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As an online marketer, being able to generate sufficient traffic is what will determine if you will make significant sales or not. There are many methods of generating traffic, some of which work, while others simply won’t net you any profit in the long run.


One of the more recent tools that promise to help you make more sales using a revolutionary method of traffic generation is My Traffic Jacker. Read on to find out how it works and whether it is worth your consideration.


Product Being Reviewed: My Traffic Jacker




My Traffic Jacker is a product by Joshua Zamora that claims to show its users how to legally hijack traffic as well as authority from YouTube and Wikipedia to earn affiliate commissions within 24 hours or less in any type of niche. According to the sales page, you won’t need any previous skills or experience to get started using the software.


My Traffic Jacker works by letting you search keywords on either YouTube or Wikipedia and find live links that are expired but still posted on the sites. You will be able to pick up these links for as little as $10 and then redirect traffic and authority wherever you like.


Using My Traffic Jacker is broken down into four steps:


– Input your target keyword

My Traffic Jacker turns your keyword into several related keywords, allowing you to expand your niche.


– Select where you want to source your traffic from

Choose between two powerful and highly authoritative sites that will allow you to generate high-quality traffic.


Hit “start”

My Traffic Jacker will look for domains on either YouTube or Wikipedia that you can immediately register.


– Register domains and redirect

Once you pick the domains that the software finds for you, start redirecting traffic and authority where you want.




Here is a breakdown of the website’s sales video:


The video starts with Joshua Zamora, the speaker and the creator of the product, promising to show you how his system will allow you to legally hijack traffic and authority from either YouTube or Wikipedia to start earning commissions even as a newbie.


According to Joshua, this hijacking strategy has been working since 2015. With YouTube videos, many content creators forget to renew the domain posted in their description area, and they end up expiring. This allowed Joshua and his team to develop a program that allowed them to source traffic from YouTube and consequently make profits in the process.


To improve the program, they converted their program into a web-based application and came up with a strategy to hijack traffic and authority from Wikipedia as well. Like with YouTube, links that are typically provided on Wikipedia for reference are from expired domains, allowing you to hijack them.


Using My Traffic Jacker, you won’t have to make or rank any videos, create a website, pay for traffic, or have a hosting account.

how does my traffic jacker work?




The My Traffic Jacker member’s area contains the following sections:


• Dashboard

• Research

• Saved results

• Keywords

• Backlinks

• Domain reminders

• YouTube API keys

• Domain registrars

• Subjackers

• Tutorials

• Support


My Traffic Jacker is a tool that you can use to research keywords and find broken and available domains that you can use to send traffic to any link you want. If you already have some keywords in mind, you can simply go to the research section where you can start finding the available domains.


Otherwise, go to the keywords section to get more information about some general keywords, like for instance, weight loss. Click the search button to find additional keywords terms that are related to weight loss. Once you find a keyword that you like, click on the magnifying glass icon to search it using the research section of My Traffic Jacker.


The first thing you will see in the research section is the option to select the platform that you want to use to search – choose between YouTube and Wikipedia. When you select YouTube, you will be able to search the top-ranked videos on the platform based on weight loss. When you choose to go with Wikipedia, you will be able to search various Wikipedia pages that are related or have some kind of connection to the same topic. This feature allows you to find expired domains inside of authority pages in Wikipedia which can be great for getting more traffic and more page authority for ranking higher in search engines.


When you opt to select YouTube, the upload date will be automatically set by default to be about 6 months later than the current date so that the software will be researching the videos that are six months and older because the likelihood of older videos to be forgotten about and have expired domains inside of them will be greater. If you want, you can select a different date, and you can even select the current date so that it allows you to search everything because there is still the possibility of a recently uploaded YouTube video that has a very old domain.


Under the upload date, select the order you want the research to be carried out – choose between relevance and view count. When you select relevance, it will be searching for everything that is closely related to the keyword term, and when you go for view count, it will start with the videos with the highest views.


You can also add in domains to ignore if you are constantly doing searches and finding domains that come up around your niche that are not relevant. To speed up the link checking process, My Traffic Jacker automatically ignores the top 500 websites according to Moz, but if you want to specify additional domains, you can list them in the provided dialogue box.

Once you are done with all the settings, click on “create” to let the software research all the YouTube videos around weight loss. It will scrape the videos it comes across to find all of the links inside them to see if the links are broken or not. Once it finds readily available links, you will be able to pick up those domains and start sending targeted traffic to whichever link you want.






The results of the search will give you the video URL, the channel name, and the domain inside of the video. Under each result, you will see that the domain is available with links to a domain registrar (Go Daddy or Name Cheap). It is worth noting that you will have to set up your chosen domain registrars in the “domain registrar” section of the software to be able to simply click on the provided link and buy from the domain registrar of your choosing.


The actions button will allow you to carry out deeper research of the domain as well as all of the videos and web properties associated with that domain. This is because there is a possibility that there is going to be a lot more videos, even videos outside of the YouTube channel you choose, using that particular domain. So if you want to see every video that is sending traffic to the link before you buy it, you can do that with the actions button. Additionally, if you want to save the results you get so that you can go back and do more research on it later, click on the Save icon and it will be sent to your save results section.


Among your results, you may come across a domain that is not yet available. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to obtain it – if you see that there is a lot of traffic coming into that particular domain and you are interested in it, you can be notified on a later date for when that domain drops. You can do this by checking when the domain will expire and set a reminder in the “domain reminder” section of My Traffic Jacker.


When you set your research type to Wikipedia, My Traffic Jacker will research Wikipedia pages and properties around the chosen keyword. From all the links inside the resulting articles, it will go out and individually look at each link that is expired and available to buy. You can do some further research on the domain you intend to buy and see all the properties that are associated with it, or immediately go to the domain registrar and pick it up. You can also go to the Wikipedia page and do more research to see what it if it has some good information associated with your keyword. So if your video or if your website that you are trying to rank is about weight loss and there is an authority post in Wikipedia about the topic, you can get an expired domain that you can redirect to your property that you are trying to rank for. This will help out by giving you extra link juice and allow for more authority when you can back link it from an authority page in Wikipedia.

will my traffic jacker make you money?




When used correctly, there is the potential of making money using My Traffic Jacker. The best part is that if you do not see the results you expected when you use it, you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to ask for a full refund on your purchase.


Although the initial cost of My Traffic Jacker is $97, there are several upsells that you will want to take into consideration as well:


– Upgrade 1 – My Traffic Jacker Academy ($47)

This upgrade offers a variety of case studies of the My Traffic Jacker team using the software to find, buy, and monetize their campaigns using the domains that they find on YouTube and Wikipedia. The upgrade also promises to provide you with several ways you can make profits using the software.


– Upgrade 2 – My Traffic Jacker Elite($37 per month or $47 per quarter)

There are two main features in this upgrade:

• The ocean search feature allows you to take one domain and find all the videos that the particular domain has posted on it.

• The save results feature allows you to save your result and create groups in your chosen niche and consequently build targeted traffic streams.


– Upgrade 3 – SyndLab + SyndBuddy ($37 per month or a $97 one-time payment)

The SyndLab and SyndBuddy syndication platforms allow you to increase the traffic to the domain you acquire with social sharing and syndication.


– Upgrade 4 – Unlimited SubJackers ($47)

This feature allows you to unlock the VA/sub access feature so that you can buy domains without compromising the main account that you use.




• You don’t have to install anything using My Traffic Jacker as it is 100% web-based

• The My Traffic Jacker interface is intuitive and easy to navigate

• Training on how to use the product is provided through step-by-step tutorial videos that guide you through every step of the way.

• You get to source traffic as well as authority from well-known and reliable sources (YouTube and Wikipedia)

• You won’t need to create a hosting account to get started using My Traffic Jacker

• There is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the results from using the product.




• The sales page uses a lot of hype to pitch the product. It is made to seem that the product will earn you profits within a short time of using it, which might not be the case.

• The initial price of $97 is somewhat expensive as compared to that of other similar products.

• There are four upsells to consider in addition to the initial product. All of them come with the promise of higher earnings, so you might feel the need to make a purchase.

• The cost of buying domains can quickly add up and make the product even more expensive.

my traffic jacker recommendation




My Traffic Jacker is a genuine product that could potentially help you to acquire domains, generate traffic, and consequently earn an income online. However, to fully benefit from it, you have to realize that you may have to invest in the upsells, along with budgeting for the cost of buying domains.


Alright so I believe that My Traffic Jacker is legit and in fact, I think it is very well-thought-out and ingenious. BUT! I am not a fan of shortcuts. While there may be a place for this type of traffic generation, you should absolutely not ignore the foundations of your online business. To enjoy the financial freedom and security you are looking for, you need a business that is built on solid ground. That means creating a site with tons of content that ads value to your customers. That means you are following SEO rules and creating content that will stand the test of time. If you need help to reach your financial goals and create an online business the right way, I have a recommendation for you! It is the same blueprint that I follow to generate income from my own online business!



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Whatever you decide to do, I hope this review was informative enough to help you make the right choice. Good luck!


To your success,


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