Home Income Millionaire Scam – What I Uncovered!

Home Income Millionaire is a product that is promises its users the opportunity to earn up to $5000 on a weekly basis using a done-for-you system. The first time I heard of it, I was immediately suspicious since I have encountered other products that made similar claims and ultimately failed to deliver. Nevertheless, I decided to do a little more digging to find out what Home Income Millionaire is all about. Here is my extensive review of what I found out and what I learned about the Home Income Millionaire Scam.


Product Reviewed: Home Income Millionaire


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Home Income Millionaire is a product by created Marc Jennings that promises to help you earn thousands of dollars within a short period of time using the affiliate marketing model.


The sales page is simple and similar to that of several other such products. The first thing you will see is a bold statement that encourages you to watch the sales video to discover how to start earning thousands of dollars. You are urged to hurry since there are supposedly only 10 spots left (or 8, or 4….depending on when you go to the website). Of course, this is all just a marketing tactic.


Below these statements is a video, the contents of which I will discuss in detail in the next section. Underneath it, there is a “get instant access button” that you are supposed to click to sign up for Home Income Millionaire.


If you try to leave the page, a popup appears urging you not to do so since you could be missing out on profits of up to $500 a day.



Home income millionaire popup






The sales video starts with a testimonial from George Willingham, presumably one of the users of the product, expressing gratitude to Mark for introducing him to the product since it has helped him earn more money than he expected. The second testimonial is from a user who claims to be averaging over $9,000 on a weekly basis, while another claims to have earned $37,456 within the same period.


The speaker then takes over, acknowledging that the testimonials are from people who used Home Income Millionaire (HIM) and managed to discover the path to financial freedom. He assures you that using the product will only take a few minutes per day and that there won’t be much for you to do since all the work is done for you. Apparently, if you get started with HIM, you will see your first $5000 within the same week.


The speaker promises that the product allows a once in a lifetime opportunity for users, but it is only available to a limited number of people. Apparently, the video is a private invite, and you will be required to sign an NDA before you get started.


The system that the creators of HIM follow is supposedly backed by high-end quality products and services with incredible customer satisfaction rates. Every time one of the products are sold, you get a check for $1000, $3000, or $5000 without having to sell a thing. The speaker reassures that everything the company does is ethical and legal, and you are guaranteed to make money.


According to the speaker, users of the HIM system have collectively generated $89.27 million dollars in the past year alone. If you sign up for HIM, you will be working with a team of experts as well as your own millionaire mentor, and everything is backed up by a company that earns half a billion dollars per year. All you will have to do is introduce people to the company’s products and services so that the HIM team can close sales. Apparently, you don’t have to know the people who are looking for these products and finding them will be very simple.


After you introduce the potential customers to the company, you can expect checks of $1000, $3000, or even $5000 direct deposited to your bank account. You won’t have to worry about inventory, shipping, customer service, or phone support. As long as you direct potential customers to the HIM sales team, you get to earn a commission.



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The speaker finally introduces himself as Marc Jennings before launching into a testimonial. Apparently, he and his family moved to Orlando, Florida from the UK. He claims to have helped 113 of his students to become millionaires in the past year alone. However, in 2011, he and his wife were in debt and barely getting by. When his wife got pregnant, she developed preeclampsia, a condition that restricted her to bed rest. This misfortune put even more stress on their finances, but it all came to an end when he stumbled across the HIM system.


According to Marc, you won’t be charged for using his team and services- you get to keep every cent you make each week. However, he warns that since the system is only available to a select group of people, you will need to act as soon as possible before all available spots are taken.


Supposedly, the HIM sales team closes over 125 sales per week of products that retail at $10,000, 250 sales per week for products that retail at $6,000, and 300 sales per week for $2000 products. Every time the team makes these sales, you get to earn a 50% commission of the retail price of the products. You won’t have to worry about finding potential customers since you will be shown exactly where to find them. Marc’s main role in the whole process is to help you get customers who are willing to purchase the offered products and services, allowing him to earn an income as well.


In addition to giving you the opportunity to work with the HIM team and getting customers, Marc also promises to provide you with a millionaire mentor. This is an expert who will answer any questions you might have and provide guidance through the steps you will need to follow to succeed using the system.


To get started with the HIM system and access all the features, you are required to pay $97. To opt in, you will need to provide your email and click on the “get instant success button” Only 100 people will be accepted, so you are urged to act immediately so as to not miss out on the opportunity to start working with the company.

How does Home income millionaire work?




Home Income Millionaire is a product that uses the affiliate marketing business model. It costs $97 to purchase. As with all things that deal with affiliate marketing, for HIM to work, you will need a lot of traffic. This means that you will have to actively promote it to potential customers. You will likely have to rely on free social media traffic which does not often convert as well as you might expect. This means you will probably have to run ads as well, which is an extra cost that both the sales page and video conveniently fail to mention.


Although the initial price of the product is $97, you will also be under a lot of pressure to buy the upsells, which are shoved in your face constantly with the promise of making you more money than the basic product. If you buy into the upsells, you will end up investing much more than you anticipated and get very little value for your money.


The done-for-you model of HIM may seem like an easy way to earn an income online, but in the long run, this system is simply not sustainable, and you won’t gain the essential skills needed to succeed in affiliate marketing.

will home income millionaire make you money




Although it is possible to earn a small side income using the Home Income Millionaire, your earnings will be nowhere near the amounts advertised on the sales page and pitch video. According to the disclaimer, you may even end up not making any money using the system. Another notable statement from the disclaimer is that the earning and income statements which are made on the sales page and video are simply representatives of what you could possibly earn, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve those levels of income. Apparently, the examples and testimonials are exceptional results, hence they don’t apply to the average investor.


Therefore, do not get your hopes up if you choose to use this product. You will be better off keeping your earning expectations very low when it comes to HIM. In fact, you will probably not make your initial investment back.


On the bright side, there is a 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to ask for a refund within a period of 30 days after your purchase if you are not pleased with the results from using the product.




You could potentially a little bit of money using the HIM system since it essentially uses the affiliate marketing business model. Another positive of the system is the 30-day money back guarantee no questions asked.




There are several downsides of HIM.


For beginners, the sales tactics used on the landing page and the pitch video are meant to hype you up and get you to buy into the product. The income claims are unrealistic, and there is no legitimate proof provided that users of the product have earned as much as is claimed. Another questionable sales tactic is the use of false scarcity to make you feel like you will be missing out if you do not buy the product immediately. The sales page claims that there are only 10 spots left, and in the pitch video, the speaker constantly mentions that only 100 people will be accepted. In reality, the product is anything but scarce and anyone who wants to can get in.


Although it is claimed that you won’t need any technical skills or experience to get started with HIM, you will realize that you need to know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing if you want to make any money with this system. However, there here are no details provided on how Home Income Millionaire is supposed to work, so if you are new to affiliate marketing, you will have a hard time figuring out exactly what the system entails.


Furthermore, the product is presented in a way that leads you to believe that it will only take you a week to start earning thousands of dollars. In reality, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to start seeing any earnings.


The done-for-you aspect of HIM is made to sound like an attractive option, but in reality, it is not sustainable since you don’t have any say in how the system works. In case HIM halts its operations, something that many such sits often do, you will be out of your source of income and you won’t have acquired any useful skills needed to develop your affiliate marketing career.


Plus, there is no proof that Marc Jennings is a real person. He doesn’t even appear anywhere in the video or the sales page. This made me wonder why the creator would not want to be associated with his product especially if it is supposed to be legitimate. To make things even worse, the individuals who give testimonials on their experience with the products are actually paid Fiverr actors. This means that the testimonials were solely made to make you think that you can earn a lot of money using HIM when in reality there are no real users who can endorse the product. This is certainly not a trustworthy way to promote a product, and it makes you question if anyone has ever made money using the HIM system.


The millionaire mentors that are supposedly meant to help you as you navigate Home Income Millionaire are in fact salespeople who are meant to encourage you to buy the upsells that are available in the member’s area. When you purchase these upsells, you end up spending more money than what you may make using the HIM system, which only serves to benefit these coaches and the creators of the system.

Home income millionaire verdict




Although Home Income Millionaire uses a legitimate business model that could potentially earn you money, it is definitely not profitable in the long run. Therefore, I don’t recommend it. If you are a newbie, consider my top recommendation for learning affiliate marketing! It will show you step-by-step what you need to do and learn to finally make money online. Whatever you decide to do, I hope this review will help you make the right decision regarding the product.


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