Does Swagbucks Really Work? The Truth From A Real User


Swagbucks is a company that promises to help you make money using the web like you always have. When you first hear that, it sounds pretty cool, because they make it sound like you will be getting paid to do what you do every day. The good news is that it is absolutely true! With Swagbucks you can earn extra money in a variety of simple ways. So how does Swagbucks really work?  I use this website all the time (the image above is of my own account) so I feel well placed to tell you all about it!


This Swagbucks review is going to tell you exactly what Swagbucks is and how you can absolutely make money from it. But first I want to make a clarification.


The idea of making a passive income online is almost universally appealing. While sites like Swagbucks are legitimate and make it easy to earn extra cash, I want to clarify that they will not replace your income and make you a living wage.


I’ll talk more about this fact a little later, but I just needed to lay it out here first so that if you have unrealistic expectations about the kind of money you will be making with this, you can start reeling them back in.  If you are looking for a way to replace your income and achieve financial freedom, check out my top recommendation.


That being said, let’s dive into Swagbucks and how it works. I’ll let you know what it is, how it works, and if it is worth your time. Let’s get started.



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Swagbucks is simply a rewards and loyalty program. It is a subsidiary of the media company Prodege LLC, which also runs three similar sites: ShopAtHome, MyPoints and InboxDollars.


Founded in 2008, this company is based in El Segundo, California.




As a rewards and loyalty program, Swagbucks works by rewarding you for doing what you do every day online. So if you enjoy watching videos, playing games, shopping online through the various outlets like Amazon, or even the occasional survey, you can profit off that with Swagbucks.


When you use this platform, you will earn redeemable points called SBs. The more points you have the more cash you will earn. This means that if you want to make the most of it, you have to use the Swagbucks services as often as possible. This sounds hectic, I know, but luckily it’s not that hard to use it every day. You just have to integrate it into your lifestyle.


Here are a few tips to show you how to make Swagbucks work for you. You will have to sign up for the service first before you can begin.



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There are seven different ways to earn Swagbucks rewards. These methods are diverse so you do not have to worry about burning out with boredom. The best way to go about it is to find a method that fits your lifestyle perfectly. This will add much-needed convenience into the mix.


swagbucks surveys



Paid online surveys are one of the more popular ways to make money on Swagbucks. Swagbucks’ website says users can expect to earn 40 to 100 SB for the typical survey.


Swagbucks is paid by major brands to provide consumer information. You provide this information through the feedback you give when taking the paid survey. This information is needed by these companies to direct their marketing strategies.


When you first sign into their website, you will be prompted to fill out some customer information like your age, income, interests, and the like. This information is then used by Swagbucks to find surveys that are best fitted to your lifestyle. There are prequalification questions you will still need to answer as correctly as possible in order to take the survey, however, there is a small chance that you may not qualify.


Swagbucks offers three major survey options: Everyday surveys, the Daily Poll, and a Daily survey. You can find survey options daily in your account.


Giving accurate and complete details on your profile is actually very important. It is so that you will get surveys that are much more suited to you. You will thus spend less time answering pre-survey questions just to be bundled out.


earn by playing games on Swagbucks




You can also make money by playing a wide range of online games available. These games include Solitaire, Bejeweled, Bingo, Champions, Angry Birds, Slots, among others.


To play these games, you will have to turn off any ad-blocking software and also have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player already installed on your computer.


You will be rewarded for each dollar you spend on in-game purchases. This option is therefore tailored for the gamers, the ones who are already used to paying for games. It is a wonderful opportunity to make money while you pass your time.


swagbucks search engine




Get rewarded for browsing the internet using the Yahoo-powered Swagbucks search engine that you can have installed on your browser. Use this search engine every time you look for some information on the internet to make every minute you spend online worthwhile.


However, the points are awarded randomly. It is not clear how many SBs you will earn for each search, but the more you use this feature, the higher your earnings become.




This is one of my personal favorites. An easy way to earn SBs. You get rewarded for signing up for free trials, downloading mobile apps, among other things. Here, you can find special offers from various retailers. Take a look at the featured deals and sign-ups listings if you would like to try out new brands and earn the highest rewards.




This has been rated by many Swagbucks as one of the easiest ways to earn points. When a buying gift card from Swagbucks, you will click on a link which will redirect you to


Here, you will be able to buy gift cards from countless retailers and in return earn up to 10% back in SB. Once the purchase is made, your points will be added to your account within 2 business days.




When you do your shopping through a Swagbucks link, they receive a commission which is then passed to you in the form of SBs as a token of their gratitude.


You can also find links to coupons and offers for local retailers. Be on the lookout for these kinds of offers as they bring forth opportunities for great deals.


Join SwagBucks And Get A $10 Bonus



Depending on the retailer, it can take up to 30 days for points to show up in your account. Therefore, if you do not see it reflecting immediately, just be a little patient.




With this option, share Swagbucks with your friends. Get the word out. Swagbucks referrals are a great way to make many points at once. Just send a unique link to your friends to get you started. You will be rewarded handsomely for every new customer you rope in. For every referral, you will receive 10 percent of their SBs for life!

swagbucks app



This app brings all the cool features together in on small package allowing to do all your Swagbucks activities conveniently on the go. Available for both android and iOS users, have this app installed on your smartphone to make things easier for yourself as you maximize your online activities.


This app also adds several features not available at the Swagbucks websites like Swagbucks Live where you can earn points for correctly answering trivia questions. It also features MovieClips allowing you to watch movie trailers for extra points.


It also comes with Swagbucks Local, allowing you to link your credit card.




Add this extension to your Google Chrome browser. This extension will search the Swagbucks website automatically for cash back opportunities and coupons anytime you shop online. Life just got a whole lot easier. Shop with ease, Swagbucks has your back to get you the best deals available.


The SwagButton is also available to other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. Installing and keeping this extension will earn you 1 SB per day. This tool will also allow you to redeem Swag Codes from your browser without having to go looking for the actual website.



Download The SwagButton Now!





Cashing out at Swagbucks is straightforward and easy. Cashing out can however take a bit of time but it is a guarantee that you will get all your rewards in due time.


SBs can be redeemed for gift cards at retailer shops like Starbucks, Walmart, iTunes, Amazon among others.


If you want cash, there is an option to cash out with PayPal. You have to link your PayPal account with Swagbucks first, though.


You will get 1 dollar for every 100 points. This is Swagbucks redemption rate.


Swagbucks will send you an email containing a link once your redemption order and gifts are ready.




This site will help you to earn money while doing your daily online activities like surfing the web and shopping.

I also like that the site is 100 percent free to join with new account users being given a 10 dollar sign up bonus.

It is also great that you get to earn money doing stuff you enjoy like watching movie trailers on the app and playing online games.




Earning money through surveys and watching videos can be time-consuming. Unless you have some idle time on your hands, this may not be for you. The good news is that Swagbucks can be used while watching TV or just relaxing around the house.


When using the cash back option, you will have to spend your money to make earn points. However, If you are going to buy things online anyways, you might as well get some return for doing so.

SwagBucks recommendation




From the points outlined before, it is clear that Swagbucks is a safe and legit service to use. It is one of my top recommended products for making “extra money”. Just like any other such service, it has its strengths and weaknesses. However, I really believe it is one of the best such sites out there. I would recommend actually trying this site out for yourself to see how it works out for you.


The best way to use this service is to try to integrate it into your daily life by using it to do the things you do every day, such as browsing. Also, do not expect to get rich quickly. This is one of the main reasons why people get disappointed with such services. If you have reasonable expectations, and if you take things slow and give it time, you will soon start to reap your rewards.   The short answer to the main question posed in the title of this article is: “Yes It Absolutely Works!”



Legit or Scam: Legit

Score: 9.9/10

Cost: Free

Verdict: Highly Recommended


Join SwagBucks And Get A $10 Bonus


To Your Success,


Mike A

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