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I found the Bulletproof Profits website by accident a few days ago. If you are unfamiliar with it, Bulletproof profits is a Clickbank product that promises to help you earn over $3750 in 7 clicks. So, is it a scam or an easy legitimate way of making fast cash online? That’s what I sought to find out, and I would like to share my findings with you in this review. Here is my honest unbiased Bulletproof Profits review.


Product Being Reviewed: Bulletproof Profits




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Bulletproof Profits is a product that was created by a person named Justin Tyler.  It is promoted and sold on Clickbank.  Like many similar products, this one touts some secret method that can have you earning up to $3800 quickly (in fact, within hours). It costs just $9 to sign up. However, you should know that once you sign up you are immediately hit with a few upsells worth hundreds of dollars.



The site for  Bulletproof Profits is very similar to other sites that sell the same thing.  I have reviewed quite a few on this site. This one pretty much follows the same MO as all the others.  There is a pitch made through the video.  The mandatory come from behind rags to riches story.  Finally come the testimonials with crazy income proof and the final sales push.  Of course this all goes with the scarcity method of getting you to buy the product immediately.


He tells you about how he got started, when he was heartlessly fired from a job he was good at right when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. When he was at his lowest, his friend Alex decided to help him out by showing him a secret money-making method, telling him to keep it to himself. Justin tried it, saw that it works, and decided to refine it and create a fully automated system off it; with Alex’s permission, of course. If you did as many of these reviews as I have, you will know that this is the exact same story everyone uses. It is only the characters that change each time. And Justin’s intentions are quite transparent as he goes round and round in circles, using all the tricks in the book trying to convince to hand over your money.


What got my alarm bells ringing about this product from the get-go was just the overall outlook of the site. A lot of things were just…off. Immediately you log on to the site, the first thing you will notice is a red banner running across the top of the site, telling you if you do not act immediately, the site will be removed soon. Many internet marketers use this tactic to create a feeling of urgency in their audience, all to make them complete the purchase without taking too much time to think things through. If you are desperate enough, you will more than likely jump on the chance to grab one of the few remaining slots. However, if you take the time to think, you may find yourself wondering, isn’t it in his best interest to get as many sign ups as he can? And that is what they absolutely do not want, because you will not end up making the purchase.


Anyway, the date listed as the deadline on the banner is your current date or one or two days from when you are viewing the site. It changes daily, I checked. This just goes to show that the owner of the site has no intention of pulling it down any time soon. All they want to do is create a sense of urgency in whoever is viewing it. The sooner someone buys it, the better for them. This was not a good sign, because it just goes to show that this Justin Tyler guy is only after your money.


The next red flag is the ridiculous claims of some crazy incomes for doing absolutely nothing. $3750 in 7 clicks? Really? Sign me up! Except we all know that is practically impossible. There is no such thing as free money. Not in the real world, and definitely not online. Why would anyone give you thousands of dollars for clicking around 7 times? This claim has obviously been designed to bait the naive, the greedy and the foolish.


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As I watched the entirety of the video, more red flags kept leaping up at me. For example, when you Google the generic ‘Justin Tyler’ name, you will realize that it obviously doesn’t belong to a real person. At least not anyone associated with Bulletproof Profits. No surprise there. The testimonials were also all from paid Fiverr actors, and the income statements he was showing as proofs were all unverifiable.


Below the video, there is a small list of three or four Facebook testimonials. Of course, these are all also fake. All the images are Shutterstock stock photos, and all the names are obviously made up from a free name generator online. That being said, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and to keep digging deeper. Here is what I discovered.




All Justin Tyler tells us about the way his system works is that it is a way of making money through Amazon. He says he has found a secret loophole that he only intends to share with a few people.


There is no ‘secret method’. Bulletproof Profits is just another Making Money with E-commerce course. It is all just basic training that you can get anywhere else on the web for free. The Amazon Affiliate program is all about affiliate marketing, which is a marketing model that allows you to earn a commission by promoting other people’s products. You earn a commission from sales made to people on the site. It’s that simple. Affiliate marketing is pretty straightforward, there is nothing secret about it. People have been doing it for years.


In the pitch video, there is nothing specific about how you can leverage the system to make the promised thousands of dollars. Unfortunately that is not out of the ordinary for these types of products.  They never give you the details of how you are going to actually earn anything. At best, they will perhaps hint at the method they intend to take advantage of, just like Bulletproof Profits did.


Bulletproof Profits talks about a secret system that will help you get wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, starting with just 7 clicks and a constant flow of a few thousand dollars every day. The truth is that there is no such system, and handing over your money to Bulletproof Profits is just a quick way to lose it.




Honestly? No. Let me explain why.


It is possible to make money with Amazon. Bulletproof Profits is all about how to be an Amazon Affiliate. This is nothing new. Many people are already doing it. But just not in the way Bulletproof Profits describes it, and definitely not within that timeframe. Every business takes time to build up. Get rich quick schemes are specially designed to trap naïve people, and if you are wise, you will stay away from them at all costs.


This product follows an almost textbook formula that most of these sites use. From the site design to the video to the product itself.  This means that there will be upsells pushed on you from the get-go. The pitches to these upsells will sound even more persuasive, so if you fall for this one, you will likely buy the upsells too.


The best part about Bulletproof Profits is the fact that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee from Clickbank. If you are not satisfied, you can always get your money back. Just be careful and remember that upsells are NOT covered by this money back guarantee! These are non-refundable, so if you are not happy with any of it you will not be getting your money back.


So, is it a scam if you can sort of get a refund? I’ll let you decide that yourself.




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Can Bulletproof Profits help you make money online? Perhaps. The lessons come with actual tips that if implemented can actually make you money. However, it is all generic information, the sort of tips you can get from Amazon itself as you set up your affiliate account. You can find more relevant information practically almost everywhere on the web for free. In fact, I think Justin Tyler simply compiled information from various such sources and packaged it as Bulletproof Profits, ready to start making money from gullible people. Can it make you even as little as $50 by tomorrow? Not a chance.


If you want to get started as an Amazon affiliate, a great place to start is on Amazon itself. They provide free training for programs like Amazon Associate or Amazon FBA. These programs are up to date and from the same platform you will be using, so you cannot go wrong with it. Get a feel of things from it before you can start doing some more research on blogs and other money-making websites. There are some absolutely fantastic training programs out there. They walk you through Affiliate marketing step-by-step. You can use those skills to promote Amazon products or any other product you choose. Bulletproof profits is not one such product


So, would I buy the Bulletproof Profits product? Nope. Not when I believe you can learn everything this product promises to teach you for absolutely free on various blogs online. Simply searching “how to make money with Amazon” will send you down a deep rabbit hole of information. After doing the appropriate and free research you should have a good base of knowledge without having to pay for Bulletproof profits.


I think the only person who benefits from Bulletproof Profits is the so-called Justin Tyler. He probably makes thousands of dollars every month from duping people into signing up for his program. Only the owners of such sites ever make any money. Do not be one of the people they make money off of.


There are no shortcuts to making money online, or anywhere for that matter. Every business takes time and effort to build. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. If you understand that fact you will not fall for these get-rich-quick schemes.






I hope this Bulletproof Profits Review will help you make the right decision. Good luck!


To your success,


Mike A

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