How To Earn With Ibotta – In Depth Review!


Today, there are quite a few apps that allow you to earn money by completing normal everyday tasks. If you enjoy saving on your online shopping or you frequent couponing sites, then you may have come across one of the most popular such apps called Ibotta. The focus of this review will be on Ibotta, with an in-depth analysis of how to earn with Ibotta, how to use it, and why it is absolutely worth your consideration. Here we go!





Ibotta is a free cash back shopping and coupon mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android users. Founded in 2012 by Brian Leach, Ibotta allows users to earn cash back on both mobile and in-store purchases with purchase and/or receipt verification.


By 2019, Ibotta had been reportedly downloaded over 30 million times, earning users a total of $500 million in rewards money. The company works with several retailers and brands to offer its users discounts and rebates on retail purchases, consumer packaged goods, and restaurant dining using a mobile app, reminiscent of conventional coupons or rebates.


Currently, Ibotta only operates within the US and Puerto Rico, although the company plans to expand it to other countries.



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Before you start your shopping, it is important to understand exactly how Ibotta works so that you get the most out of it.


Step one: Adding offers to your Ibotta account

add Ibotta offers
• Download Ibotta from the App Store or Google store and sign up before opening the app to get started.

• Log in by providing your email and a password.

• Select from a variety of stores and retailers, including Walmart, Costco, Target, Best Buy, Postmates, Sephora, Macy’s, 7- Eleven, Best Western, and Amazon among others.

• You can browse the various offers from the provided retailers on the home page.

• Select the offers you are interested in and add them to your “My Offers”.

Step two: Go shopping


After you successfully add offers to your account, they will appear on your My Offers list. Make a purchase on these items at the various retailers where Ibotta works. Some offers are exclusive to retailers, so ensure to confirm your choice retailers before shopping. Go over the details and exclusions of the offers to ensure that you buy the correct item.


Step 3: Redeem


As an Ibotta user, you get credit for eligible and successful redemptions within a period of 48 hours. Depending on the store or retailer, there are three ways through which you can redeem offers:


1. Manual receipt submission


• On the navigation bar, click on the “Redeem” button. Select the fitting retailer.

• Make sure that you take clear photos of your receipt and choose any eligible offers

• Some of the retailers that are supported by Ibotta will require that you scan a QR or receipt bar code so as to be able to redeem your offers.

• When prompted, scan the barcodes of the products you select.


2. Loyalty account submission


• With some select retailers, you will be required to connect your loyalty card or account and offers to your Ibotta account before you start shopping.

• You will automatically get credit for any successful redemptions within a period of 48 hours.


3. Online shopping submission


• The online shopping retailers that work with Ibotta allow for app-to-app or in-app purchases. You won’t be required to send a receipt to Ibotta, but it is highly recommended that you don’t discard the confirmation email until the completion of the offer.


Step 4: Earn cash


Ibotta allows you to earn actual cash instead of made-up currencies or points.


Step 5: Withdraw your earnings


Once you hit the $20 withdrawal threshold, there are 3 ways through which you can withdraw cash that you earn on Ibotta.

• Opt to withdraw the cash rewards you earn by buying a gift card through Ibotta. The minimum purchase price of some gift cards on the app is $25.

• If you have your PayPal account to Ibotta, you can withdraw your earnings and send the cash there directly.

• You can also withdraw whatever you earn by sending your money to linked Venmo account.




There are several ways through which you can make money using Ibotta, but to be successful, you have to plan ahead. Here are the strategies you can use to your advantage:


1. Scan items in-store

Ibotta scan

If you are not sure whether an offer is provided for an item, you can use the bar code scanner to help you confirm that whatever you intend to purchase will earn you cash back. In some cases, the details are provided in fine print (item quantity or size) that you may end up missing when you are in a hurry. By verifying if the product is eligible with a scanner, you won’t lose out on earnings.


2. Refer friends and family


Another way you can earn money is by inviting friends and family to use Ibotta via email, or on your Twitter and Facebook accounts using a unique link that is generated by the app. The specific rewards that you earn for making referrals typically vary, but you will generally earn a reward of a given value for every time that someone you referred to Ibotta signs up and uses it.


3. Build your team


In addition to the welcome bonus that you receive when you sign up for Ibotta, there are the bonuses you earn when you build a team on the app. Every time someone you refer joins Ibotta and earns a welcome bonus, you get a reward. To build your team faster, connect your Twitter or Facebook account so that all your friends who use the app can be counted as team members. The more people you influence to join Ibotta, the easier it will be to earn teamwork bonuses. Keep in mind that the level of activity of your team members will determine your earnings, so encourage your team to participate as much as possible.


4. Look out for bonus opportunities


ibotta bonuses

Although you may not be able to control the activity of your team members, there are other bonus earning opportunities which you can take advantage of that don’t require their participation. Ensure that you keep an eye out for such bonuses. Besides individual rebates, these bonuses allow you to reach the $20 threshold more quickly. For example, you may be eligible to collect a $2 bonus when you redeem five rebates. Bonus offers often feature exclusions, like “any brand” rebates.


5. Stack rebates for higher earnings


One of the most innovative ways to get cash back using Ibotta is with “any brand” rebates. These are rebates that are lower in value, but they are worth your consideration because they don’t restrict you to buying a specific brand. As a result, they are ideal for generic items such as fresh foods. To separate these offers from the others, simply type “any brand” into the search bar in the app.



Join Ibotta And Start Making Extra Cash on Groceries and Daily Purchases!



6. Diversify your use


Although using Ibotta for grocery purchases is the most common practice, Ibotta has branched into several other areas over the years, so try not to limit yourself when it comes to using it. You also have the chance to earn cash back in the following areas.


– Online shopping

Amazon, Instacart, Houzz, iTunes, Bass Pro Shops, American Eagles, etc.


– Beer, wine & spirits

Table & Vine, Total Wine & More, Lee’s Discount Liquor, Argonaut Wine & Liquor, Spec’s Wine Spirits & Finer Foods, etc.


– Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy, Kinney Drugs, Longs Drugs, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Fred’s Pharmacy, etc.


– Clothing

Under Armour, Bloomingdales, Banana Republic Factory, Michael Kors, New York & Co, Forever 21, etc.


– Beauty & wellness

Rite Aid, bareMinerals, Vitacost, Vitamin Shoppe, Puritan’s pride, HSN, etc.


– Specialty

PetSmart, SeatGeek, Barnes & Noble, Apple Music, eBay, Buy Buy Baby, etc.


– Restaurant & bars

Postmates, MAD Greens, Any Bar, Any Restaurant, etc.


– Convenience

Corner Store, Holiday Stations, Handy Food Stores, Wilco, Cracker Barrel Stores, Kangaroo Express, etc.


– Crafts & Gifts


– Travel

Best Western, HotelStorm, HotelTonight, HomeAway, Expedia, Extended Stay America, etc.


– Home & electronics

Best Buy, BJs, Cost Plus, HP, Samsung, Office Depot, etc.


7. Redeem for cash only


Once your rewards accumulate to a total of $20, you cash out. There are various options to choose, such as gift cards from retailers and restaurants. However, consider going for the cash option for higher earnings. Keep in mind that you will need either a Venmo or PayPal account.


8. Upload your receipts instantly


When you unlock a rebate, you will notice that an expiration date is indicated. However, this does not mean that you should wait until the given date to upload your receipts since you could end up completely forgetting. Therefore, ensure that you get your receipts uploaded as soon as you are done with your shopping.


9. Use with coupons/sales


Ibotta doesn’t have to completely replace coupon clipping. If you have coupons, (whether they are paper or digital) for items which are covered on Ibotta, take advantage of them to save even more money. As you put together a shopping list and clip coupons, try to prioritize the items that offer Ibotta rewards and also have coupons so that you can maximize your savings. By the way this is how I started using Ibotta in 2013. When you combine coupons with Ibotta offers you can get amazing deals!


my Ibotta membership date


10. Maximize on deals


A good number of the deals that are provided on Ibotta have a fixed amount, such as $1, 50 cents, or 25 cents. As a result, you can maximize savings by finding deals on items that already retail at no more $2 or $1. For instance, consider purchasing smaller package sizes. So, if you make 25 cents for each item of a given product you buy, you will get to earn 50 cents when you purchase smaller packages, rather than just 25 for a larger package. Remember that smaller packages generally cost more per ounce/pound, so do the math to see if the additional reward is actually saving you money.


Alternatively, opt to shop at the dollar stores or similar discount stores. For example, if you earn 25 cents on every purchase at a dollar store, you will get to save up to 25%.

Ibotta positives



• It is a free app. You don’t have to purchase Ibotta since it is available for free download.

• Works with a variety of well-known brands. There are many reputable and trusted brand-name items that are available on offer on Ibotta, so you have a wide selection.

• They provide deals that you can use over and over. Ibotta allows you to take advantage of a deal over and over or until the provided coupons disappear.

• You get to receive payments in cash on Ibotta. Just remember to link your PayPal or Venmo account.

• Ibotta features a bar code scanner that allows you to determine if a product you intend is eligible for the offer that you have chosen.




• Limited local options for some. Although there are tons of large and well-known retailers, If you live in a small town your options when it comes to the retailers that are supported by Ibotta may be limited.


• You have to shop via the app. You don’t have the option to access Ibotta on your PC, which may make online shopping a bit difficult. Although you can buy items from various online stores, it has to be via the Ibotta app.


• You have to identify and pick rebates before you shop. In order to unlock rebates in Ibotta, you need to know what you are going to be shopping for in advance. You have to be very intentional in that you need to have a shopping list, identify whether the items on your list have rebates in Ibotta and then select the offers to make them active (they will show up in “my offers”. This can be tedious at first, but after a few times, you will get the hang of it and go through the process in less than 5 mins.


• Ibotta may have trouble reading the receipt. On some occasions, Ibotta may have trouble reading your receipt. If you encounter this problem, try to put a line or arrow to the purchased item to help with the reading.

Ibotta recommendation




Ibotta is a great app for anyone looking to make extra money on their shopping excursions. They have an extensive selection of products, and the cash you earn is readily available and accessible. Ultimately, the pros of Ibotta outweigh the cons, and it is therefore definitely worth your consideration. I recommend it!  I rated it as a 9.0 because of some issues with ease of use.  It does take a little effort and some getting used to!

Why not save and earn money on buying groceries and other things which is something you are going to do anyways! You won’t earn a living wage but any extra cash helps! Ibotta is a legit and proven app to do just that!


Website: Ibotta

Legit or Scam: Legit

Score: 9.0/10

Cost: Free

Verdict: Recommended



Join Ibotta And Start Making Extra Cash on Groceries and Daily Purchases!



To your Success,


Mike Aha

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