PrizeRebel Review – Can You Really Make Extra Money?

There are several different methods you can use to make money online. One of the most popular of these is by performing simple online tasks and activities such as surveys. PrizeRebel is one of the many sites that promise to help you earn money this way and one of my top recommendations. If you have been wondering whether or not it is worth signing up for, here is an honest and unbiased PrizeRebel review to help you make up your mind.


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PrizeRebel is a free membership rewards website that is based in the U.S. Its members can earn rewards by completing a variety of online tasks and activities such as surveys, watching videos, paid offers, and taking part in contests. PrizeRebel can be used from virtually anywhere in the world, although users from the U.S, U.K, Canada, and Australia are likely to qualify for more tasks and consequently earn more points in the process. Anyone above 18 years old can take part in the available tasks, although it is worth noting that consumers who are aged 16-18 are also able to take part in the provided tasks and activities as long as a parent or guardian gives consent.


PrizeRebel has been up and running since 2007, currently having slightly over nine million active users. They claim that $18 million in cash and rewards has been redeemed so far by consumers since its founding.




To get started using PrizeRebel, you can sign up by linking your Facebook account. The alternative sign up option requires you to provide your email address, name, and a password of your choosing. Once you do this, you can click on the “start making money” button, after which you will be required to verify your email account to kick things off.


The PrizeRebel interface is very simple and easy to navigate. There are several ways provided through which you can earn points and build up to a reward.


The first step you will want to take is clicking on the “earn’ tab at the top of the page. You will be required to fill a two-part profile questionnaire to provide information about yourself and your household. Filling this initial questionnaire shouldn’t take more than five minutes, and you will be rewarded ten points for your effort. Once you are done, you can explore other options that will earn you points.


Please note that each point you earn is worth one cent.




PrizeRebel provides consumers a number of ways to earn points. They include:


prizerebel survey partners


1. Paid surveys


PrizeRebel gives you the option to take surveys of your choice from a variety of survey providers and get paid for it. By going to the “earn’ tab, you can access all the survey providers that PrizeRebel is working with, including Daily Gold, SaySo Rewards, PeanutLabs, Tap Research, and Toluna. You have the chance of taking surveys on a daily basis.


You will get to see the reward that you will get before you start a survey to help you determine if it is worth your time. Also provided is a time estimate that gives you an idea of how much time you may spend taking the survey.


It is worth noting that the number of survey providers, as well as available surveys, wholly depends on your profile and where you live. Additionally, just like any other site that offers paid surveys, you will not automatically qualify for all the available surveys.


Prizerebel ways to earn


2. Paid offers


There are paid offers on offer walls provided on PrizeRebel which you can take advantage of. Offers are a specific activity which you are required to complete in order to earn a reward. Some of the activities provided include downloading an app and opening it, signing up for a free trial at a given website, and playing a game. If you opt to sign up for a free trial, ensure that you cancel the subscription and unlink your credit card since your account will start being charged after the trial period is over. Also, consider using an email address that is dedicated to side income projects to avoid getting overwhelming spam is your personal account. Before you sign up for an offer, ensure that you read the terms and conditions very carefully so that you know exactly what it will take for you to get a reward.


3. Play games and get paid


PrizeRebel also provides games which you can play to earn a reward. Most of the games require that you play for a certain period of time or reach a certain level in order to earn points. Each game comes with its own set of rules and requirements, so you will want to read the game description carefully before you sign up.


4. Complete tasks


PrizeRebel also provides you with paid task s, which are basically online jobs that you can do and consequently get a reward. The tasks are completed through a PrizeRebel partner site known as Figure Eight, which was formerly known as CrowdFlower. There are a variety of tasks to choose from, including inspecting a website for bad links, checking citations, and looking for errors in a website. It is important to be accurate in doing these tasks since you won’t get a reward if you complete them incorrectly. The rewards are not that great in the beginning, but as you spend more time doing these tasks, you will start receiving better offers.


5. Watch videos


There is also a section where you can earn rewards by watching videos. There are a variety of video subjects to choose from, including travel videos, sports, viral videos, and science & tech. You can watch as many videos as you want, but there isn’t much money to be made this way. There is always the option to let a video run as you go about your daily tasks, but even then, you shouldn’t expect too much.


6. Daily challenge


There is a new challenge provided on a daily basis when you log in that you can take part in and win a reward. These challenges are time-sensitive, and the amount of time you have to complete the challenge will be shown. Although the earnings for the daily challenges are not huge, they will prompt you to use PrizeRebel on a regular basis.


7. Raffles


Once your rewards have accumulated, you can some of them to enter raffles. At PrizeRebel, you are provided with ruffles every week, and to take part, you will need to spend 10 cents per ticket. This way, if you are lucky, you can increase your earnings. Raffles can be found under the “win” tab on the main menu which displays the upcoming ruffles, current ruffles, and how to buy tickets if you want to take part.


8. Lucky numbers



prizerebel lucky numbers


You can also earn rewards on PrizeRebel using lucky numbers. To do this, purchase a lottery ticket and then select four numbers. If the numbers you pick match the draw results, you get to win the jackpot. There is a new lottery to take part in every week, so if you are feeling lucky, it might be worth your time to take a look at the lucky numbers section.


9. Contests


There a variety of contests that you can take part in for free in PrizeRebel and stand a chance to win a reward. For some of the contest, you will automatically take part just by being active on the platforms. Members who do the most surveys, offers, and tasks are most likely to win rewards as a result.


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Other than tasks and activities, PrizeRebel often has promo codes which you can use when you log in to earn free points. Promo codes are regularly announced on the PrizeRebel Twitter or Facebook page, so you just need to be on the lookout on social media. When a code is published, you can copy and paste it in the required field when you log in and consequently earn free points.


Just like other reward sites, PrizeRebel has a referral program which allows users to earn 20% of the amount your referrals earn or a lifetime. The amount you earn from referrals will depend on the membership level you are at. You will find your unique referral code when you click on the “invite tab”. You can share it via email or social media platforms, and it is a great way to increase your earning potential.


There are different membership levels in PrizeRebel which determine how much you will earn when you take part in the various activities and tasks. Currently, PrizeRebel has 5 membership levels.


• Bronze – this is when you have less than 1000 points

• Silver – when you achieve 1000 points

• Gold – gold level members have to have at least 3000 points

• Platinum – you will need a minimum of 7000 points to get to a platinum membership

• Diamond – get to the diamond level by achieving 12,000 points


When you join PrizeRebel, you will start at the bronze level, but as you earn more points and spend more time using the site, you will climb up the membership ladder. It is worth noting that advancing in levels gives you access to bonuses such as having your preferred reward automatically processed once you have earned enough points to claim it and higher earnings when you refer family and friends to PrizeRebel.

prizerebel payment





There are several channels through which the rewards you earn using PrizeRebel are paid out.


You can get paid via PayPal, or if you are based in the United States, you can opt to receive your earnings through Dwolla, which allows for your earnings to be directly deposited in your bank account. PrizeRebel also pays out rewards in the form of gift cards, with a variety available, including pre-paid Visa cards, Amazon, Facebook, PlayStation, and Steam, to mention a few. You can redeem a reward for 200 points to get a $2 gift card, or you can wait until they accumulate to 500 points to get $5 credited to your PayPal account.




1. User-friendly interface


PrizeRebel is simple and straightforward, allowing users to navigate it with ease and find what they are looking for quite quickly.


2. Multiple options to earn points


There are different ways through which you can earn points on PrizeRebel other than surveys. These options are broken down into different categories, allowing you to choose based on your interests.


3. You can redeem at any point without having to worry that you might lose out


You have the option to redeem as little as 200 points to earn a $2 gift card without having to worry that you will lose out on a more worthwhile reward.


4. There is a support service in case of any questions or problems


PrizeRebel has an active support service as well as social media channels where you can pose questions or interact with the team.




1. There are surveys that you won’t qualify for


Although there is a wide variety of surveys available on PrizeRebel, many users fail to qualify to take part in them and consequently lose an opportunity to earn points.


2. You have to be constantly active to avoid losing points


If you fail to take part in the activities and tasks available on PrizeRebel, you will lose points that you had previously accumulated. But as stated above, the threshold for redeeming your money are so low that this should never happen. You can cash out as little as $2.


3. Opportunities not the same in all countries


Even though PrizeRebel is available in a number of countries, only a few have a wide variety of opportunities of earning rewards using the site.




PrizeRebel is a legitimate way through which you can earn some cash in your downtime. If you intend to be an active user, here are some pro tips for you:


– For the best experience using the site, consider using a secondary email address to avoid receiving spam in your personal account.


– You will also want to use a password extension so that you can sign in quickly, save your profiles, and consequently make money faster.


– Use a calendar or any other reminder system if you intend to sign up for trials so that you can cancel to avoid being charged when the trial period ends.

Also, as I have mentioned, you will need to keep in mind the fact that you will probably not make a livable income from PrizeRebel alone. As long as you get into it with reasonable earning expectations, you will do just fine. Good luck!


Website: PrizeRebel

Legit or Scam: Legit

Score: 9.5/10

Cost: Free

Verdict: Recommended


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