Gold Opinions Review – What My Research Revealed!

Gold Opinions is a Clickbank product I recently came across that made me curious. It is a system that aims to help its users earn an income online by taking part in online surveys. This is all well and good, but the claims that they made sounded a little too good to be true. So is it all hype or is it legit? I did a little digging to find out what they are all about and here is my unbiased review.


Program Being reviewed: Gold Opinions






Gold Opinions is a product by Paul Parker that promises to show you how to get paid for your opinions. From the sales page, in addition to getting paid to complete simple surveys, other perks you can expect from Gold Opinions include:


  • A wide selection of high paying surveys
  • You can receive payments via PayPal, check, or wire transfer
  • You have the option to redeem rewards and gadgets from Apple, Samsung, and more.


Apparently, the product has appeared on respectable sites such as msnbc,, and among others. Gold Opinions is described as an $8,000,000 goldmine. This is the amount that users of the system have allegedly made from sharing their opinions.


The site practically begs you to join Gold Opinions, touting it as a fast and easy way to make extra money online, and all you have to do is give your opinions. In addition to giving an opinion on the products you use on a daily basis, you could also try new products even before they are officially launched.


The earnings from using Gold Opinions are presented as follows:


  • $5 for carrying out 10-15 minute surveys
  • $30 per hour on focus groups and panels
  • $15-$30 for 30-45 minute surveys
  • $50 for premium surveys


The working hours are flexible, and you opt to work from home or wherever you are. You don’t need any experience to join the members’ area.


According to the sales page, companies will reward you for sharing your opinions, and the more surveys you take part in, the more opportunities you have to collect points and consequently redeem them for money and other rewards. Some of the rewards promised include;


  • The latest gadgets from Apple for participating in surveys from iOS/Apple
  • Free lunch or dinner for giving your opinions on participating restaurants
  • $5-$20 Amazon gift cards and vouchers in exchange for participating in 30 minutes-1 hour surveys.
  • A free subscription from Netflix for participating in movie-related surveys
  • Cash and free apps for testing and taking part in app-related surveys


Gold Opinions further describes itself as the bridge between your opinions and the companies who need them. To become a member, click on the “join now’ button on the sales page, and once your membership is confirmed, you can start earning points and cash by completing online surveys via laptop, PC, tablet, cell phone, or mobile app. When you accumulate points to a certain point, you can then redeem them for cash or items within the provided rewards catalog. You can earn up to $500-$5,000 per month according to the sales page, and you won’t have to worry about unrealistic deadlines or a boss controlling your work hours.


The sales page praises the “small monthly membership fee” it charges as the ideal when compared to other survey sites that supposedly charge 30% commission fees. With Gold Opinions, you get to keep all your earnings. If you are unable to make money using the Gold Opinions system, there is the 60-day money back guarantee you can rely for a refund on your subscription.


The next section of the sales page consists of testimonials from supposed users of the product. One user claims to have made $1,500 within a month, while another supposedly got a new iPhone 6 within 7 days of using the product. All in all, the reviews are predictably positive.


According to the FAQs, in addition to signing up to take advantage of the benefits of participating in online surveys and earning rewards, people join Gold Opinion to learn about new products and services, and to help influence how they are developed. You have the option to choose from hundreds of new surveys daily, and all you need is internet access and a computer. It will take you 20 minutes to complete a survey, after which you will be rewarded. You are eligible to join as long as you are a resident of one of the 100+ supported countries and at least 18 years of age. Payment is processed twice a month, and the checks for your earnings are sent through PayPal or mail.




The speaker starts off by revealing that you will get paid for sharing your opinion at Gold Opinions. According to him, users of the product take hundreds of surveys a year about shopping, cars, restaurants, gadgets, and many other topics. In turn, they earned over $8 million worldwide just for sharing their opinion with the company. You will be helping thousands of companies improve their products and customer services by honestly answering their surveys.


The questions you will be answering are short and simple, and you can do it from wherever you are, whether it’s at home or at the office. The speaker claims that the company has helped thousands of people all over the world get paid for their opinions, going on to encourage you to start taking surveys as well.


If you are ready to be rewarded for your opinions, you are directed to click the “join now” button below the sales video to get started as soon as possible.





how does gold opinions work?




The membership for Gold Opinions is not free; you will have to pay $27 on a monthly basis. The 7-day trial they offer is not free either, costing you $1 to get a glimpse of the members’ area. If you like what you see, you will automatically be re-billed the $27 monthly fee after the trial period. If you want to cancel the membership instead of paying this fee, I recommend doing it a few days in advance rather than on the last day.


If you decide to go ahead and get a membership, you will find 4 main sections:


1. Getting started

In this section, you get a basic walk through on how taking surveys works as well as a few tips that are meant to help you work through surveys faster.


One of the beginner tips they give is using RoboForm which is helpful when it comes to filling in the screening sections of surveys in a speedy manner since your passwords and any other details you may be required to enter are saved. This way, you don’t have to go through the process of entering them manually every time you take a survey. This is a great way to save on some time, but it doesn’t automatically mean you will be able to take significantly more surveys as a result.


You will also be provided with a list of survey sites that you will be encouraged to sign up to. The main reason why these sites are suggested is that Gold Opinions gets to earn a commission for referring you to there. Therefore, when you take up their recommendation and take surveys on these sites, Gold Opinions automatically gets a percentage of your earnings.


2. Premium Paid Surveys


You will be provided with over 150 survey sites in this section. According to Gold Opinions, if you sign up for these panels, you should expect to get a constant flow of new surveys on a daily basis.


Although these surveys are made to seem as if they have been carefully selected from the highest paying surveys, this is not the case. Some of the survey sites you will find are recommendable, others are simply legitimate but not worth your time, while quite a few of them may not pay as well as you might expect or even at all since there is no way to verify their legitimacy.


3. Paid Surveys By Country


Here, you get surveys that are grouped depending on the country that you live in. if you don’t live in the US, then this section is the most useful to you. There is a list of panels provided that are targeted to your location, with most of the sites available in countries such as Australia and Canada.


4. $400 Sign up Bonus


You may think that you get a bonus as soon as you sign up judging from the tile of this section, but this is not the case.


Instead, you are provided with yet another list of survey sites that come with small sign up bonuses that add up to $400. However, this doesn’t mean that you can simply sign up to these sites and automatically receive the money. For some of the sites provided, you will have to make at least $25-$50 before you are eligible for a payout. Since virtually all the legitimate survey sites pay anywhere from $0.25-$2, it will take you around at least a month or two before you are able to request a payout from just one site.

will gold opinions make you money




Although Gold Opinions provides you with some useful tips on how you can earn an income online by taking surveys, you won’t make nearly as much money as is claimed on the site. As previously mentioned, most of the surveys you will encounter pay from $0.50-$2, and they will take up a significant portion of your time to do. You will have to do a lot of these surveys on a daily basis to make a considerable income, and even then, it is not dependable and you will have to find other ways to make money.


At best, it is a side income that you shouldn’t put too much hope in since the payout is not as significant as the sales page wants you to believe.


Plus, there are lots of other legitimate options where you can take surveys without having to pay the exorbitant monthly fee for this product. In many occasions, you may find that the monthly fee this product charges is actually higher than the amount of money you stand to make with surveys every month. Point is, keep your expectations regarding potential earnings from Gold Opinions low.

gold opinions review result




Gold Opinions involves taking online surveys for different companies, which is a valid way to earn an income online.


First, the pros of this product. I thought the $1 for the seven-day trial is a small price to pay for the information that is provided, some of which I found to be quite useful. I also liked the fact that they suggested RoboForm, which is software that can help you get through the pre-screening questions faster. Another feature that I found to be useful was the paid surveys by country. This allows members to easily find surveys that are compatible with their country, hence they are more likely to qualify for them. Another positive aspect is the 60-day money back guarantee that ensures you get a refund if you are unhappy with the results you receive from the product.


Now to the cons. There are some red flags I noticed from my research on the product. The sales page exaggerated how much you will be earning using the Gold Opinions system. It is highly unlikely that you will be earning as much as $5 for every survey you do, and your monthly income won’t be as high either. The $27 monthly fee is also very unnecessary especially when the information provided can easily be sourced from other online sources without having to part with your hard-earned money.


Furthermore, the claim that Gold Opinions has been featured on top news websites which are prominently displayed on the sales page turned out to be false. The images of the users who have given their testimonials on the sales page are stock photos, and the owner, “Paul Parker” is most likely using a pen name. All these factors make the credibility of the product even more questionable.


So what are my final thoughts? Well, while Gold Opinions presents a legitimate way of making money online, there are many aspects of the product that make me question whether it is worth it. You certainly learn a lot about surveys, so if you have the money? go for it. Otherwise, If you are interested in taking surveys for money, I would suggest you carry out some research on your own instead.


There is a better way to make money online. It is the method I use. In fact, I use it on this very site that you are reading right now. The truth is that paid surveys are really good if you want to make a few bucks on the side without too much work. But if you are looking to really supplement your income or even replace your 9 to 5 income – then you will need more.


I believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to make a life altering income online. I am not talking about yachts and expensive cars. I am talking about a few thousands dollars that will help you pay bills, supplement your retirement or plan for your next vacation.





All in all, I hope this review helps you make an informed decision regarding this product.


To your affiliate success,


Mike Aha

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  1. Yes, because apparently we care about the opinions of others. Just because it’s online doesn’t stop it from being ridiculous. No one goes around in physical life paying huge amounts to people for their opinions. It just doesn’t happen. Why should it be any different online except that it’s more accessible?

    The most you’ll make are penny’s, nothing more. Just a waste of time. Except maybe for people in like 3rd world countries where the currency is worth alot less than the dollar. Only then do I see these easy money methods having some potential. But even then, is that even a thing in those countries? Because if it is, I doubt that it’s longterm sustainable.

    • Faheem,

      I agree with you that there just is not that much money to be made with surveys.  As I mentioned in my Gold Opinions Review, the claims are extremely exaggerated. Chances are you will not make $5 per survey and if you do, it will not be sustainable. 

        What I had not considered is the statement that you made in your second comment.  Surveys could be a way to generate money in places where the currency is much lower than the dollar or Euro.  I am not really sure about that one to be honest.  

      Thanks for your comments Faheem, 

      To your success,

      Mike Aha

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