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There are many ways you can earn an income online today. One of these is through the promotion of products using an interactive method such as a webinar. When done correctly, you can generate traffic using this strategy and consequently increase your sales. Aurora System is a tool that promises to automate webinars and by so doing, generate traffic for you. However, is it really worth it? Here is an Aurora System review to help you decide whether this is for you or not.


Product Being Reviewed:  Aurora System



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Aurora is a product by Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace that promises to help users earn money without having to use paid traffic methods, advertising, solo ads, funnels, chat bots, websites, stores, connections, or your own product.


According to the sales page, Aurora provides you with high ticket offers, free traffic, and automation. For instance, if you are in the make money online niche, you will follow a public figure in the make money online industry since all their followers are interested in earning an income online, which makes them highly targeted. Therefore, you will set your Instagram and Pinterest account to go and follow the followers of the public figure. When these followers get a notification that you have followed them, they will go check out your bio and find the link that is connected to your money page. They will then watch an engaging automated webinar which is presented to them by a professional marketer. When the marketer pitches the offer, your buy button will appear on the page, and for every sale you make, you receive a commission.


According to the sales page, the commissions range from $400 – $1000. Apparently, once you set up everything on Aurora, you won’t really need to do anything else, so you can let it run in the background and continue to earn a commission. It is also claimed that the system is beginner-friendly, and it will only take you 5-10 minutes per day to generate $1,000 commissions.


The current price of the initial product is $16.97. If the product does not work out for you or you fail to get the results you expect, there is a money-back guarantee that allows you to get your cashback within 30 days of purchase.


There are four bonuses that you get with the product:


• Bonus # 1 – How to get a flood of free traffic with alternative Instagram Software.

• Bonus  #2 – Learn About Two alternative traffic sources that you can use with Aurora.

• Bonus #3 – Get Access the FUEGO breakout so that you can learn a bunch of traffic hacks.

• Bonus #4 – Get Jono’s branding hacks.  It is broken down in 2 parts.




Here is a breakdown of the pitch video:


Jono Armstrong, one of the owners as well as the speaker in the video, starts by explaining that in general, the foundation of making money consists of two crucial elements: targeted traffic and a convincing offer.


According to him, free traffic generally doesn’t work, and when it does, you need to put in a lot of time and effort into making it happen. With paid traffic, you can get results very quickly if you know how to use it. With offers, you also have two options: low ticket offers and high ticket offers. Low ticket offers are easy to sell, but it will take you a long time to make a significant amount of money. Selling high ticket products is where the money is, but again you will need to know exactly what you are doing.


Aurora is a two-part software. The first part will generate you free targeted traffic which then brings in the second part where the traffic is sent to a high converted offer which is sold to your traffic by a professional marketer. It works in a simple three-step process:


• Select your niche or keywords so that the traffic software can identify the target audience.

• Select the automated webinar that you want to use

• Press the “start” button and allow the traffic to flow in


Visitors will then be sent to your landing page where the webinar will automatically begin. In the video, a professional marketer will sell the traffic to a converted offer, consequently earning you thousands of dollars in commission. Aurora automates both the traffic and the selling process.


Aurora comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return the product if you are unsatisfied with results. To get started, you are encouraged to click a button on the sales page to access the product.

how does the aurora system work?




Here is what you can expect when you buy the product and gain access to the members’ area.


1. Aurora: An introduction

This is a welcome video that introduces you to the concept of the Aurora System.


2. Preparing to embark to the Northern lights

This section contains a video that covers the basics of the system as well as further instructions on how to get started using Aurora.


3. Filling your treasure sack

There are two modules covered here:

– Fill your treasure sack

You have the option to learn how to make your own videos or download the done-for-you (DFY) videos provided here. You can actually use one of the videos for one of the high tickets items that Aurora has.

– The evergreen option

Learn how to create your own webinar videos and promote your own products and services or opt to download five DFY videos if you want to make your work easier.


4. Setting up your snowmobile

– Set up your snowmobile

– Pro version – Instagram set up & software

5. Loading your snowmobile and turning the key

– Instagram targeting


6. Your front row seat at the Aurora show

– How to set up your pixel

– Campaign set up & training

– Creating your Aurora ads


To set up, go to the “Add new Webinar” tab. There, you will be required to enter the name of the project. If you want, you can also provide a headline and a pixel code. For the pixel code, you will need to buy the extended up sell that covers the setting up of pixels. Remember that the pixel code is optional, so you may not even have to go through this process.


Once you have completed the first portion of the process, go to the video set up section. You will have to upload two videos:


• Drag and drop your introductory video or select from a file you already have in storage.


This is a video that will introduce your audience to the webinar video. This is also a great way to introduce yourself. As soon as the introductory video is over, it will transition straight to the webinar.


• Drag and drop your webinar video or click and select a file from storage.


This will be the main content of your webinar.


The next step is to set up your call-to-action button. You can assign any text you want, make modifications to the background, and change the border color. You will also be able to see the preview of your button before launching it. You will also have your own unique call-to-action link – this could be an affiliate link or a link to your own product or service. You can also set the amount of time in seconds when you want the button to show up when the button is playing.


After you have everything set up, all you have to do is copy your URL and share it on your Pinterest and/or Instagram accounts. If you want to make your URL look cleaner before posting it, you can copy and paste it into or any other URL shortener.


The webinar page that you get is simple and easy for potential customers to navigate. Once they click play on the introductory video, they won’t be able to pause or stop it since there are no control buttons provided. As a result, they either have to watch the video or exit your webinar page. Once the intro video finishes playing, potential customers will be directed straight into the actual webinar video which will try to sell them the product or service that you have.


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Once you have set up your videos, you can now focus on getting traffic to your webinar. Go to the “Pinterest followers” tab and add your account under the “My Accounts” tab. You shouldn’t use your real account for this purpose since Pinterest is not too fond of its users using an automated process to gain followers or follow back people on the platform. Opt to purchase Pinterest accounts which you can then add to the Aurora System. Remember to update each account that you buy with your own email and also authorize them to your Aurora account. It is recommended that you do this using a VPN in order to protect the accounts you are using.


After adding your account, go to “search boards” and search for a keyword-based around the topic of the product that you are promoting because you want the people who visit your webinar to be interested in what you are selling. Your search will yield a list of people who have boards on a particular subject and the number of followers they have. After picking the owner of a board that you like, click “follow followers” and set the number of followers you want to start following per hour as well as the maximum number of people you want to follow. As you are following this group of people, they are going to get a notification seeing that someone followed them. This will prompt them to click on your profile to confirm who you are. This way, they will get to see your biography which contains the link which will take them to your webinar. It is of utmost importance to specifically search and follow people who have boards in whatever you are trying to sell because they are likely to have more interest in your product which will consequently lead into more conversions. This process also works if you are using Instagram instead of Pinterest.

will aurora system make you money?




The business model that Aurora uses has been tried, tested, and proven to work, and as a result, there is a likelihood of earning money using the system.


However, when you take into account all the up-sells that are pushed at you from the moment you sign up, things take a sudden turn for the worse. The initial price of $16.97 is quite affordable, but then you are hit with several upsells which will cost you dearly. Here are the upgrades you can expect:


– Upgrade 1 ($67)

This is the Pro version of the Aurora system. You will have access to everything from the basic version, but with unlimited publishing.


– Upgrade 2 ($197)

This upgrade comes with automated webinars which you can add to the Aurora System and consequently generate passive income.


– Upgrade 3 ($197)

Allows you to put your pixel on the Aurora sales page in order to siphon traffic from their high traffic pages.


– Upgrade 4 ($97)

Provides you with license rights to be able to sell the Aurora System as your own product.


As you can see, this product has way too many up-sells, and each one promises to give you better results than the last. In the end, you might find yourself out of almost $600 just to get in the door. And if you expect magical automatic results when you pay that price, think again. You still have to work hard to achieve the kind of numbers being talked about here.




• The initial price of the product is affordable.

• There is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to ask for a refund if the performance of the product is unsatisfactory.

• It is a legitimate way of making money online and there is definitely an earning potential using the Aurora System.

• It is beginner-friendly thanks to the easy-to-follow videos and user-friendly interface.




• It has way too many up-sells

• The up-sells provided for this product are very expensive, yet they are quite necessary to help you get the most out of Aurora.

• The cost of having to buy more than one Pinterest account is not revealed, which means you may end up spending more than you expect.

• The sales page uses a lot of hype, which in my opinion is unnecessary.

aurora system verdict




Aurora is a genuine product that could potentially help you earn an income online. As long as you are ready to put in the time and hard work, that is.


It is also rather pricey, and comes packed full of a series of necessary yet expensive up-sells that have to be bought for the product to work well. Therefore, if you are interested in this product, you should be prepared to pay way more than the initial price of the product thanks to the costly up-sells.


I believe that this product is legit and that it provides a fresh approach to making money online. It is actually refreshing to review a product that takes a very different and original angle than the thousands of scams that are out there.


If the price of the Aurora system is too steep, consider my top recommended training. It is free to join, provides amazing step-by-step training along with in depth video courses to get you starting earning an income online. Heck, even if you decide to purchase the Aurora System, I still suggest you join my recommended training (it’s free)!


Whatever you decide, I hope this review will be instrumental in helping you come to the right decision.



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