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Super Affiliate Secrets X is a Clickbank product that claims it can show you a “weird commission loophole” that can make you up to $1000 a day online. Personally, I don’t trust products that talk about “weird loopholes” and “secret methods”. I believe they only use these bait terms to try to get your money or to get you to join their spammy mailing lists. That being said, I decided to give this product the benefit of the doubt and take a closer look at it. So, is it all hype or is it an actual legit product? Here is what I found out in this Super Affiliate Secrets X review.


Product Being Reviewed: Super Affiliate Secrets X




Super Affiliate Secrets X is a product by someone called Keysha who promises to help you make up to $1000 a day. The site itself is your typical run-of-the-mill website with a pitch video that practically begs you to hand over your money.


If you are a person who has seen as many of these product sites as I have, you will immediately get a feeling of deja vu the moment the site loads. Sure, the layout looks exactly like what many other such sites use, with the header text making some bold claim up top, the pitch video immediately underneath it, the sign up form with a huge “Buy Now” button after that and the disclaimer at the bottom.


However, with this site, everything from the high contrast black background with red and white text to the annoying “Wait! Wait! Wait!” popup that appears when you try to exit the site reminded me of several other sites that I had reviewed before. So, I looked through some of my past reviews and voila! There they were: The Super Affiliate Secrets X site is almost an exact copy of the 5K Formula System and the Private Cash Sites websites. The owners of these sites clearly used the exact same templates.


A closer look at the disclaimer also reveals a few more interesting things. It clearly states that:


• “This is not a get rich quick program nor do we believe in overnight success. We believe in hard work, developing your skills, and putting in the time if you want to earn more financially.” They say this to protect themselves from any liability just in case someone believes the exact opposite claims that they make in the video.


• “The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results.” Again, they only state this in the disclaimer where few people will end up reading it to protect themselves from any liability.


• The text ends with a link to their actual average earnings and income disclosure. This link will take you to a page with an income disclosure statement, but there is no mention of Super Affiliate Secrets X. Instead, the title of the statement is “THE PROFIT SHORT CUT INCOME DISCLOSURE STATEMENT.” A quick Google search of The Profit Short Cut reveals it is yet another product, but more on that a little later. Let’s first talk about this income disclosure statement. This is the gist of it:


1. It represents everyone who joined Profit Short Cut from 2016 to 2018 and completed the “training boot camp” and signed the Profit Short Cut Affiliate Partner Agreement.

2. The average income for everyone who joined this program for the two years is $2501.

3. The average person spends $3000 to $12000 in expenses every year but only less than 2% earn enough to cover their costs.

4. Some people make no money at all with this program.


Here is the table of earnings:


super affiliate secrets X table


This income disclosure statement makes this product look like a pyramid scheme, complete with tiers and the people at the top being the only ones who make any money. Almost 40,000 people made $103 dollars A YEAR while ONLY TWO people made over $100,000. If these numbers don’t scare you, I don’t know what will. Considering the product claims that it can help you make $1000 a day, and even the people at the top didn’t manage that, things don’t look good for them at all.


Let’s assume that the owner of Super Affiliate Secrets only used this income disclosure statement because he didn’t have one of his own, and he was just looking for something to represent his own product’s potential. Although that still doesn’t look good for him by a long shot, let’s still give him the benefit of the doubt and take one final closer look at the Profit Short Cut as we try to establish that it has absolutely nothing to do with Super Affiliate Secrets X:


5. When you load up the Profit Short Cut site, you will realize that it makes the exact same “how to make $1000 a day” claim. The format of this site is exactly the same as that of Super Affiliate Secrets X, and even some elements of the pitch video are shared between the two. Which only goes to show that Super Affiliate Secrets X is an almost exact replica product with Profit Short Cut, and we can assume that both these sites belong to the same person.


Speaking of the pitch video, you probably don’t have the time to sit through one of these long videos that say in 10 minutes what could have been said in two. And trust me when I say you do not have the time to sit through this excruciatingly long Super Affiliate Secrets X video. So, I sat through it for you, and I’ll now tell you exactly what it is about. Here is a breakdown of the pitch video.




The video starts with a spokeswoman claiming that she is going to reveal to you a hidden profit shortcut. What follows then is a series of testimonials from people claiming to have made thousands of dollars using this product. Eight people give their testimonials, and since we now know from the income disclosure statement that only a maximum of 12 people made over $1000 a month, you are left wondering where they got all these people giving such glowing recommendations for Super Affiliate Secrets X. That answer is simple: they are all paid Fiverr actors. But more on that a little later.


The spokesperson then says that she has an exclusive offer for you on that page. She says that although you probably don’t realize it yet, you are extremely lucky to be watching that video. She says she is going to show you $2000 worth of cash producing bonuses. However, if you do not act now, the video could be gone in the next 5 to10 minutes. By now, it should be clear that this first section of the video is only meant to get you curious and watching more of the video and to keep you interested for as long as possible.


super affiliate secrets x hype

The spokesperson then says that before she can share with you the “secrets”, she has to warn you that this information is controversial. She says the information she is about to share with you cannot leave that web page, so she asks you to keep what you are about to hear a secret. She says the secrets she is about to share with you are powerful and unique and have made her personally rich.


But that is not all you are going to get by watching the video. She says if you watch it all, she will also throw in $2000 worth of cash producing bonuses, and if you do not like what you get, it is completely risk-free, and she will even pay you $100 just for wasting your time. Here we see more false claims. She claims that this is a secret video yet money was spent on paid adverts for it to get it sent to as many emails as possible, all to get as many people as possible to watch it. And I can bet you anything that there is no way she is going to give you $100 of her own money for any reason whatsoever. All this person wants is to make as much money off you and off everyone else who is gullible enough to fall for this as possible.


The next few minutes are a series of general questions that can apply to anyone, to make you feel like the video was specially created for someone in your situation. For example, she asks, “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have complete freedom that comes from working from home?” And several other questions along those lines.


She then says that in the next few minutes you are going to discover a new revolutionary method that is making thousands of dollars in commissions for people from all over the world. By now, you will realize that she still hasn’t told us exactly what it is she is trying to sell, but at least this is the first mention of the word “commission”. We start getting some clues on what it is that this program does.


More testimonials follow. A woman who was on food stamps says she has made over $5000 in two months. A woman who was a complete newbie to online marketing says she has over $5000 in one month. All Fiverr actors. These actors have all been paid to read a script, saying exactly what the owners of this product want you to hear. So none of these testimonials hold any water. The spokesperson then says that as long as you can follow simple instructions, even if you are a complete newbie, you can find success with this program.


She says it takes a special kind of courage to make money online. If you don’t have that, you should stay away from Super Affiliate Secrets X. If you have a tendency of playing things safe, this isn’t the best fit for you. She wants people who see an opportunity and leap at it. What this translates to is that if you think things true, you will probably realize that this product will never make you any money. If you are an extremely gullible person, you are exactly who they want.


She says she is counting on you to be successful to make her more successful. And the reason why the video needs to stay secret is that if it were available to everyone, she would get a “bunch of losers” who would never make any money and just waste her time. She says she has already taught a select group of people to make a full-time income online with this system, and she is going to teach you too. But you have to do exactly as she says because if you do not sign up when she tells you to, you will probably never see that opportunity again.


I paused the video to better take all the lies in. The biggest of all being that they are only looking for a few people to sign up and that you will never see the product again if you do not sign up. I wish that were true. This website is definitely not going anywhere, and they clearly need as many people as possible to buy their lies for them to be successful. They are counting on that “bunch of losers” to fall for this scheme. We still have no idea what this product even is. Anyway, the video is not over yet.


At this point, the spokesperson introduces herself as Keysha. She says she is not trying to sell you anything. She then goes on to tell you her personal story. If I have learned anything from doing lots of these reviews, it’s that these stories are always sad rags-to-riches stories designed to pull on the heartstrings. There is no element of truth in them whatsoever. And in the end, the person always discovers a “secret money making method” that they then decide to teach you so they can help you out too or something like that. Let’s see if this story is any different.


Keysha says she grew up poor, and always thought she would be poor forever. She says she somehow got lucky and stumbled upon the money-making secret she is about to share with you today. Out of the blue, she got an invitation to attend a webinar with an underground internet millionaire, the same guy who would go on to become her mentor. This person was introduced to her as Misha Wilson, a 25-year-old surfer dude. He agreed to share his secret with Keysha on the condition that if she became successful, she would pay it forward by sharing it with other people. How benevolent of them. Well, that is why Keysha is passing on the secret that has made her millions to you right now.


super affiliate secrets x fake testimonial

More testimonials follow. A guy who has made over $10,000 in two months. Another guy who finally has time for himself due to this system. Keysha then says that with this method, almost everything has already been done for you. The products have been created for you, the websites have been coded for you, emails are written for you, videos are shot for you, the sales material is crafted for you, everything is done for you by marketing experts.


She says all she did was follow the simple step by step instructions, placing online ads like she was told to. Everything else was done for her. Now she makes over $1000 every day while she sleeps. She says the system has gone through several upgrades since the day she first started, and today it is even easier to make the kind of profits she is talking about.


Again, the video is well past the halfway mark by now, and we still have no idea what exactly this product is or what it does. I keep watching.


Keysha keeps going round and round in circles without actually telling you anything new. In fact, she keeps repeating what has already been said, over and over and over, completely wasting your time. By the end of the video, you will realize that all the essential information contained in this video could have easily been fit in just a simple one or two-minute video.


She says you could be on the ground floor of something big. Some people earn hundreds of dollars in their first few days, and some even go on to quit their jobs within a few weeks. But she is only interested in working with people who are ambitious and truly want to make money online. By watching the video for that long, you are already in the 5%, because most people can’t watch a simple video for that long.


She says this method is foolproof and completely automated. With this method, you can finally do anything you want to do because it will give you complete control of your life. Once you get inside, you will be given your own personal advisor who will guide you on your journey. She says with the system you don’t even have to close any sales yourself, the team of internet marketers will do it for you.


By now the video is more than 20 minutes long, and it is still not over. It is annoyingly repetitive by now, but there are no controls on it so I just had to grit my teeth and sit endure it. She says that she is going to give you the complete system and a personal advisor. A system which costs $100,000 to develop and $20,000 a month to maintain. Since the more successful partners they have the more successful they become, she is going to give you the product for the low price of $1 a day.


The actual price of the product is $47, and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Keysha says if you go through the 30-day training and take all the action steps, and you still don’t feel satisfied with the program, they will give you a $100 for free for wasting your time. We have already established that you are not going to get a cent from them. This is all just meant to make you stay on the product for 30 days so that in the end, you’ll have forfeited your money back guarantee and they’ll get to keep it all.


The last part of the video is simply Keysha trying to convince you to sign up on the form below the video to get access to the product. She uses every trick in the book to get you to sign up immediately without putting much thought into what she has just said. The entire video is over 30 minutes long, and you will realize that those are 30 minutes of your life that you will never get back. And you still have no idea what you are being asked to sign up for.



how does super affiliate secrets x work

Super Affiliate X is a sales funnel for a different program called The Super Affiliate Network. What this means is that Super Affiliate X is not an actual program by itself. When you sign up for Super Affiliate X, you are actually being tricked into joining Super Affiliate Network.


Super Affiliate Network is an MLM program by someone called Misha Wilson. They say that they will help you build an internet business from home. They do this by training you to become an affiliate marketer promoting Super Affiliate Network on sites like Super Affiliate X.


So that is how you will make your money with this product. You will become an affiliate marketer for Super Affiliate Network, earning a commission for every sale you make. Your job will be to refer people like you to this program, and if they fall for it as you did, you make a commission.


The way MLMs like Super Affiliate Network work is simple. They get you in through the door with a $47 asking price and promises of instant wealth. Once you are in, they start up selling you product after product, adding up to thousands of dollars. And you will realize that you need to buy these products for the system to make you any money.


So you need to buy the first up sell to start earning a commission, then the next up sell to increase your commission percentage by a small margin, and so on. At the same time, you also need to focus on convincing as many other people as you can to join the program. So the commissions you are earning are exclusively from promoting the very same program you are a member of. You also earn from the people you refer when they make sales, up to several levels, which is where the multilevel marketing part comes in.


Super Affiliate Network is presented as the product that will change your life. In truth, it really will change your life, but by leaving you poorer than before. Lots of people end up spending money and never making a single cent.


There is an income disclosure statement on the Super Affiliate Network website, too. This statement is exactly identical to the one I showed here earlier, which only goes to further solidify my theory that these products are owned by the same person. From the disclosure statements, we see that only 2 people made over $100,000 in two years, so no one made $1000 a day as claimed by the sales page. Also, more than 40,000 people lost their money over the same period.


Numbers don’t lie.




Absolutely not. You will actually end up losing a lot of your hard-earned cash if you choose to purchase this Super Affiliate Secrets X. This is not even an actual product in itself, but a way to lure you into signing up for an MLM.


Buying into MLMs is actually dangerous to the people you care about and the people around you because they are the first ones you will rope into your scheme with you. And when they lose money too they will blame you.





super affiliate secrets X verdict

Super Affiliate Secrets X is clearly a scam site designed to rope in unsuspecting people into an MLM. I do not recommend this product. In fact, you need to stay as far away from it and its ilk as you can.


You might argue that at least they teach you the basics of affiliate marketing. I would have to strongly disagree. MLMs want to keep you dependent on them, only showing you enough to make a few dollars then turning around and asking for a few thousand. You will never recover your investments.


Affiliate marketing that is done right is a source of freedom. It lets you be your own boss, promoting the products you want in the niches you like. It allows you to work only as much as you want, making you love your job. You get none of this with this product. Instead, it only gives you tools that you can use to promote just one product, thus making even more money off you.




It is products like these that give online businesses a bad name. Either way, whatever you decide to do, I hope this Super Affiliate Secrets X review has given you all the information you need to make the smart choice. Good luck!


To your Success,


Mike A

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