Achievement Health App Review – Can you Earn Extra Cash For Doing Healthy Stuff?


There are many ways through which you can earn money online these days. But very few of these actually reward you for your healthy habits. If this is something you have been looking for, then Achievement App is the answer to your prayers. This Achievement health app review will explain how it gives you points for your healthy habits like walking, tracking your food, and simple tasks like taking health surveys.


Keeping healthy is a good idea not only for yourself but also for the people that you love around you. At its core, it is a very personal decision, and it takes a lot of work, discipline, and sacrifice to pull off. These days, however, it can be a little difficult to keep track of your health, and to do healthy stuff like strictly eating healthy foods on a daily basis. In today’s fast-paced world, personal health is difficult to prioritize.


This is actually quite understandable. A lot of times, there is really no time to get in that workout that you have always wanted to add to your daily routine. However, if you want to be healthy, you need to make a conscious decision to do so. Health is a lifestyle choice, and it stems from the daily decisions you make.


Thanks to health apps like Achievement, you can now have an added incentive to get or stay in shape because it monetizes exercises and healthy activities. You won’t get rich doing this, but making a few extra bucks for doing something healthy is definitely an appealing bonus. I know it has been for me!


With the app installed on your phone, you can earn points from these daily healthy activities. You can then redeem these points for cash or gift cards. The app actually pays you to be healthy!


If this sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. In this review, I will explain to you everything you need to know regarding how this app works and how you can maximize the benefits out of it. In the end, you will be able to decide for yourself whether or not this app will be a good fit for you. Let’s begin!



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Who knew you could get paid for your healthy habits? Well, Achievement does exactly this. It is an app that allows you to cash in on every healthy habit you engage in, including working out, eating healthy snacks, you name it.


The app is designed to reward you every time you do things that contribute to your overall good health. It is an app that was created by people who believe in a healthy world. Achievement App is an innovative app that incentivizes you to lead a healthy lifestyle through the points you earn. In this way, being healthy becomes a fun thing to do, and you do not feel like you are sacrificing too much while doing it.


With the Achievement App, you can link as many as 30 health and fitness apps that can be easily downloaded in the Apple App Store and google play store. Some of the apps you can link to the Achievement app include Samsung health, Apple health, Fitbit, and Strava among others.


Once linked to the app, users can then earn points when they do any fitness related activities like a short run, take a few steps or even check their heart rate. It’s amazing! On top of that, you will earn extra points by retweeting fitness related posts that help to further their cause.


After earning enough points, you can opt to redeem them through PayPal or a direct deposit to your credit card. You can also choose to automatically donate the money you earn to your favorite charity. In this way, your fitness benefits others, too.


The sign-up process is absolutely free, and it is easy, too. Getting started with the app will only cost you a few minutes of your time. You will be required to input your email address, your birth date and your preferred password. To save time, you can quickly sign up via a Google or Facebook account.




Joining the millions already benefiting from the app is fast and easy. The only requirement is that you have to be at least eighteen years of age.



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To get started, the first thing you have to do is to join using the Achievement website. After this, you will then be able to download their dedicated mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices.


Finally, sync the fitness apps you have on your device and complete the short in-app surveys to start getting your points. When you sync your first fitness app, you will get a bonus. The responses you provide in the surveys will be used by Achievement to provide personalized surveys that will allow you to achieve even more points. Don’t worry, these surveys are really innocuous and you don’t have to fill them if you don’t want to (I do because they take a minute and give me extra points).


Your profile will have to be as complete as possible, so try to provide all the relevant information in the most correct way. All the information you provide contributes to helping you achieve your fitness goals.


As you keep using the app, Achievement learns your fitness habits and health history. You may then receive invites to health studies. The studies offer huge payouts of up to $200 ( I have never received one of these to date)




Physical activity is the main goal of the app but there are several other ways you can earn points on Achievement.

achievement points


Basically, all activities done through the app will earn you points. So whether you are meditating, power walking, running or checking your heart rate, you will get rewarded.


To earn your first $10 cash reward, you will have to earn 10000 points on the app. The more you participate, the sooner you will earn your money.


Quick tasks like joining the service and syncing your first fitness apps will earn you quick points. For instance, Achievement will award you 50 points just for joining.


Here is a screenshot of how I earn my points. I am synced to my fitbit so everything it records gets sent to the Achievement app. The cool thing is that I get points for weighing myself each morning. I use the Fitbit scale and it automatically updates all my apps. I don’t need to input a single number anywhere! It’s like Magic 🙂

Is the Achievement health app legit?




Achievement has been around for a while and is definitely a legit way to make money while keeping fit. Millions of real people can vouch for the benefits and earnings they have made through the app. Some of their stories are shared in their website


A common concern people have regarding such sites is on the safety of their data. Achievement would definitely never have lasted as long as it has if there were any security issues. Your data is absolutely safe once you hand it over to Achievement.


The company is goal driven believing in empowering its users to participate in better health outcomes. This is why you will earn more rewards when you exercise more. That is how plain and clear it is. You can also take surveys and read a little when you are not active. The end goal here is an overall healthier you.


A quick point to note here: The activities you earn points from depends on which apps you sync. For example, you may prefer to only earn points for meditating but not tracking the steps you take. My fitbit does not track meditation so I don’t earn points for that.


Achievement partners with market research and healthcare companies and as a result, you will get a chance to earn reward points from participating in cutting-edge research through surveys you can participate in. Through this avenue, you can earn points from home quite easily. And the best part is that the payouts from these surveys are usually very high.



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As has already been mentioned, the activities you will earn points from are determined by the fitness apps and wearable devices you use for your daily exercise routines. On average, you can earn up to 80 points depending on the activities you prefer.


For example, you will have to walk about 30,000 steps to get the full daily walking activity bonus. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to earn added points, so it’s possible to get paid more often.


These are some of the activities that earn you reward points:


• Walking

• Swimming

• Lifting weights

• Meditating

• Water intake

• Running

• Bicycling


Spending more time on activities will increase your reward points. Also, when syncing multiple apps, Achievement will award points according to the app that records the higher activity count. Also, to increase your chances of getting points for multiple healthy activities sync with different apps (some track steps, while others track meditation. To get credit for both activities make sure you sync to as many apps as you can)




Achievement gets you up to six points for each daily non-exercise activity. You can get up to 30 points every day without having to lift a finger.

achievement daily activities

Completing the following activities will guarantee you six points daily:


• Logging your healthy eating habits.

• Sleep tracking

• Glucose levels

• Weighing yourself

• Meditating

• Twitter social media posts about healthy stuff

• Tracking your daily water intake.

• Checking your heart rate.




From time to time, you can take online surveys offered on the Achievement offer wall to earn some bonus points. As I stated above, these are not annoying in any way shape or form. They are on the wall of the app and you can ignore them if you want to!


You will encounter your first survey when you first join the app, allowing you to get 200 points by completing a basic personal health questionnaire. This survey or questionnaire inquires on your health history just to familiarize the app’s system with the new user-you. Other surveys will get you 50 points per survey and will not take you much time to go through.


Compared to online consumer opinion surveys offered by some sites, Achievement’s health surveys are less time-consuming. These will allow you to power through them with minimal effort taking the least of your precious time and allowing you to spend the rest of your day getting healthier. Your answers will also work to your advantage, allowing you to unlock higher paying opportunities like advanced health studies. These pay between $60 and $200 per study!


These advanced studies work on an invitation basis only. They focus on varying health topics. It is a requirement that members receive an invitation to participate in the study. The studies are kind of like a loyalty bonus to users with specific health histories and users that are very physically active.




Short articles are offered on the app that you may read at your own time. These feature a variety of topics, including different health issues that seek to inform users on health matters affecting people all over the world. The articles are short and packed full of useful, relevant information. They also feature research papers by professional medical practitioners.


You can find new articles on the Achievement offer wall. You can also allow Achievement to notify you when new offers and articles are available.




You can also exercise with friends and loved ones by sending them a link to download the app. Spread the word and encourage the ones close to you to take up healthy, informed lifestyles.


Exercising with friends and family will give you the chance to rack up your points even more. When you refer someone, you instantly receive 100 points. The maximum number of friends you can refer is 20 friends to earn 2,000 bonus points.

what I liked about the achievement health app




• The app syncs with most known fitness apps like Samsung Health, Apple Health and the like


• It is free to sign up and use the app. The sign-up process is quick and easy requiring you to jump through minimal hoops


• You can earn handsome bonuses in cash with health studies


• Receive direct cash payment if you choose to do so


• Get to participate in something greater by donating to your favorite charitable organizations




• Earning your $10 rewards can take quite some time so you will have to be a little patient


• Health studies have some of the highest rewards, however, to take part in them you have to be invited (and I have not yet)


• You will have to sync multiple apps for you to keep track of multiple aspects of your health


i recommend the achievement app




Achievement App is the perfect companion app for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle. If you already use health apps on your phone, you should seriously consider signing up for this. You will not believe what you have been missing out on all this time! If you are a complete newbie to this healthy lifestyle, or if you simply just want to take your life in a whole other direction, Achievement is definitely a great starting point.


Why not make a few extra bucks while doing healthy things? I find the app to be an excellent incentive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The payout is not huge but every little thing helps right? I find Achievement to be an excellent “passive” way to make money. You most likely already have a fitbit or other fitness wearable. Why not make money from it?


I highly recommend the Achievement app to my readers. It’s easy money 🙂


I hope you found this article helpful. Leave your questions and comments below.



Website: Achievement App

Legit or Scam: Legit

Score: 9.8/10

Cost: Free

Verdict: Highly Recommended


Join Achievement & Start Earning Cash For Exercising!


To your success,

Mike Aha

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