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Traffic is arguably the most important thing when it comes to online marketing. Without traffic, earning from any website or campaign on the internet would be close to impossible. Having a good quality source of traffic is the only way that your online business can make money. As long as your website gets more traffic, you will have more customers and sales, and therefore make more money.


Getting traffic for your online business is difficult especially if you are just starting out. In fact, many beginners often find themselves having to pay a lot of money for traffic, only to end up making less than what they spent.


Luckily, there are several legitimate pieces of software out there that have been developed to help you generate traffic, helping you get the best results from paid traffic practically for free. One such software is Traffic Builder 3.0.


The following article is a review of Traffic Builder 3.0 looking at its features and how it works. If you have been wondering what Traffic Builder 3.0 is and what it does, I hope this article will answer all your questions regarding this software.


Product Being Reviewed: Traffic Builder 3.0






Traffic Builder 3.0 is a cloud-based software that generates traffic for you. It is a powerful software that exploits paid traffic and increases conversions for customers.


Traffic Builder 3.0 was created by Gee Sanghera and Ben Carroll, who are both experienced in online marketing. The traffic generated by this software is completely free.


This software lets you build an unlimited number of campaigns to connect you with niche buyers from targeted audiences by tapping into Reddit, which is a completely untapped market.

traffic builder 3.0 video breakdown




Here is a detailed breakdown of the sales video on the Traffic Builder 3.0 website:


The sales video begins with the speaker saying that there are many things you do not need to succeed as an online marketer. That it is not necessary to have a large social following, products or stores, or post videos or write blogs every day. He says it is not even necessary to have a website. The only thing that all online marketers need to be successful is traffic. Without traffic, even the most detailed websites and online stores will not earn you any money.


The speaker then introduces himself as Paul, saying that he is speaking on behalf of Gee Sanghera and Ben Carroll, the creators of Traffic Builder 3.0. He says that the video will change your perspective on Traffic forever. He says that even though there has been a lot of incredible breakthroughs in digital marketing, the most important part of online marketing has not improved much in years. Traffic is still the most important thing when it comes to online marketing.


For your website to get fast traffic, however, you may have to pay a lot of money for ads, which give you no guarantee that your website will get traffic. This because you will be competing with thousands of other online marketers for the same audiences. Also, the click rates are extremely slow since online consumers are increasingly becoming ad-blind especially with the introduction of Adblockers.


Free traffic, on the other hand, is even more costly since it costs you your most valuable asset, time. You will spend many hours behind your computer creating content, running social media campaigns, or maybe learning search engine optimization, only to spend weeks or even months before getting any results.


The speaker says that before Traffic Builder 3.0, Gee Sanghera and Ben Carroll had spent a combined 15 years in marketing. Both had looked at every traffic source available including spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads. Both creators have previously won awards for developing software for traffic generation.


However, they both experienced decreased traffic on their platforms. They were therefore prompted to create a platform that would change the way we drive traffic. A platform that would deliver the speed and conversions experienced in premium paid traffic without paying for ads.


The system they were developing would have to get rid of the competition by getting your offers in front of untapped highly engaged buying audiences. The system also had to be able to work in any niche and be simple to use by beginners while at the same time able to get advanced marketers more traffic. All these were made possible when the original version of the Traffic Builder was launched.


Paul goes on to say that Traffic Builder set a new standard for traffic generation with many customers getting incredible results. Traffic Builder then grew exponentially and the software had to be redeveloped from ground up to handle the huge growth of traffic it was getting.


He declares that Traffic Builder 3.0 is the evolution of online traffic since you get traffic without paid ads or related hassles. He adds that the original traffic builder has never been duplicated and that there is nothing like it in the market. The platform is cloud-based and does not require you to download or install anything.




1. Step by Step Video Tutorial


The software has complete videos that offer step by step training on how exactly to use the platform to create posts and get maximum traffic. The videos also teach you how to exploit Reddit and get the most out of it as your traffic source.


2. Integrated Image Designer


The integrated image designer works like Photoshop and lets you edit existing graphics or even create images within seconds. You can add watermarks or filters to make your posts unique. The integrated image designer is very easy to use and does not require any experience.


3. 100% Compliant Posts


Traffic Builder 3.0 also optimizes posts for your audience. The software is approved by Reddit’s terms of service. The software posts your content automatically to Reddit to create fast organic traffic.


Other features include:


● Automated Posting – With automated posting, your posts can directly be shared to Reddit from the software.

● An updated User Interface – Traffic Builder has a completely updated user interface which makes the processes of launching, creating, and managing traffic campaigns much easier

● Advanced Built-In Targeting – With advanced built-in targeting, your offers are presented to buyers who are the most engaged in your niche

● Upgraded post creator – The upgraded post creator enables you to create content with more flexibility with ease

● Streamlined Source Code – With streamlined source code, the rate at which you get results from the software is increased

● Cloud-Based Software – Since Traffic Builder 3.0 is cloud-based software, it means that it can operate on any device without requiring you to download or install anything

● Ultra-fast traffic generation – targeted organic traffic is generated within a short period.

● User-Friendly – The software is very easy to use and everything is arranged in a manner that you can set up campaigns without facing any difficulty

● Premium Traffic – The traffic that Traffic Builder targets are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia ( tier 1 traffic). You are therefore assured of buyer-intent traffic at all times.

● Unlimited Versatility – Traffic Builder 3.0 can work for anyone regardless of their niche or website

● Fast Campaign Creation – the sales and traffic campaigns are created in exactly two minutes



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On the primary dashboard of Traffic Builder 3.0, there are several analytical data displayed. At the top of the dashboard is the number of short URLs and campaigns you have created. Also displayed is the total number of clicks collectively received by all of your short URLs together.


Beneath it, there is a graph that shows a monthly breakdown of the number of clicks received by you throughout the whole system. Underneath the graph, there is a small table that shows the daily and weekly breakdown of the number of short URLs you have created. Also, it shows the amount of traffic gotten by each of those short URLs daily. You can monitor the growth as time goes by.


Traffic Builder 3.0 has three main modules. These are Link Cloaker, Amazon Finder, and Reddit Campaigns. Below are detailed instructions on how to use each of these modules.


1. Link Cloaker

The Link Cloaker is a very vital tool specifically when it comes to marketing products on Reddit. The Link Cloaker gives you the ability to track especially the kind of traffic you are getting, the source of the traffic, among other important information you need to know from an analytical standpoint.


2. Reddit Campaigns

The Reddit Campaigns component of the software is very easy to set up and manage. In this area, you will be able to manage all of the Reddit campaigns that you put into Traffic Builder’s system.


To create a Reddit campaign, you first need to click on the “Create Campaign” button. The next thing you need to do is to enter a name for your campaign. You then add a Reddit URL. Next, you choose the campaign strength. Finally, you choose the speed of the campaign strength.


After creating your Reddit campaign, you will also be able to have a look at the overview of your existing campaigns. If a campaign is progressing or scheduled, you can stop the campaign if you want to cancel it.


Normally, it takes approximately two to five minutes before the campaign begins. It then takes about thirty to sixty minutes for the functionality of the campaign to complete.


While each campaign is running, your post is optimized with several social signals. These are key areas that Reddit usually considers when ranking a topic on their platform, working similar to search engine optimization, only that it, in this case, is for a social network.


The traffic works similar to a search engine. If you rank highly on the subreddit that you posted on, the more traffic that you will receive from that campaign.


3. Amazon Finder

The Amazon Finder is a very helpful tool for finding Amazon products that be marketed as an affiliate on Reddit. After entering your API details into your account, all the links will be coded for you, specifically on your affiliate ID, by Traffic Builder. Traffic Builder takes the load of doing this off of your hands.


All you have to do is enter the item you are interested with and the software will pull back all the affiliate products related to that item. On the right side of these items, there is an affiliate links section that provides you with the links that you will use when you want to promote a specific product for you to earn commissions from them.


Once the campaign is finished, the traffic will continue flowing for up to around 24 hours depending on the size of the subreddit.


how much does traffic builder cost




To gain access to Traffic Builder 3.0 and all the features that I have talked about so far, you will have to part with $27. You will get a maximum of 30 campaigns per month. If you need fewer campaigns in a month, it will cost you $24 for 5 ones.


Traffic Builder 3.0 has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that in case you are not satisfied with the software, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchasing the software.


There are also several upsells:


– OTO 1: Unlimited Edition

With this version, you get an unlimited number of campaigns in a month. With an unlimited number of campaigns in a month, you will be able to grow your list, increase the number of sales you make, and develop your brand. This upgrade of Traffic Builder 3.0 costs $47.


– OTO 2: PRO Upgrade

With Traffic Builder 3.0 pro, you can access three methods that the platform claims will guarantee you better results in less time. By using the pro upgrade, your results will be maximized in the most profitable areas of your business. Apart from the many advanced features, you will also be able to create a lot of organic traffic. The Traffic Builder 3.0 pro costs $57


– OTO 3: Agency License

With the agency license, you will be able to add the accounts of your clients to your version of the software. This gives you the ability to manage the campaigns of your clients. The campaigns can then be run on your behalf by outsourcers, who you pay a small percentage of your income and then profit the difference. The outsourcers who will manage the campaigns of your clients are readily available. You will get to earn 100% of your profit when you upgrade to this package. Several additional great features come with this package. The Agency License will cost you $67.


Trffic Builder 3.0 Money back Guarantee




– It is a cloud-based software

– Gets traffic from Reddit, which is a relatively untapped market

– It has a 30-day money-back guarantee

– It is user-friendly

– Does not require you to install or download anything to use it

– It can generate traffic for any niche

– It generates high-end traffic




– It takes a lot of time before the processing is completed. It may take up to 24 hours for the processing to be completed.




Traffic Builder 3.0 is a very effective traffic generation software. The traffic it generates is high-quality and has a high likelihood to increase your earnings from online marketing.


This product is best suited for affiliate marketers, bloggers, online store owners, business owners, and online marketers. I particularly like the fact that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always ask for a refund if you are dissatisfied with its services.


Traffic Builder 3.0 can help you get traffic, but do you have a solid business to convert this traffic? If you don’t, or if you want to drastically improve your online results, check out the training that I followed (and still do).



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I hope that this article has been helpful to you and that you have learned all there is to know about Traffic Builder 3.0. Good luck!


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