Easy Cash Club Review – No B.S! Read Before You Buy!

Easy Cash Club is a new product on ClickBank that claims it has helped some people earn over $35,000 every week doing absolutely no work, and it can help you achieve these numbers too. When I saw this claim on their website, I immediately knew I had to do a detailed review of this product. If you have been wondering whether it is all hype or not, read on, because this Easy Cash Club review will answer all your questions.


Product Being Reviewed: Easy Cash Club



Easy Cash Club is a Clickbank product that promises to help you make a minimum of $379 every day. The $37 product claims to work completely on autopilot, allowing you to make a boatload of cash by working for less than 30 minutes every day. According to the website, you can do all this by taking advantage of their proprietary software that allows you to make money off YouTube videos that it helps you make.


When you go to the website, you will see the typical format that most such sites have, with the main pitch video up front. You also get the option of reading a text pitch if you do not want to watch the video.


easy cash club inspirational quote

The moment I saw the video, I immediately knew what to expect. I have come to find these videos sadly predictable, following a specific pattern as if they were all made with one blueprint. Typically, the videos have the introduction, testimonials, the sad rags-to-riches personal story, a plethora of profit statements, lots of promises of how the product will change your life, a brief mention of the actual product, and finally, the inevitable request for your money. So, was I wrong? Of course, I wasn’t. Here is a breakdown of the video.




easy cash club introduction

The video starts with slides of inspirational quotes before the spokesperson comes in. He announces that your life is about to completely change by the time you finish watching the video, as you witness a secret millionaire sharing his best kept money-making secret with a select group of people, including you.


The spokesperson, who we later learn is called Steve Johnson, immediately conveys the sense of urgency by saying that you need to watch the video to the end and grab yourself a copy of one of the licenses to the secret software, because once the millionaire shuts his systems down, you will have lost out on a chance to make millions.


The text version of his sales pages is full of income proofs and success stories of people who have supposedly used the product. These are all obviously fake. All you have to do is do a reverse image search of any one of the profile pictures and you will realize they are all free stock images borrowed from all over the internet.


Steve also shares his personal story. Despite being a skilled programmer, working from morning to evening while chained to a desk seemed like slavery to him. He had trouble showing up on time, and he argued with his bosses. His grandmother passed away one day and he started thinking about life. He immediately decided to start seeking out total financial freedom. The idea to automate making money online came to him randomly one day, and he decided to use this system with YouTube. The rest, as they say, is history.


easy cash club income statement

After several income proofs and more convincing, Steve finally tells us that although the product only costs $37, he only has a limited number of licenses for the software, so anyone who is interested should hurry. He says he only needs 20 people to buy the product after which he will pull down the product.


He then changes tune and says he is offering you a partnership deal in his venture. He is willing to give you his software for free. However, since he pays $10,000 a month to keep his site up and running, he only asks for a small “goodwill” payment of $37 to show that you are serious. If you do not make at least 30 times that amount, you can take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee Clickbank offer.


He pulls out the big guns and throws in more offers as long as you act now. Bonus videos and guides that are no doubt included among the upsells he will convince you to purchase once you sign up. He finally insists that you should hurry up before someone steals your opportunity.




According to the website, Easy Cash Club works by piggy-backing off the free traffic on YouTube. Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, you can harness the power of this traffic by converting it through affiliate marketing. All you have to do is place affiliate links in the description of your video, and when people click it, you earn a commission. Assuming you got one click for every 1000 views, that translates to 100 clicks for 100,000 views, and if you are making $25 per sale, that’s $2500 per 100,000 views. Add that to the money that YouTube pays you for your ad views, which is roughly $5 to $10 per 1000 views, and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.




That sounds awesome, but making videos is hard. You need expensive equipment, expensive software, some experience, and several specialized skills if you want to be any good at it. You also need to always be on your toes and capture emerging trends before they become too commonplace. This is where the Easy Cash Club system comes in. The software helps do away with the need for content creation on your part by doing it for you. It automates the content creation process by using AI technology that collects text, audio files and pictures and converts them into YouTube videos. They do not have to be high quality, just good enough to get YouTube views.


He says he has uploaded thousands of such videos over the last few years. Having as many videos as possible uploaded is the key to his secret. They do not have to be the best. He has several followers on his channels who see his videos immediately he uploads them.


He explains the video creating process as a 3-step process:


1. You select the AI voice and what it should read. He uses the example of a fried chicken recipe.

2. You then add relevant images to the video. You position your images as you would like them to appear, then download the video.

3. The next step is to open a YouTube account, sign up for Google AdSense for monetization, then upload the video to YouTube. In the description section, you then add affiliate links. In his chicken recipe example, he adds affiliate links to where people can buy the ingredients online. At this point, he says there are a few more secret steps to follow which will net you lots of video views and then you can finally start making money.



For many people, YouTube is a legitimate source of income. It is completely possible to make money off YouTube. In fact, in 2018, Logan Paul, the highest paid Youtuber, took home a little over $14.5million. Many more YouTubers are making millions. However, you have to realize that they did not get to this point overnight. It took time, effort, a specific set of skills, and a lot of dedication. This is a stark contradiction from what Easy Cash Club is insinuating.


Also, not everyone can monetize their videos. You need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and a minimum of 4,000 hours of total annual viewing time before you can even get your foot in the door. Such numbers are only achieved by consistently creating and publishing original, quality content that your audience will enjoy. No one will subscribe to a channel they do not like.


easy cash club image

According to Steve, all you have to do is use his software to mash up random pictures, upload that on your channel, then get thousands of views the next day and immediately start making money. Anyone who has ever uploaded a video on YouTube knows it is never that easy. Plus, although the monetization through affiliate marketing may sound promising, that is also not how things work. Being a successful affiliate marketer takes time and hard work.


The only way you will ever be able to make money on YouTube is by doing what every other successful person is doing. YouTube only pays for ads that people watch for 30 seconds or more. This means you need to get your viewers to stick around. The only way to do that is by giving them quality content, and not something artificial and lazy. In fact, the AI voice will put off most people from the start. Wouldn’t you prefer to watch a video with commentary from an actual human? Add that to the fact that the content itself has been clearly hastily made for views and you have a recipe for a steadily declining audience.





When you buy the Easy Cash program, you will get access to the video editing software that will allow you to create videos from images and layer them with an AI voice over. You will also be hit with several upsells trying to make you purchase several more products that will supposedly make you more effective in this venture. In fact, the actual cost of Easy Cash Club is $37 plus upsells of $200 and a $17 monthly fee. The worst part is that the ClickBank warranty only covers the initial $37.


Getting your video up is also no easy task. You actually have to put in some work. You will have to create your own YouTube channel, find the relevant text to use in the voice over, find open source images, create your video, upload it, and if you are smart, attempt to somehow market the videos to get a wider audience. If you just upload the videos and sit back, no one will ever see them.




Many people want easy solutions to their money problems, and that is why they fall for overblown promises. Building an online business is just the same as building any other business. Success will never come overnight. You will have to work hard and invest a lot of time and effort nurturing it and eventually, the results of your efforts will show. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar.


Granted, it is possible to get some value from the lessons Easy Cash Club offers. However, some of the things they say they can do for you are largely untrue. For instance, getting started with YouTube is not as easy as they want to make it sound. There are better resources on the subject out there, and YouTube itself even offers video tutorials on how to set up and become a YouTube partner. In my opinion, these are more trustworthy sources.


Therefore, if you choose to buy Easy Cash Club, you better be completely sure about what you are doing. There are far much better and cheaper ways to make money online.




To your Success,


Mike A

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