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Generating traffic, sales, and consequent profits can be quite a challenge for online marketers as well as regular brick and mortar businesses. It takes a lot of work, and there is a lot that goes into the process, and without the proper skills, you may have a hard time earning an income at all.


Tube Traffic Machine is a software program that promises to deliver all this and more, and of course, these bold claims piqued my interest. I did a little digging into it, and here is my unbiased review of how it works and whether it is worth your time.


Product Being Reviewed: Tube Traffic Machine




Tube Traffic Machine was created by Glynn Kosky that promises to make it easier for you to generate traffic and consequently earn an income online by helping you build a website that sources the latest videos from YouTube. This saves you from having to come up with the content on your own without having to break any laws.


According to the sales page, Tube Traffic Machine is a 3-in-1 autopilot software that is:


• A traffic-generating software that gets you a lot of free traffic that you can direct to any offer within minutes

• A WordPress plugin that builds virtual money-making site for you. This site is filled with videos and content sourced directly from YouTube.

• Automatic search for the latest videos posted on the YouTube channels of your choice, as many times as you want. The plugin posts these videos to your site immediately. Not only does it create a new post to your site but it also adds these videos to your pages on Facebook all at the same time.


The features of the product are given as follows:


– Software that is Cloud-based

Tube Traffic Machine is an effective WordPress plugin that helps you build sites that are filled with content.


– DFY passive income

You can create different income streams by using sources such as AdSense, affiliate links, Amazon ads, banner ads, and clickable ads which run on top of the videos on your site.


– DFY viral traffic from powerful platforms

Generate traffic across three major platforms – Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.


– Profit from passive ads

The included ad builder allows you to create unique ads that will generate the highest number of clicks and profits from eCom offers, affiliate offers, and your products.


– learn to build your list

You can promote your opt-in link, promo, or ad, by adding them on top of the videos that are playing on your site.


– Get traffic Organically

You can select how frequently your wesite gets updated with new content.


The bonuses are given as:


– Private FB support group (valued at $197)

You can join fellow marketers as well as a team of experts for support and answers to your question in real-time.


– Live master training with legendary super affiliate “Mr. X”(valued at $997)

“Mr. X” is an experienced affiliate that supposedly makes 5-6 figure commissions every month, and he shares his secrets on how to maximize profits within a short time.


– Quick start checklist (valued at $147)

A shortcut that allows you to be up, running, and earning profit within 24 hours.


– Mystery traffic bonus (valued at $197)

This bonus promises a huge number of buyers to your pages




The video starts with the owner, Glynn Kosky, introducing himself. When he got into online marketing, he thought he had made a terrible mistake since every course he bought never earned him any profit.


According to Glynn, viral traffic sites like YouTube and BuzzFeed share and monetize content that has been created by other people. In fact, they monetize the content into billions of dollars in income. He then promises to show you how you can make a profit in a similar manner (sharing other people’s content). He assures that the method he is about to present is legal, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws. This method can be used to send traffic to your online offers, and generate money passively from ads and affiliate offers. You can actually build your list and get paid for it while you are at it.


YouTube and BuzzFeed make their money from all the traditional sources we know about and have mentionned above. The income comes from passive ads, affiliate offer commissions and lists. Every bit of content that the software presents generates different and separate income streams. You can do the same by using Tube Traffic Machine.


With Tube Traffic Machine you get BuzzFeed-styled and YouTube like viral sites. It allows you to monetize their content in many ways in order to create various income streams. It comes with a WordPress plugin that includes two themes that allow you to websites like Youtube and Buzzfeed. You get to pick whatever video content you want from Youtube. This ads very high quality and sought after content to engage your readers and to monetize with affiliate offers, ads and lists. Send customers to your new money sites within seconds by using the viral traffic engine. The software gets you traffic from multiple social platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, and LinkedIn for free without spending any money on ads.


The traffic is fully automated, which means that each time your websites ingest and display new content, the software then shares them to all your social network accounts. You can pick the frequency of adding content to your sites – whether it is every few minutes, or hours. Whenever there is an update, the software gets triggered and starts ti immediately bring you traffic as well as opportunities for passive income.


There is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to ask for a refund if you don’t like the results you get from using Tube Traffic Machine.



Affiliate marketing training CTA

how does traffic tube machine work




Once you purchase the product and access the member’s area, you can download a WordPress plugin and theme. There are also videos that you can watch to help you use the product. Here are the sections covered in the video.


1. Install WordPress

2. Install Tube Traffic Machine

3. Connect to YouTube videos

4. Connect to social media

5. Learn to create video ads

6. Add ads strategically to your site

7. Set up campaigns

8. Give you ideas for Content

9. Generate traffic and send it to any offer or site

10. Teach Clickbank to beginners

11. Resize images


Once you have set up your WordPress site and installed the plug-in, you have the option to customize the look and theme of your website using the three themes provided (you have the option to set up three homepages). Your site will be full of videos, and you can even have little video ads scattered in between them.


If you set up one of your homepages set up to import videos from your YouTube channel, you can have it import videos from any channel on YouTube. One of the main things that are said about Tube Traffic Machine is that it’s used for traffic, which is proved to be true once you start using it. You can go to channels that are trending or extremely popular, and have it set up where your WordPress site will check the targeted YouTube channel every hour for new videos, and if it posts one, it will embed that video on your WordPress site, take their content and spin it and put it as the post content, and then you can have it to link back to their YouTube video or your own YouTube video. Because the particular videos embedded on your site are brand new, they will be ranked very well, and you should get a lot of traffic from them.


You can also use your site to build your video networks. You can do this by using your channel to import the videos that you make, and if you buy a high authority expired domain, you could put your WordPress site on it and import all your channels or all of your YouTube videos from your channel for high authority embeds that are going back to your video. You can even link back from your post to your video to help it rank much better in Google.


The layout of the plug-in includes your link, your channel ID, and content overlays. As you might have guessed, you have the option to add overlays to your videos to show up after a certain amount of time, allowing you to add promotional content. You can set your auto-update source to receive updates at definite intervals (every hour for example) for a new video on your channel. Therefore, for every hour that a check is conducted, one video will be imported – it won’t mass import all your videos at once. If you want a lot of videos to show up at once, select “manual update”If you have your account set up for Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Tumblr, you can have it auto-post to these social platforms every time it adds a new video. You can choose your YouTube channel source type if you want to find videos based on a channel, user, playlist, or keyword. You can also choose your post-default status (draft, pending, private, or published).


Also provided are options for content that will show up under each video posted:


• Choose to show the video date before or after the video, or even disable it.

• Choose to show the video content description or add your content to show up before or after the video.


If you have the upgraded version of the Tube Traffic Machine, you can have custom buttons added.


The lite version of Tube Traffic Machine will cost you $22.97. The pro version of the product, which additionally includes viral traffic sites that give you access to free viral traffic and sales will cost you $23.97.




Since the Tube Traffic Machine system has been proven to work, there is earning potential. However, despite the affordable initial price of the product, the upsells are quite pricey, yet you will find that you might need them to increase your earning potential. Here are the upsells available.


– OTO 1: Tube Traffic Machine Automated Traffic Flow ($197)

• DFY traffic stream

• Training on how to get your pixel

• Training on how to run ads by retargeting to a huge audience


– OTO 2: Unlimited version ($147)

• Unlimited viral money sites

• Additional themes based on the latest viral trends.


– OTO 3: Reddit “traffic machine” theme ($67)

• Build a Reddit-style viral money site.

• Grow bigger lists

• Get more organic traffic

• Integration with Tube Traffic Machine’s built-in traffic machine


– OTO 4: List builder crusher upgrade

• Get an extra plugin that allows you to add text to the video content that you place to your site. You can also easily add call-to-action links and buttons.

• Get your list built in record speed.


– OTO 5: Agency rights ($197)

• Create viral traffic sites for online marketers and local businesses

• Serve your clients better by using this software on their behalf.

• Pick your price and create as many accounts as you would like.


– OTO 6: License rights ($167)

• You get rights to sell Tube Traffic Machine.

• Promote Done For You email swipes as your own product.

• Get access to Glynn via Facebook and Skype if you need help.

• Receive an awesome series of traffic videos that you can sell as your own.

tube traffic machine pros




• The buying price of the product ($22.97 for lite, $23.97 for pro) is reasonable

• The videos are easy to follow since they are presented in a step-by-step manner.

• It can work in the background, allowing you to generate traffic passively.

• Since it is quite easy to learn how the system operates, Tube Traffic Machine is newbie-friendly.

• You can create a variety of income streams from each of the sites you create

• You can rely on the money-back guarantee to return the product within 30 days of purchase if the results from using it are unsatisfactory.

• Works for a wide variety of niche.




• The upsells that are available are costly, yet you might find that you need them to get the most out of Tube Traffic Machine.

• The sales page contains a lot of hype regarding the ease of using the product and the amount of time it will take you to start earning a considerable income.

• There is no community support where you can interact with other users of the product and help each other as advertised on the sales page.




Tube Traffic Machine is a legitimate product that could potentially help you generate a lot of traffic, and possibly a reasonable income online.


However, just like with any other business, you will need to put in hard work as well as a lot of your time to be successful. Furthermore, you will also need to be ready to make some financial investments, especially when it comes to upsells.


While Tube Traffic Machine can help you generate traffic if you put in the adequate amount of work, the real question is whether or not you have the foundation for a long lasting online business?






I hope this review will help you make an informed decision regarding Tube Traffic Machine.


To your success,


Mike Aha

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