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The Auto Chat Profits is a Clickbank product that promises to help you earn over $400 a day using a revolutionary new technology. It got recommended to me in an email, and I decided to check it out. If you would like to know whether it is a legit product or all hype, here is my detailed Auto Chat Profits review to help you do exactly that.


Product Being Reviewed: Auto Chat Profits




The Auto Chat Profits system is a product that claims it can help you make at least $423.67 every day, consistently for the whole year through automation. According to spokeswoman Samantha Smith, you can increase your commissions selling Clickbank products.


The sales page on the official website was all too familiar. In fact, it looks exactly like the Daily Cash Siphon website, which I have also reviewed here.


When you load the page, the first word you see are these:


auto chat profit statement


Those are pretty bold claims to make. I do not know of a single product that can deliver such results. But who knows right?  Maybe this is completely new, fresh and completely original? So I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.


Below these words is the pitch video, which I will break down for you a little later. Under that is a huge green button that you need to click to check if your free robot license is available. Of course, when you click it, you are automatically told that your license is available, but they need your email address and $37 if you want to access it.


Finally, the bottom part of the website is the disclaimer, which states the following main points:


• The spokesperson used in the video is using a pen name.

• There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials.

• Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings.

• Other disclaimers and liability mumbo jumbo that no one but a lawyer can understand


auto cash profits disclaimer


Basically, they want no liability and are giving no guarantees whatsoever, so in case nothing that they say works for you, you are on your own. Here is a breakdown of the video:




The spokeswoman says that this private video is going to help you, no matter your age, skills or experience, to make money every day from the internet by exploiting a controversial $480 million industry through the power of a revolutionary robot technology.


She says her system is completely legit and absolutely new and unseen, unlike anything you may have come across before. She also states that the software is proven to consitently deliver as proven by the fact that it has done so for a year.


It is so simple to use this robot that anyone can do it in no time flat. However, they are only making it available to people who qualify for a free license to use the secret software. The software will build you a done-for-you website loaded with the robot in under six minutes and fourteen clicks.


Just as expected, they make pretty bold claims about their system and what it can do for you. But can it really match the high standards that they are already setting? The only way to find out is to keep watching. Which is what I did.


Next comes the profit proofs to show you how great this robot is. All with thousands of dollars daily. The spokeswoman says it is a point and click software that has been designed to help you make fast money from affiliate marketing.


At this point, she introduces herself as Samantha Smith, a spokesperson for Auto Chat Profits. She says she is going to show you a live demo proving that this product is the only set and forget software on the internet. She promises to give you a free license for the bot at the end of the video. I was stunned! Did she just say free?


Well, more profit proofs follow. Thousands of dollars week after week, just as you would expect. She says they know the secret to making consistent money, so you can trust them. From these proofs, you can see that it took over a year for the profits to get to the thousands of dollars she is describing. However, this is not mentioned. She just says that you too can make that much money from the comfort of your home. All you need is the right software by your side.


She says they are not giving away their most valuable software to be charitable. They are looking for a mutually beneficial partnership. They make a small commission for every affiliate sale you make, while you also make money from the sale, and everyone wins. They only make money when you make money, so it is in their best interest to get you making consistent money as soon as possible.


To qualify for the free license, there are two conditions to meet: be willing to use the software to make money, and be someone who hasn’t made over $100,000 in a year online yet. Of course, these are all just empty statements, and anyone that wants to use the product can do so as long as they can afford it.


Next, Samantha does a live demo of the software.


First, she logs in to the Auto Chat Profits system. She says if you have their “ free” license, you also get your own login credentials.


Next, we are shown the members’ area. Inside, there is a web page with several tabs, including Home, Start Here, Your Upgrades, Bonus Resources, Your Account, Contact Support and Log Out. The Home page has a welcome video, a members’ tour video, and an overview of your profile. She says if you are completely new, you need to start at the Start Here tab.


When you click Start Here, you are taken to another page. It has a video and several guides underneath it. Then she claims that she can help you build a site in 3 steps. The software helps you set up a Clickbank account, create a free domain with a .live suffix, then set up your email service. The final step is to copy – paste a piece of code from your email service into the web form slot. The software then completes the setup process for you.


She then explains how it works. The software helps you make money from affiliate marketing. But affiliate marketing can be tricky for beginners. How do you build a website that can make you money? The Auto Chat Profits system will do that for you, complete with their robot technology integrated. How do you find websites that sell great products? Once again, the Auto Chat Profits system has you covered. It uses a secret algorithm to find websites with the best products, doing all the work for you. How do you find people to buy products from those websites? The final promise is that Auto Chat Profits will drive tons of people to your websites.


All you need is a minimum of 23 minutes a day and you too can start making money with this system. I hit pause here. Just 23 minutes a day? That is obviously an outright lie and a gross misrepresentation of facts. No one can give you hundreds of dollars consistently every day for doing close to nothing. It doesn’t happen in the real world and it definitely does not happen online.


Anyway. The website that is created in the demo is a plain website with a chat bot. The main idea here is to force your visitors to interact with your chat bot. The chat bot makes all the promises, and your audience buys into it and makes purchases. So basically, you get a system that promises to show your readers how to make money online, but the only way they can view this is to give you their email addresses so you can send them the download link. It is these email addresses that you are after, and you use them to build a mailing list.


According to Samantha, this is a more effective and interactive way of doing things than making them read or watch a never-ending video. The chat bot asks your readers questions and based on their answers, it automatically picks up a relevant Clickbank product and uses your link to pitch to them. If they make a purchase, you get a commission.


If your visitors don’t want to chat with a robot, it gives them a popup that will take them to a different page with a paid presenter in a pitch video, or a relevant Clickbank product using your affiliate link.


If you watch the video to this point, you can stop watching it and you will not have missed anything. The video is a little more than halfway done, but the rest of it basically goes round and round in circles repeating what has already been said.


Finally, she says the video won’t stay up for too long. They don’t want their secret software to get too much exposure. So, don’t waste time. She needs you to click the button below the video and you will buy the product for the discounted price of $37. Plus, they will also throw in a 60-day money back guarantee. Another few minutes are spent convincing you that you have nothing to lose by signing up.


If you choose to exit the page without making a purchase, a new page come up. This time, instead of the pitch video, you only get the product demo. You also get a pop up with a spinning wheel that is only activated with your email address. I entered a bogus email address and won a “free” Auto Chat Profits account. However, at the checkout, I saw that this free account would be billed $7 every month, forever. No thank you.







auto chat profits bot

To the bottom left of the sales page is an open chat that allows you to engage “Jenny” a “Success Coach” with Auto Chat Profits. She is obviously just a bot. I thought it would be a great way to get a feel of how the Auto Chat Profits bots interact with actual visitors. Here is how our conversation went:




Hey 🙂

It’s Jenny – a Success Coach at “Auto Chat Profits”.

TODAY, we’re giving away “Auto Chat Profits” (RRP $497) for FREE!

I need to ask you a few questions to work out IF you qualify for a FREE license to use our “Robot” Profit Software.

If you qualify you could make a CONSISTENT, DAILY INCOME faster than you think possible!

Our AUTOMATED software’s so crazy consistent it’s churned out PROFIT for us EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE LAST 336 DAYS!

Please answer the following questions very carefully to find out IF you qualify:



auto chat profits bot chat




Yes Jenny – I’ve made some money before. (The alternative answer. “No Jenny, I have never made any money online”, still brings up the same series of responses from the bot.)


Congrats 🙂

But we want you making money consistently.

Hey, take a look at this… (some profit proofs are shown here)

This is how consistently we make money from ClickBank.

Auto Chat Profits is completely NEW and unseen.

It’s perfect for beginners or even people with experience. It’s so simple to make money with our Robot you can start using it TODAY in under 6 MINUTES and 14 CLICKS. It could make you a CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE DAILY INCOME.

Check out our TEST results on a BRAND NEW ClickBank account… (more profit proofs)





Yes Jenny – I can. I want to succeed! (Picking ‘no’ still yields the same results)


That’s great! 🙂


Lemme quickly tell you how the ACP Software works. It builds you a DONE-FOR-YOU “Chatbot” Website. Your Chatbot exploits a SECRET $480 MILLION “Affiliate Marketing” Industry on ClickBank! ClickBank’s one of the world’s biggest online retailers. They pay out MILLIONS of dollars each year to their Affiliates!


Your Chatbot Website AUTOMATICALLY starts a conversation with EVERY SINGLE VISITOR. It helps them with their problems and recommends products to them on ClickBank. You DON’T NEED to spend a second talking to your visitors. Your Robot does it ALL for you!


Whenever your visitors buy a product YOU GET PAID up to 75% COMMISSION! WITHOUT having to develop your own product, WITHOUT having to sell your own product, WITHOUT having to ship your own product. So, if someone spends $100 on a product, you GET PAID up to $75! EVERY SINGLE TIME!


Look at how quickly we make money on ClickBank with ACP… (more profit proofs)


auto chat profit screenshot


How Do I Get Visitors To My Chatbot Website?


We have a PROVEN method to get HIGH QUALITY visitors who actually buy products. It’s a SIMPLE, STEP-BY-STEP method which DOESN’T require any experience. It only takes a FEW MINUTES a day to copy our steps. We know that getting HIGH QUALITY visitors (or traffic) is the SECRET to your success! Also, we have a SPECIALIST SUPPORT TEAM who are there to help you every day. We have OVER 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE of helping people make money online.



Do I Have To Pay For This?



Right now, your license to use Auto Chat Profits is 100% FREE. But I need to be upfront with you. But we gotta charge a small “pitch in” fee. It’s a small contribution to our server costs. In return, you’ll get UNLIMITED HOSTING and a FREE WEBSITE DOMAIN. As a LAUNCH SPECIAL for TODAY ONLY we’ve reduced that small “pitch in” fee from $77 to a tiny $37. That’s less than the cost of 3 Dominos Pizzas! But it gets better. To make sure you’re completely satisfied after you claim your FREE Software License and you pay the small “pitch in” fee for UNLIMITED HOSTING you’ll get a 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If in the next 60 DAYS you want your money back FOR ANY REASON, you’ll get EVERY LAST CENT BACK GUARANTEED. So, don’t waste time. Click the button below. Make no mistake, we’ll soon remove the secret free access page and replace it with the order link to the full price of $497.






Still Have A Question?


Please type your question below and hit enter. Please type it into this chat.






OK thanks!

Please enter your email so we can reply!




Thank You. We will protect your email privacy. We will not send you any spam or junk emails.


And that was the end of our conversation. I found our interaction a little strange and even funny at times, but I do not honestly see many people spending as much time as I did talking to a bot such as this one. The bot feels hastily put together, and it is not smart enough to respond to divergent answers.



how does auto chat profits work

The Auto Chat Profits system works through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to earn a commission by promoting someone else’s products. When they make a sale from your leads, you earn a commission. This method of making money is very effective and it works.  This is why so many people are interested and willing to learn how to generate income with Affiliate marketing.


It is one of the few online business ventures that truly offers an uncapped earning potential. This means that you can literally make as much money as you want with affiliate marketing. The more you sell, the more you earn. Affiliate marketing also gives you the rare opportunity to be your own boss, and it grants you financial security and freedom.


Learn More About Affiliate Marketing and How To Get Started


The way the Auto Chat Profits system works with affiliate marketing is by leveraging the power of Clickbank. Clickbank is an online platform for product creators to post their products and affiliate marketers to sign up and promote them. It is a simple and straightforward site.


With Auto Chat Profits, you get a free domain name (ending in .live), a DFY site, and a completely automated chat bot as well. The robot helps you sell Clickbank products on your site.


The way chat bots work is that they ask a series of leading questions before providing a solution to what is perceived to be your problem or need. In this case, the potential customer will be asked several questions, and from their answers, a Clickbank product will be recommended to them.


is auto chat profits worth it


The Auto Chat Profits system goes for $37. I do not think it is worth that price for various reasons:


1. $37 is not all this product is going to cost you in the long run. There are several upsells in the members’ area, sometimes with essential elements that are needed for this system to work well. You will end up paying well over $400 if you want to experience everything that the Auto Chat Profits is about.


2. One of the best things about affiliate marketing is the freedom to choose the products you want to promote. You do not get this with the Auto Chat Profits system. The bot simply recommends products it likes, and chances are that these products are likely products that the creators of Auto Chat Profits have a stake in.


3. It is also not niche-specific. The recommended products depend on a specific user, so you will not be able to focus on a specific part of the market and build a reputation for yourself based on that.


4. When it comes to promoting products, since no two products recommended are alike, and you actually have no specific niche products you are specializing in, it means that you have nothing to promote. All you have is a bot that asks questions and promotes a certain product based on the answers it gets.


5. You are also not told how people will actually get to see your new shiny website. Having a website up with a cool chat bot in it is all good, but getting people to actually interact with you is a much bigger hurdle to cross. How will you get people to visit your site?


6. Also, you will not make a cent in 6 minutes and 14 clicks. If you are looking for some easy, quick cash, you will not find it here.


7. Finally, with this product, no matter what you do, you will always be splitting your commissions with the owners of the Auto Chat Profits system. Ideally, you want all the affiliate commissions to be yours. You will never have that here.




auto chat profits verdict

Setting up a Clickbank account, getting a domain name and launching a website is all pretty cheap. In fact, Clickbank accounts are free to open, you can get free high-quality domain names, and there are web design and hosting services that are dirt cheap. If you choose to do it yourself, you can get everything the Auto Chat Profits system offers for much less than what they are asking for.


I believe in starting your online business from scratch and building it up organically as you go. This is the only way you are going to learn the ins and outs of the business and come out more successful. Taking shortcuts like this often only ends up only costing you money you do not have, and this is the fastest way for your business to collapse before it even takes off.


The reason why Auto Chat Profits and countless products like it are successful is because they prey on people’s hopes and dreams of making quick money on the internet.  Unfortunately, there are no easy or quick money making schemes online or offline.


If you are willing to put in the work and learn, I can help you get started in affiliate marketing.  Come back in a few days and I will post a link to the same exact program and training community that i have used to launch my online business.  It is free and you have nothing to lose.  I hope you check it out.




Whatever you choose to do, I hope this Auto Chat Profits review will act as a helpful resource to help you make an informed decision. Good luck!



To your success!


Mike A

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