Is Bocannaco A Scam? See If You Can Trust It To Make Money


Hemp oil has become wildly popular nowadays, with many companies coming out with their own range of products using the ingredient as the main selling point. The reason for this is the many advantages that users of hemp oil-infused products claim they have, with some of the most commonly cited being its high nutritious value and cosmetic benefits.


Due to the increasing demand for these products, it can be hard to distinguish a genuine company that is selling items that customers would buy from a scam that is simply jumping on the bandwagon. Here is an honest and unbiased review of Bocannaco, one of the companies selling hemp products, to help you determine if it is worth your consideration.  So is Bocannaco a Scam?




Bocannaco is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that specializes in the distribution and selling of hemp oil products. A quick look at the company’s website reveals very little about their operations, which made me suspect that Bocannaco was fairly new to the game.


Upon conducting a domain check on the Bocannaco website, I determined that it had been created in October 2017 and was last updated on October 2018. According to the website, the company currently has its headquarters in Torrance, California.


Based on my research, Bocannaco was found by John Daniels, with Robert Lawrence, a retired surgeon and neurologist, serving as the product developer. The company’s co-founders are Mike and Barbra Lammons, a pair that has had experience in the network marketing business. There is no income disclosure statement to help you determine what to expect in earnings, and the company is generally considered to be a high-risk investment due to the limited details they divulge.




As previously mentioned, Bocannaco offers hemp oil products that come in the form of gels, oils, and others. Here are the products that are listed on the company’s website:


is bocannaco a scam -excalibur active driven terpenesExcalibur 1500mg Active Driven Terpenes

This supposedly THC free and contains over 40 terpenes, waxes, flavonoids, minerals, omegas vitamins, and lipids. This product retails at $149.


1000mg Active Driven Terpenes

This is quite similar to the Excalibur Active Driven Terpenes, with the only difference being that it is 1,000mg and is made up of sublingual active driven terpenes. It is also cheaper, retailing at $99.


BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel

This is a fast-acting gel that is made up of active driven terpenes and is developed specifically for topical applications. Each bottle of the product contains about 10ml of product, and one pump is supposedly enough to cover 8 square inches of skin. It retails at $99.


Macy Mask

This sheet mask contains THC free active driven terpenes as well as a variety of other plant extracts to improve hydration. The 2-piece mask is meant to visibly enhance the glow of your skin. As it does not contain alcohol, there is no burning sensation when you use the mask. This product is sold at a cost of $149.95.



This is a powder that is made up of active driven terpenes, with each stick pack containing a mix of vitamins and s bocannaco a scam - cannagize

amino acids. It is also packed with minerals and genuine herbs. There are 30 packets in a box that costs $129.


Hemp oil is one of the byproducts sourced from cannabis or marijuana, as it is more popularly known. However, THC, the chemical that induces a high when you consume cannabis, is completely removed. On the other hand, other components of the plant are not tampered with, which means that you can still enjoy the benefits without getting high.


According to the company, its products are superior for the following reasons:


  • They are made using Bocannaco’s hemp plants which are grown using cultivar.
  • The hemp oil ingredients are extracted using chromatography.
  • The company uses a nano-emulsion product delivery system.




To become a part of the Bocannaco business opportunity, you will need a sponsor. You can find one by contacting the company and requesting a meeting with a distributor within your locality. A sponsor is meant to help you complete the registration process as well as show you the ropes on how to become a qualified distributor.




bocannaco distributor

To get started as a distributor, you are required to pay $99. This is an annual fee that will allow you access to training material, marketing tools, and a personalized Bocannaco website. Other than having to pay an annual fee to become a distributor, you also have to factor in the expenses of operating your business.


One expense worth noting is the qualification expense. To grow your business and consequently earn residual incomes with the company, you are required to maintain activity and meet a minimum sales figure/monthly personal purchases. As a qualified distributor, you need to generate anywhere from one to five purchase/sales every month depending on the rank attained. Failure to meet the monthly qualification will mean that you are inactive and consequently hinder you from receiving the commissions and bonuses offered.




The company’s compensation plan is simple, with not too many details divulged on exactly how it works. From what I gathered, there are two ways you can earn with Bocannaco:


Sell Products

As a distributor, you can purchase any of the products at a 15% discount price. You can then sell your purchases at retail prices directly via your personal Bocannaco website and consequently keep the difference. This may sound simple, but in most cases, other online retailers sell similar products for a much cheaper price, which means you are bound to encounter fierce competition.


Recruit Others to Become Distributors

There are two main ways you can earn by recruiting new distributors.

  • First sale bonus (FS)


The FS bonus is earned when you place your first order as a distributor. Depending on the level you attain in the organization, this bonus ranges from $3 to $20. However, the only way you will be eligible for this bonus is if you are active and qualified. As a result, you are expected to generate 1-5 orders.


  • Organization residual


To earn the organization residual commission, your downline has to place an order with the company. When this happens, you are entitled to a commission ranging from 3% to 10% depending on the level you have attained, up to 7 levels. However, you are required to generate 1-5 orders to be eligible.


In general, Bocannaco requires that you gather as many customers as possible. They will serve as distributors, then you will, in turn, become their sponsor and build a downline that will allow you to earn bonuses and commissions.



bocannaco pros

  • The products are of considerable quality


According to the website, Bocannaco oil is produced using state-of-the-art processing equipment. The products don’t contain harsh chemicals that may cause harm to you. The manufacturing process does not involve using high temperatures that may degrade the quality of the oil. The products are stored in airless pump bottles that are meant to reduce the risk of contamination and oxidation. The bottles also have QR codes and lot numbers on them to allow you to determine exactly what you are consuming.


  • The products are tested by 3rd party laboratories


Products from the company are tested by 3rd party laboratories. This means that they are put through rigorous industry standards when it comes to manufacturing and production. As a result, you have the assurance that the ingredients incorporated are not just fluff and filler.


  • The registration fee is reasonable


The annual fee of $99 is affordable, especially when compared to the rates that other similar MLM companies charge. Of course, there are other charges to consider, but a cost equivalent to $8.25 per month is quite affordable.



bocannaco cons

  • The products are expensive


The products that are being sold by the company are unreasonably expensive despite their good quality. If you take the time to do research, you will come across similar products that offer the same results being sold at a much more affordable price. As a result, you will be put at a disadvantage as a distributor due to the competition you will face from other retailers as it will be very hard to convince customers to buy the products you are selling over something more affordable.


  • The company is relatively new


The company is very new to the MLM field. They are yet to make their mark, and they still have a long way to go when it comes to how they present themselves and their products. It is not uncommon for MLM companies that are just getting the hang of things to unexpectedly go out of business within the first few years and leave the unsuspecting distributors working with then to fend for themselves. Additionally, Bocannaco inevitably faces competition from more established companies that offer similar products such as Kannaway. Most people also tend to avoid companies that are yet to establish themselves, so it will be hard for you to convince new customers to become part of the business opportunity.


  • A lot of missing information


There is a lot of gaps in information on the company’s website. For instance, you won’t find an “About Us” page that would have helped familiarize a visitor with the people behind the company and their intentions. The product section also fails to give crucial information on how the product works and the results that consumers can expect from using them. Such details are very important especially for a company that is relatively new to the scene because it will show some level of transparency in their operations.


  • Vague compensation plan


The compensation plan presented by the company is very vague. There is no information provided on the ranking structure of distributors and all the requirements that they need to move from one rank to the next. As a result, those who choose to go into the business with the company will do so without being aware of all the important details regarding their earnings.


  • You have to keep recruiting people into the business


Because Bocannaco is an MLM, you are required to recruit new distributors regularly to build a downline, rise in ranks, and consequently improve your earnings. Unless your family and friends are willing to join a relatively new company and ready to actively recruit new distributors to follow in their footsteps, this is one of the more difficult ways to earn an income online. You will need top-tier online marketing skills as well as a platform that receives a lot of traffic where you can try and convince people to become a part of Bocannaco. This is a lot of investment for such a risky business model.


  • No income disclosure provided


Bocannaco has not taken the step to release income disclosure statements. This may be a non-issue for some, but it shows a lack of forwardness in terms of the success of distributors with the company. It would have been a bit more reassuring to see the income figures of those who work with them to deduce the range of commission rates.




While Bocannaco is not a scam, the MLM business model it is based on means that there is very little money to be made. This is because it is set up in a way that you will do will have to do all the selling and recruitment work for very little pay, while those at the highest rankings benefit the most from your hard work.


For this and other reasons mentioned above, I wouldn’t recommend investing in Bocannaco.




what is better than bocannaco

MLM’s are popular because a few of them are well known.  That does not mean that they are a good way to make money online.  The truth is that the MLM business model only benefits the top few in the organization.  Multiple MLMs have been successfully proven to be schemes to separate honest people from their hard earned cash.


Granted, Bocannaco is not one of them.  But just like with most MLMs,  it is still hard to make significant money with it.  So what is better?

I believe that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online.  It is a business model that has been proven over and over.  The appeal is that it requires very little investment, no inventory and no customer service issues.  What’s even better is that you don’t need to force products and services to friends an family like MLM’s require you to do!


Affiliate marketing has been my way to financial security and personal freedom.  I believe it will hep you as well.






I hope you take a look at my recommendation.  You have nothing to lose because the access I am giving you is free.  I will be on the other side to help you and answer any questions you may have.


To your success,


Mike Aha


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