John Crestani’s Internet JetSet Review


Internet Jetset is a Clickbank product that claims to be able to show you how you can find success online with affiliate marketing. Among the claims it makes is that you will be able to make your first commission within 2 hours of making a purchase. I decided to take a deep dive into this product to find out whether this is true or false. I have compiled the results of my research into this honest and unbiased John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Review.


Product being reviewed: John Crestani’s Internet JetSet







Internet Jetset is a product by John Crestani that is described as “a step-by-step system to set up your own auto-pilot business.” The business they mean here is affiliate marketing, and there are various training courses on it in the members’ area as well as a few tips in the webinar.


The site itself is rather simplistic, and you will not learn much about the product from looking at it at face value. All it does is encourage visitors to sign up for a “free” training in order to learn how to earn a 6-figure “side-income” online. That is all you get, and if you want to learn more, you have no choice but to sign up.


To sign up, you need to submit your first name and email address. According to the site, if you choose to give up these details, they will be forwarded to the “webinar organizer” who might communicate with you regularly regarding their services.


If you sign up, you will be redirected to another page where you are informed that you have been registered. There is also a video by John Crestani on the page, which I will break down for you in detail in the next section of this article, where I will also walk you through the webinar.


On the next section of this page, John promises to show you the best and easiest way to make money online and how you can tap into it immediately and earn $1000 per day and consequently make 6 figures online in 30 days.


You are also informed that you will learn the 3 top secrets to making the most money possible by earning considerable commission with other people’s products. There is also a promise of a 3-step system that “psychologically forces” people to buy your offers. As you read through these claims, you can’t help but realize that all this is just all hype designed to get you to buy this product.


Next are sections for you to choose to join a live session where John supposedly answers questions and provides a bit of training information, and where you could also choose to fill out a survey in order to help improve the webinar event.

step one




In the first video, the speaker, John Crestani, starts off by congratulating you on registration. He then shows off a wad of cash, promising to inform you how you can earn it. He reveals that as a viewer, you have reserved your space, which means you are very lucky since there is a very limited number of seats and limited time. He directs you to click on the webinar link in order to gain access to the live training. As you can see, right off the bat he starts the video by creating false scarcity. This is a common tactic that many marketers use to make you feel a sense of urgency and to make you want to sign up without putting much thought in your actions.


He then reveals what he will be going over in the live session. He says that what he will be telling you how to create a 6-figure online business, including all the steps you need to create a side income without quitting your job or hiring people. He also adds that you don’t need an original idea or an audience to use the product. All you need is your computer and the training that will be provided.


The next topic he will cover in the webinar is how you can make your first $460 within the first day of work. As a side note, John mentions that he will be giving a few people an opportunity to actually work directly with him and his company in the online marketing field.


John then promises to give away some monetary bonuses during the training, and to emphasize his point, he repeatedly flashes a wad of cash. He also gives you confidence in the training by saying it is the real deal, and you can start making money from home within a few hours. According to John, you do not require any technical skills, a social media following or even a background in marketing and sales to start making money.


To watch the second video, you have to click on the link below the first one. Here John promises to show you how you can claim your $200 worth of attendance bonuses. This video is titled “Live Training Intro”. He encourages you to stay until the end of the webinar since it is a free course on how to create an online marketing business. During the webinar, he assures you that he will be doing a live ad campaign, as well as giving you the pointers of how to build a 7-figure business online.


He claims that you won’t need clients, products, an email list, or any fancy software in order to create your online business. With the training provided, you can start earning commissions within a night of purchasing the product. John goes on to assure you that the training works, promising to share multiple success stories of people he has worked with. He cites an example of 4 people who have managed to build million dollar businesses based on the exact training he is providing you.


He urges you to watch the live training on a computer rather than on a mobile phone for the best experience as well as the live attendance bonuses. According to him, the software used for the webinar only allows 1000 people, so to reserve a seat, you have to be on time.


There is a timer just above the video counting down from 15 minutes, and when it runs out, you are redirected to the live training.


After watching the video, you realize that you still know nothing about this product or what it does. All you have is some vague idea that it has something to do with affiliate marketing. Let’s move on to the webinar.

step 2




In summary, here are the topics he briefly touches on in the webinar:


1. A live demonstration of his money-making method

2. The 3-step system he put together to eliminate risk and instability in  online business.

3. The 7 biggest mistakes affiliates make in making money online

4. How tech companies are giving away free money to help you start your business.

5. An offer for people to work with him.

6. A live Q&A session where John answers questions from the audience.


He also shares his personal story:


He talks about how he got his start in the corporate world, a job that he found to be soul-crushing and underpaying. Eventually, he gave it up in order to try and make money online. He tried a variety of things, including freelancing for different companies, which was still not enough to earn him a living. He also tried e-commerce, but it turned out to be overwhelming, and the earnings were mediocre at best. He also tried online marketing, but with little success.


It wasn’t until he met his mentor, Felix “the rich jerk”, that he started experiencing the results he was hoping for. Felix advised him to focus on being an affiliate marketer instead of going into entrepreneurship. He distinguishes the two by claiming that affiliates have a significantly higher success rate, a clear product-market fit, support, and no risks. He defines affiliate marketing as earning a commission by recommending a product to others.


In the first year of adopting the advice of his mentor, his income significantly increased, and he goes on to show his tax returns as proof. In the second year of business, he made over $933,000 in profits, and he goes on to show proof of his income, as well as all the vacation spots he has visited as a result of his success.


John then talks about how his feature in Forbes Magazine in 2016 exposed him to an audience that was curious to learn about the strategies he had applied to become successful. It was then that he decided to launch his program to help other people achieve success.


He goes on to show some testimonials of people who have supposedly earned income using the Internet Jetset system. All of them claim to have managed to earn commissions within a short period of time and with very little effort.


He also talks about a group of understudies he started coaching in 2016 to make money using the system. According to him, many of these students have become millionaires within the last few years. One of them, Tyler Ellison, managed to make over $1.4 million dollars, while another, Jordan H., is also at the 7 figure mark.


After briefly demonstrating how he earns money when people click on his affiliate links, he also fleetingly mentions the 3 steps to a “no product funnel”, listing them as:


1. People interested in the products you’re selling (Using Facebook ads to attract customers)

2. A place/platform where you can promote the products (Presell page)

3. The product (an affiliate offer)


The 7 mistakes John believes affiliates make are as follows:


– Not advertising internationally because they think people don’t buy products or they assume there are legal problems associated with doing this

– Not using free money. He gives an example of an offer from YouTube of $100 free credit when you spend $25 on video ads.

– Creating your own presell pages

– Doing any technical work, which he believes only slows you down

– Not using a swipe file

– Not building recurring revenue

– Not targeting the right audience


He clarifies the purpose of the product by insisting that Internet Jetset is not a get rich easy scheme. He also adds that his results and those of his students’ are not typical. The examples he cites are those of hardworking entrepreneurs who put in the effort and did the work.


The webinar concludes with John encouraging you to buy the product in order to achieve similar levels of online success.

step 3




After purchasing the product for the initial price of $47, you gain access to the members’ area where you will find step-by-step training. There are 12 modules available, each containing informative videos, resources, and exercises you can apply.


1. The online business blueprint


This is a basic introduction to the affiliate marketing business model and the basic information about getting traffic and finding products to recommend to people. It is divided into the following sections:


– Day 1-The blueprint: The ultimate business model for entrepreneurs.

– Day 2-People: How to get traffic

– Day 3-Products: The best products to sell

– Day 4-Automation: Automating the entire system


2. Introduction to the Internet Jetset


This module focuses on getting you started with your first affiliate promotions and “preparing your mindset”. It is broken down into the following sections:


– A short welcome video

– Your first commissions: Earning your first commissions and signing up for a network

– Shiny Object Syndrome (S.O.S): Defeating S.O.S and finding focus

– Why people fail: The top reasons why some students don’t succeed

– Overcome limiting beliefs: Strengthening your mindset and overcoming your past failures.


3. Choosing your niche





There is both video and text training provided in this module. There are niches you can choose from provided, as well as some recommended affiliate networks, which I have listed below:


– Low commission affiliate networks: These include affiliates from retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

– Medium-to-high commission affiliate networks: Clickbank, Shareasale.

– High commission affiliate networks: Affiliate Crossing, Above All Offers, W4 Network, Ads4Dough, Nutryst.


4. Google


This module focuses on Google’s free traffic and how to get it. The highlights of the video include:


– Examples of niches review sites such as gold investment, weight loss, online dating, skincare, bed bug, and relationship advice.

– Keyword strategy

– John’s long-tail, high-intent, and high-volume keyword trick

– How to use Google’s keyword planner

– Legal niche keyword example


5. YouTube


Here, the main topic of discussion is how to source traffic from YouTube. Strategies included are:


– Examples of niches on the platform such as personal branding, photography, YouTube tagging, gaming, and home organization.

– How to upload a new video

– Creating a catchy thumbnail for a high CTR (click-through rate)

– How to write a video description that subtly sells people on the product you recommend

– A simple guideline to ensuring your videos are relevant to your audience

– The most effective keywords to put as your YouTube tags

– How to make money from your free video traffic

– Cross-engagement

– How to keep your online audience interested in your content

– Little-known optimizations that you can use to make your videos stand out

– A special course to help you sell more products on YouTube

– How to keep your audience engaged using the “Engagement Tornado Technique”

– How to automate your video optimization


6. Facebook


The module provides some strategies for Facebook that involve getting free traffic from Facebook. The resources provided are;


– How to invite friends to like your page

– How to schedule a post on Facebook

– 7 powerful ways to carry out affiliate marketing on Facebook

– How to promote affiliate products on Facebook

– Tips on making money on Facebook

– The basics of making money on Facebook


7. Your website


For this section of the course, you are shown how to set up your WordPress site, presented by an associate of John identified as Ashley. Areas covered include:


– Installing a WordPress theme

– Initial customizations

– Housekeeping- How to keep your site clean by deleting what you don’t need

– Posts and pages-What they are, where to find them, and how to distinguish them

– About me page-How to post information on the about me page

– Writing a blog post- How to go about formatting, editing visibility, categories, subcategories and many more

– Definitions-Familiarize yourself with various terms

– Plugins-Installation of plugins and how to activate them

– Widgets-Adding and deleting widgets

– Contact page

– Aweber email-Signing up with Aweber

– Facebook page setup

– Facebook likes

– Adding a pop over for collecting emails

– Adding social icons to your website for easier sharing


8. Copywriting basics


This module is presented by Ronnie Sandlin, who is a student of John’s. Topics covered include:


– The basics of copywriting

– How to gain people’s trust

– How to achieve a massive ROI (return on investment) bump

– How to create a common enemy in your copy


9. Launch Jacking


This module is all about taking advantage of the excitement that typically comes with a brand new or upcoming product, and the consequent traffic generated.


10. Authority review sites


Some of the topics covered in this module include:


– Choosing profitable affiliate offers

– A simple process of website setup

– The 3-pronged content silo method

– ACA link building

11. Facebook ads for affiliates

This module deals with paid traffic methods and how to set up your ads campaign.


12. The 12-week Super Affiliate System


This is a sales page for Super Affiliate System, which is another product by John.




There are upsells that you can choose to buy. They include:


1. JetsetLIVE


Apart from including everything from Internet Jetset, this upsell provides you with:

– Access to live webcams every month

– Opportunity to have John review your marketing

– Regular webinars from super affiliates


This costs $47 per month.


2. Jetset Xtreme Case Study Archive


This upsell offers:


– 10+ interviews with super affiliates and product owners

– Social media information of super affiliates


This upgrade costs $187


3. The 12-week Super Affiliate System (SAS)


This upsell offers a 12-week course. It is the most expensive, costing you $997.

will internet jetset make you money




There are some useful tips and resources that are provided the Internet Jetset that can be applied to affiliate marketing with good results. You will probably not make as much as $460 on the first day, but eventually, you can build your skills and understanding of online marketing.


If you choose to purchase this product, keep in mind what the disclaimer says about it:


– The business strategies, marketing methods, and other business advice presented on the website or any other materials associated with the product may not produce the same results for you.

– There is no guarantee, whether it was expressed or implied, that by following the strategies and advice provided you will make any money or improve on your current profits.

– The results you will receive will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the conditions of the platform on which you are selling, your experience, and situations that are out of your control.

– By buying into the system, you agree that the company cannot be held accountable in any way for the success or failure of your business as a result of the information you utilize from the company.

– You are solely responsible for any action you take as a result of any given information.




Internet Jetset is a product that has a lot of positive aspects. The owner, John Crestani, is a well-known affiliate marketer who has managed to find considerable success online. Plus, it really helps his case that he has backing from some very credible sources such as Forbes Magazine.


The step-by-step training he offers is detailed and easy to follow. The videos were well presented and there was some helpful and unique content that could be put to great use in affiliate marketing. The initial price of $47 is therefore fair for the content you receive. There are some useful resources and exercises provided as well that you can apply in order to improve your affiliate marketing experience.


That being said, there are several things I did not like about this product.


John relies on several underhanded methods to trick people into signing up for his program. First, he tricks you into thinking you are getting a free course, when you actually have to pay for access. He also leads you to believe that you can make hundreds of dollars within a few hours by using this product, which is an outright lie.


The methods that John used in the webinar to show just how much money you can make also struck me as flashy and a tad tacky. He continuously flashes wads of cash to pull you in, and I found that to be quite off-putting.


The system may not be too beginner friendly, especially when you expect to earn money fast and with little effort. As we have already established, the claim that you can make $460 within the first day of applying the system is obviously just a sales tactic to get you to purchase the product.


There were some important topics that were also not covered in the training. For example, it would have been very useful to go into detail on how to use SEO, which is a very useful strategy for free traffic.


The upsells that come with Internet Jetset are also very costly. Although they are not necessary, they promise more useful information that can help you significantly increase your profits. John pushes them harder than he does the actual product, which will leave you feeling pressured to buy the over-priced products.


Although John claims that you don’t need to spend too much money once you buy the product, there are lots of hidden costs that he conveniently fails to mention that could end up being quite expensive such as payment for hosting of your website, as well as paid traffic methods to in order to get better results and more money.


So, is this product worth your time and money? I believe so!. It is possible to be quite successful using this product if you follow its instructions. However, you will need to spend quite a bit of money which you will not be getting back right away, especially if you are a complete beginner. Personally, I think you can be successful using this product, but only after putting in time,learning internet marketing skills, devotion to the business, and hard work. It is not a a get rich quick scheme. This product has some very good material to learn and to start making money online.  I don’t believe you can make money overnight with this, but I think it is a good training program to launch you on the way to financial success!


Whatever you decide to do, I hope this review will help you make an informed decision regarding John Crestani’s Internet Jetset.





I hope you found this review helpful!


Mike A

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