Zero Hour Work Days Review – Is This Guy For Real?

Zero Hour Work Days is a system that claims it can make you $9,000 while having “zero-hour work days”. This is a bold claim, and I took it upon myself to investigate and see if it held up. I had to find out whether everything this product claims is all hype or whether it is actually all legit. Here is my honest and unbiased Zero Hour Work Days Review!



Product Being Reviewed: Zero Hour Work Days






Zero Hour Work Days is an affiliate marketing system by Brendan Mace that requires you to copy and paste “money grabbing pages” in order to make substantial amounts of money within a short time period, at least according to the sales page.


When you load up the website, the first thing you see on the sales page is this statement:


“Brendan Mace presents…$9,259.74 per month with zero hour days”


It is easy to see why many beginner internet marketers would be intrigued by such a bold claim. It promises lots of cash for next to zero work. If you see enough products like these, you will realize that this is the first red flag. These products often make claims they can’t back up and bait unsuspecting internet users with promises of easy wealth.


Below this bold statement, there is the sales video, but I will get to its contents in detail in a little while. Immediately beneath the video, you are directed to claim your copy of the product for free. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the “add to cart” button to see if the product was really being availed at absolutely no cost. I found that the lite version of the product was indeed available for free on WarriorPlus, but you need to submit your name and email address to get it.


The next section of the page indicates how Zero Hour Work Days works in 3 steps:


1. Simple money grabbing pages

2. Copy + paste campaigns

3. Unlimited traffic supply


There are several income proofs displaying substantial amounts of money supposedly earned by using Zero Hours Work Days, as well as flashy pictures of Brendan in various vacation spots around the world. Of course, none of these can actually be proven to be money earned from Zero Hour Work Days.


zero hour work days proof of income


Still on the sales page, Brendan gives us a short personal story. He shares how he struggled online for 8 years before he found an easy autopilot system (which we assume is Zero Hours Work Days) to get over 1,213+ leads within 14 days, consequently netting over $4,817.51 in profits.


There are testimonial videos as well from users of the product. The first one is from Isaiah Jackson who claims to have made $297 after using Zero Hours Work days for just 5 days. Another user, Dalton Scott, starts off by praising Brendan and the product before revealing he managed to make $100 within the first two days of following the system, despite being completely new to email marketing.


The next testimonial is from Zack Sanchez who also expresses gratitude to Brendan for showing him how to earn money with online marketing using the system. The last video is from a user who identifies himself as Ferguson. He reveals that he was able to make $90 within the first 48 hours of using the system.


Below these video testimonials are hundreds of text testimonials from people praising Brendan and his products.


According to the sales page, Zero Hour Work Days has a 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.


When I tried to leave the site, a popup informed me that I could watch the first video from the “inside” for free. All I had to do was provide my first name and email address so that the video could be emailed to me. Of course, this is simply a clever way of trying to get you to give up your details so that even if you are not interested in this product, you’ll still get on their mailing list. That way, Brendan can still market products to you and even sell your information to third parties if he wants to.


Let us now take a look at what this product has to say for itself in the pitch video.




In the video, Brendan begins by introducing you to Zero Hour Work Days, a system which he uses to pull in nearly $10,000 per month, and all it takes is just 15-20 minutes of his day. According to him, the biggest mistake people who have conventional jobs make is trading their time for money, yet there’s much more to be made working online for a shorter period of time.


He goes on to assure you of his credentials, pointing out that he has a blog as well as a YouTube channel where he posts videos of him giving people tutorials with real information on how to make money online.


He explains that he decided to come up with Zero Hour Work Days in order to change people’s lives and allow them to be able to accomplish the same results that he has been able to get over the last couple of years.


According to Brendan, this system is meant to show you the strategies he used to create a successful business, allowing him to work for only a few minutes a day and travel around the world. He adds that Zero Hour Work Days affords you the freedom to manage your own time, unlike a 9-5 job where you are controlled by your boss.


Brendan then poses a question, asking how much you would be willing to invest if a successful marketer was willing to show you behind the scenes of a successful ten thousand dollar per month business. He clarifies that it doesn’t have to be a lot of money, especially when there’s a successful formula you can replicate. He promises to show you what you need to know for less than $10. His reason for charging such a little amount is to reward people who are fast action takers that see a good opportunity and take it while it is still available.


According to Brendan, by the time a lot of people know about the Zero Hour Work Days business model, it might not be as lucrative. There is no assurance that he will leave the course or the initial price point for long, so he urges you to get the product before time runs out.


I did a little digging and found that this pitch video was posted on YouTube on 15th September 2016. It is a 4 minute 40-second video with 4,026 views as of the writing of this review. From this, we can tell that either Brendan created one pitch video and has been using it for multiple products, or this one product has been up since 2016 in one form or another and is clearly not going anywhere any time soon, despite what Brendan would like you to think.

how does zero hour work days work?



Zero Hour Work Days is a training program that consists of several video tutorials. Brandon calls them the 8 modules, and this is what you get with them:


• Module 1- How to make $9,259.74 per month

• Module 2- Where to find the right resources

• Module 3-Tricky ways to get free traffic

• Module 4-Best traffic source (and how to get it for free)

• Module 5-Secret to 210% ROI

• Module 6-Simple money pages

• Module 7-Affiliate promos that print money

• Module 8-Where the real money is


For an extra $8, you get more detailed training in the member’s area:


Training modules


1. Zero Hour Work Days guide

This is an 18-minute long video that basically explains how to make money online. Brendan gives two general ways of doing this:

• The basic way: Where you first get traffic and sometimes make sales

• The better way: Where you get traffic and then proceed to capture leads before you make sales.


2. How to access upgrades?

Brendan introduces the upgrades within Zero Hour Work Days and how to access them. This entire video is simply marketing the upsells.


3. Free traffic sources

In this video, Brendan goes through a number of free traffic sources that you can use to grow your email lists. The three sources he gives include Facebook, Google alerts, and running a blog.


4. Trading traffic

Here, he explains the various ways you can use the list that you manage to grow to trade traffic with other people who also have email lists on social networking sites like Facebook.


5. Buying traffic

This involves leveraging solo ad vendors which exist on Facebook


6. Recommended sellers

Brendan gives you a list of recommended sellers who trade Solo Ads. These are sellers that he works with, and he assures you that you can trust them. They are meant to provide you with good traffic and prices.


7. Lead capture page

In this video, he reveals how you can create a lead capture page. He demonstrates with the software he uses, additionally giving tips on how to build your page so that it converts traffic.


8. Collecting subscribers

Here, he goes into what autoresponder to use to collect subscribers, specifically suggesting AWeber. He also shows you how to set up your AWeber account and how to get started.


9. Affiliate promos

He uses WarriorPlus as an example here, giving details on the following:

– How to set up and use WarriorPlus

– How to contact vendors

– How to get links


10. Bigger commission sales

In this video, Brendan describes how to set up your list so that you can offer bigger commission sales in the future.


11. Zero Hour Work Days Case Study

The case study basically puts everything you learn from the training into action.




Free resources


These are resources you can access for free


1. Social sharing plugin for WordPress

2. Pre-launch mode plugin

3. A video on how to set up your website

4. Methods that Brandon himself uses to generate small ticket sales

5. Methods he uses to carry out quick and simple promotions

6. Making cash off Twitter


Upsells anyone?



These are the upsells available in Zero Hour Work Days:


1. Emails

Here, Brendan gives you the emails he uses to reach subscribers. The idea here is that you can just copy and paste these emails to your autoresponder, and for a period of 40 days, your subscribers will receive these emails.


There are 40 emails available, each going for about $0.99, which brings the total cost to almost $40. If you opt out of this up sell, you will be redirected to a downsell page where you can get these emails for $17 instead.


2. Done for you money page


With up sell, Brandon or someone from his team is going to create a lead capture page for you. Additionally, they will use WP Profit Builder to design it, which means that you will have access to the software on your site.


This up sell costs $67, but if you turn this down, you’ll be redirected to a $37 downsell.


3. Coaching


Here, you get one-on-one coaching from Brendan on how to effectively use Zero Hour Work Days. This is conducted on Skype.


This up sell costs $897. There is a digital alternative of coaching from Brandon which will cost you $497.

does zero hour work days work?




Zero Hour Work Days pushes making money with affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate way of making money online. So yes, it is possible to make money when you use the lessons learned from this product. However, can you make the kind of money described by doing everything exactly as Brandon describes? Probably not. He sensationalizes his product and makes it sound like something more than it actually is, and this is very misleading.


Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products, and with your own website and sufficient traffic, you can work your way to some of the earnings advertised on the Zero Hour Work Days sales page. However, this takes time and lots of hard work and not many internet marketers ever reach these levels.


As an affiliate marketer, you can promote products and services on a wide range of affiliate networks. Brendan, however, directs you to use WarriorPlus platform. Unfortunately, the products that are available on WarriorPlus are not vetted so you will find that many of them are of low quality. Consequently, promoting these products to people is not going to be easy, and if you do manage to sell something, chances are customers will ask for a refund.


I always tell people that if you want to be an affiliate marketer, you need to do it right. And doing it right means only promoting products that you actually believe in. Before promoting something, make sure you have used it and you have established that it actually does what it promises. That way, your audience will come to respect your opinions and to trust you, and with time, everything you recommend will be taken up at a faster rate.


When it comes to affiliate marketing, the more traffic you can pull, the higher your earnings. Traffic methods provided for you the Zero Hour Work Days system include Facebook ads, Solo ads, and using a blog. However, what he conveniently fails to mention is that the problem with these methods will come in when you need to convert this traffic in order to make money. This is only possible if you are using methods of traffic conversion that give results, such as offering valuable content and using SEO techniques. Traffic without quality content will still not make you any money.


Furthermore, there is a part of the training where he talks about paid ads. If you are a complete newbie, paid ads are among the fastest ways to lose money online especially if you have no clue what you are doing. Plus, with Zero Hour Work Days, you need to be prepared to spend some money on services such as Autoresponder software and a landing page builder.


Fortunately, Zero Hours Work Days offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that if you are in any way underwhelmed or unsatisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days of your purchase, and you will get a full refund of the amount you paid during purchase. Keep in mind that if you buy any of the upsells, the money back guarantee does not cover them and you will have lost your cash.

zero hour work days verdict




Zero Hours Work Days is a product that will teach you some skills on how to make money with affiliate marketing. I will first tell you the positives of this product before diving into why I do not like it. First, the creator of the product, Brandon Mace, talks about his product without hiding behind a pen name or paid Fiverr actors. This shows confidence in his product, which is always a good sign. The pricing of the product is also relatively cheap at only $8, while the lite version is free. The step-by-step training method is also easy to follow, and the 30 money back guarantee also serves as a source of comfort since you can return the product within this period if you are unhappy with results.


Now to the bad news. Despite the positives, there are some glaring red flags with Zero Hours Work Days. One of the biggest ones is the misleading sales page. Perhaps the most consistently advertised results on the page is the $9, 258.74 per month, even if you are a beginner. There are also pictures of Brandon in a number of exotic locations, with the underlying message here being that if you buy this product, this could be your lifestyle as well. The people in the testimonial videos also claim to have made substantial amounts of money within a short period and limited knowledge in affiliate marketing. I find all these very misleading, and it is clear that the creators of this product are simply trying to convince inexperienced people to hand over their money for something that they will probably never see any returns from.


I was also not a fan of the upsells. Although they are optional, you might feel pressured to buy because they promise useful information on how to help you make even more money faster, and who doesn’t want that? Brandon also pushes them quite aggressively, and if you fell for the initial pitch, it is easy to fall for these ones too. The upsells are clearly where he is raking in most of his money from because compared to the initial price, they are very expensive. For example, the coaching up sell is $897! That is just too much money to pay for something that you can easily find elsewhere online for free.


Another thing I did not like about this product is that although the sale page claims Zero Hours Work Days is newbie friendly, I found the absolute opposite to be true. The training assumes you already have some background in affiliate marketing since it does not go into too much detail explaining everything you need to know. There are no basics here. Furthermore, as a newbie, when promoting products from some of these platforms, you will need to apply for approval in order to be able to promote the products. Chances are you will not be given the go-ahead because you lack experience. If you are new to the whole concept of traffic, building landing pages, and so on, this product is not for you.


Plus, even without the upsells, there are some extra services which will require you to cough up some cash. These are essential if you want to apply the lessons talked about in this product. Some of them include:


– Autoresponder: AWeber, a popular autoresponder, will cost you $19 per month

– Landing page builder: You have 2 options here. Profit Builder is the cheaper one, costing you $67, or the more expensive Clickfunnels, which costs $97.

– Click tracker: Click Magic is what Brandon recommends, and you will have to pay $12 for this service.


I also do not like how this product makes it seem like what you will be doing is very easy, and it won’t require much effort. In reality, if you buy this product with this mindset, it is highly unlikely you will achieve any success.


Affiliate marketing requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and time in order to achieve success. You will also need to acquire some crucial skills in the business in order to take full advantage of the system.


Another thing that bothered me is that Brendan opts to utilize the WarriorPlus platform. As far as affiliate networks go, this is not the best in the market. Many of the products are of poor quality, and promoting them for sale is not an easy task.


It is for these reasons and many more that I have already talked about that I cannot recommend this product.


If you intend to achieve success in any online business, the best way to reach your goal is by taking some time to learn on your own. There are many affiliate programs that can provide you with the quality service you need, and you could always do some research. Zero Hours Work Days is an ok product, but in the long run, it might not be worth it.




I hope that this review has shown you everything you need to know about this product. I truly believe that the training that I recommend in the link above will be a true game changer for you. No, the training I recommend will not make you thousands of dollars with 3 clicks or 15 minutes per day! What it will do is teach you the ins and outs of Affiliate marketing so you can start earning money online! I hope you give it a shot and click on the link above. Its free and you have nothing to lose!


Whatever you decide to do, at least you will be making an informed decision.


To your success,


Mike A

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