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More and more people these days are becoming interested in making money online. If you are one of these people, chances are you have heard about affiliate marketing. It is a massively popular way of making money online. In fact, 90% of the world’s internet marketers attribute over 30% of their yearly income to it.


If you have no idea what affiliate marketing is, that’s ok too. Take this as an opportunity to learn more about this wonderful money-making method, and to decide whether or not it is for you.


Since technology changes at a rapid pace, all online jobs require you to always be updated on the latest advancements if you want to stay at the top of your game. Affiliate marketing is no different. For you to be the best affiliate marketer, you need to consistently acquire knowledge and skills from affiliate marketing training programs.


With the right affiliate marketing training program by your side, you will know exactly what to do to take your business to the next level. Most of these programs are designed to help beginners and pros alike, so whether you are a newbie or you are an experienced marketer, you should be able to make the most out of them.


Before we get to all that, though, let’s take it from the top:



what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to earn a commission by promoting other people’s services or products. Your job as the affiliate is to simply find a product that you can market and once it is bought, you will earn a percentage of the profit.


The affiliate marketer acts as a bridge between the product creator and the consumer. Your role is therefore to ensure that you get the maximum number of sales. Since this is a commission-based business, the more you sell, the more money you make.




While personality may contribute towards your success in the affiliate marketing business, the training that you get matters even more. The best program will equip you with the right knowledge and skills for the job.


But which is the best affiliate marketing training program? While there are many programs in the market, not all of them are created equal. Some are just all hype and will never deliver what they claim. Do not fall for such products.


But how can you tell that a particular affiliate marketing program is good? Well, there are certain distinct features that make good programs stand out:




image of handheld tools

The affiliate marketing program should be equipped with the right tools that will get you started until you become an expert in this field. Some of these tools include website builder, website manager, domain manager, website content manager, product research tool, chat feature, among others.


In some programs, some of these tools can be accessed freely. You have to pay for them in other programs. You need to do your research and have a good idea of what to expect before actually signing up for any of these programs. Do you think that the tools it has will help you?


Help Section


keyboard help key

The Help section should be there to help you with any navigation issues you might have, or to help you find a specific feature that you are looking for.


The help section should also include an FAQ list that you can refer to just in case a question you have is commonly asked on the platform. It should also provide a direct link to the product’s customer support team, just in case your issue needs to be dealt with by thee higher-ups.


Through the help center, you will have quick and unlimited access to any section of the program.




youtube login

The affiliate marketing training program should offer more than just text content. It should also have quality videos. Videos are more inclusive, time saving, and interactive than plain PDFs, so as a user, you will get to understand the subject matter even better.


Just because the program has a video does not mean that it has met the standards. What matters is the quality. Both the content and the visual aspects of the video should be of high quality.


Live Training


live training on a blackboard

The training program should be interactive. One way to achieve this is by incorporating live training events. This is when the product creators or experts avail themselves to offer training to the users.


The good thing about live events is that they allow you to interact with these knowledgeable people directly. For example, if you have a question about the product, all you have to do is ask the creator directly.


If you are not available to attend the live training event, the program should have a recording tool that allows you to record events so that you can watch them in future.


Community Forum


Good training programs promote a sense of community. This is where you are able to interact with other aspiring affiliate marketers and share your experiences directly on the platform. Through forums, you will find quick answers to the questions that you may be having with regards to the training program or your affiliate marketing journey.


Sleek User Interface


How does it feel to navigate the website of the affiliate marketing training program? Do you enjoy it or are you experiencing some difficulties? The program should have a friendly and interactive user interface.


Everything on the website should be visible. The arrangement and organization of content should be visually appealing. You should not have any trouble when it comes to navigating through the training program. All the buttons, headlines and the links should be well positioned, functional and responsive.




There is no doubt that the market is flooded with many affiliate marketing training programs. Worse, all the programs are claiming to be the best. So, which one should you choose?


Well, here are the top 4 affiliate marketing training programs (according to yours truly):


# 4 Skillshare Affiliate Marketing Courses



skillshare screenshot

Skillshare is an online platform where thousands of people share different courses. If you are an aspiring affiliate marketer, you can choose to take one of the affiliate marketing courses that are on the platform.


The open nature of Skillshare means that you are not limited to a specific course. Instead, you get to go through each course, see its feature then make the final decision. The platform markets itself as the Netflix of online courses, so you can access thousands of affiliate marketing courses right at your fingertips.




  • Membership: You can choose basic membership or premium membership. With the basic membership, you will be able to access only a few courses on the platform. The Premium membership plan will give you unlimited access to online courses.
  • Help center: As a premium member, you can get trainer support and live training for your respective affiliate marketing course. However, such perks are not available if you are a basic member subscriber.
  • The affiliate marketing courses can be accessed offline and even on mobile devices.


The main challenge with Skillshare is that because you have so many options, not all the affiliate marketing programs on the platform are valuable.

#3 Affiliate Marketing for a Living: Complete Blogging Training Level 1,2 & 3



theo mcArthur blog screenshot

Theo McArthur claims that she created this course for anyone who would want to earn a living solely on affiliate marketing, hence the name. The creator has decades of experience in online marketing and blogging. Instead of highlighting different aspects of affiliate marketing, this course focuses on blogging.


In this course, you will learn how to create quality content that will generate traffic. You will also learn how to monetize your blog.




  • Minimum requirements for entry: You don’t have to be knowledgeable about blogging or online business. All you need is a text editor and mastery of the language that you will use for publishing content.
  • Membership: You can purchase the premium version in order to access the full features of the course.
  • Content format: You will get to access different formats including videos and textual notes. Each topic on the course is accompanied by frequently asked questions.

#2 Facebook & Instagram Marketing Masterclass



Facebook and Instagram are definitely among the most popular social media platforms in the world. Did you know that you can utilize them to propel your affiliate marketing business to a higher level? This course has in-depth content on how to achieve this goal.


udemy diego davila

The course was created by Diego Davila who markets himself as an entrepreneur and social media guru. He claims to have trained almost 300,000 business owners on how to properly use social media to market their businesses.


In this course, you will learn how to use Facebook tools such as Pixels to market and retarget your ads. You will also learn how to create optimized Facebook groups in which you will be selling your products to exclusive members.


The affiliate marketing product will teach you how to fully engage with your audience on Facebook and Instagram. You will do this through live videos and events.




  • Requirements: The only requirements are Facebook and Instagram accounts which you can create free of charge. You don’t need to have prior knowledge of how to do social media marketing.
  • Membership: You only have one option; to pay for the premier version of the course. You will then access all the learning content.
  • Format: This affiliate marketing course is available in lecture notes and video tutorials. You will also have access to a private Facebook group where the creator avails more lessons.

#1 Wealthy Affiliate




Wealthy Affiliate is among the largest affiliate marketing communities in the world. It boasts of more than one million members who have different levels of experience in the field of affiliate marketing. The large number is clear proof that this is a trustworthy program.


  • Membership Plan


Like most affiliate marketing programs, Wealthy Affiliate has two main levels of membership: the ‘Starter’ membership which is free for anyone to join and the ‘Premium’ membership which is a paid membership plan.


Although the free membership plan comes with an array of impressive features, if you want to get the most out of this program, you should pay for the premium membership.


wealthy affiliate logo

  • Training


Wealthy Affiliate training is divided into different sequential steps. It starts off with the basics by training you how to pick the right niche. Next, you will learn how to build a site, then how to attract visitors to your site, and finally how to earn revenue.


The content is delivered in different formats including text notes, video lectures, live events, among others.


  • Tools


Wealthy Affiliate comes with an avalanche of tools. Some of the notable tools that you will get to enjoy include website builder, live chat, research tool, site manager among others. All these tools are designed to turbo-boost your affiliate marketing process.


Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 15 years and it has proven itself to be a valuable resource for affiliates all over the world.





As you can see, different programs come with different features. Your job is to compare these features and decide which ones will work for you.


Personally, I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It has clearly been designed to address the specific needs of every affiliate marketer, so it will provide the most value. Plus, it has overwhelmingly positive reviews, so you it is highly likely that you will become the next happy Wealthy Affiliate user.




Whatever you choose, though, I hope this review of affiliate marketing training programs has helped you reach the right decision.


To your success,


Mike Aha




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