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Profit Raider is an “A-Z” affiliate marketing system that promises to show you how to make up to $150 a day within just 15-30 minutes. This recently launched product claims to be 100% newbie friendly, requiring no special skills or experience. These claims make this system sound like an extremely easy way to make a living online. But are they actually based in facts? Is this product legit or is it all hype? That’s exactly what I sought to find out. Here is my honest and unbiased Profit Raider review to help you decide for yourself.


Product Being Reviewed: Profit Raider






Profit Raider is a product by Samuel Cheema and Edwin Mik that consists of step-by-step video training that is meant to teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Samuel serves as the speaker in the video.


The site is basically one detailed web page. When you load it up, the first thing you see at the very top is a banner running across the screen encouraging you to pay attention to everything on the page if indeed you want to make money. This is obviously meant to pique your interest as the reader. I chose to oblige and stay on to find out more. Below that is another statement that assures you that Profit Raider is simple and fast, requiring only 30 minutes per day to use. I know for a fact that this is a lie. There is no product that can start earning you money 30 minutes after you start using it. Anything that claims otherwise is misleading. I was getting all the wrong vibes from this product by this point. Still, I decided to keep on and discover exactly how it works to make you money this fast.


Immediately below the statements is the pitch video, the contents of which I will discuss in detail shortly. A bold yellow button below the video encourages you to “click here now to get instant success!”


This is followed by a list of features that Profit Raider supposedly provides:


• A powerful $150/day method

• It is 100% newbie friendly

• An easy step-by-step strategy on how to go about affiliate marketing

• It is backed with tons of proof

• Provides 2 powerhouse traffic strategies

• No tech-skills or experience are required

• Can be done for just 15-30 minutes per day

• There are scale-ups along the way


Several income proof pictures come after this, with profits of up to $4,765 in one month supposedly being made, but there is no indication that this amount of money was made using Profit Raider. We can’t even tell if these profits are legit figures or someone just made them up for show.


profit raider proof of income


Below the profit statements is the price of the product, which is listed as $12.95, an apparent discount from the regular price of $47. This is followed by a warning that the price will be going up soon, with a timer counting down from an hour next to it. I decided to wait it out to see if the price would really change. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when the clocked ticked down to zero then automatically reset while the price stayed the same. This is a common tactic that most of these products use to make you feel like you urgently need to buy it as soon as possible. They are counting on you making a rushed decision because if you really took the time to think things through, you will realize that it is really not worth your while.


In the next section, Edwin Mik tells us his personal story. He opens up about how he struggled to make money online for almost 2 years, failing every time. This served as a motivation for him to create Profit Raider in cooperation with Samuel Cheema in order to simplify the online moneymaking system for newbie affiliate marketers.


What methods do they use to achieve this you ask? Well, according to the site, their system utilizes step-by-step video training, a case study of how Edwin became successful by using Profit Raider, and the Quick Start cheat sheet, which provides answers to any questions you might have concerning the system.


Testimonials follow, with various “users” of the product all praising the outcomes and highly recommending it. Reasons why you need to purchase the product immediately are indicated thereafter as:


• The prices are supposedly increasing fast

• The offer will not be available for too long

• If you get started immediately, you’ll start making money within the next 48 hours


The next segment promises that if you get Profit Raider immediately, you will also get $200 worth bonuses for free. Here is what these bonuses are:


• The first one gives you access to an exclusive live Q&A webinar

• The next one provides access to the private members’ discussion group

• The last one gives you access to an “additional bonus method”


There is a section on the refund policy as well, with Profit Raider providing a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.


The rest of the page is simply more pitching, more buy now buttons and the disclaimer, which I will also talk about a little later. For now, let’s find out what the video has to say.




The video says almost exactly what the text on the page says. No actual person presents it, instead, you will only hear the voice of the spokesperson, Samuel Cheema, as text appears on screen in a PowerPoint presentation style.


The video starts off with one of the creators, Samuel Cheema, introducing himself and his partner Edwin Mike, before expressing gratitude to you for visiting their page. He promises that whatever he is about to share has been life-changing for them, and it has the potential to change things for you as well.


According to Samuel, Edwin has a simple system he uses to generate over $200 per day. Snapshots of Edwin’s earnings are then shown, reaching as high as $800 in a single day. The speaker describes the system as powerful yet simple to use since all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and 30 minutes per day. With these requirements, he says you could be earning as much money as Edwin. The speaker goes on to refer to the product as a one of a kind system that covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.


profit raider income promise


The speaker believes that 90% of people fail at making money online not because they don’t have the right tools and technology, but simply because they lack a proven system to follow from A-Z. However, Edwin’s system is, according to him, complete and 100% proven to work.


Samuel then reveals that the reason Edwin is availing this information to you is that he knows what it feels like to fail. A few years ago, he was a struggling online marketer at the brink of depression, repeatedly buying products that were falsely advertised. Just as he was about to give up, he discovered the Profit Raider system, which turned out to be completely life-changing. After putting it to use, he finally started making money online.


Samuel assures you that just like Edwin, you can make Profit Raider work for you as well. The product has allowed the creators to make a full-time living online, and this is possible for you too if you make a purchase.


The product gives you access to 20+ videos of step-by-step training on everything the creators do to make money through affiliate marketing. If you get it immediately, the “zero to $229 in 24 hours” case study is also included. The case study outlines Edwin’s actions that have allowed him to earn a living as a result of using Profit Raider.


Also included are detailed guidelines on how to get set up with your first Profit Raider campaign in just 24 hours, the differences that set apart Profit Raider from other similar products, simple steps to follow in order to unlock high-converting traffic, and how to scale things up in order to earn more money.


Samuel discloses that $200 per day is just a small figure they set for the website that does not reflect in full the relatively larger amounts of money that Edwin has managed to earn consistently. According to him, using the Profit Raider system will allow you to live a life of financial freedom and even quit your job.


He lauds the product as an effortless way to make money online due to its effectiveness and ease of use since you don’t need to have a background in marketing or any other special skills. The training is also clear and easy to understand.


The speaker moves on to the price of the product. He says that you can get your hands on the Profit Raider at a massive discount for a limited time. All you have to do is click on the provided button before the price goes up. If you choose to wait around, you may end up having to pay more for it. We have already established that this false scarcity strategy is just a way to get you to buy this product as fast as you can.


Samuel says that if you purchase the product immediately, you will be granted access to exclusive bonuses valued at over $200 for absolutely free. Here he is talking about the same bonuses we mentioned earlier. He then says that Profit Raider additionally comes with a 30-day guarantee, meaning that you can get a refund within this period of time if you do not get the results it promises.


The final few minutes of the video are the speaker trying to convince you to make an immediate purchase of the product. He discourages you from buying courses and methods of making money online that only serve to waste your money. Instead, he urges you to go for Profit Raider which is simple and affordable. To get access to your copy, the promised bonuses, and a discount, he asks you to click the button on the page.

how does profit raider work?




Here is what you will get when you purchase Profit Raider




Once you purchase Profit Raider at the initial price of $12.95, you get access to these bonuses:


Bonus 1: Access to an exclusive live Q&A webinar (valued at $147)

• Additional tips and tricks that are meant to make using Profit Raider even easier.

• Success stories from the creators from which you can draw inspiration.

• Ask questions that are relevant to Profit Raider and get answers live on air.

• Access to the webinar replay just in case you miss it, or you simply want to refresh your knowledge.


Bonus 2: Access to private member discussion group (valued at $97)

• Here, you get to share your success stories with Profit Raider, as well as keep up with the progress of other members who use the system.

• You also get to share ideas with other members.

• You can also post any questions you might have in the members’ group.


Bonus 3: Access to an additional bonus method (valued at $97)

• Learn additional tips and tactics that you can apply in order to make your Profit Raider campaigns generate more profit.





Members’ Area


In the members’ area of Profit Raider, you will find the step-by-step video training divided into the following sections:


1. The welcome section


Here, you can choose to watch the video that is simply meant to make you feel at ease with using Profit Raider.


2. Intro


This is in video format, with the following sub-sections discussed:

– Choosing the right offer to promote

– Method overview


3. Setting up your funnel


– The first method- This funnel setup is basic and easy to do.

– Second method-More complicated than the first method, but offers more value.


4. Launching your first ad


– Keyword research

– Writing AdCopy

– Tracking

– Setting up a BingAds campaign


5. Email marketing


– Overview of email marketing

– Offer selection

– Follow up emails

– Video review structure

– Affiliate promotions

– Bonus email marketing training


6. Free traffic methods


– Free traffic method overview

– Building your Facebook lists

– Deploying your campaigns


7. Bing ads coupons


This allows you to access Bing Ads at a reduced price.


8. Case studies


– How I built $800 per month recurring income

– How I generated $112 in 24 hours


Prices and upsells


There are various upsells after you buy the product at the initial price:


• Done-for-you package and case studies

This upgrade costs $27. It promises done-for-you Profit Raider campaigns, and all you have to do is plug them in and play. Additionally, you will get complete case studies based on how Profit Raider sets up their campaigns.


• Advanced tactic and strategies

Provides more effective and detailed training and tactics in order to acquire customers even faster and get the best results. This upgrade costs $47.


• Limitless traffic for 365 days

This upgrade offers done-for-you traffic for 365 days. It provides targeted and active traffic to increase data transmission. This costs $197.


• Resellers license

You can make 100% commission by promoting the product, with full license rights to the Profit Raider funnel. This upgrade costs $97.




There are some statements about this product that are only made in the disclaimer and nowhere else in the presentations. Here are some of them:


• The income statements that are made in the video and on the web page are only estimates of what Profit Raider think you can earn using their product.

• There is no guarantee that you will achieve the levels of success reached by previous users.

• The use of information, products, and services from Profit Raider should be based on your own hard work, and whether you succeed or fail in your ventures does not make Profit Raider liable.

• Any unforeseeable risks that come with e-commerce businesses may reduce results. As a result, Profit Raiders is not responsible in any way for your actions.

• How successful you will be entirely relies on your dedication, experience, desire, and motivation.

will profit raider make you money?




It is possible to make some money with this product. However, Profit Raider makes lots of bold claims that are hard to back up. There is no product that can guarantee you $150 in 30 minutes. That is an outright lie. It is possible to make $150 a day or even more with affiliate marketing, but it is not as easy as this product makes it sound.


Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that allows you to earn commissions by promoting other people’s products. To be an affiliate marketer, you will need to set up your own website and a means of generating traffic in order to earn profits from selling or promoting products.


On the other hand, the method Profit Raider prescribes skips lots of vital steps. With this program, you start by setting up an email marketing campaign on which potential customers can opt-in. Once they are signed up, you can then sell your products in order to earn a commission. There is no creation of a website or the building of an audience through content creation.


Profit Raider says that once you have an email list, your next step is to create follow up emails in order to keep a steady stream of loyal customers. This is the smart thing to do, because these follow-up emails pave way for a small-scale training program, which is a great way to gain leads, especially if the training provided is top-notch. This will, in turn, encourage customers to purchase the product you are selling.


Do I think you can make money with this product? Yes. However, it will take a lot more time and hard work to get the kind of results this product promises. If you are looking for a quick fix or a way to make hundreds of dollars in 30 minutes, you will be very disappointed with Profit Raider. There is money to be made with Profit Raider, but it will take a lot of time and patience before you make any substantial income. Profit Raider embellishes what it can do for you a lot. The only people who will be making that kind of money are the product creators, and they will make it from people like you.

profit raider verdict



Profit Raider is a product that makes money by promoting a legitimate business model. However, the way it promotes this model is less than ideal because it deliberately misleads potential buyers and tricks them into making a purchase by letting them have false expectations. A complete beginner in affiliate marketing will likely get very frustrated using this product, and even give up on making money online altogether thinking it is impossible to do so. It is products like this one that give internet marketers a bad name.


However, if you are looking for an easy way to get started with affiliate marketing, this can be a good launching point. The initial product pricing ($12.95) is practical, and the manner in which the step-by-step videos are presented is detailed and easier to follow than if the content would have provided through eBooks. The tips and tricks provided can be successfully applied in affiliate marketing with beneficial results. There is also the 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to demand a refund if the product proves to be unsatisfactory.


So, to recap, I found the way this product oversimplifies affiliate marketing rather disconcerting. The creators make it seem like earning money with affiliate marketing is completely effortless if you just follow the guidelines provided in their product. However, as you can probably tell from how it really works, deciding to become an affiliate marketer is not at all easy, and will require a lot of diligence and hard work to get everything set up.


The high-income levels promised are rather unrealistic, especially within a short time period (only 30 minutes!) Although it is possible to earn huge sums of money through affiliate marketing, it will take a lot longer before you can start seeing those kinds of results. In fact, there may be some months when you may earn absolutely nothing especially as you start out. It just takes time and consistent hard work.


Furthermore, they assure you that you do not need any experience and skills, but even with their training, you will probably need to know a thing or two about online marketing.


The upsells also make everything significantly costlier than the initial price. The basic product does not contain adequate information on how to fully set up a successful business. You will need to part with more money in order to attain a higher level of training that will allow you to optimize your email campaign. The main source of traffic also requires some monetary investment, and you also have to bear the cost of setting up a website and hosting. All this amounts to way more money than you may be willing to spend on this.


Another thing that irks me about this product is the fact that although one of their main selling points is that they cater to beginners, newbies may not fully benefit from using Profit Raider, especially if you are just looking to make a quick buck. It is not as newbie friendly as it could be, and you will need to understand the ins and outs of online marketing, particularly what works and what doesn’t before you can use this product. This means giving yourself adequate time to amass the much-required experience. You will also probably not make as much money as you thought you would when you bought the product.





I hope this review has provided you with the not-so-obvious details that may be missing in the Profits Raider web page and pitch video. Personally, I think that Profit Raider has some value. I just don’t like all the hype and misleading promises. Nevertheless, I hope this Profit Raider review will help you make an informed decision.


I hope you enjoyed this post!  Please leave me your thoughts and questions below!


To your success,


Mike A

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