The Explode My Payday Review – Is This For Real? (Shocking Review)


Explode My Payday is a new money making system that was recently launched on the Clickbank network, although its promotion is being done through several different affiliate networks. Explode My Payday promises to help its users to make thousands of dollars on a daily basis. This claim makes it sound like a very exciting product. However, is there any truth in it or is it simply all hype? I decided to take it upon myself to answer this question. Here is my honest unbiased Explode My Payday review based on the research I conducted.


Product Being Reviewed: Explode My Payday






Explode My Payday is a Clickbank product by Meghan Harper. Keep in mind that Meghan Harper is a pen name, so we do not know exactly who is behind this product. Explode My Payday claims to help its users generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis.


Explode My Payday has a simple website. It looks a lot like many other sites that I have reviewed here before. At the very top, there is an announcement giving notice that the web page won’t be available in a short while, insisting that the sooner you start using Explode My Payday, the better. This, of course, is simply just a marketing gimmick. I visited the website a day after the deadline indicated, and found that the deadline had changed to an even later date. Clearly there are no plans of pulling down the site.


Immediately below this banner is a bold announcement claiming that Explode My Payday is a loophole that can have you cashing 3 checks in a week.


Below that, there is a sales video, which I am going to focus on a little later. After the video, there is a section where you are required to fill out your first name and your email address in order to claim your spot. If you opt to give them your details, you will have signed up to have your email spammed forever. You will also be agreeing to having your information sold to third parties, so do not do it.


At the very bottom of the web page, there is a disclaimer that states exactly this. It is written in a very small font that is hard to read and easy to miss for obvious reasons. It states that by clicking the “get started now” button, you agree to receive emails from “Explode My Payday”, and by clicking the “join now” button, you agree to allow Explode My Payday to rent or sell the data that you have provided.

explode my payday usell




The video starts with the speaker demanding that the listeners stop whatever they are doing and give the video their undivided attention. Immediately, it shifts to a testimonial by one Bobby Marshall from Little Rock, Arkansas. He claims to have just received a payment of $1607 that morning.


The second testimonial is from Leanne Baker, from Tustin, California. She claims to make over $4000 per week and urges the viewers to use Explode My Payday.


The next testimonial comes from George Lloyd, from Blackpool, United Kingdom. He claims that 3 months after starting to use Explode My Payday, he is still able to support his wife without even bothering to find a new job and won’t even bother to find a new job since what he makes from Explode My Payday is already enough and has changed his life.


The next testimonial comes from Megan Elizabeth, from Erie, Pennsylvania. She claims to have never earned a single coin prior to using Explode My Payday. She also claims to have been paid $1117.19 that day.


The video then shifts back to the speaker who says that she can’t afford to give everyone on the internet $1000 just for watching the video. That is why the video is reserved for only a handful of people today on a first come, first serve basis, and that the video will be taken down on the date above the video. We have already established that this is hogwash.


She then goes on to say that she assumes a friend introduced you to the website or someone who really owes you since she doubts that anyone would stumble on the web page by pure luck.


She goes on to announce boldly that you are about to get paid that very same day. This could possibly be the luckiest day of your life.


Next, she displays what she claims to be one of her personal bank accounts. She then reminds you that the video is private and confidential and that she does not want you sharing the video with anyone.


At this point, we see a picture of a lady on a kayak, who she claims to be her. A quick reverse image search reveals that it is a stock photo. Maybe she is a stock photo model? Well, she introduces herself as Meghan Harper. Once more, she displays her personal bank account on the screen. She then claims that she is a multi-millionaire, having $3126740.51 just sitting in her account.


She promises to tell us what she does for a living in just a second. She then requests for your undivided attention for just 5 minutes. If the video shuts off on you, it is probably because she had to take it down, since she is only letting a handful of people in on the website, by the end of the date shown above the video. She adds that if you can’t get through, you should just assume that the spots filled up too quick.


She then asks if you have a PayPal account since it is the easiest way for her to pay you. She then loads up her PayPal account on the video. The account says that she has $192159 just sitting in her PayPal account. She then shows her transactions, which shows thousands of dollars coming into her account from various sources, which she says are all payments from her business online, which is growing every day.


She declares that she needs to grow her team and that she is even willing to pay you for it. More profit proofs follow. We see thousands of dollars transferred from her account to various accounts. She claims these transfers are payments that she made the previous day to people that had watched her video the week before.


She then says that the people whom she made these payments to were just average people that had never made a dime online before encountering the website. She then says that you could be on her payroll as early as the next day, after watching the video.


Next, she says that she is expanding her business and that she needs a total of 45 people to join her. She says that she is looking for individuals looking to succeed in life and in business. The individuals do not need any experience since she would be providing all the training necessary. She adds that setting up the system would only take about 15 minutes on your end.


She also adds that the spots are filling up quickly, having helped several people set up their accounts the previous day and that morning and that after that day, the video would be taken down forever. She then assures you that she is not giving a cheesy sales pitch and that she is not asking you for any money.


We are then taken back to the testimonials by Bobby Marshall and Megan Elizabeth. Bobby Marshall claims to have earned more than $1000 dollars daily for the previous 2 days, barely a month after watching the video. He says that he still cannot believe how easy it was to earn the money.


Megan Elizabeth, likewise, claims to have made more than $1000 daily for the previous 2 days. She says that the money she has made has changed her life and that she imagines it doing the same to you.


Meghan Harper then announces that Bobby and Megan are on their way to change their lives and that they are experiencing what financial freedom looks like firsthand. She then says that by joining her financial team, which needs prior experience, they would each be making at least $1000 on a daily basis going forward. She claims that all it takes is just 15 to 20 minutes per day to earn that much money.




She then says that if you are ready to find out more about the Explode My Payday system, fill out the form beside the video with your name and email address. She says that she’ll be using that information to send you your money and that therefore, it is paramount that the details you fill in are correct. You should know by now that it is very dangerous to give out your financial information in an unsecured environment. So the fact that she is even asking for your PayPal address in this way should scare you.


She then says that once you confirm your spot, she’ll start setting you up. As soon as you confirm your spot, she’ll give you more information. She says that there is only so much that she can reveal publicly about Explode My Payday and that the moment you confirm your spot, she’ll talk to you soon.


Notice how by the end of the video, we still have no idea what this product is, and we have no clue what we are being asked to sign up for.


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how does it work?




I set up a fake account and used that to sign up. I was taken to a second page with yet another video from Meghan. According to the video, she has opened a “live account”, which has a balance of zero but keeps filling up in the course of the video. By the end of the video, the account has $625, which Meghan promises she will send right to you and you will “get your check first thing tomorrow morning!”


Wow! Good thing I signed up, right? Wrong. To access this cash, you need to make a payment of $47. So all the talk of a free product is out the window. And no, they cannot deduct the $47 from your $625 and send you the balance.


Meghan finally says that Explode My Payday will cost $5000 in a few months, so you need to pay up now or risk missing out.


So how does it make you money? Well, according to Meghan, you will make money using done for you websites that require no effort on your part to start generating commissions. So the one thing that is clear at this point is that Explode My Payday has something to do with Affiliate Marketing.


We still have no idea how we will be earning money using Explode My Payday. All we get from Meghan is that she has a bunch of done for you sites that will make money on autopilot with zero effort on your part through affiliate marketing. However, you need to pay up $47 to access these magical sites.


Sadly, I did not have $47 to throw away.




Explode My Payday makes bold claims of how it will help you make outrageous amounts of money. It claims to help you make at least $1000 daily, without giving any real proof or explanation of how to do this.


So, will it make you any money? Absolutely not. The only people who will make money with this system are its creators. If you choose to buy this product, you can say goodbye to your $47 because you will never make a penny of it back. At least you can take comfort in the money back guarantee, but you will still be plagued by spam emails for the rest of your online life.


If you have a bunch of money that you have no idea what to do with, there are faster ways to lose $47. Buying this product is not one of them.


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Does Explode my payday work?




Explode My Payday has one positive aspect: you are guaranteed to get your money back in 60 days if you do not like what you get with it (Clickbank guarantee). However, just keep in mind that if you buy any one of the many upsells that will be shoved into your face once you are in the members’ area, you will not be getting that money back. The money back guarantee only covers the initial $47.


On the flip side, we have a lot of negatives with this product. One of the downsides of Explode My Payday is that the moment you click the “Join Now” button, you agree to allow Explode My Payday to sell or rent your personal information to the highest bidder, usually spammers. You will, therefore, start receiving many emails with different offers in your inbox, and these emails will never stop no matter what you do.


Another downside is the fact that all the testimonials are given by paid Fiverr actors. The people in the sales video giving their testimonies about how they have made money with this product have, in reality, never even used the product. They are just reading from a script, and have been paid to say everything they are saying.


There is also the fact that no training is offered. Explode My Payday simply connects you with third parties after taking your email, which ends up being only costlier.


Another red flag with Explode My Payday is all the fake scarcity they are trying to create. They will keep on telling you that time is running out and that you need to join as soon as possible. This, however, is not true since the video will not be taken down when the supposed deadline is reached. You will realize that the deadline is changed every time. All this is meant to make you act impulsively and buy without putting much thought into your actions.


Therefore, Explode My Payday is simply one of those get-rich-quick schemes that lie to you that you will make thousands of dollars on the same day you get started with no need for experience. In the end, only the people who own it get rich. It is products like this one that give internet marketers a bad name. I would not recommend Explode My Payday.


If you want to learn how to make money online the right way, you need a solid training program and a caring community to answer each and every question you may have. Sure, You can learn affiliate marketing on your own! But the learning curve is steep. Why not follow a proven plan with a flawless track record? You could be building a solid, long-lasting building in the next few minutes.




I hope this review has given you all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding this product.


To your afiliate success,


Mike A

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