Wood Profits Review – Does It Really Work?


Wood Profits is a book that is supposed to help you launch your own woodworking business for under $1000. The product is aimed at individuals who are not necessarily woodworking professionals but have the passion to pursue it in order to earn “impressive” profits.  Here is my Wood Profits Review


Product Being Reviewed:  Wood Profits








Wood Profits is a Clickbank product by Jim Morgan that claims to be able to help you make from $90,000 to $150,000 a year. This bold claim is among the first things you will see on the webpage, along with publications where the product has been apparently featured, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, and CNN. There is even a gold award supposedly given by Home Business Reviews beside an image of the product on the page.


There is no pitch video on the official site, which I found a little surprising. Perhaps it is because I have grown so accustomed to seeing pitch videos on these Clickbank product sites. When I tried to exit the page at this point, a popup appeared offering a $10 discount on the product. When I clicked on the offer, I was redirected to a page where I could indeed order the product for $27. There is also a free guide on offer that is meant to give you 10 of Jim’s bestselling projects and a 7-day crash course on home woodworking.


There is also a note from Jim. He talks about how starting a woodworking business is a life-changing decision in the best way since it will provide you with great part-time income, which frees up your time and allows you to hang out with family and friends. Furthermore, you will have fun doing what you love.


With more people losing their jobs, you can opt to start a home-based business that allows you to turn your passion into profits and work right from your garage. Apparently, you don’t need to possess the skill set of a professional woodworker or own a huge and well-equipped workshop to succeed. All you need to know is:


– The specific items that you can utilize to make the most profits

– The customer base you can sell to

– A specific place where you can sell your products.


Reasons to start a woodworking business with Wood Profits are given next:


– It is easy to start and does not require you to spend money on expensive machinery and tools

– Allows you quality time with your loved ones since you get to work from home

– It does not interfere with your regular job since it is something you can do in your spare time

– You can grow your business into a full-time job

– It provides income quickly and easily with skills you already have


Jim then shares his personal story. In June 1994, he was jobless and struggling with finances, yet he had a family to feed. To cope with these hardships, he started his woodworking business. At the time, he had almost no capital, a few shop tools, and a 10 foot by 20-foot space. He managed to grow this small space into a 1400-foot unit within the first year of business. He was nowhere close to an expert woodworker, but over time, he was able to turn a hobby into a real business that earned him significant amounts of cash. Since he did not have anyone to help him or guide him along the way, he made mistakes that cost him dearly. However, he learned his lessons and perfected his craft for 25 years.


wood profits proof of income


Since then, Jim claims to now make an average of $12, 574 per month from home and adds that he has managed to help thousands of woodworkers to do the same. Despite the difficulties he faced while starting out, Jim was still able to earn over $150,800 in sales during the first year, yet he only worked for 20 hours per week.


So that you don’t make the same mistakes, he offers to show you how you can start a profitable business in working right from the first day.


At this point, he introduces Wood Profits as the go-to product that will help you to start and run a successful woodworking business from home.




Jim says that the full guide is instantly downloadable, and it comes with an accompanying MP3 audio transcription +CD. According to Jim, he has put together the book based on the experience he amassed over the years, and it shows you everything he knows about starting, running, and growing a successful woodworking business.


Whether you intend to put the knowledge you gain to use by selling your own home-made projects from home or establish a profitable all-year-round business, here are some of the things you are promised to gain from Wood Profits:


– A step-by-step guide on how you can quickly earn money selling wooden furniture, small crafts and other wooden items.

– How to start up your business for less than $1000

– Get to learn how to market your products using “little known” methods

– Discover a “powerful truth” about how you can make your business profitable by attracting customers

– The key words to use when selling your products in order to boost sales

– Acquire a list of high-margin and easy to sell niche crafts that are highly profitable

– Get to know the type of furniture that has the best markup. You will be provided with an analysis of the best pieces in order to make for maximum returns on investment (ROI)

– Something only referred to as the “craft secret”

– How to tap into a unique niche that will enable you to earn high profits

– The top 10 crafts to sell that will earn you the most profit

– Understanding the “Porcupine Theory”

– How to tap into profitable markets

– How to get multiple buyers to purchase your products repeatedly

– How to get favorable testimonials from your customers free of charge

– Dealing with complaints using a “secret” method

– Increasing your bottom-line profits if you already run a business

– Where to find a good deal on tools and materials

– Unlimited one-on-one coaching with Jim

– Additional tips that will help you enhance your woodworking skills


There are also online strategies provided on how you can make more sales on the internet such as:


– Building a dominant online presence so as to attract targeted web users to purchase your product.

– Jim promises to reveal an unnamed website which has millions of users where you can sell your wooden products.

– You will also be provided with case studies of other woodworking business owners who have been able to earn up to 5 figures per month using Wood Profits.

– Gain information on exactly what items to sell and how to appropriately price them

– Get inspiration from other woodwork businesses and apply them to your projects or ideas for new niches.

In order to take your business to the next level, you will also learn the following:


– How to properly contract out some of without experiencing any negative impacts on the quality of your business

– How to get the best deals from your suppliers

– Professional advice on matters such as licensing and taxes from legal experts

– How to increase your chances of getting commercial contracts in order to earn even more profits

– How to market your products and services effectively online

– How to get your products on top tradeshows and craft fairs

– Discovering a lucrative category that not too many people know about


According to Jim, even if you have no prior experience with woodworking, you can still use the Wood Profits system as long as you have the willingness to learn.




The next section of the page focuses on testimonials of supposed users of the product. All of them hold Wood Profits in high regard.

wood profits testimonials


If you order Wood Profits immediately, Jim promises to throw in a bonus. This bonus is a compilation of 500 of his personal wooden crafts and small furniture plans complied in a book. He claims that the bonus product is valued at over $125 since most of the plans provided are popular with customers.


According to Jim, you can get everything up and running in under 30 days with the Wood Profits system. Once you are set up, the business has the potential to make you anywhere from $100,000-$300,000. All you have to do is invest $37 to get started with Wood Profits.


There is a 100% “love it or shove it” money back guarantee that comes with the product. If the product does not meet your expectations once you make a purchase, you can demand a full refund within 60 days of starting up without any hassles.


Apparently, the $37 price tag for Wood Profits will increase to $97, and then $197, so you are encouraged to order one as soon as possible before this happens.


He says that the guide is meant for everyone, at least according to the page, except the following people:


– Those who routinely take online courses and guides without putting the information to use.

– Those who refuse to own and grow from their mistakes.

– Those who are looking for the next quick fix and expect the product to give results overnight.


Wood Profits caters to the following groups:


– Woodworkers of any experience or skill level.

– Anyone looking to earn part-time or retirement income through woodworking

– Anyone who pursues woodworking as a hobby and would love to earn money through it.







Wood Profits is a 53-page eBook that will cost you $37 to purchase. When you click on “affiliates” at the very bottom of the sales page, you will be redirected to a page where you’ll discover that affiliate marketers stand to make the most profits from this product.


From the affiliates page, I learnt that affiliates stand to make a maximum total of $80 for every person that visits the site. They get to earn 75% on the front end and 50% on backends. Here are the upsells listed:


– 1st upsell-$29.97

– 2nd upsell-$39- There is a downsell of $29 here

– 3rd upsell-$49.97-There is a downsell of $39.97

The product also offers its affiliate the following methods to use to entice you to buy the product:


1. Pay per click ads and keywords


In order to get targeted traffic, affiliate marketers use tools such as Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Once you click on their ads and affiliate links, you are redirected to their websites. Some of the keywords affiliate marketers have been encouraged to use to their advantage include:


– Home based business

– Start a woodworking business

– How to start a woodworking business

– Custom woodworking business

– Home-based woodworking business

– Woodworking as a business

– Woodworking business for sale

– Woodworking business ideas

– Woodworking warning: Don’t start a woodworking business until you have seen this.


2. Blogs and websites


Affiliate marketers have been asked to promote Wood Profits using some custom-made banners and graphics that are associated with the product posted to their websites and blogs.


3. Facebook


Affiliates use Facebook as a marketing platform by posting ads that will pique the interest of customers.


4. Email templates


Affiliate marketers also send out emails to customers in order to get you to opt in. When you do, you will receive follow-up emails that only serve to market Wood Profits.


5. Joining popular forums


By joining popular forums and actively participating in the discussions, affiliate marketers attract customers who are then encouraged to click on their affiliate links and consequently purchase the product.


wood profits disclaimer


I finally got to the disclaimer. Here is what it says:


– Any earnings or income examples presented on the sales page are only estimates of what you could possibly earn, and there is no assurance that you will do as well as advertised.

– The prior successes or past results of the owner or other customers should not be used as an indication of your future success.

– Your success entirely relies on your background, your work ethic, your dedication, your motivation, your business skills, and your drive.

– Any forward-looking statements on the sales page or in the materials purchased from the website are only meant to give expectations or forecasts of future events.

– Testimonials and examples that are displayed on the website are exceptional results that do not apply to the average person. Therefore, there is no guarantee you will achieve similar results.

– If you choose to rely on the earning figures used on the sales page, you must accept the risk of not being successful.




If you already have a background in woodworking and the necessary tools, there are some useful tips that you can pick up from the product. You can then put them to use and make some wooden items which will, in turn, earn you money when you make sales.


However, beginners or people who have no experience in woodworking will probably not be successful in making money using the product since it requires some level of skill in reading the plans, using the tools, and generally crafting products they can sell.


Nevertheless, Wood Profits offers a 100% money back guarantee where you can return the product within the first 60 days of purchase if you are underwhelmed. In order to get a refund, you have to provide your purchase receipt in the email.

wood profits disclaimer




Wood Profits is a product that has the potential to earn you some money. There is some useful information provided in the book and audio, and with the right application, you can potentially make some profits by selling the items you make. The product is also reasonably priced at $37, and there’s even a discount of $10 provided. There is also the 60-day money back guarantee that comes with Clickbank products, which is nice to have in case you are unsatisfied with the product.


And that is about it when it comes to the good news about this product. Now on to the bad news.


There are many red flags when it comes to this product. Here are a few of them:


One of the first red flags I noticed was the exaggerated income claims on the sales page. Apparently, you get to launch your own woodworking business for less than $1000, and the returns range from $90,000 to $150,000 a year. This is hard to believe especially when there is no proof of income provided. Furthermore, the disclaimer clearly states otherwise.


There is also a section at the very top of the page where you are shown all these well-known and trusted media outlets where Wood Profits was supposedly featured. However, when I did a little digging, I found no evidence of these claims. Even the gold award the product apparently received is not genuine.


I also carried out some research on the owner and his background to establish just how genuine he was. From what I gathered, Jim Morgan is a pen name. His profile picture is a stock photo, and the images that are displayed on the sales page which show different men working in wood workshops are just standard stock images. The fact that the owner of the product chose to conceal his identity struck me as very peculiar.


The testimonials and reviews on the sales page were overwhelmingly positive, and I couldn’t help but feel like they were only meant to encourage customers to buy the product instead of providing genuine experiences. Even the disclaimer urges you not to take them too seriously, further discrediting them. Plus, they are all from none existent people as well.


There are also several upsells that come after you purchase the product at the initial price of $37. These upsells try to convince you to make more purchases with the promise of more useful information that you can use to maximize your profits. I think that any product that has to rely on upsells is only out to mint money from its users.


The product also comes in the form of an eBook and audio file. I found this a bit lazy, especially for something that is supposedly out to teach you woodworking skills. Wouldn’t a video be easier to understand? Granted, the book is quite detailed, but when it comes to demonstrating how the plans work and how beginners can use them, I believe a video would have been the best way to go.


Although the product is advertised as useful to woodworkers of any experience or skill level, it is obviously a product that is geared towards more experienced individuals who are already dedicated to their craft. To get the most out of this product, some level of business skill and understanding of online marketing is also important.


Well, that’s it from me. Is this product worth it? I’ll let you decide that on your own. I hope that this review will make you help an informed decision on whether this product suits you.


If you are looking for a way to supplement your income, consider Affiliate marketing.  It offers by far the best chance of success along with the highest potential earnings.





I hope you check out my recommendation.  it is completely free and there is no risk to you.  There is only upside.  If you don’t like it, you just leave.  But I believe that you will find that there is a TON of awesome info.  You get free lessons, tools and resources to try everything you learn.  Its a true “Learn by Doing” model.  If you take advantage of the free content, you will be that much closer to your goals.  In fact, you will be on your way to your financial goals.


Thanks for reading,


To your success,


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