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Welcome to my DigiProduct Lab Review.


If you have ever attempted to create a digital product, then you probably have some idea of how tasking it can be to come up with something that will generate traffic and profits. However, the fact that it is difficult to achieve does not mean that you cannot earn an income this way. If you come up with a high-quality product that showcases your style and your unique point of view, you can generate a considerable income through it online.


Today, there are a variety of software products on the market that you can take advantage of to help you put together a potentially profitable product. However, since there are so many, it can be hard to determine what works. Read on for an honest and unbiased review about one such software – DigiProduct Labs – to determine if it is worth trying out.


Product Being Reviewed: DigiProduct Lab


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DigiProduct Lab is a product by Glynn Kosky that promises to allow users to earn an income online by giving them the chance to create highly profitable digital products in less than 60 seconds.


According to the sales page, DigiProduct Lab works in three main steps:


• Select a topic for your eBook by entering a keyword in the search bar or scanning the database for ideas.

• Allow the software to retrieve relevant content sourced from a database that includes over 250,000 PLR articles. Alternatively, you can enter a URL to get info from any website or add your unique content.

• Monetize and get viral traffic by adding relevant affiliate links within your eBook to earn commissions, link directly to your services and offers, sell your eBooks as premium products, and sharing to different sites and social media platforms.


The features of the product are provided as follows:


• High quality free viral traffic


Share your eBooks with audiences on sites such as Speaker Deck, Slideshare, AuthorSTREAM, SlideServe, Scribd, and many more. You can also post your books on social media and promote them on YouTube to drive more traffic to your links and offers.


• Build your email list and profit with email marketing


DigiProduct eBooks make for great lead magnets, making them ideal for list building in any niche.


• Bank passive affiliate commissions


Add as many affiliate links in your eBooks as you choose. This is the easiest and most passive way to monetize your eBooks


• Skyrocket conversions on your promo


Increase conversions when you promote DigiProduct Lab through custom bonuses.

digiproduct lab video breakdown




Here is a breakdown of the site’s sales video:


The video starts with the creator, Glynn, promises to cover exactly what you will need to make consistent online profits. He reveals that he makes six figures per year mainly by list building, selling and promoting products. From the lessons he has learned along the way, Glynn mentions three things that he considers necessary to make consistent profits: traffic, an email list, and your products. Creating your products is the hardest to achieve, but if done right, it completely takes care of your traffic and list building.


According to Glynn, top marketers use simple products such as eBooks, reports, and cheat sheets to drive their businesses. However, creating content is neither cheap nor easy – successful eBooks have to offer information that people want or need, have amazing design, and be promoted effectively. Once you have these things, eBooks can:


• Drive free viral traffic

• Make you hands-free commissions from affiliate offers

• You can sell them as premium products and keep 100% of the profit

• You can include them as part of sales funnels and membership sites for recurring income


According to the author, eBooks are assets that can make you profits 24/7 completely passively because once you create them, you don’t have to do a thing. The only problem comes in when you have to create quality content.


To make content creating easier, Glynn requested his development team to create a software to automate the whole process, and they came up with DigiProduct Lab. In the video, Glynn states DigiProduct Lab as a cloud-based software. It creates amazing eBooks that bring in tons of constant traffic, increased your leads, and skyrockets profits. It is as easy as entering a keyword and voila! An Ebook is created from thin air!– the software will search through a database of over 250,000 premium PLR articles to find the right content for you. If you want to, you can even enter a specific URL and legally scrape content as needed.


Manipulate your content in any way that you want to. You have complete flexibility to take advantage of these unique, high quality ebooks that are made for you in no time flat. DigiProduct Lab also includes an Ecover creator that gives you beautiful covers with a few simple clicks. The next thing your ebooks need to get results is exposure – choose from dozens of built-in, top converting landing pages to promote your eBooks across platforms. Add your autoresponder to your choice to build your list, and even get pre-built thank you pages that deliver your eBooks to your new subscribers.

how does digiproduct lab work?




There are several options provided when you log into the DigiProduct Lab dashboard:


• Ecover Creator

• Create eBook

• My library

• My collections

• DFY packages (Done For You)

• License generation

• Bonus builder

• Bonuses

• Training

• Help

• Traffic upgrade

• License rights

• Unlimited version

• Upgrade membership


The training videos cover the following topics:


• How to create your eBooks

• How to create an Ecover

• Bonuses builder

• Create your landing pages

• What to put in an eBook

• How to build an email list

• How to get traffic for affiliate offers


Under Ecover creator, you will find some templates included. You can either create a flat cover or a 3D book cover. With a flat cover, you’re going to be able to create the first page of your eBook. You will be provided with different templates, and you can completely change the text, the images, and anything else you want to alter on the pages. If you create 3D covers, you get to edit the entire front, back, and side of the book. Simply go to the “Actions “tab and click on “view 3D” to see your book in 3D. Under “controls”, you can make modifications to the book’s height and thickness. You can rotate the book as well as change the front and back lighting effect. You can also check whether you want to see the book from the bottom, middle, or the top. Once you are satisfied, click on “Get image” and then download the 3D version of your eBook cover.


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The eBook creator is the main feature of the software. There are several ways you can create content using DigiProduct Lab:


– Create from articles


You can create an eBook from PLR (Private Label Rights) articles, BCS articles, or from your collections.


To find articles under the “create from articles’ tab, type any keyword that is related to the content you want to have in your eBook. Choose how you want the keyword to be matched (any keyword, all keywords, or exact phrase) as well as how many articles you want to collect. The system will then search and present you with articles that are related to your keyword, and you can select the articles that you want for your eBook. Once you have rounded up all of them. Click on “create” at the bottom of the page. The software will put your chosen articles into an eBook for you.


You can then give the newly compiled eBook a title and add your name as the author. The next step is to choose an eBook cover, where you can either use the one that you created under the Ecover creator or if you have an image on your computer that you want to use as a cover, you can upload it. You can make modifications to the font, page numbering, header settings, descriptions, summaries, eBook chapters, and other details. You can even make changes to the content of the eBook if you want. Once you are pleased with the results, click on “regenerate eBook” to allow you to download the eBook as a PDF, EPUB, Mobi, HTML, or a docx.


Depending on your needs, you can now give your eBook as a gift to visitors on your landing page or you can sell it for profit.


– Create manually


You can create content for your eBook by typing up your text.


– Create from URL


For example, if you want to turn some of your blog posts into an e-book, you can simply click on the “create from URL” button. If you come across websites with articles that you are allowed to use, then you can post their content as long as you have the license to do so.


– Upload your eBook


If you already have an eBook, simply upload it to the DigiProduct Lab system.


– Choose DFY eBooks


If you don’t want to create content or look for it elsewhere, you can choose from the provided done-for-you eBooks in the system. To access this option, you will need to purchase an up sell.




You can make profits using the DigiProduct Lab system if you create quality eBooks that customers will want to purchase or you use them to generate traffic effectively – for example, by using them as an incentive to get visitors interested in whatever you are trying to pitch to them. As you might expect, creating quality content will take a lot of time and effort on your part, and it might take a while before you make considerable earnings.


Although the initial price of the product is quite affordable, there are several upsells that you might want to factor into your budget when you buy DigiProduct Lab:


– Upsell 1: DigiProduct Lab unlimited ($67)

• You can create unlimited covers

• You have unlimited storage, allowing you to store unlimited digital products

• Additional templates


– Upsell 2: DigiProduct Lab automated traffic ($97)

• DFY traffic stream

• Training on how to get your pixel

• Training on how to run ads through retargeting to a large audience


– Upsell 3: Done-for-you products and funnels ($67)

• 10 DFY packages, each containing a different niche, eBook, landing page, and a thank you/download page

• You can add your affiliate links to the product and start generating income this way


– Upsell 4: List builder funnels ($47)

• Start building your email list

• DFY products

• Create opt-in pages that include giveaways

• Integration with all well-known autoresponders

• Easily customizable pages


– Upsell 5: Bonus builder app ($67)

• Create bonus pages that you can use to promote other people’s products and services

• Choose from the DigiProduct Lab database products that you would want to give away

• DigiProduct will automatically create a bonus page with the products that you choose as well as a thank you page for customers that download your products

• Cloud-based software will be automatically added to your DigiProduct Lab dashboard if you upgrade


– Upsell 6: DigiProduct lab license rights ($197)

• Rights to sell DigiProduct Lab

• DFY email products that you can use to promote your product

• A series of traffic videos that will help you sell DigiProduct Lab as your own

• Access to the creator via Facebook and Skype for guidance




• The guidelines given on how to create an eBook using the DigiProduct Lab are easy to follow and execute.

• The initial price of the product ($25.97 for the lite version, and $29.97 for the pro version) is affordable.

• You can create eBooks for a wide variety of niches.

• There are a variety of ways you can create content, so even if you don’t have content of your own, you can still use DigiProduct Lab.

• There is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the results you are getting from using the product

• You can easily earn a passive income by adding affiliate links to your eBooks.




• The sales page uses a lot of hype in how it describes the functioning of the product. For example, it claims that it will take you less than 60 seconds to create highly profitable eBooks. In reality, you will need to take your time to create quality content that your customers will be interested in buying.

• There are six upsells in total, and they are collectively way more expensive than the initial price of the product.

• The initial product does not offer any means of generating traffic, which means that your only options are to buy an expensive up sell or discover traffic-generating strategies on your own.

• The list building is not hands-free as claimed – you are going to have to put in a lot of effort to come up with a comprehensive list.

digiproduct lab verdict




DigiProduct Lab is legitimate software product that can help you earn an income online. However, you will only get the most out of it by investing in the upsells, which are quite costly. So there is a tricky balancing act you have to figure out for yourself there.


Having said that, scraped content and ebooks that are made up of collated PLR content are seldom high quality. They are usually choppy and many times nonsensical. This product provides you with tools and resources to make the process a lot easier than it would if you were to write ebooks from scratch. But you are still going to have to invest a lot of time going though the generated content to proofread, correct and amend. It is also important to note that content generated from PLR and by scraping articles from other sites has a high risk of showing up as duplicate content in Google’s algorithms. I guess this is fine if you are creating Ebooks but make sure not to use the content generated as articles and posts on your blogs – You are very likely to get heavily penalized bu big G!


You will also have to be consistent and put in a considerable amount of your time to ensure that you create quality content that people will want to consume.



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I hope this review has been helpful and will guide you in your decision-making regarding the product.


To your success!


Mike Aha

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