BuyBackWorld Review – Is It A Legit Way To Make Extra Money?


It is an open secret that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Everyday electronic devices are being upgraded to better versions on an almost daily basis, and consumers are constantly purchasing new gadgets to keep up with the trend.


The dilemma that most people are faced with, though, is what to do with their old devices when they need to get a new one. Some people just hoard them, or throw the old ones away. However, perhaps the best solution is to sell your old stuff and make some extra money. And this is where the next problem is.


Getting the right market for used devices is usually a hassle. The same goes for those looking to purchase second-hand devices, because most of what is available is usually substandard. This is where buyback sites come in. Buyback sites buy used electronic devices and sell second-hand devices to people at a fair price. One such site is Buybackworld. Here is a detailed Buybackworld review to show you why it is one of my top recommended, and completely legitimately sites to make extra money!


Start Selling Your Old Electronics And Make Extra Money Now!






BuyBackWorld is a specialist e-commerce site that deals with the purchase of used electronics. It is one of the largest platforms in the world wide web that offers Instant Quotes.


BuyBackWorld was founded by former Wall Street Executives Steven Francess and Leptourgos Andreas in September of 2009 and launched in 2010. It is based in Long Island NYC. The company is rapidly growing and in 2014, it was featured on the Inc. 500 List of the Nation’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in the United States. In the same year, it was also ranked as the 7th Fastest Growing Private Company in New York City.


Apart from purchasing used consumer electronics, BuyBackWorld also sells these consumer electronics to willing buyers. They, therefore, sell a wide variety of used electronic gadgets and accessories. All you have to do is to browse their website to find which used laptops, smartphones, tablets or any other electronics you would like to purchase.


BuyBackWorld creates a platform for those who no longer have use for their electronic gadgets and want to sell them, making the process as simple as possible. The company also reduces the hassle experienced when buying used electronics by providing a market for the used gadgets. The company also offers perks such as free shipping for those who intend to sell their electronic devices.


BuyBackWorld has been featured in several major publications such as USA Today, the New York Times, and Forbes, among others.

how buybackworld works




In order to sell your product to BuyBackWorld, there are a few simple of steps that need to be followed:


1. Obtain an instant price quote for your product in cash


The first thing that you will need to do is to search for the product you want to sell to see its pricing. You then choose the payment method which will be most convenient for you. You then enter the details of your shipping.


The details of the device that you intend to sell which you need to include are pretty much straightforward. After selecting the type of product which you want to sell, you then choose the specific model or make of the product which you are selling. You are then required to select a carrier if applicable. You are also required to provide Buybackworld with details about the condition of the product you intend to sell them. They will then give you an instant quote for your product.


BuyBackWorld then mails you a free shipping kit directly to your home. You can also choose to print Buybackworld’s free shipping label from your home to save time.


Buybackworld has over 30,000 products which are in over 225 categories from which you can choose from. In case you do not find what you are looking to sell among these options, you can still submit a custom quote and then Buybackworld will get back to you within 24 hours.


2. Ship your product


After printing your own labels or receiving a shipping kit from Buybackworld in the mail, you then pack the products you want to sell and then take them to your local post office. The product will then be shipped for free to Buybackworld.


Buybackworld then inspects your gadget and sets the price for your gadget.




If you want to purchase a certified pre-owned device from BuyBackWorld, there are a series of steps that need to be followed:


1. Find the product that you want to buy


In order to purchase a certified pre-owned device from BuyBackWorld, you first need to search for the product you intend to buy in order to see the amount you’ll save on it. Buybackworld claims that all the electronics they sell undergo a complete 30 point inspection process by their trained technicians such that only the best products are sold.


2. Ship your product


The next step is to ship your product. There is no minimum value to the number of devices you can order. Every item that you buy from BuyBackWorld is shipped for free. All you have to do is to select the product that you want to buy and pay for it.


There are no contracts which you will be obligated to sign when buying a certified pre-owned device from Buybackworld. The devices are bought with no strings attached.


You can also increase your purchasing power with BuyBackWorld by getting a discounted gift card from their store. There is also a 30-day returns guarantee which comes standard on every order. The return of products to Buybackworld within this period is free of charge.




After selling your product, BuyBackWorld makes its payment within two business days after your product has been inspected.


BuyBackWorld first has to confirm that your order is complete and that the products you have shipped to them match the condition which you described. The payment is then made within two business days of inspection if everything matches up.


BuyBackWorld offers a variety of payment choices, giving you the ability to choose the method which you find most convenient for you to get paid. You can choose to be paid through PayPal, you can opt to have a check mailed directly to you, you can have them make a direct deposit to your bank account, or you can choose to get a gift card with which you get an added 5%. You then use the gift card to get a deal on a certified pre-owned device from the website.


Start Selling Your Old Electronics And Make Extra Money Now!



what I liked about buybackworld




The BuyBackWorld website is designed in a way that makes it very easy to use. It is also free, for both those who are buying or selling their products to the website, making the whole process much, much more pleasant to its users. The whole design makes it simple for you to get paid for your used product if you are selling, or find a deal which is awesome on pre-owned devices.


Another thing that I liked about BuyBackWorld is the fact that they offer instant cash quotes for your device online. They also give a 30-day protection promise for your device. This means that if you ship your device to Buybackworld for inspection and they make you an offer which does not satisfy you, you can recall your item within 30 days of checkout and Buybackworld will send you your device free of charge.


The same thing applies to those who have purchased a certified pre-owned device from BuyBackWorld. If you are not completely satisfied with the device, you simply send the device back to Buybackworld within 30 days of purchase and Buybackworld will give you a full refund.


The next thing that impressed me with Buybackworld is the free shipping and returns policy. Buybackworld offers a variety of shipping options for every item which you purchase from them. This is very convenient since you get to choose the shipping option which you are most comfortable with.


Additionally, BuyBackWorld mails you a free shipping kit for your device. You can also choose to print your own shipping label. Every single order is free and there are no minimum order values necessary to qualify. If you have second thoughts about selling your device or maybe you are not satisfied with the price offered by Buybackworld, the device can be returned to you for free within 30 days.


Another impressive thing about Buybackworld is its quick payment. Payments by BuyBackWorld are made within two business days after your product has been inspected. BuyBackWorld also offers a variety of payment options. These payment options include through your PayPal account, having a check mailed to you, a prepaid debit card, getting a gift card from Buybackworld, or by having money deposited directly into your bank account.


Buybackworld also allows you to request the item that you are selling to them to be returned, or if you are buying, you can return the item within 30 days for free. This means that if you are not impressed by their services, there is a 30 day Buybackworld guarantee that you will get back your device or your money.




When purchasing an item from BuyBackWorld, you cannot properly inspect the gadget that you have bought like you would have done in the store, therefore, you have to trust the condition description given on the site.


After purchasing your device, you have to wait for the device to be delivered to you, unlike a regular store where you just walk out with your purchase.


After shipping your device to BuyBackWorld for inspection, sometimes the price may be revised to a price which is lower than the one you had agreed (but they will let you know and make sure that you agree to this newer valuation)

buybackworld verdict




BuyBackWorld is a buyback site that is very effective. They provide an easy way to sell and buy certified pre-owned devices and other items.


I absolutely love how convenient and stress free the whole process is, especially since the entire thing happens online. The return policy is also pretty great.


I highly recommend it if you want to sell your unused electronics quickly and with minimum hassle. This company is one of my top recommended online resources to make extra money.


You can absolutely earn some good cash with this website. Using this method with other legitimate “extra money” methods that I outline in this website will definitely add some cash in your pockets, from the comfort of your own home.


If you want to replace your income and secure your financial future, please check out my top recommendation for earning an income from home


Alright, we have come to the end of this review: Here is the overall gist of it!



Legit or Scam: Legit

Score: 9.5/10

Cost: Free quotes, free shipping and free returns

Verdict: Highly Recommended



Start Selling Your Old Electronics And Make Extra Money Now!



This is another gem that I uncovered while researching ways to make extra money. I hope you enjoyed it and that you found good value in it. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below. I will answer you very quickly.


To your success,


Mike Aha

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  1. Hey there Mike,

    Platforms and services that buy back used devices are very common nowadays. It is a great way to make some extra cash, without having to go to Craigslist or similar sites to find a buyer. Having given a quote on the BuyBack price immediately is also great because you can decide whether or not to sell your device to this platform. And, last but not least, a free shipping kit and no shipping costs are a great factor for choosing this service over others. So, if you live in the US, this is a great option!

    Thanks for a very detailed review! 


    • Hi Marios,

      BuyBackWorld really makes it super easy to sell your unused electronics.  I love Craigslist and eBay but they require creating listings, meeting with people or packaging and shipping.  For some it can be a hassle.  BuyBackWorld is the easiest way to go!

      Thank you,

  2. Hi Mike! You gave me an idea on where to go if I need to sell and buy old devices.

    Making money from old stuff is really great. It is the best solution for old device, instead of throw it away or just keep it. Just make it sure that the device you are going so sell and buy still in good condition.

    I like the 30-days protection promise. It allow you to recall the product if in case the deal on price isn’t work or if they found the product defect. The inspection on items to sell is much needed to avoid defective item.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Joemer,

      Thanks for your comment!  So many of us have unused old electronics laying around collecting dust.  Selling it to make extra money just makes sense.  BuyBackWorld is a great company to do business with.  

      Glad you found my post helpful!

      To your success,

      Mike Aha

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