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The Internet is flooded with people looking for ways to make money. There are many opportunities available, although most of them do not offer a steady enough cash flow to replace your regular job with. However, if you are simply looking for a source of a little extra cash to supplement your regular income, taking part in paid surveys is a great way to do so. If done right, it can provide a significant boost to your income.


Traditionally, marketing research firms used to pay consumers to participate in focus groups and to take in-person surveys. However, the internet has made it easier for both consumers and marketing research firms to conduct surveys and collect data. Most marketing research firms are now able to conduct virtual paid focus groups, online paid surveys, and other paid online market research methods.


But exactly how legit is participating in these paid surveys online? Are they all a bunch of scams? Well, the answer to this question depends on the company for which you are taking the survey. Different sites have different policies. Sometimes, it is even difficult to determine which paid survey site gives the best payout and the ones to avoid.


There are several legitimate paid survey websites (that I review and recommend on this site) but there are unfortunately many more websites which are only there to scam people. Most of these scam sites are questionable paid survey sites that act as middlemen claiming to help connect you with high-paying online paid survey sites.


The following review is about Surveys2cash, a paid online surveys site. Is it a legitimate site or is it a scam? Let’s find out in this Surveys2cash review.



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Surveys2cash is a fairly new site which claims to help you find a high-paying online paid survey. The company’s domain name,, was registered on the 27th of August 2018. There is no available information about who the owners are. There is no information about the founders on the official Surveys2cash homepage. The physical address of Survey2cash indicates that the company is based in Denver.


Surveys2cash does not actually give you any surveys itself. Instead, it connects you with other companies which provide you with the paid surveys. However, before you are aligned with a survey company, you are required to complete what they claim to be a consumer questionnaire in order for you to be directed to the best possible survey for you based on how you answer the questions on the questionnaire.

how does surveys2cash work?




Surveys2cash claims to help align you with the highest-paying paid surveys possible in relation to how you answer a questionnaire they provide.


In reality, they do nothing of the sort since none of the services they provide is of any value. What they actually do is get your personal information including your name, email, phone number, and address, then throw at you as many offers as possible in your inbox, filling it up with “opportunities”. It is then up to you to find a legitimate online paid survey site through the rubble of other scam sites. This makes no sense since the process of finding a legitimate site is really not made any easier by Surveys2cash. They actually simply just pile on the pressure and make it harder to find something legit.


What Surveys2cash does is profit from your personal information by sharing it with third party companies. These companies pay well in order to obtain personal information of people who they think will be interested in the products or services they provide. This will be a disaster on your side since it will result in an avalanche of SPAM emails, texts, and phone calls.


Surveys2cash’s website is nothing unique. It actually looks quite normal. Once you load it up, you are required to sign up and then answer a questionnaire in order to build your profile before you are presented with any offers. This is similar to what most legitimate websites do since they all require you to answer questions about yourself so that they can build you a better profile and do a better job at matching you with surveys.


Surveys2cash, however, requires you to provide your name, email, date of birth, and to check a box indicating that you agree to receive emails from them. You will then be required to enter your street address, phone number, and check another box indicating that you agree to receive SMS text messages or phone sales calls from Surveys2cash and their marketing partners. This is the first of many red flags with the website.


After completing the initial sign up process, you are then prompted to fill a questionnaire to build your profile, or so they claim. Most of the questions in the questionnaire, if not all, are completely useless and try to convince you to sign up for things you do not want to. They also all look rather scammy, with click-bait titles like “Enter here for a chance to win $10,000 in Amazon gift cards.” Plus, most of the questions are completely random and unnecessary.


What most legitimate survey sites ask in their questionnaires are questions like what your occupation is, your level of income, your level of education, your hobbies, and other related questions which are actually useful when it comes to building your profile. The questions Surveys2cash ask are totally unrelated, asking you to sign up for random offers and view an outrageous number of ads. This is the second red flag.


After completing the less-than-pleasant sign up process you would think that things will get better. Wrong. You are then matched with what they claim to be top paid matches from how you answered your questionnaire.


However, you will come to realize that the so-called top matches are in no way related to any of your interests. They are simply more of the not-so-genuine looking surveys, the kind everyone knows to just stay away from.


Plus, the platform claims to help you make up to $100 per survey from home. This outrageous claim is another red flag indicating that the site is a scam. This is just a ploy to attract more users to exploit. The normal average amount of money you can make from a legitimate survey is between $0.50 and $2.00 per survey. This is why with legit survey sites, the more surveys you complete the more money you stand to make. Ask yourself, why would a company pay you $100 for your opinion when they can pay 50 to 200 people the same amount and make more profit that way?


Needless to say, when you click on these “matches”, most of their links do not load, or you are redirected to other fishy sites. You are therefore left with broken links or links to survey jobs which are totally unrelated to how you answered the questionnaire. Most of these links are other spam websites which will waste even more of your time.



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Under normal circumstances, many people, myself included, do not read through the terms and conditions or privacy policies for sites like this. However, it is very important since reading through the privacy policy and the terms and conditions can help you determine if a site is legitimate or a scam.


In their privacy policy, Surveys2cash clearly state that they may share, lease, rent, or sell your personal information to third parties such as email marketers, service providers, telemarketers, among others. This is another red flag indicating that the website is a scam. Most legitimate online paid survey sites promise not to share identifiable personal information to third parties. They also do not share your personal information without your consent. This is a pillar that upholds the industry standards of legitimate online marketing research firms.


This is not the case with Surveys2cash. By joining the site, you will have allowed Surveys2cash or its marketing partners to solicit you. Since unsolicited telemarketing calls are limited by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, your personally identifiable information is valuable to direct marketers and they will pay a small fortune for it. Surveys2cash sells, rents, or leases your personal information to these sites and makes money off of it.


You will, therefore, experience the aggravation of dealing with a lot of SPAM emails and privacy invasions.


In their terms and conditions, Surveys2cash state that they “…may cancel your account and/or terminate your access to the Surveys2cash offerings at any time and for any reason, in its sole discretion.” This declaration gives the site the authority to practically do whatever they want without offering any explanation and by agreeing to their terms and conditions, you consent to this.



• The site does not charge anything to sign up for it




• It does not have surveys of its own

• It distributes your personal information to third parties such as email marketers, service providers, telemarketers, among others.

• Most of the questions you are asked in the questionnaire are irrelevant

• There are many ads in the sign up process

surveys2cash not recommended




The main beneficiaries of Surveys2cash are the middlemen or site owners and not the people who sign up to this site. If you sign up to this site, it won’t be long before you realize that it is almost impossible to make any money from it, contrary to the “up to $100 per survey” they promised you.


The average amount of money you can make from a legitimate online paid survey is between $0.5 and $2 per survey. The truth is that even with a legitimate online paid survey, you will not be able to have a steady source of income. This is because the income from most online paid surveys is too little to sustain you. Online paid surveys are a good source of additional income. They are best for supplementing a steady source of income with some additional cash.


That said, not even all online paid surveys pay in cash, let alone $100 per survey. Most online paid surveys pay only token rewards in the form of coupons, services, goods, or samples. Most of those that pay cash do so only through sweepstakes drawings which do not pay that much. So if you have been thinking this is the perfect opportunity to get-rich-quick, avoid getting your hopes up and think again. The good news is that I have recommendations on this site of paid survey sites that do pay in cash and that are legitimate.


What Surveys2cash does is lure you in by feeding you false hopes and dreams of generating easy money online by taking online surveys. Their only aim is to get your personal information and sell it to third parties which pay well for such information. You will then be subjected to receiving endless phone calls, emails, and texts from these marketing companies trying to get you to participate in activities you are not interested in.


Most legit survey companies will never buy email lists from companies like Surveys2Cash, so the chances of you getting an email from a legitimate online paid survey are very slim. You will have better chances of getting a legitimate online paid survey if you looked harder online by yourself.


The fact is, Surveys2cash does not help to connect you to the highest paying paid survey possible. The questionnaire does not help in any way to align you with the online paid survey sites. Instead, Surveys2cash uses these questionnaires to sneak in countless ads which end up wasting valuable time. You are bombarded with endless promotions and ads right from the sign up process.


Sites like Surveys2cash exist to make money off of you. They make their income by sharing your personal information including name, street address, email address, and phone number with third parties.


These marketing sites will keep sending you SPAM emails one after another and from different sources recommending that you purchase your products. How they contact you is not only limited to emails, you will also receive multiple mails at your physicals address and telephone calls from several marketing companies.


In the event that you purchase an item from any of these marketing sites, both the marketing site and Surveys2cash benefit. Surveys2cash will get some commission after you purchase a product. You will, therefore, be of more benefit to Surveys2cash than the site will be to you.


I’m obviously not going to recommend this website to anyone. Surveys2cash is a scam website which only looks to make money off of its users. Stay away!


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