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There are many ways to make money online. Today, among the most popular of these is by using sites that pay you to perform a number of tasks. These tasks are sometimes boring, laborious, and often complex. Now imagine earning money online doing something that you actually enjoy and love. If you love playing games, there are sites that pay you to play games online. Hard to believe, right? Well, one such platform is Bananatic. In this Bananatic review I am going to help you figure out whether this platform is worth your while. Can you actually make money off it? Is it legit? Or is it all hype and you won’t get a penny no matter how hard you work? Read on to find out.



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Bananatic is an online website that allows its users to make money from playing games online. The platform also provides other ways in which you can make money online.


Bananatic’s user interface has been designed to make the website look like a game, something that makes the website even more fun.




Before you can access the games, you are required to sign up. Signing up is a simple process which only requires you to provide your name and email address. There are also options to sign in with either Facebook or Google. After signing in, you then give a fictional name which you will use as your game handle.


The next process you will need to undertake is registering with your favorite games that are present on the platform. Most of the games on Bananatic are available for free and each game offers its own amount of bananas you can make from playing it.


The moment you register with a particular game, you are given a badge and XP points. For each game, there are various quests which you need to complete in order to be rewarded with bananas. There are many ways you can use the bananas. You can buy amazon gift cards, buy accessories for your games, bet your bananas to earn bigger prizes or send cash to your PayPal account.


Most of the games are played on third party sites that you join through Bananatic.


bananaticways to earn




There are a lot of different ways in which you can earn money with Bananatic.


The primary way of making money with the platform is by playing games, but there are also other ways such as a referral program, writing reviews of the games you play, publicizing the platform on social media, watching ads, among others discussed below. The platform pays in bananas, which is an online currency unique to the site.


1. Game Quests


Participating in games and completing quests is the main way in which you can earn money with Bananatic. Currently, Bananatic has a large array of games to choose from to play and make money while you are at it. You might have to download some of the games first before playing. There are also many browser games for those who do not want to download a game. There are also some popular games available on the platform, making the experience even more fun.


When you complete all the quests of a particular game, you earn about 900 to 2500 bananas. The number of quests is usually displayed when you click on the game you want to play. Most of the games available on Bananatic have 4 quests.


The first quest is usually to start the game and create an account and download it if necessary. For every quest completed, you will earn a certain number of bananas. You can earn as many as 320 bananas just for signing up for the game. The number of bananas usually varies depending on the game you are playing.


After completing a quest, most of the time Bananatic will require you to take a screenshot and upload it on their platform as proof. They usually give you detailed instructions of what they are looking for. You are then paid for playing the game after the screenshot you uploaded has been approved.


2. Fun Zone


The Fun Zone has very many free games which you can play on the computer or through Bananatic’s mobile app. Most of these games will have ads popping up and you will earn bananas by watching these ads. Another way you will earn bananas in the Funzone is by doing well in a game. You can, therefore, earn a lot of bananas by watching ads and advancing through the free games.


3. Download Apps


Bananatic pays you when you download other apps. In order to earn, you will have to complete the tasks required by the apps after you download them. Some of the apps pay, regardless of whether you complete a task or not. However, they pay 50 bananas, which is much less compared to what the apps which require you to complete a task first pay. The apps which require you to complete a task pay between 500 and 2500 bananas depending on the task you are required to complete.


4. Experience


When you complete simple tasks on Bananatic, you earn experience points. These achievements when received can earn you more. Achievements such as rating a game, referring 5 friends and completing 5 quests give you more experience points and also earn you more.


5. Adverts


Bananatic also allows you to sign up for services, provide your email, and take surveys from third-party providers in order to get paid. Most of these third-party providers pay anywhere between 150 and 2500 bananas.


6. Social Media


You can also earn by publicizing Bananatic on social media platforms. When you like, follow, or share Bananatic on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or YouTube, you earn between 50 and 100 bananas.


7. Write Article/Video


If you are creative, and you love writing almost as much as gaming, then this may appeal to you. You can record videos or write articles on a section of the site called Bananapedia and get paid for doing so. You can make as much as 300 bananas per article depending on how popular it becomes. The article or video could be a tutorial of a specific game or a review of the game. This gives you an opportunity to earn extra money by sharing your expertise on a specific game.


8. Referral Program


Bananatic has a referral program incentive where you are compensated for every referral you invite to the platform. The platform has an affiliate feel because of this feature. When you direct people to use Bnanatic, you are credited with 25 XP and 25 bananas per person. You get the bananas the moment each referral registers with the platform.


In addition, for the first 300 days after your referral registers, you will be credited with 10% of all the bananas collected by each active referral. You can also compete against other Bananatic members for the most number of referrals in a single month. The person with the most number of referrals gets 5000 bananas, the person with the second-highest number of referrals gets 2500 bananas while the third person gets 1000 bananas.



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bananatic payments




Bananatic pays its users in bananas, which is its unique form of online currency. There are several ways in which you can spend the bananas. You can use them to purchase drawing entries or exchange them for rewards that are guaranteed such as gift cards.


You can purchase a $5 gift card for 2500 bananas. Bananatic has gift cards to Steam, Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes, Facebook, Google Play, Xbox, Spotify, and Playstation. You can also acquire in-game currency for games like League of Legends and Fortnite.


If you do not want a guaranteed reward, you can enter a draw with your bananas. Most of these draws are for gift cards worth between $5 and $10 and each entry costs 300 bananas.


The least amount of bananas you can withdraw is 2500, which is $5. You can also exchange the bananas for digital keys, computer merchandise or PayPal cash rewards. The gift card payments are usually processed instantly while the PayPal cash payments usually take much longer, approximately 48 hours.




• Bananatic provides a fun and exciting way of earning money. Having a revenue stream from playing games is a wonderful prospect.


• When you complete the sign-up process with the platform, you will receive 50 bananas as a sign-up bonus.


• Bananatic offers plenty of income opportunities. The ways you can generate income range from playing games to writing reviews of the game you are playing.


• Bananatic is available on both PC and mobile devices. You can, therefore, access the site and earn bananas on the go.


• The site also has a referral program which pays you 25 bananas for every referral who registers with the platform and you will keep getting 10% of the referral’s daily earnings for the first 300 days after they sign up.


• The platform also provides a wide range of payment options to ensure that the preference of its users is met. You can redeem your bananas for gift cards, merchandise, PayPal cash, or game currency.


• The site also has a low payout threshold of only $5.


• There are a lot of games available which you can choose from.


Here is a short video that walks you through the Bananatic process so you can see it end to end:


Bnanatic walkthrough video




• The platform has an income potential which is very low when compared to similar platforms.


• The verification process on the platform takes very long. You are required to take a screenshot of every step for your results to be verified if they are legitimate. The verification process might take as long as 48 hours or even longer, making the whole process tedious.


• Some of the quests may be way too hard for the rewards that are offered by the site.




Bananatic is a legitimate way of making money online that offers you a chance to earn some extra cash doing something that you love. I would definitely recommend this platform to you especially if you enjoy casual games, if you are an online games enthusiast or if you are a video game fanatic.


With Bananatic, you will get gift cards and be able to send money to your PayPal account. Most people join the platform for the sole purpose of making some extra cash on the side, so you will definitely feel right at home if that’s your goal. Others simply want to increase the acquisitions for their games. Either way, Bananatic has you sorted.


The quests which are given on the site are exhilarating and fun and will leave you yearning to play even more. Plus, the platform also has many other ways which you can make money from it apart from playing games.


You can earn bananas by referring friends, blogging, or liking and sharing posts by Bananatic on social media. If you have a channel on YouTube or a blog related to gaming, you can earn money from Bananatic’s referral program by recommending others to join the platform.


However, just keep in mind that the money you make from Bananatic is in no way enough to replace your income. It often takes quite a bit of time to earn a significant income from this platform, so if you are looking to get rich really quickly, this is not the way to do it. However, if you simply want to have some fun casually playing games and making a bit of extra money while at it, then Bananatic is perfect for you.



Website: Bananatic

Legit or Scam: Legit

Score: 9.6/10

Cost: Free

Verdict: Highly Recommended



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