Is TrueVision Health A Scam? The Devil Is In These Details!

It is no secret that a lot of people struggle to lose weight. There is a lot of advice out there on what you can do and how you can go about losing that extra weight. So much so that it can be a little overwhelming trying to find something that works for you. This is why most people will try just about anything, from routine exercises to regulated diets to even Keto Diets as long as it promises to help them meet their weight goals.


While a change in diet and exercise are the best ways to get rid of extra weight, not everyone is able to find success with this approach. This is why some people go for alternative methods, such as taking supplement pills to lose weight.


There are several companies that provide these diet pills. One of them is TruVision Health. Here is a closer look at this company to help you figure out whether or not TruVision Health is a scam.




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TruVision Health LLC is a company that is based in Draper, Utah that deals with the production and sale of TruVision supplements. Founded in 2014, the company structure is an MLM business model.


According to the official website, TruVision’s mission is to offer quality products for health and weight control, as well as changing the lives of people with a business or an income opportunity. This second part obviously means working for them as part of their MLM recruitment program.


To establish whether TruVision is a scam or not, I will structure this review in three parts. The first section will be a brief look at the products the company sells to help you see what you can expect to promote if you choose to work with them. The next section will focus on the compensation plan and how you can make money with them. The final section will let you know if you truly can make any money with TruVision in a final analysis with the verdict on whether this company is a scam or not.




The TruVision Health program claims that its supplements are both natural and the mechanism of action is through the restoration of your body’s chemistry to its equilibrium state. This apparently allows them to work with the body and aid in weight loss without any other need for a special diet.





TruVision is made up of two separate capsules called TruFix and TruCONTROL. They each have their own unique formula:


  • trufix imageTruFix is composed of plant-based extracts. According to the website, it contains vitamin B6, Iron, Caffeine and Dendrobium extract. All these work together to make you lose weight and get to a lean body shape and size.
  • TruControl is an appetite suppressant that has been marketed as a fat-burning pill, and the company claims that it aids in rapid weight reduction. It also boosts metabolism and enhances the mood of the users.




According to TruVision, you need to take two supplement capsules twice a day. This means you need one green and one blue TruVision supplement capsule every day before taking your breakfast and lunch to a total of four capsules.




TruVision offers a return policy for every purchased product if it does not meet your expectations. The company offers a 90% return policy on any item that is returned in a good and marketable condition within the first thirty days from the time it was delivered. As long as it is unopened and without any alterations to the labeling or packaging, it will be accepted.


To join the Truvision Health Program, you will have to pay $35 annually.




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As a TruVision associate, you can expect to earn your commission in five ways. However, there are certain additional conditions that must be met.


This is where the MLM business model comes up. To be eligible to earn your commissions and bonuses, you must first be active every month. This means you have to buy a minimum number of products on a monthly basis. Once you meet this requirement, you can make money in the following ways:


  1. Personal Sales


Here you will make some money on personal sales made to retail and preferred customers. The amount you earn is the difference between the wholesale price and the purchase price (does not include taxes/shipping).


  1. Fast Start Bonus


You must have purchased a quick start package to be eligible to earn Quick Start Bonus. Fast Start Bonuses are paid weekly. You have up to 60 days from the registration for the purchase of a quick start package.


You are not eligible to earn Fast Start Bonuses until you purchase a Quick Start Pack. This means you have to spend your own money first before you can make any money. Once you buy your package you are eligible to then earn a bonus every time someone joins and also buys a quick-start package in the first 4 levels of your team.


Also, any quick start bonus money that you could have earned before you bought your package will not be paid retroactively, you will start earning from the moment of purchase forward.


  1. Truvision Global Pool Bonus


This is a global bonus fund based on 3% of total sales worldwide and is a leadership bonus reserved for the top three rows of the TruVision compensation plan. This just goes to show that it is the people at the top who will end up making most of the money in this company.


It is not easy to climb up the ranks with TruVision. Your rank is determined by the number of Associates active in your organization or down-line. The Rank you earn each month is what determines the level at which you are paid.


Some of the factors that determine the rank are how many personally enrolled team members you have and how many active members of the team you have in your levels 1 to 8.


Keep in mind that convincing just one person to join your MLM business is no easy task. Getting enough people under you to help you climb up to the next level is going to be extremely difficult and even put a lot of strain on your relationships.


  1. Unilevel Equipment Cancellations


truvision compensation graph

This is where things get rather confusing.


According to the website, each product carries what is known as product value (PV) that generates commissions in the Unilevel part of the compensation plan. Each month you can earn up to 8 levels of commission depth based on your current range up to 7% per level.


You earn this percentage on total PV for your purchases, retail customer purchases, and preferred customer purchases. Unilevel Team cancellations are paid on your commission’s monthly checks.


If this does not make any sense to you, that’s because it doesn’t make any sense at all. But more on this later.


  1. Associate / Wholesale


This option rewards people for the construction of their business through the compensation plan. The commission rate for sold TruVision products is at 52 percent while the recruitment commission rate starts at 20% for first-generation recruits. The sales agents are paid their commissions monthly.


Only high ranking associates earn a significant amount of money with this product. It is incredibly hard to climb up the ranks. This is the main reason why so many people quit along the way. They come in expecting TruVision to fulfil the promise that they sold to them, but when they realize that that is not going to happen, they give up and leave, disappointed.


This also explains why the retention rate of MLMs at the lower levels is so low. Chances are you will not even get your initial investment back.



  • It is possible to make some money with this company. You can earn money from trading TruVision products and recruiting people to join.



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  • The products it purports to sell are just a front for the MLM, which is the main business of this company. If you choose to join them, your job will be to recruit more people to join the company under you and become affiliates just like you. Doing this is a lot of work, and a lot of people will not appreciate the fact that you are trying to recruit them into an MLM.


  • It has a lot of hidden costs. The initial cost for registration to the TruVision Health program is $35. However, to be an active member that qualifies for commissions, there are several other hidden costs that you have to pay, including a monthly auto-ship fee.


  • TRUVISION Is Not Accredited By BBB. In fact, last year alone, there were 69 complaints filed against TruVision health LLC. According to the BBB report, some of the top complaints are related to the collections, billing and problems related to the products.




While there many claims on the benefits of TruVision products, the claims are not backed by scientific evidence. Some users claim that they work while others report that they did not experience any change after using them. Some people even experienced adverse effects after using TruVision products.


In the end, TruVision Health LLC is just an MLM that deals with health and wellness products. You are more likely to make money recruiting people to work as associates than selling the actual products. And even then, it will not be a lot of money unless you are at the very top of the company.


So, will you make any money with this product? Yes. Is it a scam?  No.  Will it be enough to cover your initial investment? Who knows? You will probably only end up losing money and giving up in frustration when you join this company.


It is for this reason and all the others I have mentioned here that I do not recommend this product at all.




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Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to promote another person’s products or services and earn a commission whenever you make a sale. As an affiliate, you do not own any products or services of your own. You simply find products that you like and to recommend them to your audience.


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Don’t take my word for it, though. Why don’t you try it out for yourself and see how you like it?




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I do not believe that there is anything remarkable about TruVision products. There are cheaper and better alternatives out there. Furthermore, there is no evidence to support most of the claims the company makes, which makes it doubtful that they can help you in any meaningful way.


If you want to lose weight, you need to consult a nutritionist or a qualified professional first before you can start using supplements and similar products.


Secondly, I do not believe that you will make any significant amount of money as a TruVision associate. In fact, you are more likely to lose money working for this company.


If you have been looking for a legitimate way to make some money on the side, I highly recommend affiliate marketing. You should definitely consider trying it out with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.


Whatever you decide to do, though, I really hope this TruVision review has helped you come to a decision on whether or not to do business with this company.




To your success,


Mike Aha




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