Is Seacret A Scam? What You Should Know!

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The internet has allowed for numerous opportunities for virtually anyone to work online without having to leave their home and earn an income in the process. Multi-level marketing (MLM) is arguably one of the most common ways to earn an income online, but it is also one of the most controversial due to all the scams that are often associated with some of the companies that have a business model based on this particular money-making strategy. This review will take an honest and unbiased look at Seacret, one of the many MLM companies you might have come across, to help you determine if it is a genuine opportunity or just another scam you want to avoid.


what is seacret


Seacret is an MLM company in the health, wellness, and beauty niche that specializes in the retail of products that contains salts, muds, and minerals which are sourced from the Dead Sea. Seacret is based in Arizona, USA and was founded by brothers Izhak Ben Shabat and Moty Ben Shabat. The company was initially launched in 2005 as a small retail shop that sold skincare products and the business continued to grow, the brothers decided to adopt an MLM business model sometime in 2011.





Seacret offers the following categories of products:




seacret skincare

Some of the products that you will find listed in the skincare category include:


  • Pure salt cleanse & polish facial wash

This is described as a granule-rich blend facial wash containing mineral salts that are meant to cleanse, exfoliate, and revitalize your skin. Key ingredients of the product include coconut oil and Dead Sea minerals.


  • Age-defying refresh vitamin-rich moisturizer

This product is touted as an ultra-rich moisturizer that nourishes dry skin and slows down the signs of aging. Key ingredients include evening primrose oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, peptides, and vitamin C.


  • Gold core double retinol eye cream

This product is hailed as a youth-enhancing eye cream that contains two types of retinol that are intended to control the signs of aging. Key ingredients that make up the product include 24k gold and retinol.




  • Berry blossom

This is a product that supposedly suits all skin types and the natural salts it contains are meant to have a nourishing and soothing effect on the skin. Other than Dead Sea minerals, Berry blossom also contains jojoba oil.


  • Salt & oil scrub

This is described as a refreshing scrub that exfoliates dry skin, resulting in a healthy rejuvenating glow. Key ingredients of the product include grape seed oil, Dead Sea minerals, and borage seed oil.


  • Foot cream with tea tree oil

This is a nourishing foot cream that is infused with tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties and is meant to leave your skin feeling refreshed. Other ingredients include shea butter and cocoa butter that soften the feet, and olive oil that is meant to moisturize dry skin.


  1. HAIR


  • seacret hairDeep cleansing mud shampoo

This shampoo supposedly softens your hair, makes it more manageable, and gives it shine. Key ingredients of the product include Dead Sea black mud, vitamin E, and silk protein.


  • Nourishing hair serum

Nourishing hair serum is described as a product that enhanced the vitality of hair by creating a moisture barrier and providing protection from damaging elements such as humidity, sunlight, and humidity. Key ingredients include argan oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E.


  • Mineral-rich vitalizing mud conditioner

This is a nourishing conditioner that maximizes manageability, provides smoothness and softness and generally promotes a voluminous and radiant hair appearance. Key ingredients include Dead Sea black mud, argan oil, and pro-vitamin B5.


  1. MEN


  • Men aftershave balm

This men’s product is described as an aftershave balm that moisturizes, soothes, and protects the skin during shaving. Key ingredients in this product include allantoin, chamomile extract, and vitamin E.


  • Men oil-free hydration gel

This is touted as an ultra-hydration gel that is meant to refresh, nourish, and hydrate the skin. Key ingredients include sea salt and vitamin E.


  • Men liquid face wash

This face wash is meant to control the production of oil and get rid of the dirt that might have accumulated on the face. Ingredients incorporated in the product include quinoa seed extract, papaya extract, and salicylic acid.




  • seacret makeupCC cream

This is a color-correcting cream that is meant to provide light coverage to allow for an even skin tone. It also smooths and moisturizes dehydrated skin. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid and allantoin.


  • BB cream

In addition to providing an even skin tone, BB cream also protects the skin from UV rays and leaves the skin with a natural glow. Ingredients include jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and allantoin.


  • Dual phase eye makeup remover

This is an oil-free makeup remover that cleanses the delicate skin that is found in the eye area while at the same time providing protection. Ingredients in the product include aloe vera, Dead Sea minerals, and vitamin E.


The cost of these products as displayed on the Seacret website ranges from $14.95 to $279.95.




To join Seacret as an affiliate, you are required to pay a registration fee of $49. By paying this fee, you gain access to a business calendar, a back office, a replicated website, and a guide to the compensation plan. However, this fee is not inclusive of the products, and it also does not qualify you as an active member.


To qualify as an active member, you are required to generate a minimum of 200 personal volume (PV) every week, 35 business volume (BV) every month, and have at least four active customers. You can upgrade to the 5-in-5 agent kit by paying an extra $50. There are no specific details given on the benefits of upgrading. Keep in mind that after paying the initial $49, you are expected to pay the same amount annually to continue accessing your website and back office.




Only active members, who are referred to as Seacret agents, can earn all the commissions provided in the compensation plan.




There are several types of commissions that you can earn:


  1. Retail customer commissions

Retail commissions are paid out Seacret agents weekly and reflect both your offline product order dorms and your website orders. You don’t have to be qualified or active to be eligible for this commission. Orders placed by customers have to be through your replicated website or via order forms that you submit. This type of commission is obtained from the difference between the wholesale price and retail price of the product.


  1. Wow bonus

This bonus is reserved for agents who active. However, you do not have to be qualified. You get to earn 20%-25% on all elite/VIP customer purchases – star through executive agent earn a 20% bonus, whereas bronze and higher ranked agents earn 25% in bonuses. Additionally, with a first-time bundle order, you get to earn 30% on Bonus Buys purchases.


  1. Team commissions

Team commissions are earned by agents based on the performance of the teams that they form. Each Seacret agent has a team that is separated into two teams – a right group leg and a left group leg. Usually, one leg tends to perform better than the other and is therefore referred to as your greater volume leg, while the other is called your lesser volume leg. These groups comprise your binary tree. You earn commissions on your team of up to $25,000 every week. Your team commission wholly depends on the volume of the lesser leg. From the star rank through to the executive rank, the commission is 10%, whereas bronze and higher ranked agents earn 15% of the lesser group’s volume.

seacret leadership bonus

  1. Leadership check match

To be eligible for this bonus, you are required to have attained the bronze rank or higher, and you must also have a bronze or another higher-ranked agent in your tree. Qualified bronze and higher ranked agents are eligible to earn a leadership check match when they bring in other agents. This bonus allows you to make up to 20% on the team commission of agents that you help attain the bronze rank or higher within your tree.


  1. Rank advancement bonuses

To qualify for these bonuses, you have to close your pay week having achieved the requirements of the rank above you. When you attain the star agent rank, you become eligible for one-time rank advancement bonuses. The higher your rank, the higher the bonus.




There are fourteen ranks in total in the Seacret compensation plan.


  • Star

To attain this rank, you have to enroll an active agent on both the right leg and left leg of your binary legs.


  • Superstar

To become a superstar agent, you have to generate a minimum of 300 total personal volume (TPV) or at least four active elite/VIP customers within a rolling 4 week period. You also have to recruit an active agent on either side of your legs.

seacret rank bonus

  • Executive

For the executive rank, you have to generate a minimum of 1,000 business volume (BV) on both sides of your binary legs.


  • Bronze

To reach the bronze rank, you are required to generate a minimum of 2,000 BV on both sides of your binary legs.


  • Royale

To attain the royale rank, you have to generate at least 5,000 BV on both sides of your binary group as well as recruit a star ranked agent on each side of your binary group.


  • Silver

For this rank, you have to generate 8,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit a minimum of two active agents that have achieved the superstar rank (one on each leg of your binary group).


  • Gold

For the gold rank, you are required to generate 14,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit a minimum of two active agents that have attained the bronze rank (one for each leg of your binary group).


  • Platinum

To attain the platinum rank, you have to generate 20,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit two bronze ranked agents (one for each leg of your binary group).


  • Ruby

For the ruby rank, you are expected to generate 40,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit two silver ranked agents (one for each leg of your binary group).


  • Diamond

This rank requires that you generate a minimum of 80,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit two gold ranked agents (one for each leg of your binary group).


  • Blue Diamond

For this rank, you have to generate at least 200,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit two platinum ranked agents (one for each leg of your binary group).


  • Red Diamond

To attain the red diamond rank, you are required to generate a minimum of 400,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit two ruby ranked agents (one for each leg of your binary group).


  • Crown

For this rank, you are expected to generate at least 800,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit two diamond ranked agents (one for each leg of your binary group).


  • Crown Royale

To attain the crown royale rank, you have to generate a minimum of 2,000,000 BV on both sides of your binary group and recruit two blue diamond ranked agents (one for each leg of your binary group).

seacret prosPROS



  • The compensation is straightforward and clear on how affiliates can expect to earn commissions working with the company.
  • The products being sold to customers seem to be of good quality.



  • To qualify for each rank and increase your earnings, you are required to meet strict requirements.
  • You have to keep bringing in new members to the company to increase your commission rates.
  • Due to the MLM structure of the company, agents don’t make considerable amounts of money.
  • There is no income disclosure statement that those interested in the company can look up to determine the earnings of Seacret agents.




Seacret is a genuine MLM company that sells products that are of acceptable quality, but there is not much money to be made working as a Seacret agent. This is because the MLM business model of the company allows only those that have attained the highest ranks of the company to make significant earnings while the rest of the members struggle to recruit new members and meet the strict requirements with little rewards. As a result, I would ask you to think long and hard before joining the company. I hope this review has been helpful. Best of luck!


what is better than Seacret


I know why you are curious about Seacret.  You are looking for a way  to make some extra money.  Maybe, like me, you are looking to have your own business.  Chances are that you are tired of the 9 to 5 grind.  You have a family that depends on you financially and you can’t afford to have your livelihood depend on a fickle boss or an equally fickle economy.


I get it! The idea of not depending on anyone to provide for your family is very appealing.  Your own business gives you control.  I get it.  But I disagree that MLM is the way to do it.


I was where you are.   I did a lot of research and found that MLM and Ponzi schemes are too closely related.  Don’t take my word for it.  Look into it.  There are absolutely legitimate MLM companies and Cutco might be one of them.  But is that the answer?


I believe that you can make an extra income and secure your family’s financial future by using the amazing opportunities of the internet.  I am talking about Affiliate Marketing.  It is the business that many successful online entrepreneurs have used to reach their financial security.  It is the method I use.  I want to help you build a sustainable and successful business, built on a solid foundation.  A business you can count on regardless of the economy, your age or your job.




I hope you take me up on my offer and check out my top recommendation above.  You can take your time and see all of the training and tools available to you.  You don’t need to even provide a credit card number!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  I’ll see you on the other side!


To your success,


Mike Aha


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