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When I came across Point and Click Profit, my curiosity was immediately piqued due to the promise of good earning within a short period of time. I carried out in-depth research and came up with this honest and unbiased answer to the question: What is point and click profit?


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Point and Click Profit is a system by Amy Jensen that requires you to “list products” from a given company on eBay in order to earn a commission. According to the sales page, most people make as much as $195 per day, and if you are really determined you could even make the same amount in an hour. Apparently, the Point and Click Profit system is a certified, proven, and guaranteed way to make money online and is being used by hundreds of people already to earn a steady income.


There is a note from Amy on the sales page that reveals that there is a secret way you can take care of all your money woes, and you won’t have to put in much effort. It will only take about two hours of your day, and you won’t ever have to leave your house. From my experience, whenever you hear any talk of secret methods and secret ways to do things online, tread very carefully because 90% of the time it is usually people looking to talk advantage of your naiveté.


There is a list of things on the page that you supposedly won’t have to do, including:


  • – Make bothersome phone calls or send emails to strangers
  • – Sell products to strangers as well as everyone you know
  • – Make pre-scripted calls to potential customers
  • – Participate in network marketing or MLM

Similarly, there is a list of things you can expect from using the product, including:


  • – Work for fewer hours than you would in a full time job
  • – Bring in cash regardless of the state of the economy
  • – Rely on the product to earn a decent living.

The next section is Amy’s personal story. Even before reading it I knew it was going to be a rags-to-riches story designed to make you believe you too can find success just as she did. Here is the story:


Apparently, she is a divorced mother of young twins, and not too long ago, she was completely broke. Her credit cards had maxed out, and she was way behind in rent, with her landlord constantly threatening eviction. She was out of a job, and she had no means of paying her bills.


Frustrated by her situation, she began looking for online jobs that would allow her to work from home and spend time with her children. She came across many work-from-home opportunities that promised easy cash, but they all turned out to be scams.


Discouraged, Amy decided to confide in her best friend who referred her to a woman who had been laid off from her place of work and was currently working at home and fully supporting her family. The woman readily introduced Amy to the moneymaking opportunity, which turned out to be life-changing, allowing her to support her family despite the unfavorable economy.


There is a section of testimonials from supposed users of the product, with all of them praising it for helping them make good money from home.


With the opportunity that Point and Click Profit provides, you will be able to take advantage of internet commerce, specifically eBay, which is described on the sales page as one of the most recognizable and largest online auction sites with millions of listings on a daily basis.


According to Amy, business owners are looking to save money through a variety of ways, and one of the best ways they do this is by selling their products on eBay. They opt to use this platform because they can easily find customers, consequently saving the money they would have spent advertising the products.


Companies from all around the world use eBay to target customers, with products that are listed on the site bringing in up to $59 billion being sold every year. Due to the recognition, eBay has been able to avoid the effects of the economy, staying open for 24 hours on a daily basis.


Supposedly, there is no limit on how much you can make using the Point and Click Profit. You get to decide how many hours you can spend working and watch the cash roll in. However, if you prefer rush-hour, having a boss, and a 9-5 job, then the product is supposedly not meant for you.


According to Amy, the companies that auction their products on eBay need you because:


  • – For products to be sold on eBay, they have to be listed on the platform. Therefore, since you will be doing the listing the products for them, they get to save the money they would have spent in taxes if they hired a full-time employee.
  • – They would also be saving money for rent and benefits that would have been paid to people in specific areas of the country to post their eBay auctions.

The role of Amy in all of this is to train you to be able to work with these companies. If you keenly follow the steps taught and turn out to be a good fit, you can start earning money as soon as possible by selling products for the various companies that use eBay. The way Point and Click Profit works has been broken down as follows:


  • – You partner with a big name company
  • – You list a product on eBay for the company
  • – An interested customer orders the product from your listing
  • – The big name company then ships out the product to the customer as soon as possible
  • – You and the company then share the money earned from the sale


An example of how it might work is given as: You partner with Apple to list an iPad on eBay for them. A customer then purchases it for, say, $500. From this sale, Apple will use $430 for manufacturing, packaging, and shipping, and then you will get $70 for listing it.


You also get to choose the items to list on eBay, with thousands of products to choose from. For example, if you choose to list a camera for $100, you’ll probably make $15. On the other hand, if you list an Apple computer, you may get as much as $150. Additionally, you also get to choose the companies to partner with, as well as the amount of time you want to spend on listing products.


According to Amy, within about three days of listing products, she received her first check. Therefore, if you list products on a basis, you can expect to get paid within three to seven days. As a listing agent, the more products you list, the more income you will receive.




If you are interested in the opportunity, you can sign up as soon as possible and get started right away. Once you sign up, you will get connected with a company to work with and then you will be provided the details on their products. You will then learn how to list the given details with the help of Amy and finally start listing the given products. If you list at least 12 products a day, you can be assured of a steady, reliable weekly income.


Point and Click Profit has supposedly recruited an astounding 276 companies who are ready to partner with you. The company has also partnered with Doba to make available more than 300 wholesale distributors who are ready to provide dropship access to over 35,000 products. As a result, you will gain access to millions of name brand products to dropship.


With Doba, you get to choose the products to sell from their product catalog, and then you list the products for sale on an auction site (eBay). Doba’s suppliers will then take care of warehousing, packaging, and shipping. When the product sells, the customer pays you the sale price, you pay Doba the wholesale price, and then you keep the profit.


You don’t need to have experience in order to use the Point and Click Profit system. Amy promises to show you a step-by-step process that is easy to grasp.


If for any reason you are underwhelmed by the results you get from using the product, there is a 60-day money back guarantee, which means that you will get a full refund within this period. There is an additional double guarantee from Amy as well:


  • – Guarantee one: if you don’t make back the money that you invested in the Point and Click Profit system within the first two weeks, you will be given a refund.
  • – Guarantee two: if you still want to give the product a shot after two weeks, you will be given an additional 6 weeks to test the product. If it doesn’t work for you by then, your position will be passed on to someone else.


If you have any questions or you run into any problems, you can contact the support team directly.


There is a special bonus if you opt to get started immediately. It is a stock photography program that is meant to train you how to turn the photos that you take into a source of income. This bonus program is valued at $49, but Amy is offering it at no cost.




The video on the sales page is simply a general video from a news segment about making money online. It has nothing to do with Point and Click Profit.

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It will cost you $97 to purchase the product, and there are additional upsells along the way. According to the sales page, you are required to list products on eBay at a significantly higher price so that you get to keep the difference when you make a sale.


However, the main problem with how this system works is the lack of dependability. Doba has received many bad reviews on sites such as SiteJabber where users have complained about everything from the poor customer service to the unreliable suppliers who don’t ship items on time. There are even more complaints on the BBB.org site and the RipoffReport site, which makes the authenticity of how Point and Click Profit works generally questionable.


Once you sign up with Point and Click Profit, you will be redirected to another page where you have to give your information again. You may think that you are signing up for training from Point and Click Profit but in reality, you are signing up for Easy1Up. Easy1Up is a program that involves massive recruiting of users who are interested in making money online. When you visit the Easy1Up terms page, you will be referred to someone known as Jon Meyers, who in reality receives a commission for anyone who signs up. To make money, you have to recruit others into the system. There is a $1 trial provided as well, and if you choose to sign up for it, you are required to give away your contact and credit card details.


You will then be contacted by a coach who is assigned to you. In reality, these coaches are just high-pressure salesmen who are put in place to convince you to purchase the exorbitantly priced upsells.




Point and Click Profit talks about drop shipping on it is sales page, but links you to an MLM site upon signing up. It is possible to make money as a drop shipper, but when you sign for MLM pyramid schemes like Easy1Up, you will only end up losing your money.


Drop shipping is a genuine business model, and there is definitely some money to be made. On the other hand, the sales page itself is very misleading because you are required to refer customers to another page in order to make any money of your own. There is no drop shipping product. Instead, you get Easy1Up. Relying on a company such as Easy1Up to make an income is highly risky since it seems to work the same way as other untrustworthy MLM pyramid scheme companies like MOBE and Digital Altitude. So, to answer the question, no. This product will not make you any money.


point and click profit verdict




There are some aspects of the Point and Click Profit system that I actually liked. The drop shipping method described on the sales page is a legit way of making money online, and there is also the refund within 60 days of purchase in case you decide that you don’t like the product.


However, the red flags far outweighed the positive aspects of the product.


  • – The testimonials on the sales page are fake. The pictures posted are sourced from stock photography.
  • – Another major downside of Point and Click Profit is the partnership with Easy1Up. This program offers packages that will cost you up to $1000 to purchase, and there is no guarantee that you will get your money back.
  • – Why would you sign up for one program only to be redirected to another one that is clearly not straightforward?
  • – The high-income claims within a short period of time were also off-putting.
  • – It is made to seem like you won’t have to put in much work in order to achieve this.
  • – The high-pressure sales tactic of telling prospective customers that there are limited spots available is meant to make you buy the product immediately despite all the faults it has and without thinking through your actions.

For these reasons and more, I would not recommend Point and Click Profit. It will not work for you if you want to make money through drop shipping. Instead, carry out extensive research on how to do it on your own. This way, you won’t have to pay unnecessary fees or deal with scam sites like Easy1Up.




I hope this review will help you make an informed decision. Best of luck!

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