ShockWave Profits Review – The Truth Revealed!

Shockwave Profits is a product that is marketed as a “secret shockwave traffic source” that can help you make $125 on a daily basis. I first heard about Shockwave Profits from an email with the subject “$125 daily within the next 24 hours?” I immediately thought that it was a scam, but I did not want to dismiss it without giving it the benefit of doubt. So, I decided to check out the official Shockwave Profits page, after which I did a little digging and found out exactly what this product is and what it does. Here is what I found out in my Shockwave Profits Review.


Product Being Reviewed: Shockwave Profits





Shockwave Profits is an affiliate marketing system by Erik Cagi, Simple Spencer, and Bill Hugall that is presented through several training videos. However, you will not find out about this until you purchase the product. According to their web page, you do not require an email list, paid traffic or tech skills to use it. But you can make up to $125 within a day of using it.


When you load up the site, the first thing that hits you is a bunch of bold claims, including one that says the creators of this product have used this exact same “secret system” to make $125.78 within 24 hours. Below that there is a sales video, which I will break down for you extensively later on in this review.


The video is followed by a list that describes the features you will be getting with Shockwave Profits:


• Super simple $125+/day method

• Create a “Shockwave” of profits

• Unique

• Newbie friendly

• It does not require products or videos

• Fun and profitable


The price is indicated as $7.97, which is supposedly a discount from the regular price of $27. There is a timer counting down the minutes to when the discount price offer will end. I decided to wait it out, and quite predictably, the clock reset itself and started over when the time ran out.


Immediately below the timer are a few text reviews. All the reviews displayed on the page are glowing, of course. One supposed user, Jono Armstrong, claims that the Shockwave Profits system increases open rates, as well as the number of conversions. Jono adds that the product teaches you how to build your list as well.


The next one is from an Anthony Mancuso, who says that even though he had considerable knowledge about conversions and sales, he picked up a few things from Shockwave Profits that are going to add significant earnings to his business.

The next testimonial is from Pallab Ghosal, a user who describes the product as one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your online business started. Pallab additionally praises the creators, saying that Bill and Spencer have been known to bring the best methods, and he also compliments Erik’s case study.


The last one is from Art Flair, another user who praises the ease and simplicity of Shockwave Profits. Of course, doing a reverse image search of any one of these products reveals that they are all randomly generated pen names and stock image photos.


shockwave profits claims


The next part is a letter from Erik. He assures you that you do not need any skills in product creation and launching. Furthermore, there is no SEO or “tedious” blogging with Shockwave Profits. Apparently, all you need is just 30 minutes per day in order to start getting insane profits rolling in. By the time you are halfway through the letter, you will realize that you still have no idea what Shockwave Profits is. They say a lot of things using very hype-y, very sales-ey language, but you are never actually told what you need to know.


For instance, a sneak peek of what to expect from Shockwave Profits is provided in a list:


• A full A to Z overview of the system

• How to set up your first Shockwave Profits campaign

• Steps to take in order to start getting results within 24-48 hours

• Step-by-step training

• Guidance on how to set up everything

• Done for you tools and resources


When you read this, it only serves to make you think that this is an amazing product, but you have completely no clue what it is or what it does. You do not know anything about what you will have to do to get this money.


The next section of the web page is just a series of profit proofs. Of course, none of these are verifiable, and there is no way to tell that the money shown has been made using this system.


Next is the money back guarantee. Shockwave Profits offers a 100% money back guarantee in case you purchase the product and find it to be underwhelming. If you make contact within 30 days of purchase, you will be issued with a full refund.


The web page also advertises 2 fast action bonuses that are included if you order immediately. They include:


• Shockwave Profits ultimate free traffic method- Once you purchase the product, you will be shown how to tap into a highly unique traffic source which you can use straightaway for your own Shockwave campaigns. Its value is indicated as $97.

• Shockwave profits commission booster- This bonus provides you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize a small amount of traffic to earn as much as $125 in a day, with no prior experience required.


So, there you have it. I went through the entire sales page and still had no idea what this product was or how to use it. This is obviously not a good sign. Let’s now find out whether we’ll have better luck with the video. As promised earlier, here is the video breakdown.




The pitch video on the web page is very short (only 1 minute and 38 seconds long), but it still divulges very little about the product. On the plus side, the video has an actual spokesperson that we can see who makes the presentation about the product. This is quite unlike many other products that I have reviewed here before, which usually only have text-based PowerPoint-like presentations.


The spokesperson immediately introduces himself as Bill Hugall, and he starts off by expressing gratitude on behalf of his partners. He says that he knows you probably found and clicked on the page from an email that was sent to you, and you should be happy about it because Shockwave Profits is a proven system that can work for anyone. He says that Erik uses the system to make hundreds of dollars a day, and you can also learn to do the same inside the product’s system under his (Erik’s) guidance.


Bill then assures you that you do not need any special skills, tech know-how or experience required to use the system. He says that Shockwave Profits is just a case study format showing you exactly how Erik was able to go out, build his list, increase conversion rates, and rake in substantial amounts of money.




According to the speaker, there is a 62% discount available since it is the launch week of the product. However, when this period is over, the price will increase noticeably because the creators do not want everyone getting access to their product. He then encourages you to click on the “buy now” button in order to gain access to the members’ area.


And that’s it. That is the entire video. I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t torturously long, but once you are done watching it, you will realize that they are asking for your money without ever telling you what it is you are buying.


I decided to do my own in-depth investigation and here is what I found out about how this product really works.

how does shockwave profits work?




When you buy Shockwave Profits, you are given access to the members area. Once you are in the Shockwave Profits system, the first thing you will see is an introduction video by Bill Hugall. He gives an overview of how the system works, and he also mentions that you will need to put in “110% effort” in order for Shockwave Profits to work for you. This is ironic considering that they promise you can start making money on the very first day of joining the system. However, it still stands out because many owners of similar products usually opt to make it seem like everything will be smooth sailing all the way. They make it sound like their products are a secret gold mine that can make you money for doing absolutely anything. I like the fact that Bill tells you upfront that the going won’t be easy, but I wish he had said that in the pitch video before people actually bought the product.


The entire product is presented in a series of 10 over-the-shoulder videos that provide you with affiliate marketing training. It is at this point that you will realize that the “secret system” is not really that much of a secret. It is simply just a basic introduction to affiliate marketing. Here is what you get from the videos:


• Video 1: Overview of “Shockwave Profits”- This video shows you a summary of what you should expect.

• Video 2: Creating your Shockwave site- The video shows you how to set up your website using a free WordPress site.

• Video 3: Setting up your ManyChat account- How to get started on your free account.

• Video 4: Creating your Shockwave traffic magnet-Here, you are provided with a list of products to choose from.

• Video 5: Putting it all together- Linking everything up so that it works in a nice congruent automated funnel.

• Video 6: 100% free traffic waves- Gives you guidelines on how to get traffic, for example by finding Facebook groups in your niche and joining them.

• Video 7: How to drive quality buyer traffic- Provides you with pointers on how to get buyer traffic from Facebook

• Video 8: Making Shockwave profits- Guides you on how to run the actual campaigns using Shockwave Profits

• Video 9: Erik’s personal case study- Showcases the results that Erik has managed to achieve using Shockwave Profits

• Video 10: Conclusion- Gives you pointers on how to keep building your ManyChat list (Adding Buyer friends, posting in groups, replying to people), and promoting affiliate offers.


The basic idea behind this product is to create a website then send traffic to it. The website you are shown how to come up with is the typical one-page landing kind. And your primary source of traffic will be from Facebook. On your website, you will have multiple free gifts such as a short video course or a PDF guide that you will be giving away. These are referred to as your lead magnets, and visitors are going to choose which one they want. Erik recommends that you turn to YouTube to gather ideas, or alternatively search for Private Label Rights (PLR).


Once users click on one of the products, they will be redirected to a page where they will be required to opt-in to a chat bot list. The chat bot is then going to send them to an offer, and this is where you can make some money if they make a purchase. If you set it up correctly, they will also receive the free giveaway that you had promised on your website.


Instead of using an email autoresponder, you use ManyChat to send follow-up messages back-to-back with different purchases and promotions that you can make money from. According to Erik, the main difference between ManyChat and a traditional email list is the open rates. The logic that Shockwave Profits uses is that people are more likely to open a Facebook message than their email. Consequently, the open rates are a lot higher with chat bots. The click rates are considerably higher as well.


In summary, the video course is divided into 3 main parts:


1. Setting up your funnel

2. Building up a bot list

3. Using your newly built bot list to send out affiliate promotions


You will be provided with guidelines on how to carry out the following tasks:


• Setting up a website

• Setting up your free ManyChat account

• Setting up your traffic magnet

• How to link your website, ManyChat account, and traffic

• How to drive free traffic to your funnel using Facebook groups


You should know that creating a new website is not too hard to do if you know what you are doing. In fact, it is so easy to get started with WordPress that anyone can do it. In fact, check out this video to see the tool I use to create my websites in 30 seconds!


build a website in 30 seconds



However, the problem comes in when Google and other search engines simply do not rank your site, especially when your content is just one page long. Search engine algorithms prioritize websites with more content, a fact that can severely affect your rank on search engine result pages. This is why many for many of these products, the sites reviewing them usually show up above the actual site when you Google the product name.


The only way for your website to thrive is with consistent traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of online businesses. And organic traffic is the best kind of traffic to monetize. However, Shockwave Profits recommends a completely different route to getting traffic. According to Erik, here is what you will need to do:


1. Find Facebook groups in your niche

2. Pick 1-3 top groups with the most followers and join them

3. Post your free traffic magnet in the groups you join.


The posts you make include an invitation for members of the group to request for more information. This will lead them to your opt-in page, and once they decide to join, they will be redirected to your offer.


Although using Facebook groups is quite convenient, there are other methods such as using Search Engine Optimization which will prove much more useful and much more effective in such a setting. However, the Shockwave Profits system does not include training for any of these alternative methods. I am a huge advocate for taking advantage of free traffic methods especially if you are new to affiliate marketing and you don’t have the funds to use to get paid methods of getting traffic.


The training videos also fail to provide you with pointers on how you can promote your products or services. Being given products to sell is not enough; you also need to possess the practical knowledge of promoting them so that many potential customers are aware of what you are selling and why they should buy it. Effective promotion of products and services is what will motivate them to opt in. Shockwave Profits only recommends a bunch of products, and you are on your own from there on out.


In one of the videos, Erik also mentions that you need a page builder, and he recommends finding someone on Fiverr who can install the Thrive Theme for you. This may be a cost that you did not budget for. Plus, you also have to bear the cost of web hosting and domain name purchase.


Although the initial price is affordable, there are multiple upsells available that promise more skill and lessons that can lead to even higher earnings. Here are the upsells:


– OTO #1: Done for you pack + case studies


It contains complete done for you campaign templates and case studies so that you can ideally replicate the campaigns that have been proven to bring in great results. You can use the same promo text, the same promo video, and promo the same products as well.


This upgrade costs $27. If you click the link to say you’re not interested, they immediately drop the price to $17. This, of course, is a sales tactic that is meant to get you interested in the product and make a purchase.


– OTO #2: Super simple $300/day method


This method is meant to be used side by side with the front end product to ensure you hit multi 3-figures per day. The upgrade costs $17, which is an apparent discount from $47. If you choose to ignore the upgrade, the price is dropped to $12


– OTO #3: Full resale rights to Shockwave profits


This upgrade offers you 100% commission across the entire funnel. It also comes with all the sales and promo material. This will cost you $37, and if you don’t make a purchase, the price is adjusted to $27.


– OTO #4: How to bank insane 5-figure days


This is supposed to be a very powerful 5-figure/day system that has been only revealed in the Shockwave Profits top-level programs that cost $297 and $397. This upgrade costs $27, but it is similarly discounted to $17 if you don’t opt to buy it.


– OTO #5: Simple buyers list building method


This upgrade is supposed to show you how to build a “hot” buyers list without ever having to create a product, and without having to launch a product. This final upgrade costs $12. If you decide not to buy it, you are presented with a discount of $5 to tempt you.




It is possible to make money with the Shockwave Profits system. It teaches you how to make money using affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate business model that many people use to make money online. However, this product does not give you a complete picture when it comes to affiliate marketing, and you will likely get very disappointed when you do not hit the $125 mark even after weeks of using it.


Affiliate marketing is a business model that involves promoting other people’s products online for a commission. When someone purchases a product that you are promoting using your affiliate link, you get paid a small commission from the sale. The process to making money with affiliate marketing is simple: simply find a popular niche that you have a good understanding of, set up an attractive website to get traffic from that niche, populate your site with affiliate products, then earn money from people making purchases by clicking your links.


As I mentioned earlier, you will probably not make as much money as is promised by Shockwave Profits. This is especially true if you are new to the whole concept of affiliate marketing, or you are looking to make some cash within 30 minutes. The reality is that it will take you lots of hard work, a good amount of time, patience, and experience to get to a level where you make $125 per day.


Similar sentiments are expressed in the disclaimer regarding income:


– There is no guarantee that you will make any money from using or promoting Shockwave Profits.

– The successes of other clients, as well as that of the creators, are considered to be exceptional.

– The monetary gains you will potentially make are solely based on your work ethic, your online marketing skills, and your mindset.

– You should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

– Shockwave Profits will not be held liable for any losses endured on your behalf.


At least if you are dissatisfied with the product you can get a refund if you make a point of asking for it before 30 days lapse. However, you should know that you are not entitled to any refund on any purchases made on the upsells. If you buy an up sell and you are not happy with it, you will not be getting your money back. The money back guarantee only covers the initial purchase price.

shockwave profits verdict




I do not think that the Shockwave Profits system is a scam. It makes a few claims that could potentially lead to a lot of dissatisfaction among its users, but it is still possible to make some money by implementing the lessons learned from this product.


Although you will probably not make $125 a day any time soon, it still provides you with useful information which you can use in affiliate marketing. Furthermore, it is true that using Facebook as a platform for marketing is more convenient than relying on email marketing due to the relatively higher opening rates of the former. This directly translates to people seeing your products more frequently and a potentially higher rate of earning. I also liked the fact that you get free traffic since you use Facebook groups. However, Facebook users hate links that lead them off-site, and they hate promotional links even more. Very few people will likely get convinced to check out your sales page, especially considering the fact that Shockwave Profits does not tell you exactly how to get them to come to you. That being said, the conversion rate is still a little higher than that of email marketing.


The training videos are also well presented, and the 30-day money back guarantee is also nice to have. That concludes our list of pros when it comes to this product.


As for the cons, there are several elements of the product that I did not like. For starters, there is no way of knowing what this product is actually about unless you purchase it. I find that a bit annoying, and I would advise anyone who isn’t completely sure of what they are doing to stay away from this product for this very reason.


Additionally, if you are a complete beginner, this system isn’t very newbie friendly. You will require some level of online marketing skills in order to start earning a considerable amount of money using Shockwave Profits. This will definitely take more time than the 30 minutes assured on the web page. Additionally, you will probably not earn $125 a day any time soon by doing what this product says you need to do. I’m not saying that it is impossible- a lot of people earn even more than this with affiliate marketing. But it takes time and a lot of consistent work, and definitely more than a one-page sales page for a website.


Another thing I could do without are the upsells. Although the initial price is quite affordable at $7.97, you will feel pressured to acquire the upsells in order to obtain more useful information once you are inside the platform. This can add up to a lot more than you stand to make with this product.


There are some hidden costs that come with using Shockwave Profits as well. Along the way, you’ll find that you have to pay for hosting on Namecheap, and you will also need to pay for someone to install the Thrive Theme on Fiverr, besides your website domain name and hosting fees.


If you want a system like Shockwave Profits to work for you, I highly recommend learning a little about affiliate marketing first before you buy it. Find out what it is and how it works, then take the time to research how their suggested methods of affiliate marketing can benefit you. Products like these often make lots of bold claims, and it is easy to fall for them if you do not know what they are talking about. Otherwise, I hope that this review will help you make an informed decision.


I believe that Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online and to gain financial stability and freedom. I know for a fact that it works! I also know it takes hard work and patience. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, I want to give you the 3rd ingredient to your affiliate success. You need step-by-step training that works (along with tools to create your own websites like the one I showed you above)! Best of all the training I recommend is completely free to start!





If you are looking for financial peace, want a second income, or just the peace of mind knowing that you can replace your income, I hope you chek out the link above.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



To your success,


Mike A

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