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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where one or more affiliates are paid a commission as a reward by a business for every customer or visitor brought by the marketing efforts of the affiliates. It is a very popular way of making money online. However, although it is a legitimate online business model, there are a lot of scammy websites operating in the guise of helping people earn money quick through affiliate marketing.


Most of these websites claim to give you access to an easy way of making money online. They claim that the only thing you need to do is to sign up to their program and then wait to start generating money automatically. However, you are required to pay a certain amount in order to sign up to the platform. It is therefore very important that you look into these sites to ensure that they are legitimate before giving away your money.


One such website is Website ATM. Website ATM is a website that claims to give you an easy way of making money online without necessarily having any prior experience in affiliate marketing. It does have the same MO as many other such sites that I have reviewed before, but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and see exactly what it has to offer.


I have personally done an in-depth analysis of this system and in this completely unbiased review, I will cover all you need to know about Website ATM including how it works, and whether or not you can really make money with it.


Product Reviewed: Website ATM Review



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what is website atm




Website ATM is a program which promises to provide you with access to a very simple way of making money online. The system basically leads you to believe that you will be able to start earning a lot of money as soon as you sign up. The program also claims that you do not need to have any prior knowledge in affiliate marketing, technical skills of developing graphics work or in building websites since all the hard work is already done for you.


Website ATM claims to build a website for you that will generate money at the click of a button.




The website was allegedly developed by an ex-accountant named Nick Harvey, according to a sales video. In the sales video, Nick claims that he was introduced to internet marketing through an invitation by a Russian guy through an email and he has never looked back.


When I heard this story, I instantly got the feeling of deja vu, like I had experienced that exact moment before. I did a little digging and voila! Indeed, I had experienced that moment before. Except it was with a different video, on a different site.


The Website ATM story is very similar to the one narrated in another website’s sales video, called Money Sucking Website. In fact, the sales videos of both these websites are very similar. Both the narrators have the same life story of being ex-accountants. Their voices are also very identical, indicating that both Website ATM and Money Sucking Website have the same narrator. By this moment, alarm bells were furiously going off in my head, letting me know that this platform is a scam.


I decided to ignore them and keep digging.


Website ATM claims that what they are offering you is a virtual money making machine, which they are giving to you with no strings attached. Nick Harvey goes ahead to convince you that you are lucky to have gotten the email and that what you are about to get from the program is so good that you have to keep it a secret. He goes on to say that they are going to limit the number of Website ATM’s they sell to only 300.


Website ATM promises its users to be able to make $500 a day from their program. However, in order to get started, you are required to pay $47 as a sign-up fee. The $47 is payment for a machine that builds websites for you.


The promise of earning $500 a day by just pushing a button is very unrealistic, and Nick tells you what you want to hear in order to entice you to sign up with the platform. The sales video is extremely hyped and gives you expectations which are unrealistic when it comes to making money online.


In addition, the claim that they are limiting the number of Website ATMs to only 300 is false and is just a marketing gimmick to get you to buy the program as fast as possible.


Website ATM also has testimonials of people claiming that they have made money from the program. Throughout the sales video, there are many testimonials which pop up of people who claim to have earned outrageous amounts of money through the program. These testimonials are, however, fake since the photos of the people giving the testimonials are nothing more than stock photos.

how does website atm work




Website ATM is basically a get-rich-quick type of scam. It convinces you that it will help you earn a huge sum of money online on a daily basis but only if you pay them to get access to their program. They, however, fail to deliver on any of their promises. Website ATM is also a sales funnel of EasyKits, a program which might end up costing you about $3000 to join.


The program promises to give you access to a ready website which has already been set up and configured, prepared for you to start earning money with it. However, this is only partially true. What they deliver is a “done-for-you” website. This website is nothing special since it is just a website template. In addition, the website template you are provided with is exactly the same as the other templates provided to the other members who sign up to the program.


All these website templates are duplicates. The fact that these sites are duplicate makes it next to impossible to make money from the site. This is another red flag indicating that the platform is a scam. What is worse is the fact that they do not inform you that the sites are duplicates.


You are also not given a place to host your site. Instead, they will suggest you sign up to a web hosting platform which is ridiculously expensive. Website ATM then earns a commission when you sign up to this platform. Website ATM tries to make as much money out of you as possible by recommending to you services they are affiliated to in order to get a commission.


Website ATM is loosely based around affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing by its own right is a legitimate way of making money online which involves you promoting the products of third-party companies such as Amazon in order to earn commissions from their sales. Affiliate marketing, in fact, is one of the main ways of making money online.



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Website ATM is complete junk since even though its system provides you with a website, you will not be provided with any form of traffic, hence you will not be able to make money from the website. Having traffic on your website is very important since without anybody visiting your website, you will not be able to earn a penny, regardless of how good your website is. You will also not be able to earn anything from the website given to you by the program because the websites are duplicate.


One of the main ways of getting free traffic to a website is through search engines like Google. However, since Google and other search engines do not list duplicate websites, you will not be able to get any free traffic to your website. Without the traffic, you will not be able to earn any income the visitors of your website are the ones who will purchase your products.


This only leaves you with the option of paid advertising, which is not only very expensive but also very risky, especially to those who are just getting started with online marketing, and with a website such as the one provided by this program.


The truth is, the creators of Website ATM do not care if you make money with their program or not. All they care about is how they are going to make money from you instead.




– There is a 60-day satisfaction guarantee of getting your money back if the program does not work for you




Website ATM is a rehashed version of previous scams. One of the rehashed versions of the program is Money Sucking Website. Both programs even have the same interface, sporting only a few minor changes such as the name of the company. The narrator in the sales video also has the same voice as the Money Sucking Website’s narrator. They also share the same story of being ex-accountants, putting very little effort in covering the fact that they are in fact a rehashed version of Money Sucking Website.


The program is not credit card worthy. The program has neither a customer support number nor any contact information on its website. There is also no email address available. This means that should you experience any trouble with the payment processing during checkout, you would not know who to contact for help.


– The information provided in the sales video is extremely exaggerated since you will barely generate any income with the platform, let alone the $500 per day promised on the sales video. They also claim that you will be generating income by putting in literally no effort. In real sense, you can barely earn anything close to their claim, even when you put in real effort.


The website that you are given is duplicated. The websites provided by Website ATM are duplicated, meaning that every person who has signed in to the program is given the same website. You will therefore not be able to get any free traffic from search engines such as Google since they do not list duplicated websites.


The testimonials given in the sales video of the program are given by paid actors


You do not get to know who the real owners of the site are


After giving out your personal information, it will be sold to third parties. You will then get many marketing offers and spam mail which will absolutely annoy you.

Website ATM verdict




Website ATM is definitely a scam. There is no doubt about it. The promises made by the platform are just too good to be true. In my opinion, there is no way that Website ATM will help you generate $500 a day. The whole program is based on deception, from fake testimonials to fake scarcity to outrageous claims that it will make you get-rich-quick.


In addition, the real owners of Website ATM are anonymous. This leaves one to wonder since if the website was actually enabling people to earn $500 a day just by the push of a button, then surely the owners of the website would want to be known. However, this is not the case with Website ATM, whose owners are anonymous, probably to avoid charges and to get the opportunity to come up with a rehashed version of Website ATM once this program gets shut down.


Instead of making an income with this program, you will be spending much more money than what you will be earning, if at all, from your website. It is not as easy to make money online the way Website ATM makes it out to be. Luckily, this does not mean that there are no other ways of making money online.


I would, therefore, advise that you avoid Website ATM. The scammer behind it is only interested in getting richer at your expense. You should instead stick to programs which are legitimate and proven to work. You should also be extra cautious especially in affiliate marketing in order to avoid getting scammed by websites such as Website ATM.


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I hope you found this Website ATM review helpful, and that because of it you will make the right choice when it comes to Website ATM. Good luck!


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