure this was all hype, but I was intrigued nonetheless.


According to this system, once you have it, you will be able to earn hundreds or even a few thousand dollars a day just by using it. These bold claims are the reason why I decided to do extensive research on the Viral Cash App because what they were offering was clearly just too good to be true. I compiled my findings in this Viral Cash App review. Here is what I discovered.


Product being reviewed: Viral Cash App









The Viral Cash App is a Clickbank product launched by Matthew Neer in March 2018. It claims to help its users make outrageous amounts of money on a daily basis. According to this product, its users are guaranteed as much as hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day by simply sharing viral videos online.


The Viral Cash App has a very basic website. It looks a lot like the websites of the many other products that I have reviewed here before. When you load up the site, the very first thing you see at the very top is this bold proclamation: “Automated Viral App Siphons Profit From $70 Billion Free Source.” This is clearly meant to instantly grab your attention and to get you interested in learning more about this product.


Below this announcement is the pitch video, which I am going to break down for you a little later. Next to that is a form where you have to enter your first name and email address in order to “get instant access to the Viral Cash App”. Of course, there is no such thing as “instant access”. This is just a way to get you to submit your information, so that even if you do not buy the product, you will still get added to their mailing list. This will allow them to plague your inbox with spam mails of such similar products and promotions, and hopefully you will fall for another one of their products in the future.


As I mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as “instant access” with the Viral Cash App. Before you can access the members’ area, you have to part with 47 dollars. You have to wonder, if this app “siphons profit” from a $70 billion “free source”, what do they need your $47 for?

how does viral cash app work




As promised, here is a breakdown of the video.


The video starts with news headlines from major TV stations such as ABC News and FOX News, which all talk about how you can make money online from the comfort of your home. We also see two young men, who say they are aged 20 and 21, being interviewed in front of expensive vehicles that they claim to have bought with money earned from working online.


Matthew Neer, the creator of Viral Cash App, then congratulates you for being successfully invited by one of his close associates. Of course, I wasn’t invited. “Spammed” is the word I would use. Anyway, he claims that the video is extremely secret and highly classified and that the video is not available to most people. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at this.


Matthew then goes on to explain further that the video is only available through a unique link that someone has given you for a reason. He also claims that the video is private and only available to potential Beta Testers in certain areas of the world. He then congratulates you again claiming that if you are able to see the video, then the Viral Cash App is available in your area.

Matthew Neer then tells us that his app siphons profits from a $70 billion free traffic source and deposits cash directly into his bank account. He says that his app is one of a kind since the app secretly cuts newbies in on the $70 billion free traffic source.


Next, he warns you to pay attention since the video can be removed at any time, and that would ruin your chances to beta test his Viral Cash App. In truth, the video is not going anywhere until Matthew makes as much money off it as he can, or at least until the negative reviews catch up to him.


According to him, the Viral Cash App produces unheard-of results. He backs up this claim with profit proofs, which he gives by logging in to one of his many affiliate accounts, which shows that he earns an average of $200 to $300 per day. There is no way to verify the legitimacy of this account.


He then says that the best part of Viral Cash App is that it has nothing to do with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, any form of paid advertising, any form of paid surveys, SEO or Google, e commerce or Shopify, or any kind of MLM or pyramid scheme.


Matthew then assures you that you do not even have to be worried about how it is done since not only is he going to drop you in front of the $70 billion free traffic source, but he is also going to let you beta test his Viral Cash App for you to siphon off profits for yourself if you qualify as a beta tester. At this point, he says that you need to turn off all distractions and close the door since what he is about to show you will shock you and excite you in less than 7 minutes.


By now, we know that this is clearly going to be a very long video. We still have no idea what this product is or what it does. I keep watching.


Matthew continues by describing who his app is not meant for. He insists that the app is not designed for someone looking for a one-hit wonder and those looking for a guru promising you millions overnight. He also stresses that the app is not for you if you are impressed with high-quality video productions and fake actors selling fake promises and broken software that is actually worth less than the video production itself. He then declares that his app is meant for those looking for a stable yet long term online commission generator.


Here he tells us how his app, which he describes as simple yet extremely powerful, earns him his impressive daily income. He does this by explaining how the Viral Cash App works, claiming that it is the missing key to your internet income. He says that the viral cash app allows you to plug into a commission network and siphon off some of the profits for yourself and into your bank account.


He says that the app is easy since there is no setup process since it is an app and it is Cloud-Based. He says that there is nothing to install, and all you have to do is to log in and start using it. The moment you do this, you will own a dynamic page with the “most exciting and shareable content on the web”, which will direct people to your money pages, which the Viral Cash App creates and hosts for you.


He says that every time you watch a video on Facebook and YouTube, Facebook and YouTube get paid. He then says that the Viral Cash App does the same, only that in this case, it is you who will be getting paid. Whenever someone watches a viral video that you have posted, you get paid. The app does not depend on paying for traffic, joint venture partners, or affiliates.


As a user of the Viral Cash App, you won’t have to do any hard work in order to get paid. This is because its system is all automated. Matthew says the automation of the Viral Cash App makes it easy to use since all you have to do is to set a few parameters inside the system, then your content gets “pre-monetized”.


In addition, he says that with the app, you never have to buy a domain name nor pay for hosting. He says that all you need to do is to select what niche you want to make money on then you get ready to start earning. Each of the pages will be pre-monetized with your links, so you’ll keep making money from the commissions without you having to do a thing.


Matthew Neer then gives his own story, showing how he makes money. We see him log in to his WarriorPlus account, where he displays his affiliates tab with his earnings. It shows that he made $653.30 in a single day, having made $598.44 the previous day.


He says the app allows him to generate free traffic, which earns him commissions over and over again. He says he only had to do this once, and he has been earning ever since, and that he’ll continue doing so until he decides to turn them off. Therefore, the Viral Cash App is the ultimate viral traffic generation and monetization system which when once set up, it goes on to generate traffic for you until you decide to turn it off.






He says that the app will generate your own custom pages with other people’s content and your affiliate links. He goes on to assure you that no two pages will ever be the same and that the web pages are built by the software for you, so you do not have to write any code.


He continues by saying that you can choose to get paid either by Google, Amazon, Clickbank, or any other member of affiliate networks.


Matthew Neer then gives the steps that you’ll need to take in order to use the app:


  1. Login
  2. Choose a category
  3. Pick a keyword
  4. Add monetization
  5. Click “You’re Done”


After finishing these steps, your piece of viral content will then get plugged in and then syndicated through the Viral Cash App’s commission network, then you’ll begin receiving traffic.


He then says that in order for you to start generating traffic, you must qualify to become a beta tester. He says that for you to become a beta tester, you need to satisfy 3 specific requirements:


  1. You need to have a basic level of computer skills but not too advanced. Skills such as knowing how to copy and paste and send emails
  2. You watch and share viral videos regularly on Facebook or YouTube
  3. You will post a minimum of 10 videos using the Viral Cash Application


Notice how all these requirements can be met by literally anyone.


He then says that if you do not meet all the three requirements, he hopes that you close the video and leave the website, releasing your spot to the next person in line. However, if you meet the requirements, there is a space for you to enter your email address, to secure your spot as a beta tester. If you do this, you will get redirected to the payment processing page, where you are asked to pay the $47 “activation fee”.


Matthew assures you that his app gives you an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. He says that this means that you get to do whatever you like with the app for 60 full days and that if at the end of 2 months you haven’t made your money back, your activation fee deposit will immediately be released back to you.


And that marks the end of the very long pitch video.


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how does viral cash app work?




From the way it is marketed, we get the idea that the Viral Cash App is a cloud-based account which automatically generates and drives traffic. All you have to do is to create an account and login to your profile. But is this how it really works? Far from it.


First of all, in the video, Matthew claims that YouTube and Facebook get paid whenever you watch a video. This isn’t how it works. Facebook and YouTube generate income from advertisers who want to place Ads on their platforms. For these Ads to be placed on Facebook or YouTube, these advertisers pay a certain amount of money. This is the primary source of revenue for Facebook and YouTube.


Therefore, for anyone to make money sharing videos, they need to rely on display ads or affiliate marketing. This is something that Matthew conveniently glosses over.


This software allows you to insert your affiliate links into the videos you share, so when people watch them, you get paid. However, herein lies many, many, problems:


  • – Traffic: This business model relies on traffic, and lots of it. Matthew says he does not use any paid traffic methods. However, the website on which the content is posted on,, has no SSL certificate and no organic traffic. There are very few or no views on the existing posts, so how can you expect to make any money off it? Plus, the official Facebook page that Matthew talks about in the training has 30 posts with zero engagement, so their social media is out. You will have no choice but to do all the hard work yourself and figure out how to generate traffic for your posts.
  • – Display Ads: Suppose you figure out how to get some people looking at your videos. You will need to monetize them with display ads using Google AdSense. Anyone who has used AdSense knows that it is hard to get approved and the earning potential is extremely low. Plus, you will definitely not get approved if you are not creating original content and only sharing other people’s videos, so that option is out.
  • – Affiliate marketing: Matthew advises you to paste your affiliate links in the video descriptions. I can honestly say that this is the wrong way to do affiliate marketing, and it will definitely not work. To be an effective affiliate marketer, you need a website, and you need to provide relevant, high quality, original content to a specific niche audience. Without providing some value to people, do not expect to make any money.

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It is impossible to make money with the Viral Cash App for one simple reason: there are a lot of flaws in the app’s system.


The only people who will actually make money with this product are its creators. And they will make money from people like you and me, not from the product itself.


If you want to make money sharing videos online, opt to make and share our own original videos. Cater to a specific niche and build your audience. Almost every popular video sharing platform has monetization options for its content creators, so you will not run of options. It is better to work hard and make some money while at it than choosing to take the easy way out, steal people’s content, lose money with the Viral Cash App, then have nothing to show for it in the end.

viral cash app verdict




The Viral Cash App has way more downsides than upsides. The only upside you will find with this product is the fact that it has a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that you get to do whatever you like with the app for 60 full days and if at the end of 2 months you haven’t made your money back, you can get a refund.


On the other hand, the app’s downsides are many, unfortunately. For starters, the Viral Cash App is extremely hyped up and might make some new users expect to be making at least 6 or 7 figure incomes annually. In reality, they’ll hardly be making anything from the app at all.


There are also massive upsell costs, running to over $460 above the purchase price of the product. Next, there are also several hidden costs that come with it, such as the cost of GetResponse, an Email Service Provider with which you can collect a subscriber’s email address and follow up with them. This service costs $15 per month.


For these and many more reasons that I have highlighted here, I strongly believe that there is very little potential to make money from the Viral Cash App. Their promise of making you hundreds of dollars on a daily basis is extremely exaggerated. Personally, I would think twice before purchasing this product.


Want to make money online working from the comfort of your own home?






Whatever you decide to do, I hope this review will help you make the right choice.


To Your Affiliate Success,


Mike Aha

4 thoughts on “The Viral Cash App Review – What My Investigation Uncovered!”

  1. I can definitely agree that The Viral Cash App has a ton more downsides and very few upsides.  I can see if this is your app, that yes as you say you would make money off people who are desperate enough to give it a try hoping to make the cash that is stated.  I learned a while back, that anything offering outrageous or ever unimaginable commissions is usually a scam and there is no money to be made.  I honestly don’t know how these people have a conscience to continue and take money from people knowing full well that they will make very little or none.

    • Hi Matt’s Mom,

      I agree that it takes a special kind of person to prey on people’s hopes and dreams to make a buck!  And not a good one at that!  But you know what? unfortunately it works.  I know because I have fallen for these types of products over and over again.  It’s really easy to do unfortunately.

      I spent money I did not have to make my dream come true.  I wanted so badly to believe that I could make it online that I fell for scams that deep inside I KNEW were BS.  Like an addict, I just could not help myself.

      I write these reviews to give my readers an in-depth view of the products that they are considering. I try to ofer relevant information to help you, my readers, make an educated decision.  I hope it helps!

      For anyone considering these over the top products that promise ridiculous returns with no work, within seconds, only working 6 minutes a day…..Please think twice.  

      To your success,

      Mike A

  2. Excellent review. You definitely did your homework here. Thanks for taking what must have been some significant time to write up a review on The Viral Cash App. I’ve never signed up for anything like that and yet I’m getting spam text messages pushing similar schemes. This type of ploy is obviously targeting the naive among us. Although I can’t imagine many would fall for it. Did you check to see if the founder’s name is actually legit? I understand that many scammers will use a false alias. 

    • Hi Annette,

      Thank you for your comment.  It is sad to say that many people fall for these outrages claims.  Sadly, I was one of them for many years.  I went from promise to promise, spending money I did not have just to end up broke and no further along in my journey to financial freedom.  It took me a while to learn that there are no shortcuts to being successful.  You have to put in the work!

      As far as the owner of the product, he is a well known fixture in Affiliate marketing.  He has multiple products with some pretty big launches.  I just don’t believe that the Viral Cash App will help the great majority of new affiliate marketers.  My Viral Cash App review outlines the whole product and the reasons why I came to that decision.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog Annette!  I appreciate it.

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