American Online Jobs Review – Is It For Real?

american online jobs review

American Online Jobs is a product that claims to provide you with work-at-home opportunities where you can make from $700 to $1600 per week. You do this by completing surveys and following instructions provided on their site. So, is it all hype or is this actually a legit site? Here is an honest and unbiased American Online Jobs review to help you answer this question.


Product Being Reviewed: American Online Jobs








American Online Jobs is a product by Brenda F. Rosenberg that I first thought was a job board site because of the misleading name. It is actually a site where upon signing up you become eligible to receive some free surveys which you can make some money from. For you to make even more money through commissions, you have to promote these surveys for them.


Before you sign up, there are some pre-screening questions on their webpage. Here are the questions you have to answer:


– How did you hear about us?
– Are you at least 18 years of age?
– Do you own a computer or smartphone with internet access?
– Are you capable of following detailed instructions?
– How do you wish to be paid?
– Applying takes approximately 15 minutes. Are you ready to get started now?


Below this, there is a short video where the speaker provides with you with guidelines on what to expect once you apply. He directs you to go to the survey center to complete at least 3 surveys. There is a start video provided, as well as sections of the survey such as travel, internet, automotive, and mobile phone.



american online jobs screenshot


Back on the site, you will see two red buttons; one above the video and the other below it. I clicked on the “click here to apply now” button, which is above the video. I was redirected to a different website that was completely unrelated to American Online Jobs. However, when I selected the “click here to go to step #2” button, the one below the video, I was re-directed to the next step.


Here I found yet another video, the contents of which I’ve summarized for you in the video breakdown.
In the next section just beneath this video, you are directed to register with “bonus accounts”. To do this, you are strongly encouraged to create accounts with 8 additional companies looking for “referral agents”. Doing this will supposedly increase your income significantly.


It is also strongly suggested that you complete the surveys as well if you want to have a better understanding of what the companies are about. Once you sign up, you will also be receiving invites to “high paying” focus groups and other legitimate work from home opportunities. The companies are listed as follows:


– InboxDollars
– Toluna
– My Survey
– Opinion Outpost
– Survey Voices
– Opinion City
– E-Poll
– Pine Cone


From my experience, by following these instructions, you will be giving away your personal information to several third-party agents. This means you will be spammed with thousands of emails that are impossible to unsubscribe from. It also means that you agree to your information being sold for profit. These companies will sell your details to advertisers who will add you to their mailing lists, and that means you can expect even more spam messages.


In the next section, there is a “click here to access the training/members area” button, and when you click on it, you will be redirected to a webpage where you have to enter your first name and a valid email in order to gain access to the member training area.




In the second video, the speaker starts by giving an overview of the page. He directs you to click on the “create inbox account” button, after which you will be redirected to another page where you are required to fill in your email and password to sign up.


After signing up, the speaker suggests going to the promotions tab as the next step to confirm your email if you have Gmail. Proceed to click on the email once you receive it, and you will be redirected to your account where you will find instructions on what to do next.


It is all very confusing, I know. I think this company is deliberately not making its processes straightforward to make sure that you somehow end up subscribing to something by accident even if you do not intend to. The site is a jumble of several other sites all clamoring for your information, and if you fall into any one of their traps, it is a win for all of them.

American Online Jobs recommends other products to you and earns a commission when you sign up. Once you sign up, you will be expected to also recommend those products to other people, and when they sign up, you get paid. But you are not told any of this just yet.

how does american jobs online work




In the member training area, there are some videos provided that you are expected to watch in order to start earning money with American Online Jobs:


Lesson 1: Orientation

In the video, the speaker welcomes you to the member area, assuring you that you will learn how the “pros” are making money with referral marketing. She then encourages you to go through all the videos.


Lesson 2: Using Facebook to make money


Here, the speaker introduces the first step, which is making money with Facebook in 3 main ways:


Facebook groups

She elaborates by saying that one of the ways through which people post information is through Facebook groups. To start things off, she recommends joining 100 Facebook groups with varying descriptions such as work from home groups and yard sale groups. You are then directed to select an ad of your choice to post in these groups along with your link. When interested visitors click on the link, they will be redirected to your website.


Facebook pay per click

These are ads that the speaker describes as highly effective for any kind of business, including referral marketing. To get pay per click ads running, you are instructed to go to your Facebook primary account and create a pay per click Facebook ad campaign. Once you set up your ad account, you can begin to post pay per click ads. This method requires you to pay money in order to use it.


– Facebook jobs

With this method, you have to create a Facebook business page. The speaker does not elaborate much on the process, instructing you to follow the directions provided by Facebook. Once you have your page up and running, you are then able to post jobs in the marketplace. To find out what you can post, the speaker simply suggests copying what other people are doing.


Lesson 3: Make money on Craigslist


To make money on Craigslist, the speaker recommends posting ads. To do this, you have to create a Craigslist account, and then proceed by selecting the “post classifieds” option. The next step is to go on the “jobs offered” page and choose one that you would like to post. The speaker recommends posting in customer service. Click “continue” and come up with a title and your ad for the job, and then include your link in the ad and follow posting instructions. Each ad you post on Craigslist will cost anywhere between $3 and $45, depending on the section in which you post. For more in-depth training, you can purchase a Craigslist training that will cost you $11.99.


Lesson 4: Bing Ads (Referral Marketing is not MLM)


Despite the video being titled “Bing Ads”, the speaker introduces it as “Referral Marketing is not MLM”. She kicks things off by distinguishing referral marketing from MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). In MLM, in order for you to make money, you have to recruit people, and they, in turn, have to recruit people. This forms a chain of recruitments, and the money flows upwards. In referral marketing, there is no chain-when you are paid for your referral fee, there is no recruitment.

When someone fills out the form on your American Online you get paid. Cost per Action (CPA) for referral marketing is $1.50, which is a set price that you will be paid for every lead you get.


Lesson 5: YouTube

When it comes to YouTube, you have to create a compelling sales video that will encourage visitors and consequently generate traffic. You are then supposed to post your affiliate link in the description, and when visitors click on it, they will be redirected to your homepage.


To learn how to make YouTube videos, the speaker suggests using to Camtasia, a video editing software that will cost you from $10-$15 dollars to gain full access. You can get this information on YouTube, but the speaker encourages you to use Camtasia in order to get everything in one place.


Lesson 6: Instagram


There is no video here, with the lesson simply giving a short description of what Instagram is and suggesting that you should consider using it as a platform for your affiliate products. There is a link provided where you can read more on how to earn money on Instagram as an affiliate marketer. Additionally, there is a short tip that advises you to create an account and search for influencers who will agree to give you a shout out, consequently resulting in traffic to your website. Of course, you have to pay in order to advertise.


Lesson 7: Pinterest


No video is included here either, with the lesson similarly suggesting a great article that will supposedly teach you all you need to know about Pinterest marketing.


Lesson 8: Get Response


In the video, the speaker describes Get Response as an email marketing software. She elaborates further by defining an email software as software that allows you to automate emails so that when people opt-in, you can collect their details, and then down the road, you can send them notifications or send them an opportunity to sign up.


With Get Response, you can collect leads which allow you to contact the people who have opted in. Additionally, you can create forms, newsletters, landing pages and autoresponders using Get Response.

Get Response offers a free trial period, after which you pay for the product.


Lesson 9: How to create your affiliate account and get your free website

According to the speaker, this is where you can register your affiliate account and get your free website, which will be created by American Online Jobs associates. There is a form provided where you are supposed to fill in the requested details in order to register a new affiliate account. In the field where you are required to fill in your username, the speaker urges you not to fill in your email and instead just make up a name.


Once you completely fill the form, click “register” to log into the back-office. When you register your account, American Online Jobs will be notified, and then within 24-48 hours, you will be contacted at the email that you supplied and receive the link to your website.


You can choose to take a tour of the back-office. You will find:


– Your affiliate URL- The speaker advises against making alterations to it
– Statistics- Once you start making money, you will notice a change in these statistics
– Unpaid referral earnings-This is defined as when you earn cash and you have it in your account but it hasn’t been paid out yet.
– Pending referral earning- This is the money that is yet to be paid out.
– Rejected referral earnings- This is when you get a chargeback which is a minimal amount of money. This rarely happens.
– Paid referral earnings-This is the number that indicates what you have been paid.


Your payout is sent to the email that you provided. A PayPal address will also be required, and the speaker advises you to use an email account that is linked to your PayPal.


When you first land on the American Online Jobs site, you are required to fill out some questions in the first step. In step two, it is strongly suggested that you create accounts for other companies, with the promise of earning more money if you do so. This is how they earn their commission, and in order for you to make money with these sites as well, you have to promote them to other people. Furthermore, the legitimacy of some of these sites that are recommended for you to promote is somewhat questionable.



will american online jobs make you money?




It is possible to make some money off American Online Jobs, but you will never see anywhere near $700 per week. This business model is called referral marketing. This is where you promote someone else’s product or service by word of mouth, but in this context, promotion is done via email.


In a way, referral marketing is just a form of affiliate marketing.


The speaker describes finding various Facebook groups and joining them, as well as creating YouTube videos that will appeal to a certain audience. This is basically finding your niche, but there is no further elaboration or guidance on how you can do this effectively. Furthermore, there are no pointers provided on how you can make your website attractive to visitors. Visitors directly translate to traffic, and even if you manage to drive traffic to your website, you have to possess the know-how to convert the traffic you are receiving into paying customers if you want to earn your commission.


You will be making money the same way that American Online Jobs does but on a significantly smaller scale. You will also need to spend money buying traffic in order to promote your links; therefore, you will definitely be spending more money than you make.

american online jobs verdict




American Online Jobs is a basic course on making money through referral/affiliate marketing. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for promoting your products since they have many active users, which translates to potentially more traffic for you. They tell you to leverage these sources, which is a plus. Another positive thing about American Online Jobs is that you can access the training area for basic lessons for free.


That’s about it on the positives. Sadly, there is much more bad than good when it comes to this product.
The first thing I noticed was the misleading way it is presented. The misleading name makes it sound like a job board, so when you first visit the site, you might think you are applying for a job, which could not be further from reality.


Next, the amount of money you will make from using American Online Jobs is also exaggerated, with the site promising hundreds and even thousands of dollars within a few weeks. The truth is, this may be the kinds of profits they are making by selling this product. As for you, you will be earning a considerably smaller commission for every referral you make. To be able to earn a huge sum of money using the American Online Jobs system, you will need to generate a lot of traffic, which brings me to my next problem with this product.


Traffic generation is no easy task. The speaker gives some useful tips such as joining Facebook groups, but there is no information provided on how you are can convert this traffic. In order to be successful in using this product, you need to be conversant with the methods you can use to convert the traffic you generate. You will definitely have to rely on paid traffic with this product, which is far from ideal especially if you are a beginner.


There are also several upsells and many hidden costs in the product. For example, in the third lesson, you are advised to purchase a Craigslist training for $11.99 in order to get more details on how you can make money on the platform. This is an essential part of your lessons that is not included in the main package deal, and you are expected to pay for it if you want to take advantage of everything this product has to offer. Many other hidden costs also come in where you have to make other purchases in order to effectively apply the methods suggested in the lessons. Here are the few I could pinpoint:


– An undisclosed amount for Facebook pay per click ads
– Any amount from $3 to $45 for posting an ad on Craigslist
– $10-$15 to gain access to the paid version of Camtasia, a video editing software that will help you enhance your YouTube videos
– An undisclosed amount in payment to Instagram in order to advertise on the platform
– Purchase of the paid version of GetResponse
The actual courses themselves also seem very quickly and carelessly put together by someone out to simply make a quick buck off them. Let me explain:
– I found the videos to be too vague in terms of explaining the nitty-gritty of referral marketing. On several occasions, the speaker simply advises you to go to the particular software or platform and follow the provided instructions. If I could do that all along, why do I need the product?
– Also, if you watch a video and you still have questions, you are instructed to watch the videos again for the information. That’s just absurd.
– There are also no videos at all for Instagram and Pinterest. Instead, you have to go to another site where you are subjected to reading some lengthy posts on how to use the platforms.


In conclusion, it would take a lot of hard work and time in order to be able to make money through referral marketing with this site. You will also need to have an extensive background in the online marketing field, gain some experience, and spend some good money in order to achieve the levels of success promised by American Online Jobs. This is why I cannot recommend this product.





If you are interested in this line of business, I would recommend taking the time to learn the ropes slowly and build your business from the ground up. It may take a lot longer, but in the end, you will be much more experienced and in a better position to scale up your income. I hope this review has been eye-opening and will help you make an informed decision.


To your success,


Mike A

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