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I first heard about Profit Injector from an email a friend sent me some time back. It was marketed as a way to make profits from YouTube without uploading any videos. That sounded quite interesting to me. So I decided to dive right in and find out as much as I could about this product and to determine for myself whether it is all hype or legit. Today I share my findings with you, to help you also make that decision for yourself. Here is a detailed review of Profit Injector.


Product Being Reviewed:  Profit Injector



Profit Injector is a ClickBank product that promises to help you generate huge profits from YouTube without ever uploading a single video to the platform.


When you log on to the website, the first thing you see is the promo video, which tries to explain what the product can do for you and why you should sign up. It looks a lot like many other such sites, with a few key differences: the creator of the product is the one that is actually explaining how it works, and the video actually tells us what Profit Injector is about, without going round and round in circles before asking for money. To me, this was quite refreshing, but I still was not convinced.




Here is a breakdown of the video:


The video starts with a man behind a desk counting huge stacks of cash on a currency counting machine. The first thing he does is congratulate the viewer for watching the video, because, in his words, it’s like winning the lottery. He then makes the outrageous claim that the video is invite only and not available via search engine. So I immediately closed the tab and Googled ‘Profit Injector.’ I was a little disappointed when I could still find the video.


Later on, the man tells us that his name is Jamie Lewis.


As I mentioned earlier, it really felt quite refreshing to see an actual creator of the product talking about his system on his website. It actually gave the product a certain degree of credibility. Most of these product websites usually have a PowerPoint-style presentation with a voice over and a pen name, which makes it difficult to know who really is behind the product. With Profit Injector, though, you get the creator, Jamie Lewis, putting his best foot forward and presenting his product himself.




A quick Google search will tell you who Jamie Lewis is. He is quite a successful online entrepreneur, so that adds some juice to his credibility. He definitely knows his stuff, having dabbled in several online businesses over the years. However, it is important to remember that this system is not the reason for his success. Moving on.


profit injector income statement

The next part of the video is a montage of profit statements, Jamie in a pool, a nice house that we assume is his, him in a bathtub, and more profit statements. Everything has been tailored to show us how successful he is. He then goes straight to the point and introduces us to how he makes his money: Free Video Ads. A total of 1.2 billion dollars has been paid out to YouTube partners so far, and Jamie wants to help you get in on this action. He insists the video is only going to be up for a limited time for “confidential reasons”.


He claims the same video ads he wants to share with you increase the value of his profits daily. We are then shown screenshots of his daily commission figures, which are in the thousands. He says he made $151,934 in his first year of using his system, and $182, 835 in his second year. He turned 12,673,494 views into $16,231, 1528 clicks into $1559, and 26,654 hits to $160,525. He claims his methods are the best and most time effective way to make money online because they do not require the buying of ads, are very easy to master, and you will not have to deal with customer service or hire people.


The system he is talking about is called Video Arbitrage. Jamie says by combining it with affiliate marketing for his ads, he is able to bring in a lot of money every day. He wants to share his free video ads program with viewers who “qualify” for it, and asks you to keep watching to find out if you qualify.

The way the system works is simple. It allows you to take advantage of specific sub niches and sub categories within YouTube to make money. It is difficult to reach and connect with these niches, but with Profit Injector, all the hard work has been done for you.


The next part of the video is his personal story. He worked in an instrument store as a musician, making less than $200 a week. He learned about affiliate programs online while he was looking for ways to promote his band website and never looked back.


So how does the Profit Injector system work? Well, according to Jamie, all you have to do is log in to the members’ area, use the search engine he designed to pick a niche, then get your referral links in video description boxes of videos in a specific niche. He shows existing YouTube videos with millions of views that he has his affiliate links under. These videos do indeed exist on YouTube, and they really do have the numbers we see on screen and his affiliate link.


At the end of the video, Jamie finally seals the deal. He says he has spent over $17,000 to have the system created, and over 160 hours to prepare his presentations to his programmers so that they could get everything exactly as he wanted. Now he knows exactly which niche keywords to target and how to find videos ripe for the taking. He is offering his system for the very low price of $37, giving you a way to mine digital gold. And, to qualify, you need the following requirements: knowledge of basic computer skills, set aside 2 hours to learn the strategy, and be willing to email him with feedback after the system works.


At the end, he says that once the program has enough members’, he will block access to it. So, you need to get on the bandwagon as soon as you can to avoid losing out.




Profit Injector works by putting your affiliate links in the descriptions of YouTube videos created by other people. When people view the videos, they click on your link and you make a profit.


how does profit injector work

This means you do not have to actually be a content creator to get a profit from your ads. All you need to do is provide an affiliate link with a call to action that people can click on when they watch the video. You earn money when a sale is made from your affiliate link.


By targeting specific highly focused niches and posting very relevant affiliate links to these videos, it is possible to make a decent amount of money even with limited views.


Through Profit Injector, you are also taught how to approach content creators on YouTube and offer to help them monetize their high traffic sites by adding affiliate links which split the commissions between you and the content creator. So, in essence, you are helping the content creator monetize his content more effectively, and earning a small commission on the side through it.


It is important to note that all these extras come at a cost. Immediately you buy the product, you are hit with upsells totaling a little over $600.




In theory, what Jamie is proposing can actually work. All you are doing is reaching out to content creators who have not monetized their videos with affiliate links, then negotiating a business structure that will benefit you both through affiliate marketing. You do not spend any money out-of-pocket.


Although you can go out yourself and try to find videos that have not been monetized owned by creators who are willing to take you up on your deal, you will probably not have much success getting them. Since finding these types of videos can be difficult, Jamie is offering a set of tools for you to use to make your work easier on his site.


However, this system is definitely not perfect. Here are some reasons why:


  • It is really difficult to find the perfect videos that check all the boxes, and even harder to deal with creators, then come up with a win-win strategy for both of you. What this means is that the bulk of your time could be spent trying to find videos and dealing with creators.
  • How often do you personally click on affiliate links in YouTube video descriptions? Exactly. People rarely click those links. You will need a very high traffic video to make anything substantial.
  • There are no guarantees that the owner of the video will not decide to steal your idea and put their own affiliate links up. Even if you convince them, they might change their mind later, pull down your link and put up their own, and there is nothing you can do about it. They own the video, not you.


The risk of being thrown out of your own idea is actually the biggest risk you are taking by using Profit Injector. You are approaching someone who holds all the cards, and they have every motivation to cut you out of the deal. You have to trust that they will stick to their word. The video is the asset, and because they own it, they can do whatever they want with it. And you.


Also, if you are looking for fast results, you will not get them with this system. As you can imagine, your clicks will be few and far in between. This is definitely not a source of income you can live off of. If you do buy the product, just set it up and let it run, and don’t even think about it. Check up on it every few months for some extra pocket money. If you end up spending money on the upsells, you will very likely not be breaking even any time soon.




Profit Injector only works if you can generate enough clicks. It completely relies on affiliate marketing and the strategic placement of your affiliate links. The fact that it is a ClickBank product is somewhat reassuring. It means that you are guaranteed to get your money back if you are not satisfied.


profit injector traffic statistics

Although it is a legitimate way of making money, it does come with a lot of drawbacks, some of which are frankly, not worth the pain. First of all, it is ridiculously time-consuming. You will have to do a lot of groundwork before you can start seeing some money coming in. Secondly, it leaves you very vulnerable and completely at the mercy of the content creator. If they decide to cut you out tomorrow, you are done for.


However, if you are looking for a source of a little extra cash that drops into your lap every once in a while, this is a good opportunity. It will take a lot of work at the beginning, but if you get good content creators who do not double-cross you, you can leave your link up for years and come check up on it and be pleasantly surprised every time.




Profit Injector stands out because its creator clearly explains what it is and what it does from the get go, so you definitely know what you are getting yourself into when you buy the product. Can it make you money? Maybe. However, there are much better ways to make money on the web. You can build a profitable online business from the ground up without doing a lot of groundwork that may or may not pay a cent in the long run. In the end, though, you have to decide what you want for yourself.




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