Is Copy My Email System A Scam? The Truth Revealed

Is Copy My Email a Scam?


These days, trying to earn an income online requires that you exercise caution in order to avoid being scammed. If you are here reading this, chances are you have come across Copy My Email System, one of the numerous programs that promise to help you earn a sizable income online. You are probably wondering whether it is legitimate or just another scam that you should avoid. Well, wonder no more because here is an honest and unbiased Copy My Email System review to guide you.


Product Being Reviewed:  Copy My Email System



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Copy my email system (CMES) is a product by Brian Jones (or is it Bobby?) that is supposed to help you earn an income by sending emails on a daily basis to a provided list of people who have apparently consented to receive these emails. The sales page claims that the product is free and that earning money using the system is guaranteed and easy.


Copy My Email System’s website looks a lot like those of other similar products that I have reviewed here before. The one thing that immediately stands out the moment you load up the page is the sales video, which we’ll immediately get right to.




The video starts off with the speaker welcoming you. He explains that as a member, you will be sending out emails on a daily basis from the CMES to people who have requested more information on a product, and every time someone clicks on a link in one of the emails you send, you get paid – whether a sale is made or not. You won’t have to worry about list building since it is all done for you.


According to the speaker, the company generates hundreds of thousands of subscribers that go on their email lists. As a result, it takes up a lot of time to send just one email to the entire list, which is why they opt to break it into smaller lists so that they can be emailed to people several times a day.


CMES, therefore, works by building lists and teaming up with members to send the emails and subsequently share the profits that are earned. All you have to do is log into the member’s area on a daily basis and send an email to your list.


The system is completely free, so you won’t have to pay anything to the CMES team for them to generate your list for you or for any of the training. The only requirement is that you sign up for an email sending account which will then be connected to the members’ area so that you can log in and start sending emails.


copy my email system free offer


To maintain privacy, none of the emails are sent from your email address, computer, or internet service provider – they are all sent from CMES through your email sending system that is connected to the members’ area.


The speaker claims that your list is started off with 500 new subscribers, and as long as you send your email out daily, the CMES team will add 500 new subscribers to your list on a weekly basis. Every time someone clicks on a link in one of your emails, you get paid 20 cents.


Additionally, when you refer someone to CMES, you also get paid a commission on all the clicks they generate. The email sending account is almost $30 for a 30-day trial.


According to the speaker, making money using the system will take you less than two minutes, and you are guaranteed to make earnings on a daily basis. Apparently, tons of people who have followed the system exactly have made over $700 in their first month.




In the member’s area, you will find a quick start menu that consists of the following:


1. Make your first $100 now

To get started, you are required to pay $27 to subscribe and start sending emails.


2. How you make money every day

This section is broken down into two main parts:

– Send emails every day to the list you are given and get paid for every click you generate

The first thing you are required to do is send out emails to people who have requested more information on a product. You will be given the people to send the emails to and the exact emails to send them. Whether you manage to make a sell or not, you still get paid for every click. The emails that you are given have a unique tracking link that is tied to your commission account so that you directly earn money.

– Earn commissions by giving the system away

You are encouraged to upgrade your account to be able to send your email two times a day instead of just once.


3. Your subscribers list

As soon as you join and upgrade your account, 500 new subscribers will be supposedly added to your list. If the “download subscriber data” button on this section is dark blue, you are required to click on it and subscribers will then be added to your account. However, if it is grayed out, it means that your account is not fully activated, or you have already downloaded your weekly list. If you have just joined CMES, you will have to wait for your account to be connected to the system before you can start sending emails. You will receive new subscribers every Monday.



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4. Send your email every day

You are required to update your payment information to keep your account active. To do so, you are directed to click on a button on the bottom page of this section that redirects you to the checkout page. There, you can opt to upgrade to have the opportunity to email your list to customers twice a day for $77, bringing the total price of the system to $104.


5. Clone yourself and earn up to $300 per month for each referral

With the clone program, when you reach 100 active customers, you will qualify for the Clickaggregators Car Bonus and they will pay $500 a month for a car that you will receive.

To get started on making referrals, you are required to follow the following steps:

• Step 1 – Sign up for a Clickbank affiliate account

You will receive payments for the referrals you make every week from Clickbank. Once you have an account, you will receive a unique clone link that you can send to potential customers.

• Step 2 – Choose how many visitors you want to send to your clone page

You are directed to a link where you can purchase visitors to your clone website in order to get the best results.


6. Check your commissions

To get paid on Clickaggregators, you have to attain the $1,000 minimum payment threshold. For example, if you choose an offer that pays a $20 commission and has a 1% conversion rate, you will be generating 1 sale for every 100 visitors you send the offer, consequently earning $20.


With CMES, for every click you generate from your subscribers, whether it is 5 clicks in a day or 100, you earn 20 cents whether a sale is made or not. However, you will only receive payment when you achieve the $1000 payout threshold.

will copy my email system make you money?




Although CMES describes Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing (albeit in a very confusing manner), which is a legitimate way of earning an income online, there is not much money to be made using the system.


CMES uses a company that is known as, which is free to join. However, this only works if you are an Instant Email Biz member. In addition to this, the clicks that you get in your CMES account have to be sent and received from your Instant Email Biz Members areas. The more clicks you earn from interest customers, the higher the earnings you are supposed to get, but here is the catch – you will receive payments on a monthly basis, and to add on that, if you don’t manage to reach the $1000 threshold, then you won’t be paid. After your account achieves the minimum amount, you will be required to give your payment information, and in some cases, they may even ask for your documents.


In the disclaimer, you are informed that there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the CMES system despite what the sales video claims. Apparently, the level of success you could potentially reach with the system will entirely depend on the time you are willing to dedicate to the program, your financial stability, and previous knowledge and skills.




– You can receive a refund


The only positive aspect of this system is that you can demand a refund through Clickbetter. Clickbetter allows for the return of any product, including CMES, within 60 days from the date of purchase.




– Poor reviews

There have been numerous complaints from previous customers regarding the CMES system as well as poor customer service. Customers who have tried to reach out to support have received little to no support with their issues.


– There is no information provided on the owner or the company

The name “Brian Jones” is very likely just a pen name, and there is no further information provided on the owner to prove the credibility of the company. This air of mystery regarding the owner of the system makes its legitimacy questionable.


– Hyped up claims

There are several hyped up claims regarding how CMES works. The speaker in the pitch video makes it seem like you will earn a lot of money within a very short period of time, and all you have to do is spend a few minutes of your day sending out emails to a list of provided customers. This is highly unlikely, and the disclaimer even makes it clear that there is a likelihood you may not make any earnings.


– Misleading

As you watch the pitch video and go through the sales page, it is made to seem that the system is completely free, but in reality, you will have to pay $27 in order to start earning money.


– Upsells

To make more money using the system, you are encouraged to upgrade to 500 extra email leads for an additional cost of $104. They even mention that they will allow you to email your list twice in a day instead of just once. This, of course, is a ploy to get you to pay more than what you expected.


– High minimum payment threshold

Let’s say that you manage to generate income using the CMES system. You won’t be able to cash out until your account reaches the $1000 payout threshold. Even when you achieve this, you may still have to go through the potentially lengthy process of having your information verified by the CMES team. This is a tactic that many such sites use, knowing that by the time you hit the $1000 mark, you will have spent a lot more than that of your own money. You will also have put in a ridiculous amount of time into the program, and they will probably not end up paying you because they will frustrate you until you give up on them altogether.


– Done-for-you system

The system works by providing emails that are already written for you, and all you have to do is send them. At first, this may seem like an ideal approach since you won’t have much to do, but in reality, you have little control in terms of what is being sent out to other people.


– No community

There is no community where customers can interact and help each other out on how to navigate the system. This may be because the system is not as straightforward as they want you to believe.

copy my email system verdict




So is copy my email system a scam?


On one hand, the business model they use is legit. Affiliate marketing is a proven way to make money online. Plus, there is also a money back guarantee from Clickbetter.


However, the way the system is presented, the numerous red flags that jump at you throughout, as well as the poor reviews it has, make it come across as untrustworthy. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone.


Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money!  In fact, that is how I earn a living.  But you have to do it the right way.  There are no short cuts and no “easy buttons”.  You have to be ready to put in the work.  If you are ready to work hard, then I would like to suggest what I consider to be one of the best affiliate marketing training platforms.



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Whatever you decide to do, I hope that this review will help you make an informed decision regarding Copy My Email System.


To your success,


Mike Aha

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