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Membership Method is a Clickbank product that claims to train users on how they can create a membership site as well as sustain it. I have encountered a lot of Clickbank products these past few years, most of which turned out to be of low quality. I almost didn’t give this product a second look, but I decided to give it the benefit of doubt. So I did a little digging to find out what it was all about. Here is my Membership Method review.



Product Being Reviewed: Membership Method







Membership Method is a product by Chris Luck that will supposedly help you earn an income through creating member sites and getting people to become paying members.


The website itself is quite simplistic. The first thing you will see is a statement informing you that the training provided is at no cost, but is only available for 48 hours. However, when I refreshed the page, the minute timer on the page automatically reset, so this is just a sales tactic.


Chris claims that he has uncovered a new business model based on membership sites that involves getting paid to provide people with free information. You are then encouraged to register by providing your email so that you can get access to the free training video.


The last section of the page is basically a warning discouraging anyone who might think that the product is a get-rich-quick scheme.




The video starts off with Chris Luck promising that you will discover how to generate predictable passive income with his 4 step method that has made an average of $11,428 per day for 6 years. He labels himself as a real entrepreneur that builds real businesses that are designed to produce predictable passive income.


He then says that he is just a dad from Southern Illinois who enjoys spending time with his family, which means virtually anyone can earn money online using his system despite your experience and expertise.


According to him, Membership Method is for you if you fall in any of the following categories:


• You are struggling with starting a new online business from scratch.

• You already have a business and you would like to add a new stream of predictable passive income.

• You are tired of buying courses and products that make big promises but haven’t delivered results.


The product is not for you if:


• You are looking for a get-rich-quick plan

• You can’t follow the directions provided

• You are unable to invest money into building a business


As expected, anyone can fall into any of the qualifying categories. This tactic basically tries to make sure the product stays as generalized as possible while making the potential buyer feel like the product has been personalized for them.


Chris then gives us his personal story. He got interested in working online 20 years ago when he was a broke college student. He ventured into digital marketing for Amazon before moving on to affiliate marketing where he worked for companies such as Disney, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. He was able to earn 6 figures from affiliate marketing, prompting him to come up with a course based on the subject. Chris spent months building the course, but when he tried to sell it, he did not find any willing buyers.


After this mishap, he stumbled across a Forbes article on Lynda Weinman, an entrepreneur whose business was based on a membership method. She didn’t rely on sales pages, sales letters, sales funnels, or any other common tactics that most people say you have to use if you intend to run an online business.


Inspired by Lynda’s story, Chris turned his efforts to building a membership site where he could teach marketing. He was so successful in this venture, earning $4,171,363.83 per year. He then sold his company and used the money to build several businesses around his passions (game development, energy drinks, healthy living.) Out of all these successes, Chris considers building a membership site to be the most fun, rewarding, and exciting.


With a membership site, you won’t need to use social media, build a list, or even need a funnel to conduct business. It is a subscription business model where the only thing you will be doing is to find people looking for help and provide assistance to them. Once someone signs up for the site, they will be automatically charged for the information they receive.


He breaks down his Membership Method into 4 steps:


1- People

When it comes to establishing a customer base, you will need to determine what the most popular categories are, what people are already buying, and what you can create.


2- Product/content

This is what is in your membership site. Pick one product and stick to it, whether it is tutorials, videos, book, articles, or audio. Chris recommends using a written format since it is easy for people to consume no matter the device they are on. You have three options when it comes to the product you sell: you can create the content from scratch, you can look for content with resell rights, or you can hire a writer. If you decide to create content from scratch, you will need to take the following steps:


• Buy books you will need for research

• Build an outline based on the content

• Write a better version


If you opt to look for content with resell rights, the steps to take include:


• Search for “keyword resell rights”

• Visit the websites that you will find

• Buy rights for the content you like


According to Chris, resell rights work for content that is in high demand such as self-help, parenting, and relationships, but he doesn’t recommend it for content such as fly fishing which doesn’t have as much demand.


If you decide to hire a writer, here are the steps to take:


• Go to (or any other site where you can find a freelance writer).

• Browse the “writing gigs”

• Contact the writers with high ratings.


3- Process

Chris recommends using Kajabi to build your membership site since it allows you to process payments, communicate via email, create a webinar, and hosting. There is a free trial provided if you are interested, after which you will pay $100 per month.


4- Profit

You get paid for providing the services to people who sign up. He recommends going to Quora and creating a free account. There, you will find all the questions that you could help people with and refer them to your membership site for more information.


Here is what you can expect from Membership Method:


• More than just an online training course

• A step-by-step “start from scratch’ system

• Your own private producing membership site

• A new stream of predictable passive income

• No limit to how much you make since the more members you get, the more money you earn.

• Choose when and where you want to work

• Have the life you’ve always wanted

• Achieve true financial freedom


To access the member’s area, you will have to invest a one-time fee of $1,497.

how does membership method work?




When you join the member’s area, you will be directed to the dashboard, which is essentially the homepage which you can use to navigate the system. The dashboard consists of the following sections:


1. Masterclass

This is the main training area where you will spend most of your time. There are 35 steps in total spread over a 6-week period. All the steps are present in video format of varying lengths ranging from 4-30 minutes each.


Week 1: Roadmap


These are the topics covered under this module:


Step 1 – Fundamentals

Here, Chris covers the fundamentals of membership sites and why he considers it to be the ideal when it comes to earning a passive income online.


Step 2 – Idea brainstorming

Write down all the ideas of what you want to specialize in.


Step 3 – Market validation

Determine the most suitable ideas based on the market.


Step 4 – Idea selection

Select the best ideas from what you come up with.


Step 5 – Namestorming

How to pick a name for your membership site.


Step 6 – Domain registration

How to register a domain.




This is essentially a test to check if you have fully grasped the various concepts. There is an assessment at the end of every week.






Week 2: Content


This module contains the following:


Step 7 – Strategy

Apply strategies that have proven successful for others.


Step 8 – Content base camp

How much content you should start with and other basics.


Step 9 – Research tools

The tools and worksheet to utilize in order to find topics that will resonate with your audience.


Step 10 – Gold mining

Finding what already works in your niche.


Step 11 – Content creation

Learn how to come up with good content.


Step 12 – Outsourcing

Decrease your workload by hiring professional writers.




Week 3: Development


Steps covered are as follows:


Step 13 – Live examples

Examples of websites that are pulling in huge profits.


Step 14 – Platform walk through

Setting up your own membership site.


Step 15 – Membership cloning

Emulate Chris’s personal structure


Step 16 – Iconic design

Come up with a unique design for your site that will attract customers.


Step 17 – Content deployment

Strategic placement of your content.


Step 18 – Automated pipelines




Week 4: Free marketing


Step 19 – Methodology

Determining what people want and satisfying their needs.


Step 20 – Blog baiting

When you don’t want to send potential customers to a sales page.


Step 21 – Mention monitoring

How to be in the right mentions.


Step 22 – Question suggestion

Ensure you answer the questions posed.


Step 23 – Community infiltration

Taking part in communities that are relevant to your niche.


Step 24 – Video spying

Monitoring videos that contain useful information.




Week 5: Paid advertising


Step 25 -Strategic placement

Make a decision regarding which platforms you will be advertising on and why.


Step 26 – Keyword domination

Finding the best keywords to improve your rank.


Step 27 – Video hijacking

Using YouTube to your advantage.


Step 28 – Ethical stalking

Following people on social media platforms.


Step 29 – Direct response

Messaging people in order to advertise your brand


Step 30 – Ambassador Army

Getting the word out about what you do through other people.




Week 6: Automation


Step 31 – Complete checklist

Note down what you have been doing during the training


Step 32 – Operating procedures

Documenting the procedures that you will need to apply the Membership Method system.


Step 33 – Automation software

Software that will make your work easier and get you started.


Step 34 – Marketplace

Where to market your content.


Step 35 – Hiring rock stars

Work with competent professionals.




2. Bonuses


Here are the bonus sessions that you will get in addition to the training on a monthly basis:


• Topic mining- Involves getting topic ideas for your membership site

• Advanced funneling- How to make up to $124,425 on a monthly basis in recurring revenue.

• 100 members in 30 days- Getting traffic and the first 100 members.

• Waitlist method- How to get one million people on a waiting list.

• Audience hacking- The ultimate unfair advantage

• Content arbitrage- Legally using other people’s content.


3. Mastermind

This is a forum/community area where you can get help, feedback and support from fellow members. From time to time, Chris also answers questions that you may have.


4. Workshops

There are live 1-on-1 live workshops hosted by Chris himself every month. If you miss out on catching a live webinar, you can find a recorded version within the Workshop area.


5. Partnership

You can sign up to be a partner and help spread the word about Membership Method. For every person you refer, you will receive a $750 commission.


6. Support

The contact information for the company is provided in case you have inquiries about the program or your account.

will you make money with membership method




Membership Method basically entails how you can create a potentially lucrative membership site, so it is a legitimate way you could possibly earn an income online.


However, there is no guarantee that you will get the same results as what is advertised in the sales videos. Furthermore, there is no assurance that you will earn any money using the ideas and information provided by Chris. It will take a lot of hard work and experience before you are able to succeed using the Membership Method system.




Membership Method is a legitimate product that could potentially help you earn an income working online. The owner, Chris Luck, is an entrepreneur who has managed to find success working online. He provides some useful tips that could prove useful in the long run and they are presented in easy to follow step-by-step videos. Other highlights include the 12-month success guarantee, the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 session with Chris, and the fact that you get to choose your own niche.


One of the outstanding downsides of the product is the exorbitant price. It will cost you $1,497 before you can gain access to the member’s area, and there is no free trial, so you don’t have the chance to test drive the product to see if it will work for you or not. This makes this product a huge, expensive leap of faith. Furthermore, there are some additional costs as well for the tools you will need such as domain name, ads, and web hosting.


Membership Method is a viable product that could potentially help you earn an income online. However, there is no guarantee of success with this product, and considering the exorbitant asking price,I would think long and hard before diving in.


It is also worth noting that maintaining your membership site will require a lot of work since you will need to come up with new content on a regular basis so that you keep your subscribers interested. It may prove useful to conduct your own research on the subject before you consider using this product.


You can learn to make money online without spending a fortune. In fact you can start for free!






Whatever direction you decide to take, I hope this review will help you make a well-informed decision regarding Membership Method.


To your affiliate success,


Mike Aha

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