Commission Hero Review (What My Research Uncovered!)


I came across this program a couple of weeks ago after following a link that was sent to me in an email. Commission Hero promises to show you how to make over $1000 a day on ClickBank. Of course, the moment I read this all my alarm bells started ringing. So I decided to dig deeper into this program to find out exactly what it is and if it truly does what it claims. I have compiled my findings in this Commission Hero Review. Let’s begin!


Product Being Reviewed : Commission Hero








Commission Hero is a training program that promises to teach you how to generate affiliate commissions without having a product, an email list, or a website. It is a system developed by Robby Blanchard, who claims to be the number one top affiliate on ClickBank. If you purchase this product, you will realize it is basically a course that focuses on marketing ClickBank affiliate products and the use of paid traffic from Facebook to gain access to your affiliate offers.


The commission Hero web page is a simple one. The first thing you see at the very top of the page is a statement stating that the number one ClickBank affiliate in the world is sharing free training. Of course, there is no such thing as “free training”. This product actually costs $997. There is also a bold statement by Robby Blanchard stating how he generates $1000 per day or more on ClickBank using a simple 3-step system.


Below this statement, there is a sales video whose contents I am going to discuss in the next section. Below the video, there is a statement letting you know that zero experience is required. There is also a big ‘Register Now’ button below the video. Additionally, there is also a disclaimer stating that there is 100% no cost and that the seating is limited to 100 attendees. If you are familiar with such products, you’ll know that all this is simply a marketing strategy to attract as many people as possible. There is no way they are going to put a cap on 100 people and potentially lose out on thousands of dollars.


commission hero proof of income


Below this, there is a weekly sales snapshot, showing the amount of revenue that Robby Blanchard has generated in several weeks using his platform. The snapshots display outrageous amounts of money. For instance, in the latest week in the snapshot, he claims to have generated $153,121.83. The highest amount of revenue he allegedly generated in the snapshot is $242,273.26 in a single week. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these outrageous amounts are just too good to be true. Even if these are his actual sales, Clickbank is famous for its high rate of refunds. Therefore, we need to see the actual final profits to be convinced.


Below the weekly sales snapshot is the daily sales snapshot which is just as crazy. In the snapshot, the average amount of revenue he generates daily from his platform is approximately $30,000. The highest amount of money he claims to have generated in one day is $43,407.08.


Below the snapshots, there is a summary of what the Free training is about. He says that he is going to show you what is by far the best and easiest way to make money online with ClickBank and Facebook and that by tapping into it as soon as possible, you can start generating at least $1000 per day in the next 30 days.


You should know by now that there is no free money in the world. If you want to make $1000 within a few days, you will probably have to spend many more thousands of dollars in paid advertising.


Well, Robby then goes on to say how the platform will change your life forever. He says that he is going to teach you how to generate thousands of dollars per day from Facebook without even having a product. He goes on to insist that you do not need prior experience even in running Facebook ads. He then boldly declares that he’ll show you how you can virtually guarantee results for yourself.


The next section in the web page displays the top three secrets that you will learn in the free webinar:


– The first secret is that you will learn how to find the best and highest paying offers to make the most money possible.

– The second secret is that you will learn how to use your Facebook account to run ads for other people’s products on ClickBank for a big commission.

– The third secret is that you will learn from the free webinar is how to use a 3-step system that “psychologically forces” people to buy your offers.


The next section after this is three more videos which are testimonials from supposed users of Robby Blanchard’s platform describing how Commission Hero has transformed their lives. They also encourage you to do business with Robby Blanchard.


The next section is a statement asking what you are waiting for. He goes on to ask you to imagine a life with an extra $1000 per day. He says that it is possible and not hard to do. He then says that you can reserve your seat at the webinar by clicking the reserve button.


In the next section, he displays screenshots of supposed users of Commission Hero to show how they are already generating money through his method. At the bottom of the web page, he reminds you that they are limited to 100 webinar attendees and that once the seats are gone the registration will close.

commission hero video




As promised, here is the breakdown of the video:


The video starts with a speaker sitting in a home office. He introduces himself as Robby Blanchard, saying that he is so excited to have you on his page. He goes on to say that chances are you have visited his page because of one of two reasons; you have either heard of him before and know him as the number one ClickBank affiliate in the world and you are wondering how he did it, or you are just looking to make money online without having any prior success in your previous endeavors.


He then announces that he is so excited to bring you brand new training on how he became the number 1 affiliate in the world with ClickBank by using Facebook ads. He says that he has been using this method for about 4 years on his own and that it has been a game and life changer for him.


Next, Robby tells us a little about himself. He says that he started out as a personal trainer after studying personal training in college. He opened up a gym, which, though it has nothing to do with what he intends to talk about, is proof that it does not matter what your background is. He says it equally does not matter if you do not have any experience running Facebook ads, or done any business online, or even if you don’t know what ClickBank is. Anyone can find success in his training program.


He says that all you need to have are 2 things; a Facebook account and a ClickBank account. At this point, he reminds you that he is the number 1 ClickBank affiliate in the world, even displaying a ranking on the screen with his name at the top. He says that what that means is that he was able to generate the most amount of revenue for the month of January.


According to Robby, he made almost $1000000 in revenue in just the one month of January. In February, he did over $1000000 in revenue. As proof, he shows us his ClickBank account. The screenshot on his phone shows him making outrageous amounts of money per day, ranging from about $20000 a day to the highest amount of about $53000 earned in a day.


The video cuts back on him and he announces that his method can work for anybody and that if you are tired of working on a 9-5 job, and that if you want to have an online business, or if you want more freedom to travel and spend time with your family, then his method is the one that you want to use.


He says that he has a 3-step system that he has put together which is going to be a game changer for you and your family. He says that in fact, he is able to travel the world from the money he makes off this. Most recently, he was able to travel to Brazil, He shows us a picture of him in Brazil, just in case you don’t believe him. He says that even though he did not have any internet connection in Brazil, he was still able to make money online, without even checking his ads at all. He then says that that is one of the great benefits of his system.





If you are interested in making $1000 a day or more, you should go ahead and click the register button for his live training where he will teach you about how he has managed to generate thousands of dollars a day. He also says that he will show you how he became the number 1 ClickBank affiliate in the world.


He urges you further to click the button and register for the training. He says he cannot wait to see you and that you are going to have a lot of fun with him. This is where he concludes the video.


At the bottom of the web page, there are three separate videos of testimonials from supposed users of the product. The first testimonial is from a couple in a car. They start by saying their video is to show you how Robby Blanchard helped them exponentially grow their business in 3 months. They introduce themselves as Bryan and Katie Harney from the Dollar Challenge This is a 30-day group challenge fitness nutrition program geared towards busy women, and they have been running their business for over a year.


They then say that for a long time their business had stagnated, getting only about 100 participants per challenge and that they were running their challenges for only about a month and a half since that was all they could manage at the time.


Bryan then says that prior to hiring Robby, he was the one running all the Facebook ads. He says that now they are able to run their challenges every 3 weeks unlike the 6 weeks they used to do before because of the help they get from Robby. Katie then adds that they have been relieved of a lot of hard work hence they can now focus on what they enjoy doing. They say that the number of participants per challenge has increased from 100 every 6 weeks to about 1500 every 3 weeks and that the number is continuing to grow.


Bryan then adds that Facebook is their only source of traffic and that they do not run ads from other networks such as Instagram, though they are planning to get into it with Robby. They say that the only source of traffic for them is Facebook and it’s all from Robby’s agency. Then Bryan says that if you are on the fence, he highly recommends that you contact him and experience the same success as them and concludes the video by thanking Robby.


The second testimonial starts with a person addressing Robby from the Fit Body Boot Camp headquarters, thanking him for the work that he does for them. He acknowledges his effort in working hard to drive traffic for them and getting them the most qualified people and that he gets them 5-7 new franchises every month which is huge considering that each buy-in is $30000. He then concludes by saying that for anyone considering to work with Robby, you should go right ahead and do it. If you need more traffic, he similarly highly recommends working with Robby since he will get you the traffic, and that if he can’t he will let you know so that you don’t have to pay him.


The final testimonial is from a speaker who introduces himself as Wesley Virgin. He says that he owns in Virgin Media. He says that Robby Blanchard has helped them bring thousands of dollars per month. He says that Robby helped him transform his business by increasing the amount of traffic he was receiving. He then says that if you are thinking of doing business with Robby, you should do it. He then goes on to say that the previous year his company made $30 million but this year, he made $100 million, due to the work Robby was doing. He then concludes by thanking Robby for what he has done for him.

how does commission hero work




Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing product. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s products for a fee. You get to earn a commission when someone uses your affiliate links to buy these products.


Commission Hero provides a training course and helps you gain access to ad images, landing pages, ad copies, and other important Facebook training modules.


ClickBank has 3 main modules:


1. Creating ad images

2. Choosing products to promote

3. Setting up your landing page


With this product, you’ll learn all about this and more. However, as you might have guessed, the sales video is highly exaggerated. For instance, Robby Blanchard’s earnings are outrageous, and he conveniently does not state the costs that he incurs. We hear nothing about refund rates, which sometimes can be as high as 50%.


There is also a 14-day refund policy. If you will not have made your money back within 14 days, you are assured of getting your money back if things do not work out.




It is possible to make a little money with Commission Hero, but not as a beginner. This product is way too complex and needs you to have some experience in affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a genuine way of making money online. You make money when someone uses your affiliate links to purchase a product.


The amount of money you will make, however, will not be anywhere as much as the sales video and the website make you believe. Commission Hero embellishes a lot of stuff and the earnings have been very exaggerated.

commission hero verdict




Commission Hero has both upsides and downsides.


First, I’ll talk about the upsides. Commission Hero has a real owner, Robby Blanchard. Therefore, there is at least some level of credibility. The second advantage is the fact that there is a basic refund policy in case you are dissatisfied with the product. Thirdly, with this product, you get training on how to run Facebook ads. This is actually helpful especially if you understand your audience on Facebook.


Now to the downsides. First, it only works for ClickBank products. Another disadvantage is that the amount of money you are made to believe you are going to generate is extremely exaggerated. It is really not worth it especially if you have no prior experience in affiliate marketing. Third, the 14-day money-back guarantee is a very small frame of time considering that other ClickBank products have a minimum 30-day money-back guarantee. Finally, it costs a total of $997, which makes it very expensive.


So there you have it. My honest Commission Hero review.


If you want to learn affiliate marketing (and I believe you should) then I can help you with a 100% free training program that already has over 1.5 million active students. You don’t get that many people to join a training program unless it works! You can try it today for absolutely no money at all!





I hope this information has been of some help to you, and whatever decision you end up making, at least it will be backed by facts.


To your affiliate success,


Mike Aha

4 thoughts on “Commission Hero Review (What My Research Uncovered!)”

  1. Its amazing what people come up with these days. Its as if the ideas never run ut, d they? I wonder if I could come up with an idea that will change things like this guy. Not that it’ll change things, but it does give new opportunities and ideas for the near future. The only thing regarding this is that it is so difficult t figure out scams; even in buying a guide. 

    • Hi Linda,

      Affiliate marketing an blogging are full of scams because people fall for the ridiculous promises and the lifestyle that they sell.  This is classic marketing. 

      I once read a marketing book that explained how hard it was to market alcohol.  It is a substance that alters your mind, makes you vulnerable and often leads to you making bad decisions.  Not positive attributes.  What the marketers settled on was selling a “lifestyle”.  This worked and continues to work like a charm.  Alcohol commercials are all about vibrant young men an women that are fit and successful.  This is a long ways from the drunkard with a bottle of Boone’s Farm in hand.

      By the way, this is no admonishment on alcohol. It is just an illustration of my point.  If you like to drink, then good on you. If you are against alcohol, then good on you too.  I am not judging or taking sides

      This how scammers are successful.  They know what people dream of and they profit from it.

      I hope to help my readers by exposing these scams when I see them.  You will read a ton of product review on this site and I hope they help you to make an informed decision.  Whatever you decide, I would like you to do it with “eyes wide open”.  This is an opportunity I did not have!

      To your success,

      Mike A

  2. Hi Mike, excellent job you have done here in doing a review of commission hero. Seriously, I can across this program through a friend and I was very skeptical about it because of my previous experiences with all these get rich quick programs. Though you’ve succeeded in juxtaposing the pros and cons yet, I’m not convinced that I want to put my money in it because; I’m a rookie and besides, I run on a very tight budget for now. Thanks

    • RoDarrick,

      Thanks for your comment sir!  As I stated in my review the price is steep, the refund period is short and the income claims are greatly exaggerated 🙂  I don’t blame you for reaching the decision you did.  I think that Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic way to learn affiliate marketing and how to make money online.  If you have not looked into it, check out my review.  I am convinced that you will find amazing value (even as a free member).

      Thanks for leaving your comments and thoughts on my blog,

      To your success,

      Mike Aha

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