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Every business tries to constantly find newer and better ways to get and keep more customers. This is the only way to remain profitable. That’s why most businesses will offer deals or other types of promotions to attract people to buy their products.


One form of incentive to purchase that businesses and brands offer to customers is cashback. This is a deal where a business will let you get a specific amount of money back when you make particular purchases.


There are lots of apps that offer such deals out there, and it can be hard to sift through the crowd to find one with the best deals. This post takes a look at the Getupside app to determine if it is worth your time.




Getupside is a cashback app that is intended to help you save money on grocery shopping, gas, and restaurant bills. Getupside was co-founded by Alex Kinnier and Wayne Lin in 2016, and currently has its headquarters in Washington, DC. The company is partnered with a variety of gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores that aim to attract customers with cashback offers. Customers also get to benefit thanks to the discounts offered by the participating outlets.




To get started with Getupside, all you have to do is download it for free. It is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Keep in mind that although you can download the app regardless of where you live, you can only use it where there are businesses partnered with the company. To sign up, you can either sign up using your email address or Facebook. The process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.


how does Getupside work

  • Find Businesses that Come with Cashback Offers

On the app, you will find a list of stores within your location that come with cashback offers on Getupside. This includes restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. Click on where you want to shop or buy gas and the app will show you the amount of money you can get back. You will see the initial pricing of the commodity as well as the discount that you can get.


If you plan to refill gas, there are a variety of outlets to choose from as many major gas brands are partnered with Getupside. They include Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Valero, Citgo, Chevron Texaco, Sunoco, and many more. Unfortunately, options are more limited when it comes to eateries and supermarkets. They include:


    • Restaurant – Little Dipper HotPot, Botanero, Angelico, etc.
    • Stores – Moti’s Market, Streets Market & Café, etc.


  • Select and Claim your Offer

Customers have to select an offer that they are interested in and claim it first before making a purchase. After you claim the discount, you can do your shopping and claim the money back. After finding a suitable offer, you are required to redeem it within 4 hours to earn your cashback.


  • Make a Purchase

After claiming your offer, you can then proceed to make a purchase. To qualify for the cashback, ensure that you pay with a debit or credit card. There is no option to pay with gift cards or cash.


  • Upload the Transaction Receipt

Once you claim your offer and make a purchase, you have to upload the receipt. Your receipt needs to contain details like the item bought, the location of the store/service station, date and time, as well as the last four digits of your credit card


Ensure that your receipt is easy to read and clear enough to reduce the chances of it getting rejected. Keep in mind that Getupside does not accept prepaid gas receipts. Be sure not to prepay for your gas to be able to take advantage of your cashback offer.





  • Gas Stations

Getupside gives up to 25 cents cashback per gallon of gas you purchase. If you travel frequently, this type of cashback can prove to be quite beneficial. You will pay the set gas price, but you will receive the cashback difference in your Getupside account upon submission of your receipt.  To date, this is the only cashback method I have used on this app and I absolutely love it!  They credit you almost right away and the savings add up super fast!


what is getupside

  • Restaurants

If you love to eat out, you will be pleased to discover that Getupside can help you get massive savings on a number of restaurants, with up to 35 percent cashback on your purchases. There are no limits on the items you can get cashback on – once you find an offer you are keen on, you can get the cashback offer on your whole dining bill.


  • Grocery Stores

There are great cashback offers on grocery shopping as well, with offers of up to 15%. As with restaurant cashback offerings, you can buy any product or brand and get cashback.


What makes Getupside stand out is the fact that you don’t need to stack the cashback offer you find in the app with other discounts or coupons in the grocery store.




getupside referral program

Aside from the cashback offers, Getupside also has a referral program where you can refer people to join the app and consequently earn money.


When you recommend Getupside to a friend and they proceed to sign up using your unique link and use it for the first time, you and the person you refer will receive 15 cents per gallon cashback on your next purchase.


On top of the one-time cashback offer for referring someone to the app, you will also receive 1 cent back for every purchase of gas that the person you refer makes. Currently, there is no referral program in place for supermarkets or restaurants.




Upon redeeming the offers in the app, you will be able to keep track of your cashback balance. You will also be able to track the type of purchases that qualified for cashback as well as the amount of cashback you received for your purchases.


To withdraw the money you make from your cashback offers, you can opt to have it deposited to your PayPal account if you have one. Otherwise, you can have the money sent directly to you in the form of a check. One of the upsides of receiving your payments with Getupside is you don’t have to wait for your money to accumulate to a certain amount to cash out. As long as you have some cash in your account, you can choose to cash out via check or PayPal. Another alternative is to exchange the money you earn for gift cards.


After uploading your receipt, it will be approved within 24 to 48 hours. This means that you will have the money in your Getupside account within about two days of handing in your receipt. If you opt to receive your earnings in the form of a check, payments tend to take longer.




The amount of cashback you earn from Getupside will depend on the number of purchases that you make. On average, you can make up to $50 cashback in a month with this app.





  • It is free to download

thumbs up

You can download Getupside for free from the App Store or Google Play. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs as every feature of the app is availed to you at no cost at all.


  • The app is intuitive

The Getupside app has a friendly interface and is easy to use. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily find your way around all the functions and start earning cashback on the purchases you make.


  • You have several options for cashing out

It gives you several cashing out options. You can opt to cash out through check, Paypal, or with gift cards. In this way, it is really convenient as it gives you options on what you can do with the money that you earn as well as how you receive it. While PayPal is popular, some people still don’t have it, so it is nice to have lots of options in the form of checks or gift cards.


  • There is a referral program that allows you to increase your earnings

The referral program will help you increase your earnings and still benefit from the app if you are yet to find stores that are supported by the app.


  • Getupside is partnered with multiple businesses

Getupside is partnered with multiple restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations that provide you with a lot of varying offers that you can take advantage of to get cashback whenever you are dining, shopping, or gassing up.




  • Getupside is geographically limited

It is only available in some areas, which limits the number of people that can use all its features. It also limits you when it comes to the people you can refer to the app.

sad face

  • You can’t pay with cash

The only way you can receive your cashback is by using a debit or credit card. You don’t have the option to make payments in the form of cash or gift cards as the service won’t accurately verify your identity with these payment methods. According to the Getupside team, the use of debit or credit cards allows them to ascertain that whoever claims the offer is the same person who made the purchase. That is also a strategy that they use to show the businesses that they are working with that they land more customers via the app. For those who prefer to buy gas or do their shopping with cash, this is a major disadvantage.


  • The cashback amount is based on a pre-tip and pre-tax basis

The cashback amount that you receive is calculated on a pre-tip and pre-tax basis, consequently affecting your total earnings.


  • Privacy concerns

There have been some concerns raised by customers regarding privacy while using the Getupside app. To be able to provide you with comfortable user experience, Getupside asks for access to your phone storage, location, camera, and messages. They also require your credit card information so that your purchases can be verified. While this may be standard procedure, those who are uneasy giving away such sensitive information may want to steer clear of this app.




Getupside is a legitimate app that allows you to save money whenever you buy groceries, gas, or dining at specific restaurants. It is free to download, so you can try it out and see if there are any participating stores within your area offering cashback on purchases. Unfortunately, the app is not available in all areas, limiting your ability to take advantage of all that it has to offer. That said, I would recommend it for those who want to save a bit of money on their everyday purchases.




To your success!


Mike Aha

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  1. Hey, Your review on Getupside is very useful. I see it is a grate cash back app. Now I know that Getupside is a cashback app that is intended to help us save money on grocery shopping, gas, and restaurant bills. Getupside also has a referral program where we can refer people to join the app and consequently earn money. Your review helped me to understand about getupside app. It is a legit site. Keep the grate work up.

  2. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Wealthy Affiliate and explanation are given.

    I have often heard of the GetUpside app so I decided to search on the internet. I have read many articles about it, but these are the best I have found with a lot of useful information. It seems a good way to recover some of your money, I will definitely download my application.

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  3. Ji! Just read a review of getupside app, seems very promisig – to be honest, who pays with cash in modern era? I don’t even my wallet is just a 10 credit cart slot storage bin. I believe it is a great that it has a cash back on gasoline – now we all know gas bussiness, just too bad that hasn’t yet reached my region ( Slovenia, Europe). Thank you for your lovely review,


    Primoz P.

    • Hi Primoz,

      I agree that no one uses cash anymore these days!   Glad you found this review helpful.  Maybe there are other similar apps in your region.  I will investigate and maybe write a review in the future if I find one!

  4. I have recently come across platforms that offer such incentives for making purchases with their partners. I wasn’t quite sure though if they were legitimate.

    However, having come across this GetUpSide review, I now have more clarity on how it works. I am particularly interested in the cash back on gas. As you said, those of us who are constant travelers would definitely find it beneficial.

    Thanks for sharing 

  5. This app seems really good for cash back. As we spend a lot on gas and fill up the two cars we have often, I think it would be good for us to get some money back. It’s nice that there is not a set minimum limit compared to many other cash back companies.
    I also like the fact that you can tell your friends about it and get some commission if they sign up. 
    Thank you for showing all the pros and cons, it helped me a lot! 

    • Hi Lenka!  Glad you found my review helpful.  In case you are interested, I posted links to similar apps in a comment a bit earlier.  See if it is something you can use.  It may add another couple bucks in your wallet for doing nothing!

  6. Hello Mike

    Thanks for this review of GetUpside, this is a very informative review article, i actually didn’t know about this app. Everyone would like to save something as they buy anything, so this program is an amazing one that is worth joining. I did not like the fact that there is a limitation in location because many people are missing this opportunity.

    • Hi Mugalu Mansoor,

      GetUpside is a great app that just got easier to use!  I used it again this weekend and now you don’t even need to scan your receipt anymore.  You can pay with a card and get credited a few days later!


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