What Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits? – An Honest Review


I recently stumbled across the 7 Minutes Daily Profits in my emails and I decided to explore it further due to the bold claims of quick cash that it made. Everything just seemed too good to be true, so I did a little digging. So what is 7 minutes daily profits exactly? This is my honest and unbiased review of how the product works from what I discovered.


Product Being Reviewed: 7 Minutes Daily Profits




7 Minutes Daily Profits is a Clickbank product by Vince Howard that claims to help users make over $500 a day using a secret software. To gain access, you will have to part with $9 initially, but you are not told that there are costlier upsells inside if you want more information.



7 minutes daily profits scarcity



The 7 Minutes Daily Profits web page is a simple one. One of the first statements you see at the very top of the page basically warns you that the page is going to be removed very soon, so you need to act as soon as possible. Of course, this is just a marketing gimmick. There is an eye-catching question as well that wants to find out whether you would like to use free software to start making up to $500 within a day.




Below this, there is a sales video, the contents of which I will discuss in full detail in the next section. There is a box provided below that where you are expected to enter your email address in order to get access to the “free” software for $9. How is it free if it costs $9?


Also provided on the web page is a money back guarantee, where if for any reason you are underwhelmed by the product, you will receive a full refund within 60 days. In the same section the creator, Vince, goes as far as to guarantee that you will get the success you desire with the product.




As promised, here is the breakdown of the video:


The video starts with the speaker inquiring if you have heard of the latest free money-making software that has helped over 1,500 individuals to generate at least $500 every day online. The video then swiftly moves to testimonials from supposed users of the product.


The first testimonial is from an individual who claims to have made over $703.18 in just 6 hours, and on the next day, he made substantially more money amounting to $1403.12. He goes on to praise the software for being easy to use, claiming that it requires only 7 minutes within a day.


7 minutes daily profits testimony


The next testimonial is from a woman who claims to have made $85,278.15 within in the first month of using the software, and a further $200,000 in 3 months. She plans to quit her job and travel the world as she continues to make money using 7 Minutes Daily Profits.


The speaker then takes over, assuring you that you could achieve the level of success that these users have reached. In order to do so, you are required to pay close attention to the video representation.


He continues by setting the product apart from other get-rich-quick schemes you may have encountered. He describes the product as a live, verified, and iron-clad proof way of making good money online, emphasizing that it is a secret money-making software that is innovative, legal, and ethical, unlike other products you may have encountered such as Bitcoin, Forex, MLM, or paid surveys.


According to the speaker, it does not matter if you have no computer technical skills or you have no experience making money online because once you get access to the software, you will supposedly have control of your financial future. Under his tutelage, the speaker claims that his students have been able to make enough money within a few weeks of using the 7 Minutes Daily Profits to visit exotic destinations all over the world.


The speaker finally introduces himself as Vince Howard, the creator of the product. He talks about how he has been featured in magazines, interviews, and websites such as Huffington Post and Forbes.


7 minutes daily profits author


Vince then gives his own testimonial, revealing that he was an ordinary truck driver a few years ago, but the money he made wasn’t enough to support his family. They resided in a one-room apartment, and his wife had to work two jobs in order to help out with the finances. Frustrated by this situation, Vince turned to the internet to find ways through which he could generate more cash.


During his search, he stumbled across an individual, Victor, who had a unique method of making money online. Motivated by the scarcity of money, Vince decided to take Victor’s advice and began using the method to try to make money online as well. However, the system came at an exorbitant price of $10,000, which Vince readily paid up in order to receive one-on-one coaching with Victor. As it turned out, Victor was a con artist who defrauded him of all his savings.


Dejected, Vince turned to a colleague who took pity on him and generously shared his method of making money online. The colleague advised him to launch his own profit site that would allow him to make a passive income. Vince went on to activate the software that was given to him by the colleague, and within 7 minutes, he had set up his first profit site. Within 3 hours of launching his site, he had already made 3 sales. In total, he made $582.75 on the first day of using the software.


According to Vince, He didn’t have to put in much effort since the software did all the work for him. The video then launches into more testimonials of users who all praise the results they have received from using the product. One testimonial that particularly stood out was from a woman who claims to make over $5,000 every month while still being able to take care of her two young children.


The speaker then finally begins describing what the product really is about. With the 7 Minutes Daily Profits system, you don’t need to create your own product. Furthermore, there is no need to spend money on things like website design or graphics since the software automatically creates one for you.


Vince then offers to give you the product for free, with his goal being to help you and as many people as possible to achieve financial freedom. However, due to the sophisticated processing of the software, you are required to make a one-time payment of $9 in order to get access to your own server as well as the product.


He guarantees that you will make at least 5 times your investment just by using the product. However, if you are unsatisfied with the results, you are encouraged to email the customer support team to cancel your account and refund your money.


Vince directs you to provide your email address in order to join the members’ area, encouraging you to do so as soon as possible since there are only a limited number of spots left. And that is the end of the video.

how does 7 minutes daily profits work?




Once you purchase the product and access the member’s area, you will find several videos as well as some PDF eBooks that are meant to provide you with information on how to use the 7 Minutes Daily Profits system. Here is a summary of what you get:


1. The Welcome Section


There are two steps here:

– In the first step, you could opt to claim a free VIP training that is “valued” at $1997. When you click to register for this training, you are redirected to another page where you will find a free 90-minute masterclass by Chris Luck that will show you how he has made $11,428 per day since 2007.

– The second step is watching a video welcoming you to the 7 Minutes Daily Profits members’ area.


2. Premium Traffic Source


– Introduction

This is just a basic introduction to how traffic works.


– Solo ads mastery

Solo ads is a strategy that you can use to build your email list in order to get traffic to an offer that you have. There are several videos on the topic such as:


• The leverage of solo ads

• Terminology

• Why a break even funnel

• Your swipe file

• Questions to ask

• Buy solo ads

• Buying solo ads in a market place


– Intermediate


Videos provided here include:


• A/B split testing

• Squeeze page secrets

• 100 clicks a day

• Bait overview

• TYP overview

• TYP tips

• Fill your value ladder as an affiliate

• Clickbank affiliate

• Shareasale affiliate

• JVZOO affiliate

• Buying your first solo ad

• Getting reviews from solo sellers

• Solo ad tips


– Tracking


Videos here include:


• Tracking your solo ads

• Creating your first tracking link


– Sales funnels


Here, you will find the following videos:


• What a sales funnel actually is

• Why email every day

• How to send a broadcast on GetResponse

• Seinfield Email Sequence






– Advanced (being a solo ad provider)


These are the videos you get here:


• Basics (auto-responder, email list, affiliate products)

• Solo ad course breakdown

• Tracking results for each seller

• Becoming a solo ad seller overnight

• Importing the list you bought

• Quantify results and ABC

• Clickmagick rotators


3. Create Your Site


Here, the software is going to allow you to create your own lead capture page and connect it to GetResponse, which is the autoresponder used by the system. The steps are as follows:


• Select your template

• Create a squeeze page

• Sign up to GetResponse

• GetResponse integration


4- View Your Website


Once you create your site, you have the opportunity to view it here.


5. Add 5* Commission Sites


This is part of an upsell, so you have to buy it in order to gain access.


6. Profit Booster


This is an upsell.


7. Unlimited ROI Traffic


– Ad swaps


• How to quickly build your list with ad swaps and solo ads

• What to look for an ad swap partners and solo ad sellers

• Warning about ad swaps and solo ads

• Taking it to the next level with ad swaps and solo ads


– Social media traffic


Here, the information is provided in the form of 3 eBooks:


• Boost your website traffic

• Traffic overdrive

• How to get traffic to your website fast


– Traffic hacks


The traffic hacks are provided in the form of eBooks which are around 10 pages long. They include:


• Facebook traffic rush

• Twitter traffic rush

• Instagram traffic rush

• Reddit traffic rush

• Quora traffic rush

• Pinterest traffic rush

• LinkedIn traffic rush


– Google traffic


This is another PDF on how to get traffic using Google and Google ads.


8. Click Commission Activator


This is another upsell.


There are two upsells that will cost you significantly more than the initial price of $9:


• Upsell 1: Profit Booster that is meant to increase profits by 300%. This will cost you$147, but if you deny this offer, there is a downsell of $97.

• Upsell 2: Click Commission Activator. This will cost you an extra $127.

will 7 minutes daily profits make you any money?




There is money to be made using the lessons learned from 7 Minutes Daily Profits system since affiliate marketing is a genuine way of making money online. Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to monetize your website traffic. Once you set up your website and you are able to generate traffic, you will earn a commission when someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on one of the products you are promoting.


However, this product embellishes a lot of stuff. Many of the claims it makes are actually outright lies. For starters, the amount of money you may potentially earn is not as much as what is advertised on the sales page and video, especially if you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, or if you expect to make money within 7 minutes.


In case you feel like you are not getting the desired results, at least there is the money back guarantee that allows you to get a refund within the first 60 days of purchase. Just keep in mind that if you buy any of the upsells, you will not be getting your money back.




The 7 Minutes Daily Profits system is mix of good and bad. First, the good: it is possible to make some money with the methods it teaches, but definitely nowhere near the $500 it guarantees, especially as a novice. There is a lot of useful training provided on solo ads and other traffic sources, as well as training on how to integrate GetResponse. I also liked the done-for-you lead capture pages and the low initial cost of the product. The 100% money back guarantee is a nice touch as well.


Now the bad: It makes lots of unrealistic income claims, which are advertised on the sales page and pitch video. For instance, one of the individuals from the testimonials claimed to have made $200,000 within the first 3 months of using the product, which I found very hard to believe.


Next, upon further investigation, I found that all the testimonials in the sales video are given by paid actors that I have seen in other videos for similar products.  In fact, they are the same exact actors used for testimonials on products I have reviewed on this very site.   This made me seriously question the authenticity of the product. There is also no other support structure or community for this product, such as a Facebook group, in case you have questions regarding the product.


In conclusion, I believe 7 Minutes Daily Profits is an okay introduction to affiliate marketing for someone who has absolutely no experience with it. Will you make the kind of money it describes? Probably not. But it is a good starting point if you do not buy any of the upsells and if you ignore all the false claims. However, if you really want to be a successful affiliate marketer, it will take a lot of hard work, experience, devotion, and time in order to achieve the level of success described by this product.





Whatever you end up doing, I hope you will be able to make an informed decision based on this review. I hope you check out the free resource that I linked above.  I believe that you will not be dissapointed!  Start your journey to financial freedom with a legit and proven method.  It’s free!  What Do you have to lose?


To your success,


Mike A

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