How Does Dosh Work? My Honest Review


A lot of people today prefer to use their credit cards to pay for their purchases because it is a much more convenient option when compared to paying in cash. As a result, many cash back apps have been developed which allow credit card users to earn money from making transactions using their cards. One such app is Dosh, which has received a lot of positive feedback since its launch. So How Does Dosh Work? This Dosh review will delve into all aspects of the app. By the way, I actually use Dosh so I will be sharing my experience with screenshots of my own Dosh account!



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Dosh is a smartphone app that is meant to give users cash back for making purchases using their credit cards at participating outlets.


Dosh was founded in 2017 by Ryan Wuerch and Ed Mock and has supposedly paid out over $25 million to three million users. According to the Dosh team, the app is one of the largest card-linked cash back networks.


Dosh allows you to dine out and shop and get back a percentage of the amount you spend. In addition to this, Dosh also provides you with referral monetization opportunities without having to rely on coupons, promo codes, or loyalty cards.


There are a variety of places where you can shop and automatically receive cash back from Dosh, including fast food joints, sportswear shops, and online retailers. Please note that these locations vary by month and by season.




Dosh is available for free download on both Play Store and the App Store. Once you download it on your phone, you will be required to sign up and verify your number. Note that it has to be a U.S, non-VoIP number in order to be verified.


You can then proceed to link your credit or debit card, after which you will see all the available offers from participating outlets near you. IMPORTANT TIP: If you intend to use your debit card, you are required to swipe your credit card like you would a credit card, which means you shouldn’t use your PIN number. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access your cash back.


Dosh is safe especially since it features SSL encryption which protects personal and sensitive data. For every transaction you make, credit card points are added to your Dosh wallet, and you can cash out what you earn once the balance reaches $25 via PayPal or Direct Deposit.





There are several ways through which you can get cash back on your purchases through Dosh.


1. Link your card to earn $5


When you link your card with the Dosh app for the first time, you will receive $5 even before you start shopping. In addition to this, you will also earn an extra $1 for each extra card that you link. Consequently, if you use more than one card for shopping, you will probably want to link all of them to make the most out of the app.


2. In-store shopping


As previously mentioned, using Dosh, you could potentially make significant savings by dining or shopping at participating outlets within your area. Using the app, you could get up to 10% of cash back which is deposited in your Dosh Wallet simply for buying new shoes or eating dinner in a specified restaurant. This is the primary way I have earned cash back using Dosh!


3. Online shopping


If you frequently buy items online, Dosh could potentially help you make some savings on your purchases. Dosh offers a variety of online deals that feature well-known and verified brands. All you have to do is to look up which brands are part of the Dosh network. Here are some of the participating brands in the Dosh and their cash back rates at the time of this writing (this changes often):


• Guess – 5%

• Nike – 4.5%

• Target – 1.5%

• Walgreen – 6%

• Bed Bath & Beyond – 7.5%

• Walmart – 3%

• Forever 21 – 5%

• Payless – 5%

• Exxon Mobil – 2%

• Mama Fu’s – 7%

• Mattress Firm – 7%

• Gap – 3%

• Grocery Outlet Bargain market – 3%

• Shoe Carnival – 5%

• Jack in the Box – 7%

• Patagonia – 6%

• Fitbit – 7.5%

• PetSmart – 4.5%

• Dunkin’ Donuts – 3.8%


4. Get cash back when you book hotels


For consumers who are constantly traveling, you can receive cash back using the Dosh app. Through Dosh, you can choose from a variety of hotels based on the cash back rates offered. In order to claim the cash back, you are required to use a link provided on Dosh to book a featured hotel. If it is your first time booking a hotel through Dosh, you will also receive a $25 bonus on top of the cash back. Some of the hotels and resorts that have been linked to Dosh include the Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, and Sheraton among others.


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5. Refer a friend


As you are navigating the Dosh app, you will see a “Refer” option displayed on the dashboard. When you click on it, you will receive a unique referral code/link which you can send to family and friends via email, text messaging, or social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).


If one of your friends clicks on the referral link, downloads Dosh, and proceeds to link his/her credit card, you will earn a referral bonus of $5. So, if you manage to get 20 of your friends and family to use the app, you could potentially earn $100 from making referrals. In some cases, when Dosh is running special campaigns or promotions, the referral bonus can go as high as $10, so you will want to look out for such opportunities so as to make the most out of your referral efforts.


6. Refer a business


Dosh greatly benefits from its users making business referrals because this is the fastest way for the network of companies which offer cash back to members to grow. If a verified company joins the Dosh network using your referral link, you will be entitled to 20% of the fees the company receives from Dosh for the first two years that the company participates in the program.


Keep in mind that referring a company is not as straightforward as referring a friend, with a few more steps involved. You are required to go over the terms and conditions before you fill out a given form before you are able to refer businesses.


How does Dosh pay?




Once your Dosh account accrues $25, you can cash out via PayPal or Direct Deposit. Keep in mind that you have to get cash back from at least one of the participating outlets or merchants before you are able to cash out even when you manage to reach the $25 minimum. However, it shouldn’t be too hard to fulfill this requirement since there are a variety of offers provided on the app.




1. Easy to use


Unlike other cash back apps where you have to scan a receipt or manually link an offer, Dosh is relatively easy to use since all you have to do is register, link your credit card, and start making purchases.


2. Cash payments


Another great upside of using Dosh is that you get to receive cash payments rather than points or credits.


3. Customer support


If you encounter any problems, Dosh includes customer support that you can contact for further assistance. All you have to do is create a ticket with the support team and wait for their response.


4. It has a high BBB rating


Dosh has an A rating according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which means that it meets the standards of accreditation of the agency.


5. High earning potential (relatively speaking)


There is a high earning potential through Dosh. You can earn up to 10% cash back when you buy something at a participating outlet. In addition to this, you can refer family and friends for even higher earnings.


6. Many trusted brands you can earn cash back from


There are several well-known brands that are associated with Dosh, which increases your chances of finding one that you can receive cash back from.


7. A variety of ways through which you can get cash back


Some of the ways through which you can get cash back using Dosh include online shopping, booking hotels, making referrals, and in-store shopping.




1. Dosh is only available for use for U.S residents


If you live outside the United States, you cannot use Dosh since it is yet to expand to other countries.


2. You won’t be able to link your card if you are already linked to similar sites


If you are currently using another cash back app, you won’t be able to benefit from Dosh using the same card since it will be linked to these other sites.


3. Cash back for purchases you make can take a while


Many customers have reported that it can take up to 90 days to receive cash back for the purchases that you make which may be more than you expect.


4. Building up to a balance of $25 may take some time


If you are not a frequent shopper, or if you don’t tailor your shopping to the most attractive offers it will take you a while before you achieve the required minimum of $25 to cash out.




Dosh is pretty cool because it is completely passive. If you actually make an effort to lookup the offers and plan your shopping and dining around the best cash back offers, you can rack up a lot of extra money. It won’t make you rich, but it sure is nice to get paid for doing nothing more than what you do every day.


I do not do seek out the best offers. I just signed up for the app and use my debit card for my day to day purchases. Little by little, I build up a balance. As of the time of this writing, my balance is around $30. If I made an effort I could have probably had $100 by now.



Dosh Proof of payment


I use all these cash back apps to passively save for Christmas shopping. At the end of the year, I will cash out and use the proceeds to buy my wife and kids gifts. Last year I was able to cash out $125 in mid December. Here is a screenshot. The money went straight to PayPal in a couple of days. I loved it!



If you enjoy shopping, and especially if you are constantly buying products that are associated with Dosh, you can’t lose by signing up. In fact, you have a lot to gain by doing so. You get to earn cash back when you buy products using your linked credit card without having to go an extra mile for the rewards to add up. Furthermore, there are a variety of opportunities provided for you to earn cash, which allows for huge earning potential.


However, if you are not comfortable linking your credit card to an app, or you rarely get around to shopping, then using Dosh may not be worth your while.


That being said, Dosh is ideal for those who prefer to make purchases, dine out, or book hotels using their credit cards on a regular basis. I have showed you how I use it and I absolutely love Dosh! I highly recommend it as a truly passive way to make a few bucks. In the end, the decision of whether or not you should sign up for Dosh is entirely up to you. At the very least, it won’t hurt to give it a try to see if the cash back you get is worth your while.


App: Dosh

Legit or Scam: Legit

Score: 9.6/10

Cost: Free

Verdict: Highly Recommended



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To your success,


Mike Aha

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    It seemed that all one has to do was to shop as one normally does and DOSH will keep track and reimburse once there is a balance of $25.

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